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>ethereums is a no cap infkationary diuble digit shitcoin duuur
blocks your path

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delete this

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delete this still accumulating thanks

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what does this mean eli5 pl0x

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it means itll have less brrrr than the us dollar and bitcoin

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOO you cant just switch to pos and save money on the security budget by capitalizing off of social consensus, you have to pay chinese miners exorbitant fees to do pointless equations to create value!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Still no cap, ETH will still inflate forever.
Meanwhile only BTC is truly scarce, with a hard cap of 21 million.
Even more scarce than gold, as there are no asteroids out in space containing Bitcoin.

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Who here accumulating eth?
Will we be able to change our eth into eth 2.0?

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Thanks just sold 100,000

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BTC cap will be removed someday.

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I agree ETH is a shitcoin. If everyone would stop buying shitcoins and buy BTC instead we would all make it. BTC can do everything ETH can and more.

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When are you economically illiterate retards going to wake up to the fact that halving miner reward is a bad fucking business model?

Go tell warehouse workers that their pay will be cut in half, see what happens.I can guarantee it's not deflating the value of the dollar.

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Got 25 eth. Will buy like 20 more next week.

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Why are you posting this? The longer prices stay low the better. Right now on bitfinex is 90% eth longs. Post fud until the longs get shrekt then buy in cheap. There's no reason to promote eth yet.

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its going to go down anyways.
Eth follows bitcoin and bitcoin follows the stock market.
Us plebs have no effect on the price of coins with these huge marketcaps.
Hell Im waiting on sidelines for the time being.

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When are you shits going to learn? Bitfinex leverage market is absolutely pointless to look at.

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it has gone from 100m to 110m pretty quickly

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If theyre saying it will happen in a year, it means 2-3+ years.

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This statement is exactly right, but you need to replace word ETH with BTC and vice versa.

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Everyone in the loop knew this for a while... please delete. Rest assured, we will pump.

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>the core group of Ethereum developers working on the Serenity upgrade is looking to drastically looking to reduce the amount of ETH issued
>is looking to drastically looking

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They will remove BTC cap otherwise all miners will leave and the security of the chain will collapse.
Caps are just marketing.

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BTC cap will be removed at some point brainlet.

I've always been telling people this. Glad there is someone else on the board who realizes that PoS is a chink scam. PoS coins might as well say "made in China" on them.

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Bitcoin miners can't live from transaction fees alone because bitcoin can't do enough tps after Blockstream pushed against the continual rise of the block size as Satoshi proposed it. So they will in 2150 when the last block reward was given out, fork Bitcoin and remove the cap.

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any development pushed has to be adopted by the users you dumb fuck. Where do you think this tech originates from? Thin air?

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only use of eth is to have origin

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no cap? thanks just sold all my eth

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It means you need to go back to plebbit

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0 inflation is not some godsend, it's actually bad. maxies will find this out the hard way

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Not like i care if brainlets comit suicide when everything is on the Ethereum main net but for fuck sake does no one do research.

Imagine shorting this picture

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Then wouldn't bcash be taking over?

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You need to go back
For anyone else that had this same question but isn't a fucking plebbitor, bitcoin cash can't take over because of the incessant screeching coming from core cucks and drowning out any hopes bch had of being the "real bitcoin"

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Not possible retard, you can't just program that. It's locked forever.

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But you want inflation
Inflation good, deflation bad

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>Change codebase on consensus between all the miners

VoilĂ , unlocked.

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No, miners will make money from fees and still make same profits cuz price will be high

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Ethereum has made huge progress since 2017
* Uniswap
* http://Tornado.cash
* Status
* MakerDAO
* ZK Rollups (eg. Loopring), >2k TPS capacity
* PoS testnets
* Uncle rates < 10% with 10m gas blocks
* Gitcoin grants

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eth will be back at 0.05 btc soon

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+ Polynomial comitment early research
+ First no-loss lottery
etc etc
meanwhile Lightning is a huge failure and there are more wBTC tokens (wrapped BTC) on ETH than on Lightning
let that sink in for a while...

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It's over

>> No.18164453

I'm not a r*dditfag I just love how bcash roll on the tongue.
Anyways does it really matter what corefriends think? If bcash succeed where btc fails, then it has a great shot at taking over regardless of ideology.

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