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42. If you're here I think we need your insight on what ((happened)) today with crypto. You know what I'm talking about. I have a few theories

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>what ((happened)) today with crypto

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You need to post more schitzo shit. Mention toroidal flow or something.

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Just wait.

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try something like this:

>gnostic number worshipers end up in hell

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Link partnered with Celsius today, and an employee of theirs did porn once years ago. This is what became of the entire board all day along with a coordinated fud campaign. I want to discuss who is behind this and why

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wat happen frens ? ?

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I understand what you are saying but there has been coordinated FUD on this board for years...war never changes. The fact that they we were kept so hyperfocused on this probably means it was a bait and switch for something else right?

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>who’s behind it?

Who do you think

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>go jew ID

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>who do you think

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what am i looking at

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what does this chart mean?

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Holy fucking shit I should have bought even more linkies

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My theory? The # of individual wallet holders has been increasing quite a bit by around 700 per day on average. New partnerships announced every day, and Fantom just announced they will be using link oracles.

Corona is the perfect trojan horse for ID2020, which uses hyperledger, which link is a part of. Bill Gates is balls deep in Corona, ID2020 and his foundation has written about link in the past. (Look it up)

This does not seem like an organic reaction to some diversity hire at a company partnering with link. I think the elites see the writing on the wall and are attempting to consolidate LINK so they can host their own nodes and audit their own smart contract data, with their own link being staked. Just today when the news broke, I noticed 3 different multi paragraph fud pastas being posted EVERYWHERE. Even in SMG. Pic related. This one and others. Does that seem organic? It seems pre-prepared. Almost like they know the culture of 4chan, their previous attempts weren't working so they knew that some 'roastie slut ruining my precious chainlink' would make some idiots sell.

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Hahaha are you on drugs? No one is selling over this spam.

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11 for truth btw. I made some Grug shitpost thread about the markets when this happened and literally within 30 seconds of making it, 2 of the fud paste essays raving about "GUYS I MARKET SOLD BECAUSE THIS WHORE RUINED LINK REEEE" appeared as replies. They pasted it on like every fucking thread. Complete astroturfing of the board. Not even the boomers at /SMG were safe. I've been a link marine for years and have seen some coordinated paid fud but not to this level

What I'm trying to say is, if I'm right and not totally batshit insane, this is bullish because ((THEY)) are trying to get your link harder than ever.

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schizo shit derived from jewish mysticism. even if it works I doubt it does in English.

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I know nobody is actually market selling at 2. My point is this is a signal for link gaining serious traction behind the scenes because the glows are turning their campaign on overdrive. See pic related, it got 404'd right away while literal porn and shitposts stayed up. She is possibly Mossad and Celsius is possibly being used to monitor transactions.

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You guys are actually retarded schizos

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And you aren't getting my LINK

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those types of replies are so obvious tho, I imagine any anon worth his pee pee just filters them out mentally. they probably just use bots to crank them out. I think I noticed them posted in totally irrelevant threads, should have capped

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This latest scandal has done it for me. I’ve endured 2 years of sybil fud, toilet fud, JSON parser memes, fake google pnd, 700k dumps, literal dump to zero, fake partnerships (looking at you MOAB), the same slides over and over, stiff competition arriving (BAND, Tellor, UMAprotocol). I’ve endured it all, but this was the straw that broke the camels back. The Link dream is dead friends. We will go down in history as one of the most epic meme campaigns, but unfortunately reality has caught up with us. It was nice knowing you all, I wish you all good luck.

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Checked. Yeah discord trannies spamming fud is totally new and unique. How new are you? Fuck trannies, jannies, kikes, chinks, spics, and pedo elite

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No, it's an illustration of your lack of understanding and imagination. It doesn't take more than 5 pajeets in Discord to spam the first page with bullshit. You're a brainlet. Mossad?! Jesus Christ.

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I made a grug thread that was some dumb shit like
>grub have strong hand, stonks go to moon
And instantly like 2 replies of
Fucking uncanny

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Im not 42 but I post in 42 threads just for the schizo vibe. Been reading /x/ and project Stargate

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>They pasted it on like every fucking thread
I think it's just people goofing around. I mean that's why I did it, for a laugh.

