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My puts :(

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Can see a deal being cut just like in 2016 when no one thought a deal was going to be made then we got OPEC+, however, I see Russia creating more trouble before a deal is made because the worse things look going into a meeting, the more power they have at negotiations.

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I don't even trade stocks, I'm just here for the laughs

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What can I watch to see if the news on oil is even legit? Is there something that monitors Russia and Saudi oil output and prices ?

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someone redpill me on SQQQ because i just dumped 15k into it

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We really are in a clown world

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>-30% ROE
>DMG control and switch from short to long
I am ready for the assrape when this shit crashes in a few moments

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>LK shares plummet because fabricated sales
Is this a good buy after it hits below $6

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Remember you bearcucks, if something bad happens, it was always priced in, and if something good happens, it's a pleasant unexpected surprise. That's the bullbro way.

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>tfw bought an $8 put on sprint 2 weeks ago
>wake up to find it's an $8 put on tmobile

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This pump today is fueled by pure hopium.

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Eh big bear come check this fool

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if corona isn't going to kill me then this stock market will

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>6.6 million unemployed
>line goes up
So glad I sold out of this shitshow.

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Do I sell XOM and SU now at a light profit and buy back in at the end of the day?

Will it go back down?

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Our saviors :)

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>longing now

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can someone explain to me why accumulating ETFs have the exact same price growth? for example, when SP500 distributing grows 10%, the accumulating version is supposed to grow like 10,1% but instead it grows exactly 10% as well
what's the point of accumulating ETFs then if they offer the same price performance but distributing ETFs give dividends on top of that? it looks like accumulating ETFs are just the same ETFs but you don't get dividends

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how fucking stupid are you man. sell that immediately or you will lose it all. do you not see the markets?

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Do not buy chink stocks. Do not support chink business.

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>yfw they're loading up on shorts before telling the world there is no production cut

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This this that

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Sell now, it's going to crater.

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>Hello, CDC? I have someone here with a terminal case of based.

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guys a helpful apustaja told me to go all in on a $0.28 biomeme stock did I do good at buying the rumor

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Been sitting on it bought in at $22.50 and it’s not going up kek.

Good luck it’s a wild ride

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thank you oilchad

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whoa. merger happening finally?

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i thought we were in a bear market? desu im kinda new to this, i just received a large inheritance from my dead uncle and trying to make a decent turnaround

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It wasn't supposed to happen THAT fast. I needed a few more days!

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Well, i'm already up 7%, reducing the loss to 23%.
Of course, for a fleeting moment before shit explodes all over my face. Again.

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Seems like a good time to buy, aside from the 50/50 chance each day that the market defies logic.

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Don’t risk it. Hold on to what you got. If it tanks EOD, just keep watching for a chance to buy more cheapies.

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at least he bought at 20 instead of $24
gee who would do something like that ahah

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That you missed the bottom

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SQQQ is fine, SDOW is better.

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That's what I'm feeling, too. Just too much uncertainty and I like where I got in.

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very generous of them to bail out US shale industry

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You tried your best, but illegal kikes tactics and presidents publicly lie to keep up the stock scam rekt you.

>> No.18249341

SPXS best of all

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"I've got some good news! We're all going to get to sleep IN THE CAR!"

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Most oil stocks are up 50% from their lows on 3/23, if you can tell me what has changed for the better between then & now, I will buy too.

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I had one share of sprint and just got paid out like $1... fook

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Putin loves America

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It's too late to buy.

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I guess it's not actually slowing down

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>tfw crash any second now

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Be 100% honest with me bros, is this coronavirus shit going to end anytime soon?

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It is paramount that investors understand SQQQ is a daily-targeted inverse ETF. ProShares designed this for short-term, high-risk and high-reward gains in the event the Nasdaq-100 struggles. This fund is not suitable for a long-term hold; investors who buy-and-hold SQQQ find their returns badly damaged by expenses and decay.

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>VIX dropping
>too scared to open iron condors now
what the fuck do I do now? one single trump tweet can fuck up any vertical spreads in an instant.

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Daily reminder to buy AXP calls and that this oil rebound is bullshit and already priced in so buy oil puts.

You’re welcome.

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it's basically over

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That you gambled against super smart AI and the dude with the infinite wallet and lost. I don't think they'll be surprised.

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This is honestly quite amusing.

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Why the fuck is ATHX tanking? What the fuck is happening?

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Dude, shut up. You don't even own a house

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I’m trying to unload at $24 now. Kinda just wanna break even desu... only 15 shares so not a crazy amount but as my first jump in I’ve learned a lot of lessons!
Definitely not trying to hold any 3x ETFs more than a day

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>new york orders 100k body bags
>stonks go up

>> No.18249405

SOmewbody fucking tell me something about GUSH, UCO, or ERX.

>> No.18249407

everyone thinking so is retarded

>> No.18249410

Hopefully not. I'd have to go to work otherwise.

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>end anytime soon?
At least another 4 months. Most likely another dip when the second wave hits in the fall

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I've had enough of this joke of a market.

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new yorkers are a net drain on the economy and that city is an economic artifact, everyone knows the west coast and texas are the future

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No this is likely going to keep going until 2021

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This isn't stopping untill there is a cure, you realise this right ppl?

