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It's like a cube, man. It's a total cube bruh.

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Idk but I have like 230 of them because of /biz/

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Some thingy that makes possible other smart thingies that everyone will use

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A decentralized oracle network and a miserable pile of secrets

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buy 1000 at least

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it's a scam

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I don't think so. It will play a part in the things to come.

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the rumors of its partnerships with Google, Swift, Oracle and other companies have either been faked or exaggerated, Seems like a redflag to me

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They were not fake. They evolved. And what and where it leads to should be clear to you by now.

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Where will it lead?

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the future

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A centralized oracle KYC Cayman Islands scam shittoken that’s not needed whatsoever created by a Philosophy major with 0 coding experience who appointed himself a CEO of an ERC token who is known for exit scamming and leaving every other project he’s associated with high and dry.

Here is LINKs home office that’s shared with 19k other scams that’s currently for lease

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I explained this to you before. What US company does not have a mail slot in the Caymans? They would be stupid if they did not.

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You didn’t explain shit to me, but the red flags for LINK being a scam is longer than your favorite trap’s dick you fap to. Try explaining some of those, shill scammer. Everyone knows he’s fleeing there to be safe and sound for the exit scam, not just avoiding taxes.

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Don't get your panties in a bunch, Christ, we got a pager it seems. I did explain it many times.

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Holy shit source?

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>known for exit scamming and leaving every other project he’s associated with high and dry.


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It is all bullshit.
PLEASE do me the favour, and travel to grand cayman, and visit the business address of yahoo for example... a maillot. Do that, and while you do look at the other mailboxes. Mercedes, Google, Microsoft... EVERYONE

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ChainLink is the bad one, because these retards have no idea! No clue! Simple as that

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The only people paying nice and true taxes are you and me. And that is ok! But please realize that companies DO NOT
How dumb must you be to have to be told that non a message board

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Bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/, during the presale ico phase of chainlink there was a minimum requirement of 300eth to enter the presale. Bunch of anons pooled up together and shared presale links to fill them with their eth.

Coin continued to get shilled and pumped up and hyped for the sibios event that link attended, whole event turned out to be a flop chainlink had a presentation in a room of like 18 people next to the public toilets, literally no news or partnerships came from the event and the coin dumped back to below ico prices and created 1000's of bagholder anons.

Now during the alt bear market lots of anons and took advantage of this and fudded this coin to all the late money and newfags that bought in January and don't know this story.

The coin is HEAVILY manipulated and the supply is dried up from huge whales who accumulated below ICO price to create a artificially lower supply (a lot like PNK) and these people have so much room to dump on all of you faggots to still be in profit when the time comes.

In regards to actual project that chainlink aiming to achieve it's nothing more than a basic json parser for smart contracts, would take like a day to add to ethereum by itself.. literally making links whole concept pointless and definitely no need for a token. Would take a lot longer to get it working with bitcoin but the bitcoin core devs would be able to work out the solution a lot quicker than chainlink will, think that's something worth noting that literally nothing is completed and you're literally just buying a whitepaper, they have only 2 developers and they don't communicate at all with no proven background on either, in fact sergey was involved in a project before chainlink called NxT that he since been abandoned until it was took over by a new developer team.

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bullshit. old paster and crap. And I am not even a link shill. YO make me one right now

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Late adopter 2017 Russian/Chinese scam pretending to solve a problem that doesn't even exist lmao. It hit zero cents this month and 99% of its holders have double digit IQs

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>9 posts by this ID
Get a life faggot. Nobody gives a shit about this scam anymore it’s dying

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What is this Brazilian time travel blog you speak of good sir?

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A sub OGN, nothing more.

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You will not shut me up. Trust me.

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You will not shut me up telling truth now or ever, really. No matter what it regards to.

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Youre a fag and your shit token is trash. You should leave.

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Let me tell you this: if your fud is hey its cayman, you are a real and incorrigible fucking retard

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OGN is king, better know it. LINK is old news.

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Whatever u say, This is not even what this is about. It is about complete and clueless tards making false claims

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It’s sort of sad to see this guy in such grief over his loss.

Guy probably poured his whole savings into this turd and his brain is subconsciously scrambling to find a way out.

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False fucking retards making false fucking claims that other retards believe and then make decisions. I will prevent that. Watch me.

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I'm not even going to walk through the stacks and stacks of legit red flags and failures of this 3 years, no users, billion token supply, centralized, 32million dollar, 2000 lines of code, web scraping json parser scam.

Get some legit users (lol never) or fuck off.

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>"what a faggy quote for degenerates, I wonder who wrote it"
>the man I quote as my favorite emperor and philosopher
So when did you guys find out you were simps? For me, it was today.

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It's your ticket out of wage slavery. Just buy at least 1000 and never sell them.
It would take hours to explain everything it does.
Everything in the future will run on it.

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>You will not shut me up
We want your faggot ass to keep making a fool out of yourself, rambling like some old ass boomer about shit you’ve talked about for 7 posts now
>not a shill
You’re a shill and a schizo. You’re the only reason this thread is getting replies, nobody cares about this shit scam project that went to 0 but keep being a retard. I’d be ashamed if I held LINK knowing mentally ill spammers like you are fellow investors.
Go make another dozen posts now so I can keep laughing

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He won’t talk about red flags, just ramble another 20 posts about the Cayman Islands like the dementia ridden schizo faggot he is.

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I will, because I damn well know you are not laughing

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Refute this weirdo, or keep talking about the Cayman Islands inbetween your paint drinking.

