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Fuck ‘em.

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That's the problem with your generations. You have been brainwashed more than anyone to know how fucked your future is. Your gen is begging for the handcuffs that you will get. We genx fought for tour future as much as we could but we had no idea you would swallow the Socialism and state control pill so readily. You are an embarrassment to ever rebellious gen before you who fought the power over it. You welcome it and you are too fucking dumb to realize you signed you and your kids future away to virtual slavery. Good luck. You are gonna need it.

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Ps. Don't use our movies for reference. Maybe you can use one of your shit ones with a diverse cast and female director kek.

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The movies you talk about are funded and produced by the same people.
There's literally no difference it's all kiked.

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Millenial here.
I actually agree, though I can't identify exactly what went wrong.

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But your gen are being kiked to the real end game. Marriage and kids bad, gay marriage good, diversity good, no borders good, nationalism bad, Christian's bad, muslims good, socialism good, Capitalism bad etc etc...you really took the kike bottle and swigged it hard. My gen definently gave up some ground. But instead of fighting with us you think you are walking into the promised land and not the gas chambers.

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>gen X
Your opinion is as impotent and forgettable as your entire generation. At least boomers left their accursed mark on humanity, but your legacy is nothing.

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Small cohort, they never actually stood a chance. In fact, boomers still hold the reigns of power.

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you know in the east old people rely on their kids money to survive.
In the west its backwards.
Old people atent meant to hold so much power.

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gen z here, almost all of us want literally no association with you millenial subverted commies, go cons00m more communist propoganga. gen x sets a much better example plus theyre cool

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You try too hard to fit in lmao

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I'm sorry, but this needs to be said.

RLM are the living embodiment of the smug, detached Gen-X ethos.

I'd venture to guess none of them has felt a single sincere conviction about anything since childhood. They exist as polyps upon the colon of culture, satiating themselves on the perceived failures of others (i.e. "The Man") while adding nothing new to the discourse aside from ironic complaint.

They're a group of insecure, lost, rapidly aging burnouts who silently believe they could do a better job of making films than the professionals in the industry. Yet they lack the ambition and ability to actually enter the very industry they're obsessed with. They choose instead to fuck around and make student film piss-takes well into middle age.

They are awful, awful people. I've met thousands just like them, and the last thing we need is for these people to gain any attention for their navel gazing.

Please, /tv/, do not aspire to become anything like these people. Theirs is a lonely road leading to depression and a life devoid of real purpose.

I hope they disappear and their disaffected followers stop subsidizing their lifestyle. Perhaps that would force them to do something productive with themselves.

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sorry i dont want to live in a communist shithole buddy, i like my western ideals

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some weird projections going on
imagine blaming your problems on an entire generation

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Truthpill. Millenials are fucking idiots that just want to blame everyone but themselves for everything. Leftoid faggots.

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I like them too, I just dont suck cock like you.

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literally what
you projecting there big boy?

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Gen z here, you people are arguing over stupid reasons, humanity has been consumed by greed and no generations gave a fuck about it. It's just the natural state of things, those born before the 1900 were not different.

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Don't you know saying those things will hurt my self-esteem? It's not my fault I was raised on psych meds and multicultural propaganda. You're giving me anxiety, bros

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My roof my rules little zoomie
Now stop listening to that capitalist rap music and stop watching jordan peterson videos.
Also i better not see you drinking coca cola again.

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>being this brainwashed

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America was "great" under socialism. Taxes were 70% for rich. It forced them to invest. Its a fucking joke to berate a generation screwed by facist faggots. Tax cuts, deregulation and bloated military have utterly destroyed the country. It was 100%. The rich are going to buy everything up with cheap liqidity. The goverment will have a fire sale.

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Gen X was nearly as impotent and cucked as Millenials who are just now realizing that boomers don't have their interests in mind. Zoomers will likely do better since they actually have a spine; the boomers will likely die on their watch and they can learn from what happened to the two generations preceding them.