You think people are going to jump on a royal Caribbean in June whilst the rona is still about?
The only way is if Either 1. Everybody has been vaccinated, Or 2. Everybody gets a test right before they go on

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Best case June when it warms up, worst case next June when we have the vaccine.

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>that's expo growth
>half of the world under lockdown
>ppl dead left and right
it is slowing.

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>tfw been holding 24 for almost 2 weeks

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>unemployment claims hit a record 6.6 million, numbers never seen before
>Dow up 300 points

Fuck this stupid illogical shit

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Luckin? Probably not. There's better businesses to buy. Luckin has been getting customers by giving them big promos and discounts, and they don't really run stores either. They were doing this storeless APP-only coffee delivery thing. In my estimation their experiment to just blitz the market with a new thing is probably not working.

The thing is their coffee is not that cheap, and a lot of persons in China who will spend that money on coffee would prefer Starbucks for a certain sense of atmosphere and attainable luxury. I've tried Luckin when I was there but it's just regular coffee. Their marketing materials and branding are great and everything, but I don't see how it's going to survive. I think this was the moment people who were not sure if it would or would realize it won't-- they didn't have a super popular but mismanaged idea like OFO. I think it just won't work and they'll go out of business.

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>we will never, EVER see another circuit breaker during this crash
>we might never, EVER see a level 2 circuit breaker in our lifetime
it hits hard anons

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Just buy everything

>> No.18249453

New york is projected to peak april 9th, you tell me

>> No.18249460

So what's the max you should how sqqq for?

>> No.18249462

Ever heard of a pump and dump

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/smg/ header is supposed to include an anime image or flash, just that ya know, you know.

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It could end before the vaccine comes out.
All you need to see if daily new cases truly dropping off. That would be enough to start a chaotic upturn.
Just listen to me, I make money.

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Bullish for sure.

>> No.18249472

is the cat actually doing that?

>> No.18249473

find a new imagine to post

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don't gamble with it. just buy safe long term bets like SPY, VOO, VT, etc. also, don't invest it all at once. do it over time to spread the risk of further drops in the coming weeks/months.

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Been holding for a week trying to break even or turn a decent profit. Bro how fucked am I? Bought at average $22.50... just sitting on a sale order around $27. Will I make it? I gave up on $30 sell target. Just want my money back so I can research and get into stuff that’s not retarded

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But look at South Korea, They got it under control really quickly.

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I'm just glad I got to see them.
Only been doing this for a couple of years so it was a first.
Memorable stuff.

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Dont kid yourself, its only going to get worse. The faster and more sophisticated the trading bots become the faster the crashes will be. Look at oil toda

>> No.18249502

We will survive!

>> No.18249503

not for at least a year in my opinion

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>Get a 100 dollar profit (around 7%) on my 240p
>Decide to HODL because I thought today would be green
>Lose that profit and back down 200 dollars
>Could have sold yesterday, bought the same put again for cheapies today and made more money

>> No.18249505

Could be lying.

>> No.18249516

South Korea is a serious country. White western countries haven't been real for decades at this point

>> No.18249518

i'm not a mentally ill anime tranny that enjoys making threads

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is this bullish?

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People are obviously joking right?

One green day is enough to ruin some of you?

Nobody's that fucking stupid are they?

If you're short just wait it out.

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Priced in?

>> No.18249538

spy 300 end of month

>> No.18249540

Holy shit is that real?

>> No.18249541

The dow is slipping

>> No.18249543

>Get a 100 dollar profit (around 7%) on my 240p
>Decide to HODL because I thought today would be red
>Lose that profit and back down 200 dollars
>Could have sold yesterday, bought the same put again for cheapies today and made more money tomorrow

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What are chance of retest of previous bottom?

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>Asians lying
>One day was under reported

>> No.18249560

They're getting investigated for fraud

>> No.18249561

>6.6 million unemployed
The other day was my bday and I asked my boss if I could take a half day. It was slow but he said No. Today, also slow, he said I could have that half day I wanted. I told him NOPE and if you're gonna be cuttting hours let me know now so I can go stand in the unemployment line and make more money sitting on my ass.

>> No.18249562

We are in a bear market but it's no longer possible to make much money, the algorithms will squeeze every single percent out of it with minuscule drips and you'll be stuck getting burned by theta and paying premiums.

>> No.18249563

>Luckin Coffee not so lucky after pandemic

>> No.18249565

Strongly possible lmao. Its pretty funny desu. Tricking the algorithms and then the algos lose.

>> No.18249567

Falling to 0$ was already priced in, buy the dip, bullish, to the moon

>> No.18249568

i hope the niggers pumping this market get it

>> No.18249570

>if you spent one dollar on a 4/3 15p you would have 100k

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>> No.18249573

Yes. Buy dip then sell in $40s. Wait for hit piece to drop prices then buy in again.

>> No.18249574

Lagging indicator. New infections are going down-- they have to be because the virus follows natural laws and is scientifically understandable. It's not a spooky ghost we are trying to control with magic or whatever. With the serious lockdown in place in New York City and other cities, the spread of the virus WILL slow, and we do not need tests to know this. Just like we don't need tests to know that it is spreading widely in other parts of the US with no lockdowns.

