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Premined JSON Parser ERC20 tokens created by a Russian philosophy major who assigned a 24 year old pornstar to manage his assets are going to make you all millionaires?

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Just sold 100k

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Explain why

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>economic lockdown
>market up

Clown world makes this a possibility

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People who prefix the term 'premined' to utility tokens clearly have a gap in basic understanding as to what the process of mining is supposed to provide to currency tokens, as well as the economic fundraising process that is initial token offerings by projects that use utility tokens.

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Philosophy major kek

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Post her video

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this is how chainlink became successful: Sergey lied
He got some guy to write a theoretical computer science paradox in the whitepaper thats impossible to do in a decentralized manner, and convinced everyone in the crypto space to use decentralized oracles. Everyone smart knew decentralized oracles were inpossible to do, Vitalik himself said so, but Sergey lied to SWIFT and basically the whole world that they are possible and going to use the 100 m he got to do so.
2 years later, we learn LINK really is just a centralized JSON parser that uses KYC, and that all centralized oracle businesses were forced into bankrupcy because of sergeys campaign for deventralization, and without any other oracle service in town, Sergey pays off a bunch shitcoin developers and low level staff at oracle to use chainlink

hes quite an evil man

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>utility tokens
>he doesn't know

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Based realist cynic

Honestly this makes me want to invest in chainlink more than any of their stinky propaganda

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Is Sergey a hero or evil genius?

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So are you saying if I buy now. The price will go up...?

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It's the future of raising venture capital funds. It's offering stock in your company, but unlike stocks, the tokens actually perform a necessary function in your business system's ecosystem.

Stocks that don't pay yearly dividends to holders (most of them) are literally tokens that do nothing.

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Based. Absolutely based. I just bought 500 more LINK because of this read. Never been more bullish.

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Only once will I post this. Only once.

Those of you who have been blindly following the chainlink shills are absolute fucking retards. If you had an IQ above 90 and spent 30 minutes researching, you'd actually understand why you are making the best investment of your lives.

The problem with this board is literally most of the Chainlink shills could not explain to you why Chainlink is actually an amazing bet. The few anons that do get it and post legitimately useful information get ignored because most of this board is dense and dumb as fuck and when they can't understand something they act like it wasn't even posted.

Chainlink is next gen. It will make all current holders with 10k+ millionaires. You may have to wait 2-3 years, which most of you will be too dumb to do. You'll see a 5x a year from now and because you've been checking the price every fucking day for over 1500 days you'll think "fuck it, I'm selling, this isn't going anywhere!". When the token actually goes parabolic you'll be holding the keys to your piece of shit Corvette and those of us who weren't total brainlets will be having you park our Bentley's because you work as a fucking valet now.

This is not pasta. Do not repost this. This is simply the truth. Fucking screencap and check back in 2021

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Let's not get caught up in semantics. How wanted to give 4channel neets shekels, and now he has.

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Just think of it like investing in Enron. If tezos OrO works, they basically will show the entire world you can make native oracles for smart contracts and that LINK is a total scam

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Dorcls make me richest in whole province sirs? How many rupee for 10 thousand shares of dorcl company

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You posted absolutely nothing of substance. Just another prediction along with thousands of others. Congrats.

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>It will make all current holders with 10k+ millionaires
>50x gains


I don’t get out of bed for anything less than three orders of magnitude

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Eggsplain now

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This is low key asking for spoon feeding

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"sex positive woman" = prostitute
don't let them newspeak you away from the truth

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True. If you switched the word stock with token and made it a 24h market, the nyse would not be any different

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Oh god oh fuck my sides

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What's the matter, future elites? Don't know what you invested in?

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checked and based

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chainlink marines confirmed for white supremacists
they fear the chainlink extremist

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No such thing as bad publicity

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Yeah, I'm thinking we're back.

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Quick rundown on the json parser?

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Tezos is the first non shitcoin devoper to stand up to LINKs bullshit. The staff basically said
>the LINK token is fucking retarded, heres why
and they are right. UniSwap proves you can use an oracle with ETH token. And now, tezos will show you can use an Oracle with Tezos tokens.
Chainlink oracle system is already retarded (multiple JSON parsers averaged out). But the LINK token is basical pantsu on the head retarded. Like helmet kid dropping his ice cream on the ground the LINK token is

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Chainlink been in the works since 2014...literally has integrations/partnerships/collaborations with top academics, major enterprises including SWIFT. Has been silently building a network of tamperproof input AND outputs that are capable of scaling via tsigs and provide security layers via mixicles and SGX (with the degree of security specified at the SLA level). Many recognize first mover advantage is paramount for underlying security, as the network effect is relatively more significant when dealing with a decentralized data layer as opposed to a traditional native chain. I think most forget that Chainlink isn’t competing with anyone, it’s merely a tool devs can use to provide their contracts with certain guarantees. The functionality of those guarantees is ever increasing. Can in house solutions be created? Of course. Will they provide the same security/scaling/privacy features as LINK with the same underlying security guarantees via the established network effect? Likely not. At this point, it’s looking like in house solutions will likely only serve as a compliment to Chainlinks oracles, but this has been discussed extensively in earlier threads, especially when considering the Arbitrum partnership w/ LINK

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Is it blockchain agnostic?

