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And if the prediction is right next month 800K , YES 800K BTC WILL GO DORMANT DURING APRIL

Better get that citadel reserve now or it will be too late.

I am not memeing at current rate 800k coins will go dormant this month and 3M in may.

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Also i forgot the source


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Seems legitimate. Anyone else bought up when it plummeted? Our time to profit

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Holy fuck

Nice find OP

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Retard here, this is good?

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7 transactions per second

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What is dormant?
Is there an opcode that designates coins as dormant? Is it a protocol defined in the white paper?

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Probably miners who will sell at the top to collect profit

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Cheers to all my fellow hodlers

I'm not going back to 'plebbit' any time soon

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It doesn't mean anything. Those coins could dump in a moment's notice (not like they could, the book is too thin kek)

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I’m a retard. What does this mean? Is corn gonna moon?

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yes it's practically forced to. it's the same game that was played in both past bullruns - restrict the supply and hope the rising price brings in buying interest.
if buyers never come at least i'm bagholding with good company like jack dorsey and whoever else holds those 17 million coins.

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>What is dormant?

Coins not moved for 365+ days

After the halving 360k coins will be mined PER YEAR and here we had 500k coins going to sleep in the worse month for financial markets since 1929


No this are coins last moved 365 days ago.


It's more than will be mined after halving in just one month for fucks sake , i may add the worse month financially since 1929 and still 500k btc went to sleep.

800k will go dormant this week and 3m in may , meanwhile post halving 360k will be mined per year.
This is massively bullish.

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> whale send coin to exchange
> sell them
> cashout
> faggots who bought them from keep them on the exchange
> exchange move them to cold wallet

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It's not really bullish. Bitcoin still has the same problem it had last year and the year before that. If there's no interest, there's no interest. It doesn't matter if you lock the whole damn supply up

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I was in that thread, and I even read some of the Goog doc. What’s the TL;DR version? Even /x/ has known numerologists to be schizos for years, but if there’s actually a point to this (ie: “By following X formula, you can calculate anything!”) then I’ll listen if you just give me the formula and make it easy.

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Silver is toxic you cretins
Do not fucking eat it, it greys your skin, you can eat gold safety though if you are a full retard.

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Exchanges cold wallets still move , if they are not moving and they have an increase of dormant coins is becuase their users also have an increase of dormant coins.

Grayscale itself has 300k+ coins now.

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Billions per second on layer 2, which is the only intelligent way to scale

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Seriously nigger? This is the best you got?

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compared to fiat currencies whose problems keep surmounting

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It is the most fundamentally bullish asset in the history of the world. If you can't see it you don't deserve to make it

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they probably got corona'd :(

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7 transactions per second

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Have you actually used it?

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Why would I? When bitcoin works I don't need it and when bitcoin doesn't work the price is crashing so I'm selling.

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intelligent people use Bitcoin (BSV), where everything works as intended on the first layer, so you don't need the dysfunctional garbage BTC is using to cope

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so according to this link
there's now 17.5 M btc which have not moved in over 1 year, am I reading this right ?
so that mean that less than 1M coin have moved in the last year you the year where btc went from 4k to 14k then back to 6k .... and this is supposed to be bullish ?
also isn't this shit supposed to be a currency ?

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You're doing it wrong.

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No one wants lightning. This isn't an opinion but a simple matter of fact. The amount of bitcoin tied up in lightning is pitifully small and the channel growth is pathetic. At any time 99.999% of bitcoin going through the first layer.

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corona is 100% for sure hoax means created opportunity for grabbers Trump already wrote billion $ checks to solve nothing problem from our tax payers pockets.

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You think to tps matters? It doesn't. The killer app here is getting rich and therefore Bitcoin will pump forever. And even if tps does matter, lightning has you covered. If Bitcoin fails the whole crypto space fails. Nobody is going to give a fuck about some new coin with a high tps when they have to pay capital gains tax to the IRS for every purchase anyway. Plus you sacrifice all the opportunity cost of spending a brand new asset class with massive appreciation potential. We already learned this lesson with Bitcoin pizza guy 10 years ago but apparently it still hasn't sank in

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after the halving shit is going to explode isnt it? its being kept down due to price supression right?

