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Is the chainlink dream unironically over? I sold all my links I kept since 2018 one week ago to goaall inBSV.
Nice results.
Shoudl I buy back or remain in Sanjay vision?

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I got dubs on euro price kek

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how funny this one is

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chainlink oracles are good but most blockchains need native oracles. BSV is by far the better move if you want to make money both this and next year.

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Just in time. Welcome.

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like a tickly co-morbidity

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Do you guys actually believe Craig is satoshi?

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Yes. Ignore the noise and just go listen to him speak. Not the funny soundbites but spend a couple hours listening to him break down what bitcoin actually is, how the ecosystem was intended to function and how big it's supposed to be. Try to understand what he means when he says he wants bitcoin to be the plumbing of the metanet. If you still aren't convinced at that point at least you'll be a little smarter.

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>not investing in RSR

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>being this poor

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Why is BSV better than BTC?

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imagine going all in on BSV
>jimmy nguyen stepped down from nchain's ceo spot, cannot be found for a deposition
>judge threw craigs bs claims about the tulip trust currier being a lawyer from kenya out the door citing how craig has submitted falsified documents multiple times already
>court has given him 10 days from now to provide more information about the tulip trusts (yes trusts, claims theres three and possibly a fourth).
>called out for writing a blog stating (and named) satoshi never used bitcointalk. blog is immediately removed
the dude is nuts. i honestly believe he thinks he's satoshi, anyone faking wouldnt be that stupid

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>jimmy nguyen stepped down
what, Jimmys gone - the second a court wishes to speak to him, he flees nChain? Odd that. Isn't it

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>aussie man bad
Why do you faggots still even bother?

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No. I’m just surprise by the absolute delusion and stupidity of this board sometimes. I honestly couldn’t tell if you lots are memeing or actually fucking retarded

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Craig being Satoshi isn't why everyone here should be shitting their pants. They get so caught up in the fake drama that they don't understand what's going to happen to BTC

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I suggest you try that (your Pic Related)
its as much a lie as the rest of the fucking bullshit these scammers fed you
so tell me - wheres Jimmy fled to?

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Why should I buy BSV over Monero?

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Buy Monero simple as

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You shouldn't

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>no tulip trust
>no actual signings
>the list of classic creg excuses grows and grows
>the best that the shit-eating bsv pajeet shill brigade can do is claim that everyone is greg
*slow clap*

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he's under quarantine asshole, are you aware of what's going on in the world right now?

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You tell me

Monero is traceable and will be gone soon

Signing isn't the ace up his sleeve that brainlets make it out to be. He explains it in his book. Now try to explain why BSV can't scale.

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>Jimmys resigned from nChain and in hiding from the deposition servers in hot pursuit
>cregs interminable court case(s) nearers termination
>calvins busy playing with his helicopter
>nChain holding company in dissolution
gotta figure, its endtimes for the scam known as BSV
oh, please do pass on my best regards. Only, still some people wanting to speak to him about a court case, if he could answer the door? tia
So good to see Jimmy's decided, whats important in life. And obviously being ceo of nChain is NOT FUCKING IMPORTANT AT ALL WHEN THE DEPOSITIONS START FLYING. LIKE, NO, FUCK THAT SHIT, YO

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Ya did gud kid, ya did real gud.

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You dumb fucking faggot. You literal jungle nigger. Go cry somewhere else

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heres a song for ya
roy was blind as well, y'kno

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>Monero is traceable

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>its a literal 'craig-wright-claims' url
what more proof could any reasonable man require, I ask of you

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Craig owns the patents for ring ct and stealth addresses, they were running on BitCoin before they became too expensive. Pretty sure he knows what he's talking about.

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and what is that retard

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go dig in the archives and find out

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Put money into SUTER instead and stake in the /biz/ node bradaaaa

comfiest coin going

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craig is slotoshi but ironically

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Tachyon protocol’s Multi-relaying Scheme minimizes the possibility of communication monitoring/tracking in the network will benefit 900 million users at least, and it has potential for massive increase and it's a fantastic way to make money

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You're gonna make it.

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Kek exactly moron

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Creej 'Schizo' Wrong really is insane, isn't he? BSV -90% soon

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Never forget picrelated.
Real problem how to allocate portfolio in order to maximize profits.
Will it be 100% of one asset? Don't know...

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Are we all in it together? Don't know.

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Really makes you think.

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Linkies still think they're relevant, kek.

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Money =/= Derivatives

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it is known there is no conclusive proof or bsv price would be higher than btc right now. So just like in any regular investigation with no 100% conclusive proof, you need to look at all the evidence and all the testimonies, and come up with stories that can fit all of them. Then you pick the one which is most likely.

story #1:
- Craig was part of the satoshi team, got hacked and blackmailed, when he refused to pay up the hackers outed him by dumping docs on news outlets and ato
this is a very likely story. Every single piece of evidence and motives for actions fit with this story.

story #2:
- there is a random dude involved in cryptography, security and finance all his life who somehow knows most about bitcoin than anyone else, by heart, even early private communications
- despite the early group of bitcoiners being very tight-knit, no one seemd to know about this person
- this person has declared bitcoins in his 2009 tax return, has started several businesses related to crypto and bitcoin, has gotten big loans and tax credits using his bitcoin as a collateral in 2011 onward
- this person (an early miner? Just somsone secretive who randomly knows a lot about bitcoin?) one day decides to dump a ton of his private documents related to bitcoin to a bunch of news outlets and the australian tax office, gets his house raided in return and has to fly the country
- this person somehow manages to convince people who were in touch with the early satoshi (gavin, ian) that he is satoshi without a trace of doubt
- also manages to convince a billionaire to bankroll him indefinitely on his project to bring bitcoin's original vision back, all the while filing multiple patents and whitepapers related to blockchain
- satoshi himself, who came out publicly stating that he was not dorian nakamoto, never said a word about craig not being satoshi.
The likelyhood of this is close to zero. Motives make no sense. Brainlets like you make no sense.

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which exchange is that?

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wtf is going on with these 2 faggots, kek

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>knows most about bitcoin
Craig cant even code. Rest is just blabla which got debunked

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kek that pic

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bald beard nujack sets no limits on what his partner can do in public.

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>Craig is satoshi
>a-actually it doesn’t matter if he is
So he’s a fraud. Good to know you retards have invested in bitconnect tier scam. And you call linkies delusional

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>Do you guys actually believe Craig is satoshi?
>imagine going all in on BSV

I actually recognize this faggot's distinct smoothbrained syntax from previous threads, where he is always #1 in terms of posts. The level of butthurt driving him must be astronomical.

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Unironically kys

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>Posts meme that is exact copy of link meme
Lol absolutely pathetic

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I really don't care either way you do with your small size stack. 15k link was never supposed to make it anyway.

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>NOOOOOOOO you can't just copy "our" meme!

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it never mattered if he was satoshi unless you're a girl who only cares about popstars.

It would be disappointing, but who cares? Eth is on track to become the dominant crypto platform. Craig can try his best to stop it with patents, but ultimately nobody outside of burger courts will care.

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You can do whatever the fuck you want. It just shows how Link is in your head 24/7 rent free
>Craig is satoshi
>w-who cares if he isn’t satoshi
>I-it’s ok for him to lie. It doesn’t destroy his credibility
Bsv is owned by naive zoomers

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>/biz/ is one person
hello, reddit. What point are you even trying to make replying to me? Normies are the one who get caught up in this sensational shit. Buy technology, sell hype.

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Exodus wallet. It's pretty good. Works with Trezor and has a built-in exchange

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