Two weeks lockdown new infections peak and deaths will lag that.

>> No.18249578

I have no idea what the fuck I am doing.

>> No.18249579

I don't know, it definitely looks real. Anyone here have a cat?

>> No.18249581

I'm about to buy your foreclosed house on the cheap bro

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Look at what oil is doing and hold faith.

>> No.18249587

its fucking me over but i think its just a temporary setback from yesterdays speculators cashing out all at the same time

their partner company literally just exercised right to buy 7 million shares the other day and they literally have a cure for ARDS which works on coronavirus and most importantly, they are ready for mass production. literally all they are waiting on is FDA approval, which they already have gotten for expedited 3rd phase trial. their drug is already tested and confirmed to work


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spy in free fall

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>> No.18249602

Deaths lag weeks after infections

>> No.18249603

Very nice apu apustaja pic, saved it. As for that stock no idea i dont fiddle with those weird ones.

>> No.18249608

Just a reminder for newfags and fags in general that dont like DYOR
During the great depression, the market from peak to trough, cratered 86%. It took 33 months to get their. in between those months the market rallied 15-20% NINE times.
Today with the advent of computers etc information flows faster and peak to trough may be truncated. But this gives you an idea. Info like this and other recessions or market downturns has been posted periodically here in the last few weeks. Stop with the >jobless claims are 10gorillion but we are up in stonks 4% >makes no sense guys REEEE

>> No.18249609

It'll test 219 again for just a moment before cratering to 200 at 3:45pm one day in the very near future.

>> No.18249612

You an 90% of the rest of /biz/ (including me)

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How much did you loose?

Are you new to this?

Have you heard of one of the most basic principle of trading?
>Don't trade with what you're not willing to lose

>> No.18249619

Problem is, the lockdown can't end just because your most forward looking indicator has hit an inflection point. Without mass testing for targeted quarantines or treatment/vaccine the physical laws the govern the spread will restart until the infectable population decreases significantly

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is this?

>> No.18249622

You don't have time to be shitposting Jerome.
You need to keep those printers running.

>> No.18249629

FINALLY oil is falling

>> No.18249630
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arent oil prices going up good for the market?

>> No.18249632

My cat does that every morning before breakfast

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MAGA MAGA Make America Great Again
He Really Did It





>> No.18249639

her eyes are so large its disgusting me

its a good chance we retest the support region (SPX 2350-2150) but unsure where the actual bottom will be in that region.

>> No.18249640

Thanks for explaining to these tards. People want it to fall off a cliff but don't understand that the market is irrational and whenever prices drop some people see it as a buying opportunity.

>> No.18249642
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Professional quantitative options trader here. Just want to say - retail has no chance. I have a few working strategies for retail but only the most determined will succeed.

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>> No.18249654

It's just a trick with sound editing. No way a cat can keep that rhythm unless they have it juiced with performance enhancing drugs or something.

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my ONTX .28 order got filled, crazy to think this time next year i will be a 100thousandaire

>> No.18249658

>Don't trade with what you're not willing to lose
Maybe if you're a pussy. The less you trade, the less you reap the reward. Spend everything penny you have anon.

>> No.18249660

Not when they go up based on the President lying and then everyone realizes it and sells.

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>One act by Luckin will call into question virtually every Chinese company listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq.

>> No.18249663

SPY falling! Looks like oil retards realized they were fleeced.

>> No.18249667

>dating a mexican
im sorry bros the latina booty was too much

>> No.18249669

What's the 2x leveraged long ETF that outperforms the S&P500 long term again? And has been around since before 08?

>> No.18249674

>Look at oil toda
jumped from $22 to $25 and holding near it over some rumors?
Yeah anon, just terrible.

>> No.18249680

Especially after that slow red day. I got it wrong yesterday but it dropped so slowly, I basically lost no money and today after the obvious green pump at the unemployment report I made it back. It's riding on technicals if there's space to go up it will.

>> No.18249683

What tech stock do I buy?

>> No.18249687
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ok retard.

>> No.18249693


>> No.18249696

LK gonna go back up or what IM BOUTTA DUMP

>> No.18249697
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Who else is $DTO with me?

>> No.18249705

Wow haha, thank god they arent lying about their deathcount though, that would really crash the market

>> No.18249709

Just bought in 30 minutes ago thank god for FOMO

>> No.18249710

just google leveraged index etf not that hard

>> No.18249711

Oil will never EVER be under $24/barrel again

>> No.18249715

>$5 F calls
>$16 BAC puts
>$23 BAC calls
all these retards...
the crabs marketers just have to iron condor and make the gains

>> No.18249717

look at the one year or 5 year chart for it. it only goes up when the nasdaq tanks. otherwise it just slowly decays and loses value. so unless you bet that tech/telecom/healthcare stocks are crashing hard in the next month, don't bother with it.

>> No.18249721

hope you bought your cheap shorts and puts during that fake pump, good luck guyz we all gonna make it

>> No.18249723

corona deaths are bullish anon

>> No.18249726
File: 6 KB, 205x246, 1d23fcec2d8eb702c748ed4c908f19c49f2abfb17656d26ca67f7d1b50926198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No idiot could possibly buy it at $25. No way...right?