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holy shit shut the fuck up lmfao

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>The killer app here is getting rich and therefore Bitcoin will pump forever
Doesn't make sense
>If bitcoin fails the whole crypto space fails
Which could happen. Your meme currency isn't some protected class retard
>The rest
The fanciful delusions of someone still clinging to the idea of becoming a millionaire off of investing $1000.

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You have no idea what you're talking about. The lightning balance you see is for public nodes that advertise channels. Every single major wallet these days uses unadvertised private channels that don't show up in that calculation

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>You think to tps matters? It doesn't. The killer app here is getting rich and therefore Bitcoin will pump forever.
literally describing a ponzi
hop you don't rune out of sucker and don't forget the higher the price the more sucker you need to sustain it ;)

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5M not moved since 2016

14.05M not moved for the last 365 days.

>so that mean that less than 1M coin have moved in the last year you the year where btc went from 4k to 14k then back to 6k

Has nothing to do with volume , it simply meassures coins that went to sleep.

The rest of coins in circulation even tough they are less and less are moving more and more volume.

In fact btc volume is on the average 4x the one of the ath.


>and this is supposed to be bullish ?

Extremly bullish because it means people trust this more than fiat, since people in fiat are moving to PMs or real estate , meanwhile colossal ammounts of btc are going dormant which means their owners trust it as a currency.

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If they exist in private channels then how do you know any appreciable amount is moving through them?

>your face when

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What's the point of even using it? It's not secure. There are no businesses that are using Lightning.

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99% of bitcoin volume is fake. Get with the times

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Then the entire crypto asset class is doomed so you shouldn't even be posting here. Nobody gives a flying fuck about transactions.
Imagine a toilet paper frenzy but for Bitcoin, and you were too smart to have bought in early. Good for you!!

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>Then the entire crypto asset class is doomed

Defeatism isn't an argument, moonboy.

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BlockStream Kikechain LMAO

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Fuck you all.

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Welcome to crypto dumbass. You admit we aren't here for payments so tps doesn't matter. We all need to band together behind Bitcoin which is the only realistic chance we have to make it. Instead we are fragmented and shilling startup shitcoins to each other when we should be concentrating our capital in Bitcoin and getting more people to buy in

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>dude pump my bags please!!


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>3M in May
lol but I’ll be dead by then * cool coof coof *

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so it's a completely useless asset who's value is based on nothing but speculation, and somehow it's guaranteed to moon even tho money can be made by crashing the price ...

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this is the most pathetic shit Ive ever seen on /biz/ congratulations

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My bags are light as a feather because I actually see this shit clearly. What shitcoins are you holding?

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People are quickly quickly fucking realizing that this abysmal price is about 10x too cheap. seriously guys, you need to get at least one for the citadel.

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support the cause!!

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Its value is the magnetic appeal it has in attracting people wanting to get rich. It will have multiple cycles of this until everyone is in and price appreciation slows. The game theory is designed for it to pump forever. Don't underestimate greed, we are still very early. Its the must bullish thing on planet Earth.

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Can't wait to meet you at the citadel frens.

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who's that freaky fucker

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For all you doubters, imagine you wake up one day and see the biggest green dildo ever. Then another. Then another. And you have been following this shit forever but too smart and logical to buy in. Muh tps, muh fees. It doesn't matter anymore because now you are left behind. All your friends know you're a fucking nerd that goes to 4chan so they ask you if you already have some. No, you're holding biz memecoins. Now you feel emotion for the first time. Its fomo, so you buy. You and everyone else on Earth all the way to 1 million per coin.

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>Its value is the magnetic appeal it has in attracting people wanting to get rich.
so it's a ponzi scheme

> Don't underestimate greed, we are still very early. Its the must bullish thing on planet Earth.
you seems to forget that peoples will actually cash out, especially if they're only in for the gains, what happen when the balance of money coming in and the one coming out is tipped in the wrong way ?
because it's clearly happening right now, despise record low number of btc in circulation the price has yet to reach new high

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a guy you don't want to meet in the dark streets of russia

>> No.18241540

what does that even mean?

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Idk man, I find it far fetched. At this point I'm not putting anything in my body besides fruit vegetables and the occasional bird you feel me? I'm fucking horrified that I was vaccinated at a young age.

