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Why is link dumping so much harder than other coins?

Hard mode:
>it’s a scam
>you didn’t sell at x
>fake partnerships
>Sergey lied about google swift etc

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Because people have realized that its a dogshit scam

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Because Sergey himself is dumping

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Learn to read shithead

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It's a scam, obviously. You had WEEKS to sell above $4. All of the partnerships are fake, Sergey lied about SWIFT, the Google "partnership" is a fucking nothingburger, muh GravelCoin,

holy fuck don't you get it it's OVER for LINK.









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trend leader?

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If something_i_dont_like=true
then print("Jews did it")

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Jews: Confirmed.

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Learn what hard mode means, retard.

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So I stack again for cheap

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Because it’s a worthless Json parser erc20 token.

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want the real answer?

It's in the technicals. Link has levels to test that haven't been tested, plus there's different zones of interest for price than other coins.. The % movement doesn't matter, it's the price that does and what levels it respects and which it denies..

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When are we going to test $1000?

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its a webscraper that makes people say money to send data thats already provided on an exchange

SWIFT was a contest where the winner got use their logo

The google partnership means nothing when coins like NKN have gotten awards from google

its an unregistered security with a 32 million dollar ico that has a company in the cayman islands for tax evasion

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Did you think holding the next 500-1000x was going to be easy? No one is selling and the price has to bounce wildly to get people to capitulate but that doesn't work for anyone who was around in the LINK golden days circa 2018 when the concept was being discussed all day long. Its why there is so much paid FUD here now because the only people they can get to sell are those who bought recently. I've got my make it stack and have been swinging futures in the mean time, its been awesome

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>vrf imminent
>multiword imminent
>threshold sigs imminent
>coventry about to do presentation on the above but cancelled twice
>yorke rhodes
>j wolpert
>mother fucking smartcon
>staking probably inches around the corner
>coronavirus hits
it's like the universe is trying to make me a schizo

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I’m fairly a newlinker myself. I bought right before the mainnet release and I have been accumulating since. But why the shakeout? Solely because the whales want to accumulate? And how do you know the fud is paid?

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nothing was ever discussed. Linkies would get btfo in every single argument they have and then spam
and now the latest excuse is
>well, we discussed this 2 years ago, so now we cant debate anymore, just cause

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Are these fudders really on payroll though? It was never like this in times past with the sheer amount of copypasta fud and link hate. I dont give a fuck obviously I'm never selling but its heating up lately

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>heating up
because link is an obvious scam being pumped and dumped and the whole board suffers from the 20 link threads on the catalog spamming link.
people whove been here before 2017 hates link. biz before link was comfy and link posting completely ruined the board. most of the linkies are twitter and reddit tourists who post pepe and biz memes on their social.

we dont want you fags here. were posting fud in hopes this scam doesnt get pumped again so biz can go back to being normal.

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actual nolinkers just use filters and quarantine themselves to /smg/

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How else would you explain this behavior:


it changes from post to post so it's not a bot. So they're either motivated by money and paid to spam or they have extreme nolinker psychosis

>claims to be an oldfag
>calls it biz instead of /biz/
>cries about spam yet spams in return
Good job third worlder

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love how the shills ignore these posts and go for low hanging fruit.
link is fucked.

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Are link chads going to give up this easily? Find out why its failing and fix it!

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Lmao you seem awfully concerned with our financial wellbeing to the point of wasting hours upon hours fudding something you have no stake in and allowing it to live rent free in your head.

>wah wah the board isnt what I want it to be!! Wah wah!
You can't change organic growth. Get used to it or leave
Why are you so emotionally hung up on 'how the board used to be' dumb kike. The asspain from you and the other trannies will be profound when link moons. In fact I want you to screenshot this post and make it your wallpaper to remind you every day of the unavoidable success of this asset. You aren't getting my linkies mr. Rosenberg. Now get the fuck out of biz now nigger.

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There sure is a hell of a lot a negativity about link despite it currently painting a launchpad that would have both nasa and space x creaming their dacks.

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>>it’s a scam
>>you didn’t sell at x
>>fake partnerships
>>Sergey lied about google swift etc
it’s a scam
you didn’t sell at x
fake partnerships
Sergey lied about google swift etc

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LINKBTC is piss TA nowadays since the volume is so low (relatively) and people aren't going to exit BTC for LINK this close to halvening

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Btw oracle is using chainlink for this get fucked

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Why is this happening?