Agropacking Solutions (agricultural supply chain management)
AtCash (“trust networks” provider)
bluField (IoT beacon networks)
CashPundit (cash flow management)
Constellation Group (Web 3 venture studio)
Credits (blockchain for dApps)
Crowdz (payments platform)
CyNation (risk assessment platform)
DriveOn (auto insurance platform)
Gravel Coin (gravel supply chain management)
Insolar (blockchain solutions)
Ld8a (database solutions)
LotsApp (agriculture certification)
MaxCentive (incentive platform)
MonoChain (clothes reseller)
North East (data automation infrastructure)
Quant Network (network interoperability)
retraced (supply chain management)
Snapper Future Tech (blockchain solutions)
World Law (court evidence management)

20 scam shell sites hosted off GoDaddy, using fake names like "Dr. Bell" and "JM" as founders. Stillborn sites that havent been touched since they were announced. They couldn't even shit together another 30 startups as promised. I'll list red flag after red flag if you can refute it since you like to spam and sperg post.

Look into NXT and the scam email projects he was running and apart of before going MIA.

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Bro, you are literally pathetic. I'm not laughing because I feel pity for you. Even wasting your time "trolling" is even sad. You're not convincing or changing anyone's minds. Go back to your day job of shouting at traffic.

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Well thank you so much for the sentiment. But I will battle bullsit. And it is BULLSHIT.

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Well get to it faggot, chop chop. Research the sites and see they’re all shell sites that haven’t been touched in months, teams who have long disbanded or simply don’t exist, and while you’re at it, what happened to the other 30 sites?

I hope after all this spam schizophrenia induced barking you don’t run from the first questions. Watch the 20 posts of yours slow down real quick.

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6 cubed . the only way out is in fren . perhaps watch serial experiments lain to get a grasp

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I intend to do just that.

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Gravel coin nuff said

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>favorite emperor and philosopher
>doesn't recognize the quote from meditations
What's wrong with the quote anyway? It boils now to live your best life and don't worry about god. Seems like sound advise to me.

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Make me proud, because that’s just the warmup of red flags from this slow ass, expensive $50 million+ For some price feeds ass vapor ware scam I can address.

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>don't worry about false gods
>don't worry about God

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Listen, I was being nice. But I command an army. MY PERSONAL ARMY ;) faggot. Whatever I do, yes, it may suit you. if it does not, you are no longer my problem

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There you have it, ladies and Gentleman, the schizo spammer for hours on end defending STINKs honor has be silenced, rekt, and defeated by THE FIRST QUESTION.

Any other cult schizo shill want to answer that question and provide some accomplishments of these fine GoDaddy shell money laundering scam startups, be my guest. Posts for hours, gets destroyed in an instant. 1 punch KO on all these shill faggots, cant even take a jab.

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kek, you've been BTFOed, but you're too low IQ to realize it.

How does it feel to lose 50% of your life savings in 1 day?

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Literal schizophrenic retard spams all fucking day rambling about he will never shut up shilling, ended up shutting the fuck up real quick. Made his faggot ass run to go take his meds.

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Is that so?

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LMAO!! me?

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"muh religion" is so utterly gay i cant even describe it.

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what are you even talking about? do you understand not inly are you lying you are fucking with the wrong people. we are yo. you fuck with us you are done

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vital infrastructure that will instigate the fourth industrial revolution

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Woah... You should like definitely read the thread first. You are bumping the lid being blown the fuck off the whole scam, and we know a cultist like you wouldn't want that. The cognitive dissonance may be deadly.

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idc if some tourists see lies, i do care if they see truth, and if that causes word to spread faster then it doesn't matter to me if a few redditors get rich

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ChainLink are a bunch schizo ass faggots who are technically illerate. And im not meme'ing. Exhibit A is a fellow link marine whose post you can find in /biz/ archive right now


keep in mind OP, this is the average mental state of a linkard

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Exhibit B is showing Linkie's amazing coding knowledge. Notice how linkies spam as much techno babble as possible in all their threads, yet have no idea how their coin actually work. Here is them blowing the google "partnership" out of proportion

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It is like PNK but worse

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Exhibit C is showing how linkies blatantly lie about their shilling points. Did you know linkies' only reason for why a LINK token will be in the $1000 range is collateral, yet the word collateral is nowhere to be seen in the whitepaper? Here one shill getting completely btfo in his tech shilling by another coder

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Exhibit D, do not just take it from some /g/angsters, even coders on reddit see through links bullshit. notice how its gotten over 600 upvotes, so you cant say its some lone mental guy and his opinion. The idea of LINK generating any high price is technically impossible and all these people "partnering" with link are using it for the most basic functions thats not the actual whitepaper purpose of LINK

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Exhibit E, furthermore to, show how LINK's high price is technology impossible and all these "partnerships" are using Chainlink in the unintended way, Vitalik still to this day does not acknowledge chainlink. People dismiss Vitalik's opinion because he makes often wrong financial calls. But the one thing everyone can agree on is hes a genius coder who understands technical code. If Vitalik says your code is shit, then it shit.

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fuck im gonna be so rich

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And here we have the chainlink shilling discord in action. They create false ms pictures that are supposed to look like official business/government documents and have pseudo-nuLinkers reply in excitement


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I just spent my last paycheck, 500 dollars, on chain link. I won't be able to eat for awhile, but it's okay I'm growing my own food and have an apple tree and vitamins.
Hold strong linkies.

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