But by all means, try it for yourself and report back. I'll be here

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Record low number of btc in circulation was when satoshi released the Genesis block. We are record high right now obviously. Because you don't even understand that, anything you say is immediately invalidated

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>so it's a ponzi scheme

BTC is not a ponzi scheme , ponzi schemes work on selling something like shares to a growing ammount of people.
Bitcoin has a lower ammount of shares so to speak.

If you want a ponzi look at the stock markets this days.


or at fiat currency


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Is .7 enough for the citadel? I have 25 ETH so could sell some of that into BTC but I figured if BTC moons so will ETH. Thoughts?

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My cock can only get so hard dudes

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what if those coins belong to governments?

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Turning 1000 into millions is a dream but turning 1000 into 10k or 50k is basically life changing for someone who makes that in a year

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I think the hopium curve and bull cases (nascent currency) are valid overall. If we're going by what happened in the past there's always strategic stories placed in the media whenever the bull run is cleared to start.

For bear scenarios even the hyperwave theory makes more sense than permabear to 0 theory. To get to that breaking point - exchanges and successful traders keep liquidating small traders. Big money dumps their BTC for real money and never buy back in. By the time small traders capitulate, the big traders together with the exchanges can wash trade the supply they control up. As long as miners are profitable - the difficulty adjusts etc., there'll always be a niche case for btc and potential for wash trades up once enough of the supply is controlled.

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So are you saying I should buy bitcoin?

I’m a little slow.

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OK I'll make this simple, what is the point of owning some BTC ?
is it just because it will be supposedly be worth more in the future and thus is a good investment or is there an other reason ?
is the supposed increase in value solely based on scarcity ?

>> No.18241662

What's the point of owning USD, there are obviously better currency types in the world, byt the USD has gained authority so people simply use it becasue that is what they are familliar with, same with BTC, everyone knows it, and even though it might not be the best crypto it will continue to be dominant one as long as crypto exists, and crypto of course does have a lot of uses.

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Digital gold retard

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nature peer reviewed paper quotes

Daily measurements of viral load in sputum, pharyngeal swabs, and
stool are summarized in Figure 2. In general, viral RNA concentrations
were very high in initial samples. In all patients except one, throat swab
RNA concentrations seemed to be already on the decline at the time of
first presentation. Sputum RNA concentrations declined more slowly,
with a peak during the first week of symptoms in three of eight patients.
Stool RNA concentrations were also high. Courses of viral RNA concentration in stool seemed to reflect courses in sputum in many cases
(e.g., Figure 2A, B, C). In only one case, independent replication in the
intestinal tract seemed obvious from the course of stool RNA excretion
(Figure 2D). Whereas symptoms mostly waned until the end of the first
week (Table 2), viral RNA remained detectable in throat swabs well into
the second week. Stool and sputum samples remained RNA-positive
over three weeks in six of the nine patients, in spite of full resolution
of symptoms

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The thing is you're probably American and you probably never had to hedge your currency. But even for me I buy USD to hedge and BTC. But perhaps in the future? Maybe it's a smart idea because printer go brrr?
It's practically a currency already - it trades against every other currency. It's the first non-sovereign currency the US government hasn't killed and looks to be able to survive. People just don't realize it yet and are behind the curve. As such
the liquidity is not entirely there but that's why hodlers are praying for adoption and betting what's happened in the past - a media frenzy cycle will occur again.

As for other reasons to own there are many (obfuscate wealth for one).

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Dude, WHAT IS THE POINT OF OWNING CRYPTO? For fuck sake all of this is an investment because we deep down want to get rich and have someone other people don't have. Are you seriously in it for the tech?? Nobody cares! Nobody cares when toilet paper is the least fucking important thing to have in a depression, but they fomo buy it anyway. Nobody gives a shit you can make a better chicken sandwich at home in 15 minutes, they prefer to stab each other for the fucking limited Popeyes sandwich. Rick and Morty McDonald's sauce too, the list goes on and on. When the absolute scarcity of Bitcoin is realized by the idiots of the world, it will be insanity. People will be fucking looting landfills looking for hard drives, there will be home invasions every day in every city specifically looking for private keys. The world has NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS. YOU CAN'T MAKE MORE OF IT. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. Don't try to be too smart about this, just fucking get in

>> No.18241725

it means the holders died of corona, how is that bullish

>> No.18241734

its the best scaling exponential not linear

>> No.18241735

BTC has a possible use case scenario in the future. while that possibility exists and scarcity increases most people see it as something worth speculating on. It's flaws are technical but can be overcome by bruteforce on a hardware level, side chains and changes to it's code, these problems are fixable if the right people are chosen to fix it. There's also evidence to its value by how it's traded, accumulation is always the endgame. Its value comes from it's potential.