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>chainlinks tech is total shit, but we have payed off partnerships so HA HA
i urge anyone who doesnt understand LINKs tech to read this thread

the only thing LINK has left is this supposed oracle partnership. Thats it. They are desperately clinging to it,and if it fails, down goes chainlinks house of cards

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dont know. They are as blockchain agnostic as chainlink token. Linkies always like spout
but being agnostic would require to fork the link token so there would be an ERC20 link token and another chain based LINK token

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Right...except using XTZ as a payment mechanism introduces a whole whirlwind of problems. This has been discredited multiple times with the whole “why doesn’t the Chainlink network just use the ETH token for payment” argument, I won’t spoon feed you, you can find it. Did you really think you are smarter than Ari Juels or Ed Felton anon? You missed BTC. You missed ETH. And now you are about to miss LINK because muh my blockchain can solve the god protocol next business quarter. Good luck anon

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>if you're stupid that means i'm not stupid
not how it works

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>He thinks he can bait me into spoonfeeding his dumb ass information
You're my repository for posting epic 4chan maymays, I've already secured my bags and done my research. Try using google

Or better yet, go back to ledit where you belong. Link is a scam don't buy any

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btw, SWIFT has a better chance of partnering with Ripple more than ChainLink because r3 yses XRP which is a SWIFT partner. But of course linkies dont want you to know that :)

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>Ari Juels
Ari Juels does not work for chainlink. Hes been interviewed twice within this year and has never brought up LINK once. He doesnt even list chainlink on his Linken or Twitter.

Sergey just payed him to use the whitepaper

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>Chainlink been in the works since 2014

>July 16, 2014

Just like Vitalik did, Sirgay just Ripped off an idea that still hadn't matured yet, that already existed and shitted out an incomplete, non-functioning product. Chainlink took over 2 years to have 21 nodes online, which all report back to Sirgay. 21 nodes which could all just be the same 1 or 2 people which are being paid for by Sirgay as well. No decentralization.

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>Did you really think you are smarter than Ari Juels

Who? Oh you mean that guy who tagged along on a paper which gave PoW a marketing name? Who will you mention next, Tim Draper, aka that guy who have Elizabeth Holmes her first million dollars and STILL defends her like a faggot simp?

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tezsure is not part of tezos, the oracle is third party, they're just using XTZ as their incentive token

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Nah, you just write adapter

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the russian scammer bought the entire circ supply after the 2018 crash.. so he could easily pump the price by getting autistic retards to keep buying and holding believing it would go to $1000. thats why that russian scammer hired pajeets to spam biz with posts 24/7 for years.

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glad to know. That just means they are even more stronger will than ever not to bend a knee to shitlink

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and Uniswap is illiquid shit and a single source of truth, whales will always be able to manipulate it, and that's nothing to say of it's complete inability to serve any usecase other than on chain asset pricing, how does it get car liens on chain? mortgage liens? IoT data of literally any kind?

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This is fake, isn't it?

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If this is real
>Jeez what name could I think of to obscure things from Jessica, damn it THINK, THINK
>I got it, JessiMA, I am so creative!
Reminds me of that false wrongly drawn flag swastika graffiti that said something like 'Go Hitler!" next to it.

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Never mind I just read the rest, nice.

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If link upsets you so much why are you in all link threads? It’s almost as if you own some yourself

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>If link upsets you so much why are you in all link threads?
To drive you back to rebbit and or to laugh at you.
>It’s almost as if you own some yourself
Man, this coping mechanism of yours has to change.

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>bought in at $2.40, $4.25, $3.80 $4.75
How fucked am I? Should I just hodl or cut my loses?

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pls help me /biz/

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I only threw $50 at $4.75 and threw $400 at every other buy in. Should I cut losses?

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pls help, I'm losing faith

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no, billionaires

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>This was 11d chess by Sergey to pull the project away from being strongly linked to 4chan
This is the accumulation end signal, guys. I hope you're stacked up.

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Based and cryptopilled

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Instead of still trying to shill your bags why don't you post a picture of your hand?

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You can’t afford it

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It won't matter when we hit $1000 EOY

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End of which year?

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fucking kek'd n check'd

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You got a hand fetish? Here, jerk off to this.
I bought most of my 10k on EtherDelta at 18¢ after being tipped off here in 2017 and actually doing research. Never selling.

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