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Why do bears conveniently ignore this?

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u a lil gay boy

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Ignore what? Arbitrarily drawn gray boxes?

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basically it's saying we are gonna revisit 3600 really soon

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TA is literally mollusk psychoanalysis

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If you keep redpilling people about the imminent bull run, then nobody will buy your bags.

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ignore them if you want, point is the same.
It's like you want to conveniently ignore a double bottom, with (pic related) the highest ever volume buy support BTC has ever seen in 12 years of existing. More volume on the buy on this bottom than even when more BTC was traded each day when they were cheap as a few dollars.

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You think this is minute chart bullshit which all these faggots who play on binance and bitmex use?

This isn't even meme fibs and gay ass indicators. Its just tops/bottoms and volumes. anything more is voodoo

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>posts chart that predicts BTC will soon drop to $3000 and stay there for months and thinks he's staring at a bullish chart.

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Links to where it's the highest volume?
Looking up personally couldn't find anything.

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my chart literally painstakingly makes it clear we are double bottomed compared to before.
This is literally the easiest money of your life, yet you idiots want to short after it already did a -65% drop a couple weeks ago.
Statistically, the increases are always much higher than the drops, which average at 55%, while increases average from 300% minimum.

What the fuck is wrong with you retards shorting again, after a 65% drop already happened? You should be looking for longs. you already missed the short.

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So in other words.... we bull now?

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coinbase. compare it to bitstamp back then, as it was the most liquid exchange at the time like coinbase is now.
It's worth bearing in mind that that candle was a capitulation candle in every definition, including the big dick wick, huge buy volume and follow up rally.

We didn't actually see one a couple years ago when we hit 3k.

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$1,800$ EOY
if you think your imaginary token as more than value than its electric price then kys

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when it is supposed to go up it goes down, vice verca.

you must be a newfag here

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>ah-ha! I got him!

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Do you know what a difficulty adjustment is?

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Although, that last double bottom your comparing it too didn’t have this worldwide crisis and economic destruction which is about to take place to factor in. I hope your right though

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literally guaranteed bullrun in 1-2 years

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To be fair, i do consider this.
However, it also didn't have a halving event only 1 month in front of it either.

We have never seen BTC performance in a global bear market, so while we have no data to compare it to, it also means you have no data to base a drop upon either, all other data considered.

If the chart looked more bearish, it may be a bigger consideration.

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The diarrhea leaking out of your ass isnt you being wet, tranny.

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I don't see how BTC can possibly go up right now, other than maybe due to inflation.
A huge chunk of the population is losing their jobs, and also their income. As a result people will have to liquidate assets. That includes things like crypto. Even neets are going to struggle right now.

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Wicks are always tested

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and a huge chunk of the population have instantly lost 5% of their net worth because printers go brrrrrr.

People are at home scared shitless of a virus and seeking answers which is adding to conspiracies of 5g and 1 world order...

When you have been stuck indoors for weeks, these things make normies often believe THE ELITE are out to kill and destroy the world.

So, the normal normie doesn't understand FIAT.... the money being pumped in - that's the second wave of early investors.


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and it's now 6,783.3 USD - see. told you kukkers

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because they are not taking their meds

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Your UTAD doesn't match. we breaking out of it, ouch

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Why would someone who's scared of stocks when they go to shit put their money into something far more speculative and volatile? BTC has been on a downtrend for awhile and will nosedive soon enough, but feel free to put your trust and money into subjective meme lines.

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doesn't the price drop after the halfening?
although with tether printer it doesn't really matter, clown market either way

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Oh no look at this fucking line OP looks like we're going all the way down

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holy shit at last i truly see

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doing whycoff on hourly charts has to be the most rookie or just simply retarded thing i have ever seen. Try doing it on the weekly chart as it was intended retard

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read file name. its just a joke m8. calm down

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kek some retarded posted a chart like that the other day, thought it was him again

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MEME LINES 20k in 2021

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Used to think halvings and their relationship with bull cycles were coincidental but this graph makes me think otherwise. Maybe it is as simple as halvings triggering a hype wave of normies who want to get in first. Thoughts/thots?

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oh bears are going to get rekt

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Take a look in the daily. We need a high-volume close about 7k. Everything below is bearish. Just because it has reacted to the weekly resistance, doesn't mean we're going moon.

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