>> No.18249727

Anyone else playing SCO? There's no way oil doesn't dip back down tomorrow.

>> No.18249735

>people buying OTM puts with a week expiry
>people trying to baghold inverse ETFs
It's honestly amazing.

>> No.18249739


although right now you should grab SPXS for short term gains today and overnight


>> No.18249742

You know it bro

>> No.18249747

This is the same thinking that got AMRN baggies suicide. Do not have this fucking dream of being insanely wealthy if your thing pulls through. They have constantly diluted shareholder value and will dilute again on good news. Be ready to sell the day good news drops. You will get fucked otherwise. Do not hold these without a plan

>> No.18249748

Is SPCE a good long position?

>> No.18249749


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>Macy's will survive according to you
It feels so fucking good getting one of the best cheapies this market has yet to offer. Though you are insane thinking the market in general will go up tomorrow.

>> No.18249751

I mean I bought it like a week ago at 21$, so right now I'm good.

>> No.18249753

In a few days or weeks, Putin will come out and confirm basically what Trump said. They are probably delaying it because they need to fill up their positions first. It's not illegal in Russia for officials (including Putin) to buy stock. The fact that Trump named Saudi in his tweet as the source and Kremlin were this fast to come out and deny it speaks for itself

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>> No.18249759

Are you delusional? Oil is the greenest shit in my portfolio right now. And the price war still hasn't come to an end yet.
Telecom is the worst. Fuck At&t tbqh.

>> No.18249760

How do I become a qualitative options trader

>> No.18249764
File: 58 KB, 900x850, 1585450852165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just got off my office video conference call
>everyone was laughing at my K-On! posters and said i had a dirty room

bros what the fuck. if i was a chad this shit wouldnt have happened. fuck it im buying more SQQQ

>> No.18249770

What if... there's no cure?

>> No.18249772

I'm in sco right now, +7% at this moment

>> No.18249777

The US State Department issued a letter to SA last week will all of Pompeo's usual charm and candor straight up demanding SA end OPEC and start a new cartel with the US or they will be sanctioned

>> No.18249780

what if ... there's no virus?

>> No.18249781

Are long-term calls on XOP a good idea?

>> No.18249783

There isn't. No vaccine for SARS in 19 years. There won't be one for SARS2 covid either

>> No.18249790

i got SPXS, TVIX, VIXM, and a tad of SQQQ along with 3 SPY puts and 5 cheap F $4 puts lmao

>> No.18249792
File: 222 KB, 512x512, 1465553118635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TLSA dropped another 2%
Fuck it Im keeping it. I think it can go down to 200

>> No.18249796

should've bought UCO this morning or yesterday or the day before or the day before that.

Would be up like 60%

>> No.18249798
File: 72 KB, 480x480, 45.3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No say the number.

You're larping.

Are you new to this site as well? It's anonymous posting... Say your made up number, or even better, show your account.

>> No.18249801

Bought 20 for fun.

>> No.18249804

people will just grow an immunity to it over time

>> No.18249805

Will we hit red today?

>> No.18249807

I'm starting to understand how much of a con man Musk is after reading about him ordering ventilators and CPAPs

>> No.18249808

It doesn't matter what's up or down. I trade anything and am completely market neutral.

Usually a degree in Math or CS from a top tier school and/OR creative research ability.

>> No.18249811

You tell me

>> No.18249816

No, take it from an anon who wastes his life on /sci/. It has no real practical use and is 250k for a 10 min stint in space. SpaceX is making starship which will make this irrelevant the second it becomes human rated. Do not buy

>> No.18249817

UCO any good or should i stick with SCO

>> No.18249820

SDOW for that sweet oil crash that's incoming
SPXU cuz why not it was cheap
No puts because I don't wanna get burned too bad

>> No.18249822

Yeah definitely

>> No.18249824
File: 410 KB, 1080x1027, 1576993026449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What happened bear niggers? I thought it was the epic dumpening today? Wow, weak ass bears in here

>> No.18249827


>The first question, is MultiStem potentially relevant to patients that develop ARDS from COVID-19?

I've addressed this question in my comments, and we got this question from quite a few people. And yes, we do believe that MultiStem has relevance to COVID-19-induced ARDS as well as other viruses or pathogens that can induce severe pulmonary distress and acute respiratory distress syndrome. To reiterate, to our knowledge, we are the only company with a Fast Track designation from the FDA for a therapy for the treatment of ARDS that is in active clinical development, and we believe that puts us in a very unique position.

>> No.18249829


>> No.18249835

What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative options

>> No.18249838

Keep up with the news flow, Saudi's already denied the ammount, said they hadn't talked with Russia. Trump said he won't ask for domestic cuts. Russia will come to the table EVENTUALLY. They'd rather make a deal @ $10 oil when they have power rather than while oil is spiking.

>> No.18249842

It's gonna end red retard.

>> No.18249843

>send buy and sell order to RH 30 minutes ago
>notice it's not filled despite hitting the ask
>now the price is up 50% with the dump
My Ameritrade money needs to clear already so I can get options.

>> No.18249844

you should be okay. the market has not signal a bottom yet.