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$2.05 (-12.10%)

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It's because swingies shouldn't even be in crypto. This is speculative investing on technology, not some bullshit you day trade with meme lines. With crypto you need vision about the technology. If it can change the world, you go in full dick and HOLD. Swingies expect to get rich quick then get mad when they lose like 5% on natural market fluctuations. Imagine selling eth at $5

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Btc and eth are also down 10% because crypto moves with the stock market sentiment. We're entering a recession and are seeing capital flight away from speculative holdings. Has nothing to do with the fundamentals of eth, btc or link really

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> down 10%
> Linkers: this is bullish!

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Citation needed

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>we're seeing capital flight bla bla bla
You're just parroting the latest chico cryptography jewtube explanation for retards who like to parrot retards.

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isn't it just testing the btc and eth lines?

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Correction is necessary. Set your buy order at 15K sats or 24-28K if you're more conservative.

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Never said it was. You can't come up with a counter point, only meme. IMO we are looking at a bear market for all of crypto including link for about 6 months after halving. Once big capital comes back to the space and id2020 starts their blockchain initiative with hyperledger and oracle moves ahead with its cloud banking platform (which they're using chainlink for btw), we'll start to see bull movements. Please come at me with an actual point next time dumb kike I can do this all night

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citation needed on what statement, all i offered was reasonable speculation

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That is proven wrong if you follow the fucking link retard

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>How else would you explain this behavior:
Jesus fucking Christ. When they are all compiled together it’s even fucking worse

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>hurr you sound like youtube jew hurrr
Why do I even bother?

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41x as much btc going into then link going out.

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You are mad lol

getting emotionally attached to your '''''''''investments'''''''' I see

excellent strategy sir

Have you enjoyed the -60%?

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into link then there is link going out*

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who the fuck cares
IBM went all in XLM. Does anyone give a fuck?
Intel went all in RLC. Does anyone give a fuck?
Microsoft went all in Tierion. Does anyone give a fuck?

All these "blockchain" sectors of major companies are just desperate attempts by boomer ceos to ride the technology craze. ChainLink "partnerships" are the biggest sign that a project is shit. Its always dead in the water shitcoins with no purpose "partnering" with chainlink like polkadot and icon

i remember when IBM partnered with stellar, everyone thought that was it, Lumens was going to control the world, only for it to be a big nothingburger. And thats exactly what this oracle shit is.

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>Money flow from/to
how are you distinguishing between "from" and "to", are you implying that $140k worth of BTC went out of LINK and $5.9 million worth of BTC went into LINK, how are you seeing this ratio in that link

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Dyor i gave you a tool box and you are using ya thumb.

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I bought in at $.20. So I'm still up an absolute shitton from where I started. I wanted to have an actual discussion with you and you wound up not utilizing any actual points other than memes and /biz/ newspeak. You started acting like a slimy jew and I got cockblocked out of a good argument so yes I'm fucking mad

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linkies btfo lmao!

>> No.18142167

>btfo even though I already 10x'd

>> No.18142185

"Im still up x amount, seethe harder" If I had a cent for every time ive heard this cope posting I would be the richest man in sudan

>> No.18142186

That is what askenazim do it is their nature.
meanwhile those who have done their research know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD8KvL1aFNQ

>> No.18142188

Are you actually retarded? Have you seen bitcoin rise in the last week and the stock dump to shit. You are spewing terrible advice which costs real people real money.

Please stop trying to harm people

>> No.18142194

Delete this

>> No.18142209

Patience. That is what you lack.

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chainlink has been around for how many years and what exactly has this coin accomplished? Invest in a real coin with real functioning pieces already in place. Buy Tezos.

>> No.18142220

>market had tremendous gains this week and only dumped today
>btc had big gains this week and only dumped today
Do I need to teach you how to Google the fucking dow chart and put it up next to btc you fucking tard?

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nigga i don't get it help me out, im not even fudding i just wanna know how you know unique parties are entering LINKBTC longs, is it related to market buys? market depth? LINK wallet balances?

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i think youve strucked a chord with the linkies anon

>> No.18142485

Poos can't post and shill


>> No.18142494

Hahaha. The Moon is a soul trap, hillbilly. The only reason you're going there and back is to respawn in Mumbai. Enjoy your trip! Hahaha

>> No.18142514

Because I bought some earlier.

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Also for anyone thinking about selling, don’t; I’ve been DCA since 25 cents. You can guess what I will buy with that Trump check. We are early.

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what app is that

>> No.18142706

Crypto.com, one of the few crypto apps I trust.

