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1. 3+ million unemployed, BUT they're all getting unemployment benefits and$1200 trumpbux is on the way. Also niggers are on rent strike

2. Businesses getting little to no profits, BUT interest rates are at 0%, trumpbux, and workers are laid off. Also niggers are on rent strike

3. COVID infections and deaths still rising, BUT it's not plague proportions, only a few cities have been hit very hard while others are still functioning and it's projected we will peak in two weeks before trending back down.

4. Fed has unlimited buy power in the market and will keep things stable until we start trending up

Give me one good reason I shouldn't long everything

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Imagine slamming ur all weight into her as you cum deep inside her wet pussy

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hahah. . . . yeah man yeah. imagine

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No way this is a man too

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1- Unemployed people don't buy shit other than basics. This will hurt the consumer economy. Rent strikes will up foreclosures.
2- 0% interest is still a loan that has to be paid back. trumpbux will take a few weeks to hit their target, and may buy some time.
3- see exponential functions, this is not linear
4- Fed has power but they need congressional approval to change their mandate to buy junk bonds equities. Nobody is even talking about this right now. Getting that through congress will take a few weeks.
All downside from here with a few dead cat bounces.

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Imagine thinking $1200, one month's salary at minimum wage, is going to be enough to help anybody get through the next few months.

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Did you forget about the additional $600 per week federal unemployment benefit supplement?

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>that toe ring

Fuck me, I want to eat her snatch.

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>if this goes on for a few months, $1200 is all we're going to get

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Not everybody gets unemployment. It's a net loss and downward pressure. It's not wide enough to be a positive or deep enough to handle any expenses.

Keep the cattle hungry and they'll rush to their pens.

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>1200$ months late repeatedly is good

None of these will come out ahead. Get ready to exploit some desperate desperate people lol

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>months late
Oh youre one of those losers who live paycheck to paycheck & dont have a decent nest egg to make it through before the gibs arrive? Sucks to suck

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I’ll give you one good reason to Kys; you’re a fucking loser.

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>Oh youre one of those losers who live paycheck to paycheck & dont have a decent nest egg to make it through before the gibs arrive? Sucks to suck
I don't think you understand how interconnected the economy is.
We rely on those "losers" every day. We can't just toss them aside for "sucking" without an impact to our quality of life.
Yes, it would be better if all people and all businesses had money saved to shut down for a few months then open again like nothing happened. But that's not the case. What do you think this bail-out is for, exactly? It's because out whole fucking economy "lives paycheck to paycheck" in one way or another. Not just some "losers."

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Sorry, cant relate

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What? Unemployed people buy lots of crap they don’t need.

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>What? Unemployed people buy lots of crap they don’t need.
Not really no. They live the same lavish lifestyle as someone who lives in a maximum security prison. Sometimes they buy iced tea and candy, once a year maybe some shoes or a TV on boxing day, and that makes the rounds of Fox News for about 10 weeks.

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I hate when homeless people ask me for money. Its like why dont you just transition to an attractive female looking like Ops pic and I will share some of my enormous wealth with you to bust a quick nut. Is that so much to ask?

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>Boxing Day
Nice try Trudeau. You’ve never dealt with Alabama niggers

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