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“It’s time in the market not timing the market.”

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Um, no, sweetie. We haven't seen anything yet. Covid19 cases are going to reach 6 gorillion by June. Drumpf can't cure covid with Fed funny money. Me personally? I'll start DCAing my Vanguard bond fund once the curve is sloping down and I've paid for my wife's abortion.

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>mutual funds

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So, you don't really think that was the bottom right? My wife's son was literally sent to a tent 'hospital' camp where they were literally marking jewish patients and PoC for extermination. STOP SAYING PRICED IN.

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>40/60 portfolio

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Stonks are on sale! I might up my monthly purchase of my Vanguard ETFs because everything is a bargain right now. Thinking of making extra contributions to my 401k as well so my wife's son has enough money for college.

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Who has the most time in the market? Riddle me this bro

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shitposts aside, my company just increased their contribution to my 401k, so I just upped how much I'm contributing. Pretty good time to be buying cheapies if you're young and investing in a 401k.

I also don't understand how any boomer can be financially ruined here. My 401k from my part time job for the past 2 years is still green even at the worst day. Are boomers just retarded?

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The kikes

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