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I had a dream of $325 or so LINK so..
Why shakeout? That's how markets work. They need liquidity, so the price moves around to get people to sell low, then pump the price and sell higher

The markets are full of fear right now and everyone is scared to buy.. That and LINK seems to have the most fat-fingered of sellers that panic during movements. That's obvious by how someone fatfingered LINK down to $0

>> No.18142749

Based. I started staking too. Been apprehensive to move my entire stack onto there so I'm missing out but I'm a lot more comfortable having it all split over 5+ wallets

>> No.18142752

nobody cares about your stack of 2000 linkz, little man

>> No.18142868

Your method is much safer and depending on the amount, it’s a better idea. Once official staking is available I’m doing that instead.

>> No.18142883

i thought you were fucking with me but i see that for a strange reason an app does have a domain in the name

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It is a scam and sergey lied about google swift ect

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Shhh let them dump it, i want more at 0.17. Let the weak hands be punished. Otherwise youre based tho, but youre casting your pearls before swine

>> No.18142923

No one does this for free. They are either accumulating which posting on here can't do much in terms of getting people to sell imo or its groups that really don't want people on 4chan to get wealthy. I believe its the latter.

Anyone that says LINK wasn't broken down day after day is lying and you can simply check the archives.

>> No.18142924

why do you think he's doing this? He and some discord NEETs sold so now they have to fud LINK as a literal job because they live in fear that a pump might happen and price them out

>> No.18142945

No you see we don't need to discuss anymore. The FUD doesn't matter anymore the breadcrumbs discussed back then are coming true. This is a LINK board. Time is just about up.

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You had 1 (one) month to sell at $4. You got greedy and didnt do it. Now reap what you sow.

>> No.18142976

Within 24hour of now funnily enough . they are the retards that sold bitcoin at $14 and missed eth to stack link which they proceed to sell the bottom of.

>> No.18142986

It already -99.9% on binance

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It also hit $1000 on the LINK/PAX pairing. I fucking love this timeline

>> No.18143016


Nobody gives a shit about it. The fanbase is disappearing by the day. People realize there are better things to spend their money on.

>> No.18143039

Nah we're just quiet on /biz/ because its the same old song and fud dance. Funniest part is how literally everything dumped but theyre singling out link. Keep em comin shills, i have iron hands.

>> No.18143061

There's nothing in there to ignore, retard.
The same old useless waste of time we had for years, now with zero arguments but with reddit spacing.

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because it isn't OGN

>> No.18143075

It’s ironic that their actual website is useless. The app is really well made and second only to the coinbase app in ease of use, in my opinion. It’s what Monaco became, if you remember that crypto; it’s one of the few crypto icos that actually delivered what they promised.

>> No.18143089

entropy. fear. hype fade.
how many years has it been?
and what new tech have they released?
can i go to their website and see a quick video demo of what their tech can do?

>> No.18143101

>The FUD doesn't matter anymore the breadcrumbs discussed back then are coming true.
actuallly every breadcrumb has became false
>LINK works with SWIFT
turned out to be a contest they won
>LINK gets a decentralized data source
turned out they take the average of multiple sources
>LINK is decentralized
turned out they use KYC

so, its even worst than it turned out to be in 2017.
Heres what happened. In 2018, Link collapsed to 17 cents in August. In december, the whole market had recovered then link was 50 cents. Then in May 2019, a whole bullrun happened in crypto and coincidentally a google blogger blogged about LINK. ChainLInk twitter milked the fuck out of this tweet causing LINK to moon. Link then collapsed to $1.70. Then in february during another altcoin bullrun, ChainLink spammed a bunch of "partnerships" with low level shitcoins like RLC causing people to fomo in.

Now, link has collapsed again. the whole world knows google was a nothing burger. Oracle is a nothing burger >>18142039 And links already spammed as many alt coin partnerships they can on twitter and BTC has dried up.

Im guessing Link is going to hover around #10 to #30 on cmc for the next 3 years with shillers saying moon day is just around the corner. Then some other decentralized oracle project will have a massive ICO that does just what chainlink is doing and it will be in the same place as link on CMC. And that will be the fate of chainlink

>> No.18143103

well anon, we did warn you it was a scam and you also could have sold at $5 three different times. the partnerships were fake and to be completely honest, sergey just flat out lied to you.

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bullish af

>> No.18143159

>bull run lasting 2 months
>then ending
>then starting back up for another month

its honestly just impressive that you can use a keyboard, even with the letters on the keys

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this is them for the third time

>> No.18143275

And you had 3 years

>> No.18143303

21 bitcoin worth of link a few weeks ago is now worth 13. If you held link you are losing everything

>> No.18143306

The truth is hard for OP to hear tho.