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fuck them for buying the next amzn

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Really, the problem with millennials and gen x is that they didn't complain enough and were far too accommodating to the boomers. You may agree or disagree with Greta Thunberg's actual politics but she enforced her will upon the world instead of just letting things happen to her and was willing to argue with world leaders. In general, the zoomers are more assertive.

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DAY OF THE PILLOW!!! buy zano btw

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Let the old world die so a new more beautiful one rises in its place

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Millennials like to pretend they are immune to boomers, but there is still one arena in which the boomers have the advantage and the Millennials have no answer: rape and sexual assault

Boomers can still dominate and show their mastery over millennials by raping and sexually assaulting them, such as how the boomer Harvey Weinstein raped many millennial actresses, but the boomers are immune are practically immune to rape by millennials - who would want to rape a 70 year old? Plus, the average millennial '''male'' is weak and effeminate compared to Chad Boomers many of whom are still getting pussy from mail order several decades younger than them.

Boomers, can simply rape the millennials into submission.

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Fellow zoomer here, I stand with this guy. You millennials have tried to shove gay tranny shit down our throats for too long.

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>zoomers actually bought into the whole "le based gen z XD" meme and believe that they're now superior to us
This is literally a small brother situation where you're desperate to prove yourself that you're finally stronger than the big bro. You aren't. We created 4chan and we created this counterculture movement against the pozzed neoliberal mainstream culture. We are its owners and you're merely consuming it. You create zero memes and your philosophical development is laughably infantile. Your contribution to any serious discussion here boils down to one-sentence phoneposting or the standard one-word zoomer reply of "based/cringe". Your peak meme production is rehashed wojaks and green frogs, again created by us.

The cold truth is that the normalfag portion of your generation reached a new low that shouldn't even be possible, a mass of manipulatable rap-listening cattle desperately trying to emulate niggers because anti-racism reigns supreme in that group, while the NEET 4chan-browsing one is simply inferior to us and is piggybacking our success. If all of us left 4chan overnight, this website would enter a decade of drought until it finally died and until you gradually reverted to the cattle portion of your generation.

Want to prove me wrong and show me how based you actually are? Go create your own 4chan then.

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sorry but the parents of boomers let the marxist school escape hitler to the west and set up shop in the universities and has been eating away like a virus since the 1930s


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Millenials are worse in this regard. They're only known for using tech that is pioneered by gen x

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That is not the UND logo. Idiot.

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>gen x
>You are an embarrassment to ever rebellious gen before you who fought the power over it. You welcome it and you are too fucking dumb to realize you signed you and your kids future away to virtual slavery. Good luck. You are gonna need it.
Oh you're confused, you're addressing the boomers

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you're either a 15 year old who doesn't have a job or a 35 year old trying too hard to fit in

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actually, im a financially indepent 17 year old, nigger

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yeah fuck em

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nope, financially independent and living on my own since i was 17, suck my dick neet faggot

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fuck off underage faggot

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seethe harder

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>We genx fought
idk anon
the only thing my genx sister ever fought was self induced poverty
can you give me an example of how genx combated the boomers?

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Schizo and an irrelevant boomer thanks for the lul you pathetic snowflake, at least your generation will be remembered as the weakest that ever blemished this earth

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lol wash your tongue bootlickers, your breath smells like dogshit from your masters boots
absolutely. from the ashes of the old corrupt world we will build a new, better one.

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This thread and all the posts in it are cringeworthy as hell

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'Fellow zoomer here' 'suck my dick faggot!!' 'Millennial boomer boomer zoomer millennial boomer YOU GUYS ARE SUCH FUCKING FAGGOTS WHO GIVES A SHIT

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found the smolbrain commie sheep

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>he posts a wojak
god i hate nu/pol/

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Sadly you have no (you)'s. Let them all bash gen Y, it is we who will put the world back together.