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> For fuck sake all of this is an investment because we deep down want to get rich
> JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. Don't try to be too smart about this, just fucking get in

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hey man you're doing God's work. i just assume everyone else knows the fundamentals of money, wealth, economics, scarcity, supply and demand, etc. and that's how i live my life, but you sir, are actually assuming these idiots are not trolling you, and i commend you. keep up the good work. God bless

>> No.18241780

That dude is apparently smarter than half of biz. I swear you guys must have never been to a Black Friday sale and seen the insanity just over 50% off Chinese tvs. When the average person actually understands the scarcity of Bitcoin the bullrun will be the most epic thing we've ever seen in our lives. Every mini bull we get closer to the tipping point.

>> No.18241782

is this a normie board or am i just retarded for doing the same thing too? I've done it since i was like 16 and still continue to do it just to get into the normie mindset. I can honestly say that my interactions with normies go a whole lot better after bingeing these types of videos, because you learn to relate to them on another level

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Look at how long it actually takes to settle a credit card transaction. Shit takes 24-48 hours.

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nope still not going back to 'plebbit'

>> No.18241792

And international wires two weeks plus 5% fees after exchange rates.

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I don't even give a fuck if I'm getting trolled because my dick is so hard its going to explode when I think about the opportunity we have here

>> No.18241826

What kind of faggy word is that? I prefer to call it getting rich as fuck

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that's just what you're describing. we're already rich fren. most people just can't appreciate it.

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OP posted a nigger tier way of looking at the data.
pic related for the full overview

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The graph at the top of OPs site is easy to misunderstand. Compare it to what it was mid 2018.

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Well, after reading the so called "arguments" in favour of bitcoin ITT, it has never been more apparent to me that this shit is going absolutely nowhere. BTC maxis are as dumb as fucking tron or xrp holders at this point.

>> No.18242143

what does all this mean?
Pump when? And why?

>> No.18242164

So what's the end game? If those coins are lost forever, wont all bitcoins go the same route eventually until were all trying to divide up the last 100k of them. At that point I'm supposed to pay for things in .0000000003btc?

Imagine thinking a coin, where once its lost it's gone forever could actually become a common form of currency.

The future will be government backed, centralized digital currency. Large amounts of currency can be hijacked and lost forever with no way of recovering it.

>> No.18242165

Exscuse me gentleman what does it mean all this? How to use OP indicator to extrapolate an information of when the pump will happen?

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They are desperate at the moment. 25% of the hashrate already left because of the price drop. If halving comes and price doesn't pump, many more will leave. On top of that, the dominance chart is on the verge of a breakdown.

>> No.18242193

> 1 BTC is enough for the Citadel
> 1.001 BTC
Th-thank you God.

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>25% of the hashrate already left because of the price drop.


>> No.18242222

Why would I compare it to BCH and BSV?

Also, why are you posting a misleading chart? Did you yourself understand how that chart even works?

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>Why would I compare it to BCH and BSV?

Sha256 asics, the hashrate for sha256 coins is normal.

>Also, why are you posting a misleading chart? Did you yourself understand how that chart even works?

Yes it shows the ammount of dormant coins 14.05M coins dormant since 2019/04/01

Last month there was 13.53M coins dormant since 2019/03/01

About 500k went dormant for more than 365+ days in the last 30 days

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BTC going to Zero

>> No.18242344

please someone to answer

Exscuse me gentleman what does it mean all this? How to use OP indicator to extrapolate an information of when the pump will happen?

>> No.18242345

Damn, you really are a baiter. I am getting sick of following these "HABBENING" threads with a retard as captain and nothing really happening.
This >>18242025 really shows your data much better. Look at and you might realize where you are wrong.

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How so?The 12-18 months s growing fast

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Sigh. Why do I keep arguing with sub 120 IQ anons

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Imagine in a couple of years when only 100k bitcoin are moved around. then in a couple of years when only 10k bitcoin are moved around. then after that 1k btc. then 1btc. then satoshis

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Because we are all a big crazy family on this board.