>> No.18143324

Project is good, token is useless

>> No.18143408

no one even cares about link price. we just hate link threads. none of you fuckers stay contain in one general. theres always 10 threads in the catalog dedicated to link and you spam every other coins thread with link bullshit.
No one cares about what potential money were missing. /biz/ went from being a crypto board to 80% link shills

We hate you because:
1. bring in reddit and twitter tourists
2. have a discord where you construct shill campaigns on /biz/
3. derail every thread saying "why buy X when you can own LINK"
4. we're sick of hearing about the same coin for 3 years straight now
5. ruined the meme of the month coins and discussing of new innovative tech in favor of spamming the same talking points of link
6. its the most normie mainstream coin in existence now where literal e thots on youtube talk about link
7. youre the most emotionally attached and dedicated crypto fandom on the board where you unironically believe in the marine meme and people cry over link on here
8. LINKers now spam /pol/ conspiracy theories in all their shillposts and so are now smug occultists thinking theyve figured out the deepstate
9. Every linkie is a newfag that knows nothing about crypto in general and is a 100% dedicated to link
10. youre annoying.

we pray that link stays below 10 not because we dont care about missing out. We just want the fucking link community to die out already.

>> No.18143430

The value is still entirely speculative and the market makers know many holders have stacks that won't enter the market.
That makes it easier for them to control the book down, which many wagies will be able to take less/no advantage of at this time. As a double plus, some holders will need to sell LINK if they lose all wages.

>> No.18144073

>replying to old pasta
Fuck off, newfag nigger

>> No.18144118

you’ve needed to get that off your chest for awhile now, huh Anon? I will be saving this

>> No.18144182

>over 1000% past 2 years


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I'll be capping your posts anon, thank you for saving me the trouble typing out why the who stinky linky shit is retarded.

I want chainlink to exitscam and the linky community to fucking die, second to BSV I wish these shitcoins were banned off 4chan

>> No.18144264

Got an invite code?

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File: 645 KB, 1440x2853, 1580737162783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sergey didn't lie. he's just not technologically literate. a bunch of ICO buyers who missed out on coins with real future have been desperately trying to meme this coin into the top3 for the past 2 years on this board.

they're starting to realize it won't work, memes alone can't push a coin to arbitrary heights, so they're slowly exiting ship.

still pretty impressive where they took it desu, if they happened to pick a coin designed by actual developers like BTC or ETH, they'd have stood a chance at pushing it much higher

link was an interesting experiment, and was not at all a failure. smart players entered sub 50c and exited over $4. 8-10x ROI in 2 years, not bad. true a lot of them also spent time (and sometimes money) memeing the coin, but if the starting investment is large enough, they had some superb hourly rate.

we should look for a low cap coin, this time with actual potential, that has more than an obscure white paper to fool low-medium iq neets / those with no real understanding of technology.

>> No.18144361

Looks like ckb is becoming the next meme /biz/ coin
This or suter

>> No.18144416


Yes, that's literally it.

>> No.18144443

>paid fud
The level of delusion is unreal

>> No.18144487

You genuinely think copypasta is proof of anything?
It triggers link retards and it takes five seconds to post.
LINK holders have spammed copypasta here for fucking years
It's the #1 4chan activity
You are so delusional it hurts

>> No.18144508

not selling

>> No.18144530

Absolutely this

>> No.18144587

Dey selling for more ZANO. Smart AF

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>> No.18144647

its a pnd shitcoin, no one is using it. Its had a big run up & equilibrium must be sought.
Sadly you won't open your eyes to the scam but let me say 3 un debunk-able fud realities.
This coin broke cfc, aml & series funding regs. It has untold future liabilities.
Sadly most are so engrossed in the scam they never understand these things.

>> No.18144653

Pick any random shitcoin ico graph. That is your future. You drns retards just delayed the inevitable by gulping up the 700k loads like the good little cucks you are.

>> No.18144662
File: 26 KB, 400x400, 1560744602380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit this is beautiful.

>> No.18144669

fuckin A

>> No.18144691

Because Oracle (the actual Oracle) is integrating Chainlink.
And then there's Baseline, whereby Chainlink is slated to provide oracles to Windows, Ernst&Young, AMD, ...

Isn't it wonderful?

>Hard mode: No >it’s a scam >you didn’t sell at x >fake partnerships >Sergey lied about google swift etc
You're in the wrong place fren.
Chainlink is being shilled by the likes of Google Cloud, Oracle, and ETH; bit it's now being fudded by /biz/ harder than ever.
Because nu/biz/ is dumb as a rock.

>> No.18144702

Imagine being this upset because you missed out on Link despite all our warnings.