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Still you guys realize link is based off a concept that isn't mathematically possible right?

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Lol how into mathz sirs

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Interesting as fuck, anon. I admit I fell for the rage at seeing someone who obviously can't do shit bypass those of us putting in killer hours for way less.

But she does defend herself actively on Twitter through her sockpuppet accounts.

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Your mom's weight is mathematically impossible to exist without creating a gravitational singularity but I still plowed that cow out

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It was all to distract the rest of you from using x100 leverage shorts. 1 Manster broke free somehow.

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What did you expect? Memes are dreams. Nobody can sleep forever, you have to wake up to take a piss some time.

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that thread was the best thing ive seen on biz in actual weeks

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Some of this fud today has been very coordinated and strong. Reminded me of the old shadowfork and json parser and token not needed fud from back in the day.
Like legitimately trying to hold the price down. Back then it was to keep out reddit.

Anons what do you think this fud campaign was for? Suppressing the price for the Fantom announcement?

I think the Celsius connection was just coincidental and lucky for the fudders, who opportunistically blew it up. Nothing gets biz riled up like sex, we all know (see: thotposts), and a scandal involving a woman having sex, well that's just easy to twist into whatever you want it to mean. Biz is emotional and vulnerable, and sex is the key to manipulate biz.

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Based qanon poster

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>Json parser
Lmao i remember that.
Fantom is huge isn't it? Don't know much about them other than they're in smart cities. Which is going to be one of link's use cases too. Fun times ahead friend. DON'T SELL EVER

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Hululu Hululu I summon 42!

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ayeee ooohhhh ayeee oooohhh

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I honestly didn't think much of it. Although it was annoying to see it spammed everywhere. Some of it was anons just fucking around. But the persistence felt like a raid. Someone was stoking that fire methodically

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I think you're all being played and you'll be left with the eternal bag.

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Bill gates has his hands deep in the various founding partners. Most of the are funded or partners with either Microsoft or bill and Melinda gates foundation. Mommy Blythe masters is also a board member. The foundation also mentioned chainlink in some documents a while ago.


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i've got 42 ogn am i gonna make it frens

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Banned for this thread:
Fuck jannies
So now it’s mobile posting except for /pol/ so I’ve been playing sleeping dogs all day since it’s on sale for $3.00 on steam.

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Lol they also removed names and trips
I wonder why...

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checked and fuck jannies

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Oh damn that sucks. I've been playing the new mount and blade, it's good but buggy as fuck

Also what do you make of what I said earlier about the Celsius business being coordinated fud? An attempt by them to trigger selling by..triggering biz

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>If you're here I think we need your insight on what ((happened)) today with crypto
CZ is buying coinmarketcap to further keep the CCP money laundering operation running and to manipulate api data feeds.
Chainlink is under coordinated attack for obvious reasons
>hint: the pedophile paper printers are holding the world hostage and would rather burn everything than lose even one iota of power and control over their cattle (aka citizens)
They delete the thread and ban 42 and remove the ability to have a name or a trip.
Surely just a cohencidence. Teehee aren’t we being cheeky since it’s an April fools joke.

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>Also what do you make of what I said earlier about the Celsius business being coordinated fud? An attempt by them to trigger selling by..triggering biz
(((They))) are constantly trying to get people to sell link
This thot got hoe-faxed but the larger problem is her handlers and her ties to Israel. Very fishy shit. Oftentimes women like her are actually intelligence agency assets.
And no, I’m not joking.

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That won't last though. They're actually crashing the mortgage market with what they're doing. Reality will buckle this clown economy soon enough to its core and you already know where the next frontier of fictional reserve usury is - blockchain. Link is the key to that and they want it for themselves. The thought of us having a piece of that must be unbearable

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>women like her are often intelligence assets
Of course they are. It's the kind dragon lady/honeypot. Her dad is already in deep with Mossad. They give her a nice car and a nice job title to make her feel special and important and enough money to buy all the ketamine she wants and she moves in the direction they want her to. Honestly I doubt she even knows it.