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this. based and redpilled boomer

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>Actually, unironically reading RoK
>Even citing it
Retards really can't tell satire from the genuine, huh?

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>we genx fought
No, you, genx drank too much, took too many pills, sat around watching WWE while the world changed around you. You were made to be poor and stupid just so future generations could use you as an anti role model. You are the reason for socialist millennials the same way socialist millennials are the reason for right wing zones. We are all lazy and want things easy and we are made to have intergenerational conflict to distract us from recognizing we are all the same. Just scared and stupid and lazy and enslaved.

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it's humorous not satire retard
but fine here you go
> the Institute was thus forced to close its location in Germany. He emigrated to Geneva, Switzerland and then to New York City the following year, where Horkheimer met with the president of Columbia University to discuss hosting the Institute

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People don't change they die. You are stuck in an old ideology and old fears. We need this control for the future, for guarantees.

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Nothing went wrong you retards. It was inevitable. The very internal contradiction of the system.

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you guys literally just overdosed on heroin and liked nirvana. You didn't rebel - you just wore plaid.

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You have a point except that Boomers literally let the Marxist brainwashers infiltrate absolutely everything.

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As a zoomer I have never seen any of my zoomer guyz to treat bichllenials as allies. Like really the most boring, basedish urbanite generation there is. At least boomers are fun when they call the blacks niggers bitchllennials can't even tie their shoes right they only bitch about everything and then kill themselves cuz of their depression

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Millenial here, born in 1992.

Let's face the truth, millenial and gen x are the same so.ycu.ck commie eating out 10 times a week with no savings no cars (or luxury car and living in their parents' house)

really a waste of a generation

zoomers are even worst

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imagine ignoring all the data world wide that tells us we're fucked (highest housing prices, low economic opportunity in most first world nations, stagnating wages, the list goes on)

and instead you say "please boomer daddy, fuck my ass more"

you're the biggest cuck, left/right politics has nothing to do with that

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Shut the fuck up, faggot. I'm sick of this shit.
>muh state control bogeyman
Why wouldn't I want a powerful state that fights for my interests and provides strong benefits for me??
>b-but state power will be used against you!!!
State power is always used against dissidents. From the dawn of civilization this has been true. It will ALWAYS be true. But I wouldn't be a dissident if the state was actually working for me and doing what I want, like providing free healthcare, education, and God forbid, a UBI program.
>b-but some day evil people will attain state power and kill you for some reason
It's the responsibility of citizens to make sure evil people don't attain power. And guess what, boomers and gen X fags failed.

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>bailing out financial executives who are essentially the inner party and fucking over the middle and working class through what is essentially another form of collectivism isn't Socialism because we call Capitalism
This is how fucking stupid you are

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Kill yourself commie faggot!

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>give all power to the state
>if someone usurps that power to evil, just stop them


>oh no, it appears they are now too strong to be stopped
You know this is how it will go down, right? I can explain this with historical examples if you want me to.

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Wow, how did i know the only argument against me was going to be childish name calling.

The state is already powerful enough to do unspeakable evils, so this argument is moot. Just look at what's happening today retard

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Greta didn't do shit. She regurgitated global warming talking points and a media controlled by powerful interests used her as a fresh face to push a narrative they already were pushing. She was only relevant because the people who control the TV cameras decided to make her relevant.

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Imagine being this naive.
Sorry, kid. You're gonna be disappointed. Thinking that concentrating power into central government will somehow serve your best interests. National identity is fractured, people no longer share common values, all opinions are minority opinions. Why would the state give two shits about you or anything you care about? You're just as fucked as the rest of us.

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Kek, you really got him with that one.

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>because it already has a lot of power and is using it to fucking over common people...
>instead of trying to limit its power...
You're illogical.

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I aint holding hands with fking Zoomers FUCK YOU ZOOMIES.

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How come one of them isn't licking a toilet seat or eating a Tide pod in this pic?

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Is the zoomer a tranny or something? wtf OP.

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fight club reference

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