>> No.18242410

what if they have a nightmare?

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>what if they have a nightmare?

>> No.18242477

I feel you man. Reading all these posts by btc maxis made me physically hurt.

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still not going back to 'plebbit.' this board is gonna be nothing but bulls when bitcoin does its next x10. all the bobo memes are a buy signal for me. see you faggots on the moon.

>> No.18242484

God damn this whole thread is idiots fighting with idiots. None of you faggots are going to change your mind so shut the fuck up if you're going to fight with randos for days

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>> No.18242545

Priced out huh kid

>> No.18242570

That happens to gold all the time throughout history it's nothing new
This time you can have better security schemes like multisig and physical location isn't a security risk or huge transfer cost

>> No.18242594

>The future will be government backed, centralized digital currency.

fucking commie

>> No.18242605

Look, if everyone on the planet were to want to buy BTC, then there would only be 0.003btc each, doing the math as 21 million split over 7 billion.

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>fucking commie

>> No.18242619

Please explain the graph

>> No.18242646

What's sad is you think you have intelligent analysis.

Bitcoin's hashrate is atleast mathimatic and consistent.
Shit like ETH just makes up distribution numbers and delays and yes ASIC no ASIC it's a mess.
I guarantee bitcoin's hashrate is in no danger.
It's on a development tech tree that's further along than any bs alt.
You can figure this out by following moore's law slowing and miners being more available to people.
Miners are partnering with natural gas electricity operations across the US.
As ASIC chip manufacturers start to make more profit in manufacturing than mining, companies will find new heat transfer applications to create a cost offset, but this will not happen for some time until ASIC chips are cheap and widely available.

The "dominance" chart means nothing.
It's all premined garbage.
Tokens like ETH premined 72,000,000 tokens and ripple billions.

Bitcoin really is the only decentralized asset and only project that matters in this space.
Everyone else sacrifices something to complete with bitcoin and it fails.

>> No.18243021

^ somebody who actually understands supply and demand works both ways

>> No.18243030 [DELETED] 


>> No.18243035

What is doormat?

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Pajeet english is really hard to read.

>> No.18244108


>> No.18244128

Bear cope

Did you enjoy selling the bottom?

>> No.18244143

Still don't understand what bitcoin is.

>> No.18244293

>that clear 3-5y chad selloff contraction all the way up to 20k
>sold to <6m plebs

Why can't I see it on the chart in OP?
Did it seem like a line because of growing supply?

Still, bullish on the 2-3y accumulation

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Dormant here just means they haven't moved in 1 year. You can use OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY (OP_HODL) to create timelocked addresses that forces you to HODL. I have coins from 2017 that I still cannot move until June 2020 and June 2021 and every time there is a big dip, I buy small amounts of BTC I've been sending it to timelocked addresses in 2025 and 2029.

>> No.18244350

How is it possible that there are anons on /biz/ who don't understand that lightning can be run on masternodes.......................

>> No.18244368

>findoms himself
what a weird fetish anon

>> No.18244377

why on earth would you do that? it's like staking without rewards.

>> No.18244380

>also isn't this shit supposed to be a currency ?
You ll see how this is a currency when governments will massively devalue your fiat, stocks, and will come in and steal your precious metals and food.

>> No.18244382
File: 6 KB, 250x236, 1584658575678s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18244441

you are describing a ponzi scheme word for word

>> No.18244494

>I have coins from 2017 that I still cannot move until June 2020 and June 2021 and every time there is a big dip, I buy small amounts of BTC I've been sending it to timelocked addresses in 2025 and 2029.

Hello? Based department? I want to report someone extremely based

>> No.18244497


>> No.18244532
File: 218 KB, 312x443, btc-st.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because BTC appreciates in value over longer periods of time but the massive volatility and price drops mean that make it hard to keep holding to large amounts of BTC. The people that have really made money are those that lost their keys and found it years later, etc. There is no decentralized way to stake BTC for interest if that is what you mean, all DEFI platforms are trusting some central authority and most of these are fly by night. No other crypto has been around long enough to show greater appreciation than BTC over long terms. Even of those that survived, XRP is only up from $0.05 to $0.17 about 3 times in 7 years and LTC is actually down $50 to $40 in 7 years...everything else is dead. Sure they might dump 99% to almost nothing and you could make money catching pump and dumps but over long periods of time 3, 5, 10 years, you can only count on Bitcoin.