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what is the context for the pic? i apologise for not connecting dots here

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Kleck mentions 140 and the paint colour for the door on his church signifying Passover

3 days later and this news comes in from my home country and I looked up the number before even knowing about Kleck’s paint colour number.

And my waifu laughed at me when I read the meaning of 140. She didn’t laugh when I showed her the Kleck video where he outlines 140.







The time is here.
>no one knows the hour of the day
>you’d be a fool not to know the sign of the time

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>The time is here.

Now is come the final era of the Sibyl's song;
The great order of the ages is born afresh.
now justice returns, honored rules return (or return of Saturn's reign);
now a new lineage is sent down from high heaven.

On the day of judgment, he will be spared who has done service.
Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, man and true eternal God, from Heaven will come to judge and to everyone will give what is fair.
Great fire from the heaven will come down; seas, fountains and rivers, all will burn. Fish will scream loudly and in horror losing their natural delights.
Before the Judgement the Antichrist will come and will give suffering to everyone,
and will make himself be served like God, and who does not obey he will make die.
His reign will be very short; in these times under his power will die martyrs, all at once those two saints, Elijah and Enoch.
The sun will lose its light showing itself dark and veiled, the moon will give no light and the whole world will be sorrow.
To the evil ones he will say very sourly: —Go, damned, into the torment! Go into the eternal fire with your prince of Hell!
To the good he will say: —My children, come! Lucky ones, you possess the kingdom I have kept for you ever since the world was created!
Oh humble Virgin! May you who have given birth to Child Jesus on this night, pray to your son so he will want to keep us from Hell!

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>Honestly I doubt she even knows it.
They call those ones “useful idiots”

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>Bill gates has his hands deep in the various founding partners

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Movie related:

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I kept telling the chainlink team to screen better.
But at this stage it’s impossible and impractical.
Listen man, these fucks do worse than expose a girls old porn video from college.
They car bomb reporters exposing panama papers.
CZ and Justin sun were funnelling blood money to get their money laundering operations approved in Malta.
The murderous politicians in Malta were exposed before the deal was finalized.
They even dragged Vitalik along for the meeting.

Still though, this level of coordination to try and stop this is extremely bullish.
This is also part of the reason they’re blowing up the world economy. In order to usher in this new order.
It’s going to get ugly for most people.

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>Still though, this level of coordination to try and stop this is extremely bullish.
>This is also part of the reason they’re blowing up the world economy.

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Shiiiet I was going to go to sleep but this thread just made me wide awake
I might just check out soon and come back in the morning if this threads still up.

Hows everyones quarantine coming along?
Have you begun to understand Kleck? It’s strange at first but dig through some of his fundamental beginner videos from back in the day for a primer.
Go through his albums too to see how he breaks it down. It’s quite academic the way he does it.

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Some of them are really blatant
It’s why I really don’t like the new movies like a quiet place or bird box
A little bit too on the nose for me
Then again gif related from the movie “knowing” is interesting...
The ending where the children are taken to safety is very interesting.

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42 you don't need a trip though, you are a distinct scitzo of your own breed the likes of which this board has never seen.

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>Hows everyones quarantine coming along?
Solid 6. I had my fun with vidya these past few weeks but those days are gone, and it just can't keep my attention any longer. Started recording tunes today.

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the fuck??

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It’s because Fantim bent the knee today, unironically reddit chainlink was more informative than this board today disgraceful

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The chink virus

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>I'm in the very epicenter, NJ in the US. It's bad. Dystopic even.
“The people on the street have all seen better times”


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Watch the movie “the island” I linked it here earlier
If you voluntarily agree to live in a “smart city” they will be experimenting on you and many others without them being aware.
The ones living in the bubble cities will think they are the privileged ones, but they will be serving as guinea pigs for the real controllers.

For a darker vision of this, watch the movie “dark city”

Meanwhile I’m here because I don’t have a horse in their war games. I have other aspirations.

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>The ones living in the bubble cities will think they are the privileged ones, but they will be serving as guinea pigs for the real controllers.

Also fuck mobile posting, this shits painful but this threads got my juices going so I’ll linger around a bit longer.