>> No.18144726

anon, you too were successfully fooled by some link bagholder.


the sole proof they did is that "screencap" in

which is doctored.

here's the actual oracle blockchain roadmap


look at page 29. Only ETHEREUM is mentioned as a concrete cryptocurrency. THE CHAINLINK PART IS SHOPPED.

>> No.18144730

>we should look for a low cap coin, this time with actual potential,
Unironically, suter

>> No.18144738
File: 65 KB, 400x397, 1560607869697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuckin based.

>> No.18144739

>Because Oracle (the actual Oracle) is integrating Chainlink.
holy fuck. this is the intellect level of a linkie.

ftr, even if they did it would be meaningless. but they aren't, you linkies are literally just scamming each other with your fake partnerships all over the place it's getting hillarious.

>> No.18144765

to make it look less interesting

>> No.18144776
File: 307 KB, 1315x739, oracle chainlink joost volker oowlon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they aren't
Anon, I...

>> No.18144781 [DELETED] 

for the record, even if the partnership happens, it's meaningless. tons of noname no value coins have partnershipped with big companies and stayed in the shitpond they belong.
i don't exclude big companies actually mentioning link in the future because all it takes is 1 bagholder in the right place at the right time to have a company mention another in an official document. multi national companies don't care about
so it could happend in the future, but will still not mean a thing

>> No.18144790 [DELETED] 

this is a fucking FAKE image
god you linker scammers are fucking evil or retarted

>> No.18144794 [DELETED] 

>>18144739 (You)
>>18144726 (You)
for the record, even if the partnership was REAL, it'd be meaningless. tons of noname no value coins have partnershipped with big companies and stayed in the shitpond they belong.
i don't exclude big companies actually mentioning link in the future because all it takes is 1 bagholder in the right place at the right time to have a company mention another in an official document. multi national companies can't pay attention to all of this shit.

so it could happend in the future, and you'll still be a poor bagholder for the rest of your life.


>> No.18144807

for the record, even if the partnership was REAL, it'd be meaningless. tons of noname no value coins have partnershipped with big companies and stayed in the shitpond they belong.
i don't exclude big companies actually mentioning link in the future because all it takes is 1 bagholder in the right place at the right time to have a company mention another in an official document. multi national companies can't pay attention to all of this shit.

so it could happend in the future, and you'll still be a poor bagholder for the rest of your life.


>> No.18144813 [DELETED] 

>>18144739 (You)
>>18144726 (You)
for the record, even if the partnership was REAL, it'd be meaningless. tons of noname no value coins have partnershipped with big companies and stayed in the shitpond they belong.
i don't exclude big companies actually mentioning link in the future because all it takes is 1 bagholder in the right place at the right time to have a company mention another in an official document. multi national companies can't pay attention to all of this shit.

so it could happend in the future, and you'll still be a poor bagholder for the rest of your life.


>> No.18144823

When samefagging goes horribly wrong.

>> No.18144941

>changes his argument
is this the power of nolinkers?

>> No.18144943



>> No.18145026

This is 2019 link

>> No.18145030

Copyright 2020 ;)

>> No.18145032

I don't play on hard mode. All those things are true.

>> No.18145075

Clearly you haven't done that yourself sweaty.

>> No.18145089

No, no one is using Chainlink KYC centralized oracles for anything

Chainlink won some competition 3 years ago, literally not a single news since -> PROVEN FAKE
1 blog post 10 months ago, never used on mainnet, nothing else since -> PROVEN FAKE
10 months ago, gravelcoin, fernando demoted -> PROVEN FAKE
recent news, will be proven fake soon
recent news, will be proven fake soon

>> No.18145110

not for long, all shitcoin scams with fake partnerships go back down to 0. It's the circle of life.

You'll never sell and probably kill yourself. You'll still claim Chainlink is partnered with Swift and Google after 5 years of complete radio silence.

>> No.18145118

Because all the pajeets are quarantined from using Internet cafes so the constant shilling has stopped

>> No.18145289

What part of shitcoins touted by shitcoin peddlers are worthless dont you understand faggot?

>> No.18145319

Maybe the real universe was the schizo we made along the way

>> No.18145322

Kek what this anon said, from 10 shill threads a day to nothing

>> No.18145380

>hurrr Link threads disappeared

Then why are 6 out of the top 16 threads in the catalog about Link?

>> No.18145407

Because now they’re either people rubbing it in link shills faces or the few coping linkfags left dumb enough to not sell at 4+

>> No.18145415

Thank you for your interest in Chainlink.

>> No.18145495

Take a look at LCX. I wont spam Biz with this coin. Daily Biz spam is useless and does not guarantee a price exlosion.