>> No.18249845

GALT fill find a way! Does anyone even talk about GALT anymore? What happened to that one faggot that spend his Nana's life saving in muh NASH?

>> No.18249855

The only thing relevant to ARDS patients is a PEEP of 20 lmao.

>> No.18249858

it's really frustrating that I cannot believe anything. Everyone in charge of the price is lying and trying to fuck me.

>> No.18249863

That sounds exactly like what SHOULD be happening now. Literally the only fucking businesses making money are those with a 100% online presence and grocery/suppliers.

>> No.18249865

>Bulls STILL being cocky about +1-2% and it's not even 3:00 PM ET yet
ohohoho noonononono

>> No.18249866

There's only quant trader I think. Basically you create mathematical models and algos to execute those models

>> No.18249867

Not understanding something about the ThinkorSwim Put/Option UI. With the bid ask price is that a recommended price? Is there a view method where I can see where actual people are setting there buy prices?

>> No.18249877

the other would be fundamentals

>> No.18249884

You mean level II quotes?

>> No.18249893
File: 7 KB, 250x193, 1515761487783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1 million confirmed corona cases
Extremely bullish.

>> No.18249894

Jesus fucking christ, its going to drop another 8% this rate

>> No.18249903

So you're saying that boomers are doomed?

>> No.18249908
File: 58 KB, 680x486, 7ECFCD56-2D44-4A29-BF2D-362DEF404978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they fell for a bull trap within a bull trap within a bull trap

>> No.18249913
File: 1.61 MB, 1692x1167, d62.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18249918

Why are we trippin over a recession when a CAT is dancing like a human being? Why isn't this on the news?

>> No.18249920


>> No.18249926

and heres the end of day crash, kind of early! i guess traders are sleepy after lunch food coma and just want to sell and go nap since theyre working from home anyway

>> No.18249933

No idea that existed, I just got sco because it was the first inverse etf there was, literally bought it after Russia denied talking with the U.S.

>> No.18249934

Whip whip naenaenaneanewhip

>> No.18249945

fuck i need to pay my rent bros
should I sell

>> No.18249948

Yeah that. Large firms like Bridgewater and Citadel use a mix of both.

>> No.18249953
File: 161 KB, 960x720, 1567515975169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know this feel, I already took down my Sword Art Online wallscrolls and a particularly nice poster from Lucky Star where Konata/Kagami are in string bikinis dripping popsicle juice on each other. There's cat throwup on the floor but I tilt my camera up so no worries there. Thank fucking god smells don't transmit over Webex

>> No.18249955

Fuck not sure if I should sell or hodl

>> No.18249960
File: 35 KB, 400x400, 1516141454534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ah fucking finally boomers ran out of obama's hopium and are facing reality

>> No.18249961

Haven't seen Pendulum in a long fucking time.
Ngl, GALT was my first and last biotech meme.
Too much that can go wrong with that shit, the science almost doesn't matter.

>> No.18249962

why are you using stock market if you can't afford rent?

>> No.18249964

yes, the crash is coming

>> No.18249970
File: 8 KB, 231x205, 1223645547200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does this crisis compare to other ones before like often cited 1929, 2001, 2008 etc.?

There was a HUGE bubble way before Dec 2019 in literally every sector, enormous capital pumped by central banks in all markets, negative interests, housing prices, study loans, you name it.
So all this capital HAS to be invested, especially if you think there would be inflation rate of above 2%.

Probably the prices will bounce back to very high pretty soon because of that factor? Has this kind of situation happened before?

I dont really see this being a dead cat but a low for some time now.

>> No.18249972
File: 307 KB, 1200x601, 1555460691830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not living in your parents basement

>> No.18249975
File: 153 KB, 860x602, 599-5991841_crying-pepe-png-transparent-png.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys why would the orange man be lying. I'm scared my european knockout put is gonna die overnight ://///

>> No.18249979

Jesus man

>> No.18249980


>> No.18249982

Tsla will hit 100

>> No.18249988

did anyone else here file for unemployment yet? im about to do that this afternoon, hopefully it wont take too long to process so i can get more gambling i mean investing money kek

>> No.18249993

Fuck this clown market and the Jews that control it. Day of the rope nears.

>> No.18249999

he's not. its illegal for the president to lie. its called perjury

>> No.18250000

>Miguel Faria-e-Castro, an economist with the St. Louis Fed, wrote in an analysis last week that 47 million more workers could lose their jobs by the end of the second quarter of 2020, bringing the total number of unemployed people in the U.S. to 52.8 million.

>> No.18250003

Alright you fuckers, i placed a short on XOM, so be ready for it to moon

>> No.18250006

Sell. It's going to 200 and possibly 100.

>> No.18250009

there's already been a ~35% devaluation in the markets from February highs. buy SQQQ if you think that devaluation doesn't fully capture the current reality. personally I'd rather just buy cheapies in the coming weeks and months.

>> No.18250014
File: 5 KB, 250x227, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18250015

The bubble is still there. But instead of popping it, we're softly blowing it forward.

>> No.18250016
File: 24 KB, 231x205, 1569159677964.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This fucking post...

>> No.18250025

well can you wait years for the market to recover? that's your answer.