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Oooo fuck bro’s
They tagged us.
Mfw 42 was already prepared for this scenario.

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>Passed out gloves and everything and told them that a bioweapon had escaped from a Chinese lab or was deliberately released and will soon start killing people here. They called me a schizo.
Classic normie
Neurotypical people can be frustrating to deal with at times. Their need for maintaining (((credibility))) with the herd is always their downfall

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Its coordinated hard though. You will have people like Uncleoldfag who clearly has an agenda to get newbies to sell and then like 832597583275938 random posters just basically upvoting his posts. None of it ever has any real thought because at this point all you can do is lie about the project not succeeding the writing is on the wall for anyone paying attention. LINK is has been chose as the defacto oracle solution for basically everyone and anyone who needs trusted data inputs and outputs. There are no other options.

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Many members of mainly /biz and /pol are converging some from /x as well. GATE, INTJ's and INT in general/Star kids and inherent connections to Christ/LINK/The path of righteousness. Things are getting fucking wild imagine escaping into t.v. and the like when reality is so much fucking better. I missing a lot this is off the top of my head.

Pic related.

>> No.18220643

when did u realized the copy pasta on /biz was not a meme?

>brown pill AI in the blockchain
>chainlink mark of the beast

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/k/ since they act so prepared

>> No.18220996 [DELETED] 

/ck/ it is

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Gardens and guns, my man.

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Basically the elites are terrified that someone will rise up and walk in the same steps as Christ did before.

I made a GATE thread a while back before it became a common occurrence. I've learned a lot as well from probably reading over a dozen of them.

There was an anon about 6 months ago under the trip “diogenes” that was talking about Talented and Gifted programs being used to identify promising youth so they can secretly be kept down their entire life

The last thread I made someone posted the following

You have a superpower. We all do here.
It's the ability to connect with the energy around you

You'll be thinking something or talking about something, then either moments or hours later, someone/something presents the exact thing you were thinking/talking about again.
-You're reading something online, something random; and then later someone brings up the exact topic/wording you were reading.
-same thing with TV. TV will reference topics/ideas that were relevant 48 hours ago on a pretty much every day basis

Use it to guide you.
Trust your gut. It's only wrong like 5% of the time.
As I like to call it, you're 1/a trillion.

-If you don't have that, don't think you're there yet

Perhaps, but needless to say I always felt I picked up patterns that just didn't make logical sense sometimes but were definitely connected. I have way too much synchronicity in my life and it feels like I can will reality sometimes almost it's hard to describe.

In the old thread I made, someone told me to check out Tavistock if I wanted more information about GATE courses in general. I was going to research it but then made some food, took a break, and decided to go to 8 kun out of nowhere. I hadn't been there in weeks because the threads move so slow and the content just isn't the same as 8 chan.

I honestly couldn't believe it but someone made a thread there about Tavistock and uploaded an entire pdf about it as if it was directly for me.

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Excellent I'll take a look at these articles thanks. It seems just as there are/will be multiple anti-christs, I suppose the same can be true vice versa

>> No.18221441

Honestly the elite fucked up hard. Those threads gave all of us a huge understanding of who we are, why we went through that, and how we rise up like a god damn pheonix from the ashes. I've been researching Hemi-sync and I'm going to start doing it. The time is now brothers

Funny how two of you already were on the same page about many rising up to follow the true path of Christ. I never made the connection in the sense of the Nobody. Soon though I'll have a business chain (fast casual dining general American cuisine) related to the most wholesome quality foods to raise the vibrations of all. Food is the basis of all health and negative emotion. Most people have incredilby poor diets, but that can be changed and still be full flavor and taste amazing. I shall serve the masses as Christ intended and even found ways to use LINK/blockchain/smart contracts to save tons of money and create new cash flows. It will be glorious

>> No.18221499

No we don't. LINK, OGN, BTC and ZANO is all we need to make it.

>> No.18221770 [DELETED] 

You CAN’T infect me
All you have to do is type *mask* in the name field

>> No.18221779 [DELETED] 

Dubs and infected post confirms green today

>> No.18221781 [DELETED] 

oh god oh fuck

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