>> No.18146571

as an outsider who has been watching linkie threads for a couple of years now but not invested either financially or emotionally: you guys been pulling this shit for longer than i care to remember.
>chainlink "investor" makes a thread/claims something "big"
>sceptics ask for proof or at least viable logic behind said claim
>dyor fag!!4!
>spams until someone looks into said claim
>its obviously bullshit
>sceptic posts actual arguments in coherent posts
now i have no idea why would you make a shill thread if youre going to distain from discussing the project youre trying to shill but i gotta say, im a bit jelly of sergei, he has a schizo army of autists who spam his shit for free...

>> No.18146641

I have patience. I held since ico. I held from 60 cents to 16 cents. I held from $1 to 25 cents. Etc etc. the problem is everyone doesn’t know what the fuck is going on with traditional markets. It looks like to me the fed just bought stock using the treasury through black rock. Credit is freezing corporate debt is defaulting and all you guys want to talk about is god damn chainlink. Smh I’m buying more under 50 cents because I’m patient and know as soon as it breaks $1.20 everyone will throw in the towel. Ethereum $60 and bitcoin $3100.

>> No.18146656

>>chainlink "investor" makes a thread/claims something "big"
Something big like Google Cloud and Oracle?

>> No.18146685
File: 342 KB, 1228x1286, reddit-just-wins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes, something big that has been proven to be fake

Chainlink won some competition 3 years ago, literally not a single news since -> PROVEN FAKE
1 blog post 10 months ago, never used on mainnet, nothing else since -> PROVEN FAKE
10 months ago, gravelcoin, fernando demoted -> PROVEN FAKE
recent news, will be proven fake soon
recent news, will be proven fake soon

Redditors actually predicted it was fake 9 months ago. Why didn't you listen?

>> No.18146701

Chainlink ने 3 साल पहले कुछ प्रतियोगिता जीती थी, शाब्दिक रूप से एक भी खबर नहीं है -> प्रोवेन फेक
1 ब्लॉग पोस्ट 10 महीने पहले, मेननेट पर कभी भी उपयोग नहीं किया गया, इसके बाद से -> प्रोवेन फेक
10 महीने पहले, बजरी, फ़र्नान्डो को डीमोट किया गया -> प्रोवेन फ़ेक
हाल ही में खबर है, जल्द ही नकली साबित हो जाएगा
हाल ही में खबर है, जल्द ही नकली साबित हो जाएगा

>> No.18146720

discord trannys are out in force

>> No.18146765
File: 68 KB, 1200x630, bigbrain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big brain answer - because it's correlated with the stock markets, more than it's correlated with crypto. The partnerships with big data made it the best bear market coin, while the stock markets were pumping, the same has a negative effect now, when Google, Oracle, Salesforce and Intel stocks are going down the drain. We will turn it around, because Sergey is now working with many DeFi projects.

>> No.18147091

It's an erc20 token which (literally) can create out of thin air and around 20cents worth of ethereum.
Their promises are all marketing tactics
Their agenda is a marketing tactic
Their supposed goal is surplus to requirement - fiat to crypto instant payment was solved a long time ago (see Wire? And others). API can never be solved with a 'one size fits all' and big corps will never solely use an out of house solution to connect to their systems.... For obvious Security reasons. But that doesn't matter, because they have nothing to give to corps anyway.

>> No.18147248

>marketing tactic

You have to admit that getting Google, Oracle, ... to announce their Chainlink ties FIRST is a genius "marketing tactic".

>> No.18147250

VCs Friends of Sergay bought millions of LINK for 9 dollar cents. Guess what - not one landed on an exchange to this day. During the Google Blogpost last June volume on coinbase was in the billions. Lots of liquidity to exit a 50x. But they didn’t, sergay could have easily drop a hint to his backers without the chance of him or Anyone else ever being afraid to face insider trading charges

>> No.18147296


>> No.18147389

hehe saved
case and point

>> No.18147399

this is exactly what im talking about

>> No.18147409

Lose the lies

>> No.18147425

So you're saying anons on here are merely "claiming" that Google Cloud and Oracle are connected to Chainlink?