>> No.18250027

tsla will hit 25, oil price will soar soon causing more demand for convential cars

>> No.18250031
File: 24 KB, 260x260, 1578486190970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it possible for the housing bubble to finally pop because of this crisis?

>> No.18250042

I told all of you for weeks the deal was coming before mid April and yee did not listen.

Now listen again oil naysayers, here is what is going to happen:

Iranian backed militias with the PMF will attack at the end of the Persian new year festival of grass, which is sometime this week. The US will respond with massive force. This will turn an Iraqi parliament already mostly controlled by Iran against the US, as these militias are supposedly part of the Iraqi military and under the control of the parliament.

The US will need to rapid deploy tens of thousands of troops to Iraq to protect its 5000 against the 145,000 battle hardened PMF militia troops. This is the reason every other country has pulled out of Iraq over the past 2 weeks, not Corona.

Iran will respond by locking down the straight of Hormuz cutting off 1/3rd of the worlds oil supply and hitting Saudi facilities. The Saudis know this, which is the real reason they have rented full tankers leaving the country out of Iran’s reach, with no destination port for when the price moons.

>> No.18250043

i think the main problem is nobody including businesses, regardless of size, have any sort of emergency fund cushion. 1 month of shutdown has practically destroyed the economy, and corona is going to last for a few more minimum. so the writing seems to be on the wall. you already have big companies saying they cant pay rent, they cant pay wages. everyones unemployed and cant pay rent/mortgage/bills. all the credit industry is about to get fucked.

>> No.18250048

Checked but wrong
Checked but _____ in

>> No.18250050

Seriously though a year of quarantine looks plausible. We will gonna see 3 day work weeks if this goes on.

>> No.18250061
File: 68 KB, 678x381, marriott.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Marriott is taking a hit today down 5%. You think I should buy more or will MAR go lower?

>> No.18250064

After a certain point when everyones lost enough money to Trump's lying, not even Jesus' return will pump the market. The pumps are getting weaker.

>> No.18250065

So you're saying all American oil interests moon next week?

>> No.18250067
File: 19 KB, 369x387, 3r72966g68e11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so are you gonna wipe out the bad bad yellow people who say he is lying ?

>> No.18250071

Dude Iran has 20% of its military officers infected with corona. We just air strike them to fucking death.

>> No.18250072

penced in

>> No.18250079

I hope so, but I live in an area that is "recession proof" so barring my area getting hit hard by the rona I doubt prices will go down. I hope the bubble pops for you anon.

>> No.18250081
File: 16 KB, 260x295, 1584310256180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dump it

>> No.18250082
File: 391 KB, 600x450, absolutelydelusional.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18250085
File: 309 KB, 429x429, 1583011698253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Buying Marriott
HAHAHAHA, GET OUT NOW IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE. You should be shorting it ffs, that thing is gonna half.

>> No.18250089

boomer detected

>> No.18250092

Not sure if that's the right phrasing. ZANO, BTC and OGN will help anyone out there.

>> No.18250094

shift to 3 day workweek would be hella based

>> No.18250099

>My portfolio is being carried by a ZM put
I didn't want it to be like this.
When will SPY and QQQ fucking die like they should?

>> No.18250100

unless it's super juicy, i would only swing with quant on something i don't mind holding long term.

>> No.18250102

Dude, at least two US carriers got hit by the Corona and are out of action.

>> No.18250107

I really gonna need a sauce on this

>> No.18250109

Im shorting all the way to 300 sempai. Its overpriced to hell

>> No.18250113
File: 185 KB, 435x338, blumpf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>*ring ring*
>*ring ring*
>*ring ring*
>*ring ring*
>*ring ring*
>*ring ring*
>*ring ring*
>*ring ring*
>*ring ring*

>> No.18250125
File: 114 KB, 401x431, 1584132443274.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18250127

Fuck, I predict the market but still manage to lose money. I knew we were going to bounce near open (though not because Trump decides to fake pump oil). Now it's falling but RH fucked over my buy order right before the dump. Now I have no clue what's happening tomorrow since it's 3 red days in a row so tomorrow is probably the greenest dildo ever.

>> No.18250130

I mean only good thing the cars have is the drivetrain and being first with shitty self driving.

>> No.18250131

30/share for marriott? woooooooot

>> No.18250132

Save this for 3:50 like you usually do

>> No.18250133

Holy fuck stop trying to start wars in the middle east. Everytime we do we just create more refugees. Just pull out all interest in the middle east and ban any economic trading with the region. Basically turn the whole region into the Escape from LA. No one in. No one out.

>> No.18250134

just drop contrails of corona vapor on them

>> No.18250139

>Ayy trump my goy, pump the oil will ya? Just bought some for cheap
>Oh sure boss, will do, bigly, watch this.
>*tweets* a fake rumour
>Oil smash to 38%

>> No.18250141

Holy fuck you are retarded thank god you’re only here for business

>> No.18250147
File: 373 KB, 1440x1410, Screenshot_20200402-103954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sold several puts today because I wanted to get those stocks for less rather than my usual biy put and biy call gambles that usually go in the reverse...

The usual happens, I get screwed by the stocks and stock options and it crashes. I still want those stocks but man is it disheartening when almost every move I make with stocks and stock options works against me.

