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Yeah, it's not like a whore every brought down the Roman Empi oh wait

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Wasn't this scam token circling the drain anyways?
>imagine hypnotizing yourself into betting your entire living breathing future on a /biz/ meme and ignoring daily nuclear bomb siren red flags for 3 years straight.
You niggas need Jesus.

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Piss off

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>bought at $4.75

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$.50 actually

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Yeah... you, and every other asshole that gets called out for being first place tied for greatest retard in history, all claim to have bought between $.16-.60.
Your $4.75 bags are gonna drag you to the bottom of the ocean, especially if you keep buying the dip the entire way to $.001.

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50 cents isn’t even that low, lol
You had 2 years

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Ur all fucked. He literally pawned the responsibility of market manipulation off on a whore so he could shirk responsibility when she dumps it on you.

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fuck off

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Kek based

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>Kek based

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In the *3 years you've been piling stacks and stacks of this obvious and blatant, crypto first, long con scam, (Jk... you got in 1.5 months ago) dozens of other shitcoins have come and gone that 1000x'd.
>ride that 4th industrial revolution into the abyss, bro

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Why there is no LINK-BTC pair on coinbase pro?

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So you’re a billionaire now right

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There's a substantially better chance of that than link ever having a paying client desu. >$.0001eoy

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So you aren’t then

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Yes, I'm/biz/'s first billionaire Wojack Heavybags the third. My grandfather came over on the dogecoin flower and since then my family has had a leading stake in Indian internet cafes and json parser planting in the southern territories.
What a stupid you are?
>he's not a billionaire, therefore my 3 wasted years on this scam was a solid investment.

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Nolinkers are so fucking pathetic

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Let’s be real guys: every empire has been brought down by whores.

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I did however buy at .50 and have never sold a single one. I got in late too compared the OG crew.
I keep browsing LINK fud threads out of boredom but it's very similar to watching cockroaches scurry around. The only reaction is disgust,barely any better than boredom.
Can get some enjoyment from daydreaming of the day you in particular end your miserable existence.

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Greek tragedies always start with a woman

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