>> No.18147535

the level of retardation in this thread is untrue - almost all cryptos are down cause BTC is down ,- yes the amount varies, but not significantly. why is BTC down? CAUSE WE ARE IN A GLOBAL RECESSION THE LIKES OF WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE - you're all arguing like why apple stock is down more than Tesla or whatever - the whole market is crashing. its not a reflection on the validity of a specific company. the stock of no company no matter how viable & important is going to go down in this situation. and it was obvious!!! anyone holding right now is crazy and RETARDED - no matter how much you believe in link, to think that it will miraculously stay constant in price when the world is literally in uncharted economic waters boggles the mind.

the only question is, how low will the price actually go? if all the lockdowns have to last for months not weeks the world is simply fucked, and along with stocks, BTC and the rest of crypto, it will crash & it's not beyond the pale of imagination to imagine sub 1$ link at somepoint in the coming months. then you'll all really be crying and asking yourselves why you didn't sell when it was still above 2.

the scary thing is, USA looks set to be worse than china, NYC will be worse than Wuhan. if you can comprehend this then you should be scared

>> No.18147621
File: 27 KB, 407x407, 1517388464394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No one gives a shit about the glorified sniffles everyone is freaking out over nothing
>bbb-but le science and medical men and le literal WHO said it's very very bad

quit being a retard and taking their b8 literally nothing is happening to people just fabricated reports of people who are dying from the actual yearly flu not the heckin shanghi shivers now get off my board and go back to >>>/x/

>> No.18147642

fucking kys and go back biz is shit right now cause of you faggots

>> No.18147644

holly shit youre dumb. You seriously think anybody is retarded enough to let you shift the narrative from "companies actually considering chainlink as a data provider" to "vague connection to cloud hosting services"?
The speculative value in chainlink lies in two things: the technology to build reliable, decentralised data sources(chainlink doesnt do that btwt) and potential industrial entities who could theoretically use link to provide data to their blockchain solution. The only info that i saw in the last two years that actually makes some sense and not complete schizoid mumbling is that some companies who are considering HOSTING blockchain solutions MIGHT host chainlink too.
This is so far from being actual news that its not even funny anymore, its just really really sad. And i repeat, this is the ONLY info that might indicate that anybody of value considers chainlink a real blockchain project. Because its not. Chainlink is a normie newfag reddit project with agressive, dumb, stubborn losers constantly shilling it. Remember: good projects dont need shills. Feel free to answer any of these posts, i couldnt say better myself:
bonus: this beautiful /meta/ post

>> No.18147664

>holly shit youre dumb. You seriously think anybody is retarded enough to let you shift the narrative from "companies actually considering chainlink as a data provider" to "vague connection to cloud hosting services"?
Stop babbling and answer the question.

You said "chainlink "investor" makes a thread/claims something "big""; does this include things like Google Cloud and Oracle?

>> No.18148936

>Google Cloud and Oracle
Google Cloud and Oracle what? Partnership? Oracle or Google Cloud using chainlink as a data provider? Eventually buying tokens in the process?
YES! you fucking retard! Now answer my other questions!

>> No.18149041
File: 145 KB, 1600x767, google cloud chainlink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Google Cloud and Oracle what?
Literal Oracle integration according to Oracle itself.

As for Google Cloud, whatever you want to call pic related.

>> No.18149056

Link and BSV have been an absolute cancer to this board

>> No.18149480

so you can receive data from an API on Google App Engine? how is this new information?! Im a dev myself, dont try to fucking bullshit me, i know what im talking about, i implemented fucking microservices on both amazon and google cloud. Of course an application on the App Engine can receive requests from APIs argh! This is standard functionality, this is how the internet works you moron, you would know this if you knew anything about technology.
Ok if you want to understand whats actually on youre image think of it like this: according to this diagram chainlink nodes will have the ability to send "requests"(i assume HTTP requests) to external adresses, such as a virtual machine in Google Cloud. This has nothing to do with Google Cloud in particular, you could replace it with "amazon aws" or "backwater rack service" or "your moms computer", it just looks good to have "Google" on youre amature-ass looking architectural diagram. chainlink OBVIOUSLY can make requests to other servers(computers), this is its BASE FUCKING FUNCTIONALITY!! It took YEARS for them to implement it but there you have it, a semi-centralised data broker, congratulations.
See, this is what im talking about!! Some lying piece of shit makes a shitty diagram that technically doesnt lie but implies something "big" or have a big fucking corporations name on it and you retards jump on it like a bunch of fucking retards, making a fool out of yourself every fucking time.
I dont know about the oracle integration and i invested too much time arguing over nothing, good day sir, stay poor.

>> No.18149514

Stop babbling and address the point.

>I dont know about the oracle integration
Apparently not.

Google Cloud and Oracle are two of the absolute biggest pieces of news for Chainlink, and both were announced by Google Cloud and Oracle FIRST.

>> No.18149696

i adressed the point
youre too retarded to understand it
its easy to be collected when you have nothing to say.

>> No.18149965
File: 91 KB, 1200x603, 2020-03-28 18.52.57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can always capitulate from your shitcoin and go deep in Quant


>> No.18149975

It's FIAT aka it's worthless.