>buy call
>stock crash
>lose money

>buy put
>stock moons
>lose money

>sell call
>stock moons after being stagnate for a while or crashes fast and stays down

>sell put
>those are nice stocks maybe for less
>stocks crash hard and I couldve had them cheaper had I waited less than a weeks times

Anons this is disheartening. Even with stocks that i want long term I get screwed.

>> No.18250148
File: 98 KB, 1599x459, sell__put.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's say I want to sell the put on the top right. I have a bid and ask price. Does this mean if I put in an order at that asking price, that their are people with orders in for that price or is this just a suggestion based on data? I am trying to figure out why my order won't fill. Is the ask price different from when buying a stock? Or is it a matter of the volume of people wanting to buy that contract being very low, so it isn't filling?

>> No.18250151

>The bubble is still there. But instead of popping it, we're softly blowing it forward.
so you say no further decline but crabbing for some time now?

when they pump the cunts markets with literal trillions it could result in high inflation. to prevent losing value everyone would buy into stocks and other products, wouldnt they?

>> No.18250154

no way tomorrow will be green. too much bad news every day and whos going to baghold over the weekend?

>> No.18250156
File: 68 KB, 933x1118, 89822F05-F22C-412A-A41F-531D5B219119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

buddy told me to drop 5k on JNUG since it’s so cheap. Am I fucked bois?

>> No.18250158
File: 141 KB, 853x543, freedomaintfree.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18250160

How many months out?

>> No.18250162

How did they teach a cat to do that?

>> No.18250165
File: 98 KB, 584x581, 2020-04-02_10-39-23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We did it reddit!

>> No.18250171

nice DD, not gambling at all bro.

>> No.18250173

A lot of money that had to be invested doesn't exist anymore, everyone is using available funds to keep from going bankrupt instead. And with a significant portion of the workforce furloughed, working reduced hours, or out of a job entirely, 401k contributions are drying up. And on top of that, you now have special rules for taking 401k distributions without penalty so people can keep paying their bills. We're still early in the crash, the initial drop was investors cashing out. Now you have very little money coming in, and a lot of people looking to take money out over the next 90 days. It's going to get worse.

>> No.18250177

hello, fellow seattle renter

>> No.18250183

>using RH
You deserve everything you get

>> No.18250187
File: 100 KB, 1050x591, 1489720882291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based oilbro.

>> No.18250191

Different Washington. I'm in the DC area.

>> No.18250194

That looks really complex compared to robinhood but probably more accurate

>> No.18250195

Trump is meeting with oil execs tomorrow so something "good" could happen. Or Trump can lie again.

>> No.18250198

>Now it's falling but RH
Switch to a real god damn broken like ETrade or TD you stupid retarded fuck. If you keep crying about RH but don't switch then you deserve to be raped by a pack of niggers like the dipshit you are.

>> No.18250201

Priced in

>> No.18250204
File: 7 KB, 350x132, 1580916156038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sell your calls at lower strikes. Should you get assigned, you gotta set it up so you feel like you stole it

>> No.18250205

Who here /sco/ looks like the fed couldn't stop reality

>> No.18250213

>renting in seattle
>When the climate is temperate and being homeless is free

>> No.18250219
File: 136 KB, 360x360, 1391462603703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

legit made me laugh, thanks anon

>> No.18250223

But if you cant trade those stocks for anything other than usd how does it have any value? It's not like you can march in there and demand they trade in your stock for a different currency.

>> No.18250224

My money hasn't cleared in ameritrade yet. I've been switching slowly but there's no options instant deposit.

>> No.18250226

So is the play going long on calls on USO and XOP? Or traditional stock in XOM, MRO?

>> No.18250237

how do i profit from this

>> No.18250238

I put $4k in at 27.85.

>> No.18250243

But if i do that it'd probably moon and i get barely any profit.

>> No.18250245

>Saudis calling Trump's oil tweet an exaggeration

USO puts here we go

>> No.18250246

Reporter said it in the press conference yesterday.
Does not matter. TR is in the pacific. There are more than enough assets in the area to shut down iran.

>> No.18250248
File: 32 KB, 860x711, FB_IMG_1585518030359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy 2 stocks in Dave&Busters for $15 each
>see it at $9 value basically losing 45% profit

>> No.18250249

You wont because its delusional Q cope

>> No.18250252

I would say next two weeks to be safe.

>> No.18250260

Holding SCO while I DCA into big oil, oil's loss is my gain I want to own thousands of RDS.B

>> No.18250264

Big Pharm, anon will be driving up price of schizo meds.

>> No.18250270

Buy Lockheed.

>> No.18250272

You dont have ACH?

>> No.18250273

>Buying restaurant stocks when everything is shut down

>> No.18250275

wow 12 whole dollars

>> No.18250278

dumb question,
but i basically left my rented house (student home) more than a month early
am I obligated to pay rent for the last month of the lease even if I have absolutely zero use of the house?

>> No.18250284

I don’t want a war, I’m saying that Iran is in no shape to fight one. But your idea is even worse.

>> No.18250293

yes. if it's by the university, you might be able to haggle.