>> No.18244535

>not using
pick one.

>> No.18244548

Doesn't really mean anything desu, could be just exchanges consolidating their shit and sending new batches to cold wallets where it's locked up. Or Arthur Hayes personal stash growing fatter and fatter.

>> No.18244684

>a toilet paper frenzy but for Bitcoin

and for tulips.

>> No.18244704
File: 33 KB, 409x414, 1530842289383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's been a week since he last fapped, he thought to himself, his withdrawal from coinbase surely has left! He checked his electrum wallet and lo and behold, although not to his surprise, his cones were stored cold. But not cold enough, he expressed lustfully, he'd lock them for a year, no, two! maybe three? As he clacked on his keyboard, operation check lock time verify, his cock was throbbing and his keys, eager to sign. He stroked up, down, left and right, entering his wallet password with a single hand was its own fight. He finally sent, his transaction awaiting, medium fee prices, he didn't mind waiting. Ten, twenty, thirty minutes has passed, his throbbing member ready to blow, but a transaction confirmed was not gonna show! The block explorer estimated another hour, but with future blue balls, he will not bother. This must be done now, or his jewels would suffer, replacing by fee was his final offer. He struggled and fought, but his composure intact, he entered the password and zoom it went through the net. What a struck of luck, the moment next the new block was set, transaction confirmed, his shaft erupted strings of white milky cobwebs! It hit so surprisingly he couldn't even aim, his computer, his desk, were all covered in his liquid shame.

>> No.18244730


>> No.18244734


This is an abstract pseudo-academic bullshit.

Reality is that normies will never return. Something new and shiny is required, something different, not just another coin.

Maybe some genetic marker or some transplant.

>> No.18244746

there is not interest in bitcoin anymore, the normies have all left. It´s just whales and autists trading with each other, and basic math is that you need the normies back in again before it can moon. Therefore there will be a big dump

>> No.18244765


Will never happen. No economy work like that. Value, like energy, cannot be created out of nothing, especially at such rates.

Fuck off

>> No.18244780

this is why i hold FANTOM

>> No.18244814

Wtf 17.51M in 2 months? That's 95% of the circulating supply.

>> No.18244863

They'll just dump on you once it hits $7K.

You know this used to be $1, right?

Buy Suterusu. It's over for BTC

>> No.18244891

you're wrong, i got 4 calls from normie friends in the last 3 weeks asking how to buy

>> No.18244956
File: 1.10 MB, 995x626, thecitadel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wtf 17.51M in 2 months? That's 95% of the circulating supply.

Yes , 328k coins mined per year after halving and 500k went dormant this month.

And 17.51M in two months(the coins that went dormant at last year june bullrun when we passed 10k).

>> No.18245012


>> No.18245145


>> No.18245544

no digital currency is starting to become a thing now. people don't want to handle cash anymore

>> No.18245612

btc? boomer ok
zoomers are all in link

>> No.18245684

Credit cards are already a thing

>> No.18245708

And they are blocked whenever the fuck visa or masterdcard wants.

I had to use 5 fucking cards once at an airport to take a train to the center of a city.
Luckily the debit one worked.

>> No.18245749

48 hours to clear a transaction.
The future is now.

>> No.18246088

I don't understand any of this. Please explain in simple terms who only knows what bitcoin is and nothing else

>> No.18246118

14.05 Million coins of the total supply of 18.3M coins have not been moved for the last 365 days.

At this rate 95% of the supply will be dormant , meaning a few coins will remain in circulation in the market.

>> No.18246145
File: 162 KB, 400x400, 1575168141374.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The killer app here is getting rich
Fucking cringe dude.

THIS is why BTC is a dead coin. Literal ponzi tier garbage.

>> No.18246178

95% of beanie babies are also dormant. Being dormant doesn't mean it's price is going to go up, it could die too.

>> No.18246220
File: 6 KB, 231x218, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This shit means literally nothing.

>> No.18246221

Amen brother we are the Hodled gods

>> No.18246248
File: 95 KB, 1000x693, dont_litter_mempool_for_big_money2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And then the network gets clogged because it can't handle even the slightest bump in traffic, and fees go to $2000 per transaction, with anything less taking 4 weeks to complete.