Buy gold and silver.

>> No.18150083

Do you realize yet that when all the gold mines in Africa and South America will be able to actually MOVE all the gold they produce now, flooding the market, the price will fall like mad?

>> No.18150440

No you didn't.

You said the big news surrounding Chainlink are merely "claims" made by anons, but the biggest news (Oracle, Google Cloud, ...) is broken by Oracle, Google Coud, ... themselves.
Explain that.

>> No.18150545

>Why is link dumping so much harder than other coins?
Because it went x20 in one year while other coins made x3 at most. And it's not even crashing that much harder, it's still in the top 15

>> No.18150559
File: 113 KB, 991x695, 1582130360368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18150611

Lower in rank than just before Oracle lmao.

>> No.18150650

yeah we really took a beating from #11 and tezos is still #10 its a bit annoying

>> No.18150680

they never actually "solved" the oracle problem

>> No.18150681

Pretty amazing.

Just look at all the news that came out after reaching #11. Shit like bZx adopting Chainlink following a major exploit.

>> No.18150733

Linkies are the only people capable of being more annoying than BSV shills and that speaks for itself

>> No.18150767

Nice backtracking you got there fuckface

>> No.18150872

kek, it's fake some shill made that whole document

>> No.18150989

>it just looks good to have "Google" on youre amature-ass looking architectural diagram
uhhhh, buddy, that diagram was made by Google themselves.

You absolute dumbass.

>> No.18152383

Why do these idiots even try?

>> No.18152390


>> No.18152417

Because they are holders. They want the price to fall to buy moar. Tell me, who doesn't wish they had bought at 15 cents or so?

>> No.18153540
File: 334 KB, 1186x1276, Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 5.11.41 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The partnership is fake. You just have low IQ.

See, the BLOG POST is real. It's a real marketing blog post release by some PR person at Google Cloud.

The fake part is the PARTNERSHIP. It's not a partnership. It's a blog post. Hence why it's a FAKE PARTNERSHIP.

It's fucking hilarious that Linkers have so fucking low IQ they can't even understand basic logic or English.

It is a fake partnership. That is a proven fact.

Why? Because some literal who employee at Google ran a node on test net for 2 days, THEN DUMPED HIS LINK. And never talked about Chainlink ever again.

Radio silence. Nada. No use. No integration. No mainnet. No partnership. Nothing.

There. Fake partnership confirmed.

Redditors predicted this 9 months ago btw. Why didn't you listen?

>> No.18154039

You are completely missing the point. None of these partnerships are 'fake' the have just evolved beyond the level of a pleb like uu getting it. ON PURPOSE. Now realize that shit

>> No.18154085
File: 99 KB, 480x458, 15C4BBA9-4915-4E2F-AB13-7A0D1200450B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posting old ass copy pasta fud
>from reddit
Are fudfags even trying anymore?

>> No.18154239

TRB is the new link
you're free to ignore it

>> No.18154467

Id you know this retard, shut him up. Fucking idiot.

>> No.18154636

it ran out of memes to induce hype.
The token was always worthless. The most common scam in crypto - creating a false association between use of the network (which is minuscule, but that's another thing) and value of the token. Very few tokens truly monetize adoption.

>> No.18154671

kek no, they haven't evolved. they have went radio silent.

What does that mean? It means they were a fake partnership from the start.

You've been BTFOed and trying to make up some excuse kek fucking pathetic.

Redditors predicted this 9 months ago btw. Why didn't you listen? You could have saved 50% of your life savings.

>> No.18154798


>> No.18154899

You had up to 2020 to become a superpower but you still be shitting on the streets instead of a loo

>> No.18154924

do me at least the favour and not choke while you say shit, because choking is just not worth it, wait.... I will make u unchoke

>> No.18154933

Based AND red-pilled I might add.

>> No.18154964


>> No.18155053

Ah I see.. die when can u can do more damage. No worries.

>> No.18156510
File: 46 KB, 903x342, next eth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nico posters are so cute.

>> No.18156562

Nolinkers are poolinkers.
Swingies get the rope.
$1000 EOY

>> No.18156579
File: 2.98 MB, 480x270, quade2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my linkies...

>> No.18156738

I’m really getting tired. Honestly if link doesn’t fulfill 1000$ eoy meme this year are get close. Then this broad should be shut down next year.

>> No.18157242


>> No.18157401

2000 link is a nice stack dude

>> No.18157506

What are you invested in then?

>> No.18157523

It went from 13 to 20 before, nothing unusual after the big pump we had

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