>> No.18250294

The rally was a short squeeze combined with the poison pill, did you really think it was going to go up?

>> No.18250298

ThinkorSwim is less user friendly in general, but has better charts imo. I am new to puts/calls, but I am envious of how easy it looks on Robinhood, but I dont want a platform that literally shuts down during crashes. Like in ThinkorSwim, there is no "short" button or tab, you have to short by selling a stock you don't own. I am thinking of eventually switching. A lot of shit I don't use and the UI is absolute dogshit if you want to do something simple like buy a fucking stock. It's boomer shit, but it stable.

>> No.18250301

yes, of course

>> No.18250306

gtfo faggot, that ain't no stock market general .

>> No.18250307


>> No.18250308

Just keep buying anon. American arcades are a great investment.

>> No.18250309

no its a landlord
man what a shit situation. im paying for nothing

>> No.18250333

>got a 100 word essay due tomorrow
>still not done

>> No.18250336

yeah, you're fucked. keep your ears peeled for a regulation of sorts. you can ask your landlord if there are any issues or if there's anything he knows before paying (as a last resort)

>> No.18250339

>my pants on head retarded oil short is almost green
pls keep falling

>> No.18250341

Shale has the most upside. MRO is what I have almost all my calls on, but you can make your own decisions based on your risk tolerance.

>> No.18250344

It doesn't clear immediately for options trading (took a week last time). But since I just made money from some SQQQ/SPXS plays I can actually use that profit to buy options now.

>> No.18250349

Depends how he does it
Doing it from TDA makes you wait for 4 days for the shit to clear so all you can do is buy stonks, but you get the money instantly
Doing it from the bank side means you have to link the bank if you haven't already, and then initiate the deposit from them and it appears and clears next business day

>> No.18250350

Stopped reading there. Jesus Tap-dancing Christ, what part of "The Chinese will take all of your money and sleep like babies" do these idiots not understand? It's been ten fucking years.

>> No.18250355

thats what i thought but the markets went contrary. so many experts said that it would get so much worse but thats not really happening? even 4 weeks in its at the heights we have seen 2.5 years ago.

obviously you dont sell them for cash and put in under your pillow. when you sell, you buy something else immediately. so you wont get effected by inflation directly.

>> No.18250358

>100 word "essay"
wow that's going to take 15 whole minutes

>> No.18250359

Ok buddy. It worked with grasshopper. A week of shock and awe will get them in line. I still don’t believe Iran wants war, they had the perfect pretense with soleimani and they didn’t bite. They know war means death. Russia is turning on them. They just need to leverage their relationship with China and continue funding their proxies. They want America to be the aggressor.

>> No.18250365

>100 word essay
nigga, that's a paragraph

>> No.18250366
File: 707 KB, 1887x2350, 1585738525451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>already 14% profit on my oil short
how far down will this shit go?

>> No.18250372
File: 7 KB, 774x177, 11111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when sell biz bros

>> No.18250375
File: 185 KB, 670x839, 1571393613891.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18250383

i don't know options, but oil is probably going to get raped through may.

>> No.18250385

You realise how much it will go back up after this retarded virus scare is over? It was at $40 a share late February

>> No.18250389


>> No.18250393

What you think EOD is? My bet is that we reach 35

>> No.18250395

checked and kekked

>> No.18250400

>Retard thinks we will deploy troops in the middle of a pandemic
It's going to be airstrikes and this is EXACTLY what the US and Iran both want. US gets oil prices, Iran gets legitimacy as a government to hold off revolution.

>> No.18250402

When line goes very down

>> No.18250403

2 hours left, who knows, question is, selling today or tomorrow?

>> No.18250418

Uh oh, someone doesn’t understand how the global economy works... we pull out and china pulls in. They solve their oil problems and we let them solve their one weakness. Stop being retarded

>> No.18250419

This is some Qtard shit

>> No.18250421

>shock and awe
Literal boomer b8 on a country that got rekt for decades

>> No.18250429

I was thinking 32-33, with significantly more upward movement tomorrow.

>> No.18250431
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>> No.18250476

Last hour the bots are going to start the sell off and moon us to 35. I don't think we reach 40 again though. Too many buy the dip boomers and bots at 40. We were holding there strong before the Trump and dump

>> No.18250481

We hit their refineries, missile sites, infrastructure and any other shit worth a damn to their economy and they become a failed state. As long as the US can say they were acting defensively Iran loses. They are winning the proxy war against the Saudis, they just need to wait it out and leverage China while trying to mend relations with Russia.

>> No.18250551

Chinese stocks are not well regulated don't buy them.

>> No.18250626

So will everything IF they survive

>> No.18250656


>> No.18250674

Looks like you might be right

>> No.18250711

I think this will become a "if you owe the bank a million, you're in trouble. If you owe the bank a trillion, the bank is in trouble" type thing. Since basically everyone is defaulting all at once, we're just going to pump everyone's bags. Everyone's except the bears, who wanted to let the weak die off as is natural. Such is life in corpo-socialist america.

>> No.18250769
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>Trump and dump

>> No.18250772

>IF they survive

>> No.18250792

is friday red?

>> No.18250988

anon, we have had around ~4k or so deaths. we are expecting ~100 to 200k deaths.

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