People like you are the reason why crypto is an absolute joke.

>> No.18246285

Bitcoin transactions between 15-20k are literally impossible, fees are too high and network works like shit. When we hit 20k back in the day everything literally stopped working.


>> No.18246310
File: 87 KB, 1024x576, f0bduguhxp221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Turning $1000 into $10.000 isn't fucking lifechanging you absolute retard.

Pic related is this entire thread of deluded BTC holders. They are LITERALLY describing the textbook definition of a ponzi scheme.

>> No.18246411
File: 91 KB, 518x442, 1570249022301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those have unlimited supply

So you say.

Transaction rates have nothing to do with price but with usability and yes at 500k tx per day it bottlenecked.

But it had nothing to do with the price.

Once again has nothing to do with price.

Price is not based on transactions done but on supply / demand.
To think otherwise is to have a retarded marxist view of value.

Ponzi schemes depend on unlimited supply of shares and unlimited new buyers.

BTC only needs the monetary supply in which is meassured to increase for the price to also rise.

>> No.18246445

>They are LITERALLY describing the textbook definition of a ponzi scheme.
BTC offers no return. It can't be a Ponzi by definition.

>> No.18246446

>Layer 2

>> No.18246465
File: 124 KB, 1059x952, D50iML4UYAA_Q9X.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Transaction rates have nothing to do with price but with usability and yes at 500k tx per day it bottlenecked.
>But it had nothing to do with the price.

How the fuck do you expect people to buy it when they can't even move any coins? Do you not understand what happened in 2017?

>> No.18246485

The people shilling it DO promise returns.

"we are going to the moon"
"1 million EOY"
"Buy to get rich"
"If everyone buys we can all cash out at higher price!"
"Easiest way to get rich"

Literal ponzi

>> No.18246488

This is all coins dude, admit it

>> No.18246491
File: 1.62 MB, 1440x2960, 1566331072382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sounds strangely similar to the case made about why a certain utility token will go up in price once the majority of tokens are locked up in staking contracts...funny that

>> No.18246538

If you don't realize how high fees are the most bullish thing ever then you definitely won't make it. We need high fees to incentive miners, and normies will see high fees as indication of quality. Once again you think people care about transactions, which lightning covers you for anyway. This is about getting rich

>> No.18246579

You are just admitting that the crypto industry as a whole is just a front for ponzi scamming.

>> No.18246621


t. rapamibrapish krapajeet

>> No.18246636
File: 55 KB, 960x279, BTC_whitepaper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This comment is in the running for the dumbest comment I have EVER read in my life.

How is it even possible to be this fucking retarded? Like how do you even go about day to day life without injuring yourself or others?

>> No.18246783

The network was being flooded by Ver, Wright & Co to make the case for BCH.
Holy fuck please murder yourself. Scum like you that bought @ 1k+ just to make an easy buck irreversibly tarnished the reputation of a TECHNOLOGY community. YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT.

>> No.18246803


>> No.18246814

BTC is a ponzi scheme and the worst part is that it's one that's already been accomplished and the smart people cashed out in 2017 when they were +1000000% and all that's left are deluded bagholders who think they're still the early adopters

>> No.18246838
File: 185 KB, 1846x535, bitcoin_investors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's sad lol

>> No.18247493

it means people are hoarding it more than anything. SO NUMBER GO UP

>> No.18247520

Yes, it's good. Fewer bitcoins being traded basically. There will only ever be 21M bitcoins minted, and at least a few million of those have been lost forever. Scarcity = value

>> No.18247547

Whole lotta cope in that post. Sorry you haven't profited on crypto anon

>> No.18247552

i'm only going to make 300k this year.

>> No.18247940

Yeah no shit idiot, I'm the only one in the whole thread that fucking embraces it

>> No.18248080

That's the dumbest post I've seen here since 2017.

>> No.18248084

The person who made that post was clearly trolling. But you clipped it and now post it without irony. Actually brain-dead.

>> No.18248244
File: 63 KB, 1080x656, 1575404672892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Embracing being a retarded scammer fag

The absolute state

>> No.18248477

OP wasn't a faggot

>> No.18248660
File: 36 KB, 420x420, 1572988403285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18249033

You literally replied to me by posting a biz meme picture. What ponzi bags are you holding and can't wait to dump? At least I'm honest you fucking liar

>> No.18249076
File: 71 KB, 1280x720, siphonk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

digi coin go mooooooooooon ha ha ha

>> No.18249080

Binance is the biggest bagholder in the game. Reminder that they went live months before the bubble popped. Why do you think they hold so much Tether? When this thing comes to an end, the first exchange to exit scam everyonw will be Binance. Screencap this.

