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>Dependents get no money even if they work full time
That's fucking it, what a stab in the back from this piece of shit. Zoomers gave him the presidency yet he gives us jack shit in return. Not voting for him again.

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Don't know what you are talking about, I am getting 1200 doll hairs

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time to grow up my fren

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>works full time

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I, too, am getting 1200 DOLL HAIRS, Cindy

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LOL fuck no i didn't vote for that orange retard. my boomer parents did and I told them that i hope they fucking die

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If you work full time, why are you still a dependant?

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I don't work full time but the point still stands

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You weren't even conscious when trump announced his running, you have no memory of how horrible Obama was.

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>I told them that i hope they fucking die
Angry tumblr user

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>LOL fuck no i didn't vote for that orange retard. my boomer parents did and I told them that i hope they fucking die
Honest to God, get the fuck out.
You're a vile, slimy piece of shit, and I don't like the idea of sharing the board with you.

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>I don't work full time but the point still stands
No it doesn't because working full time & being a dependent doesnt make sense

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so you like living under fascism? you love your parents who voted for a man who killed democracy and lock children in cages?
I'm not the piece of shit here.

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no it doesn't. You're an idiot

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Sup reddit.

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Also, as a zoomer myself, i hope you fucking die, you disrespectful piece of trash.

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Better be careful your parents don't see this little guy, you might get grounded

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Zoomers didn't give him the presidency, retard. It was the boomers and they still don't think they made a mistake electing this unqualified piece of shit.

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Why doesn't Trump want me to make it? I don't understand

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You don't vote.

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What is the definition of "dependent" used then?

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Feels like reddit here

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Parents can still claim you

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Could zoomers even vote in 2016?

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Wrong, it was me and my friends on /pol/ that got him elected. Boomers just did what our memes told them to. But this election, I won't be giving him shit.

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Sounds like a snowflake.

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>can be claimed as dependent up until age 24

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What's your suggestion on how to handle children who may not even be with their real families: Turn them loose to potentially be abused and trafficked, or keep them in an Obama-made cage for two weeks while you process them?

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Glad Im not the only one on this board. Fuck that orange retard. He is just an unqualified, lying piece of shit.
Hope he dies of corona-chan

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No, but they can vote in this election though. Zoomers like Trump for the memes, but I'm pretty sure most of them knows he's trash as a president.

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nah, the oldest ones were 16

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So those born in 98/99 are millennials?

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Trump is a boomer retard but it's not fascism you spastic cunt

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That was four years ago when you voted for him. Get your shit together.

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They don't know what fascism looks like, america doesn't even come close to the "fascist" idea.

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not yet

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>working full time

Who even does this besides niggers? Stop lying to try and cheat the government, this negroid behavior is EXACTLY why things like welfare and free lunch programs can never work.

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Does it only count if you are currently a dependent?

I was filed as a dependent in 2018 by my parents but not as part of their 2019 taxes (where i filed my own).

Does the current bill still use the 2018 tax returns?

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The stimulus is retarded, all the magapedes supporting it proves most of them are fucking drones and morons, this shit has swamp written all over it.

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Zoomers were too busy eating tidepods and stealing their single mother's credit card to give tokens to trannies to see their dicks to worry about voting.

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you are ignorant if you dont see the signs.

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Hold up, is OP implying boomies are bad? They're fucking based and redpilled!

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It uses whatever is the most recent


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>Orange man bad

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Oh right the signs, such as? Comforming to one ideology? Forcing you to join the military? Beating to death opponents?
Where did the orange man touched you? Maybe in your feelings?

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Imagine being "redpilled", yet actually thinks Israel is the big bad despite being our greatest allies and the only one we can trust, Protip newfag, we hate liberal (americanized) jews, not actual based jews.

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>A-as long as they're conservative! It's the liberals who are the REAL baddies!

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Who cares? That money's gonna be worth less than toilet paper in a few months.

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Literally yes. I don't know what the fuck you thought you were arguing for by stating blatant facts. The Orthodox jews are our friends, unlike Cuckrope, Asia and spic continent whom all stab us in the back the moment we decide to save the world, like in Afghanistan or Iraq.

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Gen Z starts at 95 idiots.

98 here. I'm 21.

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Jews destroyed the Western world, retard.
Wasn't it just discovered that Israel had spying devices in the White House? Fuck kikes. If only hitler didn't start his stupid war, we wouldn't have to put Jews on a pedestal in the modern day.

>Muh anti-Semitism

They can fuck off. I'm not dying for Israel in some future war with China.

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>working full time
Choose one

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Why should we blame them for playing the same game like us? I mean, we literally had CIA eavesdrop on eurocucks and they not only forgave us when it was found out due to that traitor tranny, they actually sucked our cocks while at it. Even close friends keep a close eye on each other's business.

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I was going to put it all in Chainlink though

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no neetbux for the neets who still live with mummy? No neetbux for the wagies who still live with mummy? UMM HELLO BASED DEPARTMENT

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Its 97

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Israel has every right to exist
Large uptick in pol subhumans since the crash.
You have to go back

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>Fuckin shitty Zoomer attitude

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I knew it, that post confused me

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Hey dumbfuck, zoomers gave him this presidency because zoomers don't fucking vote in general lmfao. Just like everything else they let the big grownups decide for them. Crawl back into your stupid ass hole and dilate tranny.

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I despise Trump and feel indifferent about China. How am I from /pol/?

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>Zoomers gave him the presidency
none of you voted

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The day will come when Middle East oil will become irrelevant or run out and America will drop support to Israel like it was used toilet paper.
Reminder that the Soviets, Taliban, and Saddam Hussein were once allies. Israel is not that special to avoid the same fate.

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>The Orthodox jews are our friends, unlike Cuckrope, Asia and spic continent whom all stab us in the back the moment we decide to save the world, like in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Nice bait

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Genx boomer living in a swing state. I voted trump in 16 cause I thought he'd get me and mine more.money and better life, lol. All I got was a stab in the back. Based zoomers. He can't win anyway, demographics have shited.too much. We are Latin america now, unironically. People hated Obama bc he was a nog. If join the military prepare to die, in some shithole. Can't blame Obama for retards.getting killed in Libya. I'll believe I get coronabux when I put the check in the bank

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>tfw got claimed by p*rents

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>We invade Iraq to save the people from oppression and tyranny
>Europe protests
Oh yeah, real good friends, huh?
Fuck off eurotard. We did you a solid so many times and all we get in return is whine upon whine

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Dependents are 17 or younger.

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>Syria and Libya destroyed
>suddenly millions of refugees
Why would Europeans be mad, I wonder...

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You rather want to live in fear under a terrorist world? No, you don't, but then again, you always fellated strongmen so of course you secretly want them to impregnate your women since your kings won't do it anymore.

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