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>btc shorted liq @ $6450ish
>link shorted liq @ $2.3ish
please no ripperino this is my chance to swing a bigger stack.

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When will the shorting meme end? It always backfires. Do not short unless you are an insider.

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I've never shorted before, I tried normal swinging once with a third of my stack and lost it. Got interested in futures lately since so many people here are doing it and by the looks of it they never lose so I figured I'd give it a try

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i would lower margin make your liq at least above 6600 if not 6800 right now you lunatic. a retest of 6500 is still likely

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checked, maybe I should but I honestly feel like the entire crypto space is losing steam so I just gamble on it not having a bounce at all

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When shorting/longing always place stoploss @2.5-10%

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>It always backfires
No it fucking doesn't. Hell longing rarely does either if YOU FUCKING SELL.

Had to have it hammered into my head by tens of thousands of dollars worth of losses (rather, lost profit), but it finally clicked. You have to fucking sell, stop waiting for the 100x, it won't come, especially not with shit that is over 100mil mcap. Imagine how much money you'd have right now if, every time something went +20% to +50%, you sold.

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>It always backfires
Not really. It usually backfires on /biz/tards though because they wait until after a dump to short, which is just retarded

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prepare to get fucked

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hell nah not this time, I can literally taste the bears this time around

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etc pumping is kind of worrying

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>position less than 1 btc on 8x
well done on your $5 profit ranjeet

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Atleast you didn't short XMR at 0.0070

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