>> No.18250069

Binance just bought coinmarketcap for 300m usd you really think they will exitscam?

This guys are playing long term.

>> No.18250129
File: 2 KB, 480x85, screencapdis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got you senpai

>> No.18250182

censorship resistant money with properties that cannot change on the whims of one person or entity.

>> No.18250227

what does all this mean for Chainlink tho?

>> No.18250229

this is the dumbest thread of the day for sure. dormant means jack shit in this case. coins that haven't moved for a year...so what. most of the new dormant coins are in exchange cold wallets, it never moves because it never needs to move. the same BTC is traded around and most people keep their shit on exchange or cash out into stable coins to withdraw. the only dormant wallets that matter are the ones that are over 5 years old....that's supply that we can reasonably assume is lost.

>> No.18250241

I can guarantee they paid most of it in BNB, BUSD and USDT.

>> No.18250340

it matters because it means the people using it have long term faith in the system.

Look at gold or silver ,out of stock everywhere because people are out of faith for the fiat system.

Meanwhile dormant coins keep rising in bitcoin.

And the cold wallet argument is meaningless since it's still their users coins not moving , also it correlates perfectly with last year bullrun.

>> No.18250361

Without tether your boomercoin would be $500. Get real nigga

>> No.18250387

dormant coins keep rising in bitcoin because newfags don't even know how wallets work. when you buy/sell on centralized exchanges, no bitcoin is moved. guaranteed more than half this board has bought bitcoin before, but never moved it into another wallet.

>> No.18250408

I've been trading shitcoins since 2014, and desu, I don't even know when the last time I moved BTC was. If I'm moving shit around exchanges I usually sell for something that moves faster first.

>> No.18250484

Nonsense , the first halving pre tether was even stronger than the second with tether.

Tether actually reduces btc volume by providing a bullshit safe asset unbacked by nothing.

That's a good theory but still the exchanges have the cold wallet and still are dormant.
Yes the trade can go up or down , but long term the market value relies on people using it for payments.

>> No.18250519

btc hasn't been used for payments since the silk road days. thats not why we're here.

>> No.18250525

>own 540 btc on kraken
that 540 btc is dormant now

>> No.18250544

I'll admit that the 500k number of dormant BTC last month is higher than I would have guessed. not sure how much to read into it though....

>> No.18250604

I am using it for payments legal i may add , my country has 50% tax on credit card purchases so i save a shitton of money by using bitcoin.

>> No.18250628

it get's crazier in two months as an anon pointed in a previous post at this rate 95% of supply will be technically dormant in two months.

And all of this shit during the worse financial crisis maybe ever.

>> No.18250875

People greatly underestimate how useful a $50k cash injection is for the average person.

>> No.18250915

If this is all true, and the estimated amount of Bitcoin will be going dormant, the $50,000 estimation is laughable. We would be looking more near $250,000 per coin sometime this year. There simply is not enough to go around and I think people are starting to realize this...

>> No.18250919

How would it not be?

>> No.18250923

>lock up 500k btc
>btc declared illegal to own
>dumps to $5

>> No.18251015
File: 48 KB, 726x701, 1580616695685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>btc declared illegal to own

So are torrents, btc declared illegal would be the most bullish thing ever due to all trade going to untracleable cash gateways.

>> No.18251095

Nearly ever world currency is about to crater. People with cash in those denominations can either by USD or bitcoin. If there is even a hint of uncertainty around USD the choice is obvious.

>> No.18251113

Adoption =/= Ponzi
What do you think about the stock market? Is that also a ponzi scheme? Why or why not?

>> No.18251120


>> No.18251142


>> No.18251181

God you're a faggot. Does your mother know you're such a faggot? I bet your dad knows because he probably sucked your dick to turn you gay in the first place.

>> No.18251249
File: 673 KB, 1500x1500, 1540272235954.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

119 here.

>> No.18251337

Retard here
What if it's just some guy holding onto them and goes and sells after a run?

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