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Hahaha holy fuck the desperation

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what the fuck

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orange buffoon is losing it

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>I don’t believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators

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Holy shit, it's literally always real.

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that's a man

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wtf i want to fuck his wife and make him watch

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Donald Pump is just paying 10D chess, you wouldn't understand

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good call Trump, you're only 2 months too late

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If I could get a hold of that man, I’d tell him to calm down, bro

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Just counter signal your first thought. Obviously this is bearish as hell, somehow this will turn out bullish. Dont ask how but it always works.

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droomphers on suicide watch

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Still a better story than Killary Clinton's body count

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well way more people will die, like 10's of times more if the market crashes than some fucking flu

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Trusting the UAW to make anything at a reasonable speed. They have not even sourced the components yet. AMA i quoted the parts for GM.

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He's so fucking retarded man. Jesus Christ, JUST be a real fucking president, invoke the DPA then force those companies to do it. Stop tweeting impotent bullshit and use the powers of the presidency that you have. Fucking hell

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literally only posting this to blame everything on the outsourcing, and his base is gonna eat it up, he knows what's asking is completely unreasonable at this point

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>The revolution will not be televised

It will be on Twitter.

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this can't be real

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hahaha fug it's real https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1243559373395410957

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Le goberment cant do it because thats socialism, he literally has to beg his corporate overlords to produce it for him

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Same thing happened with the Google website that was going to be better than ever seen before.

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He has the power to compel this by using the defense production act. He isn't using it because it would nuke the company's profits. What he's doing right now is setting up the appearance of doing something to take credit and shift blame. That's Trump 101.

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Not all who wander are lost

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Wow, a country that prioritizes its own existence over its individual citizens? I'm sure this has no historical precedent...

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lmao jesus christ

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I voted for Donald Trump.

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and then the solution: nationalization
or father FEDization

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the art of the deal, anons
the art of the deal

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Imagine writing this and thinking "Yep, this is good" and pressing the tweet button

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RATHER ffs typo

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he actually has the power to force them to do that.

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...you're not one of those ideological extremists who think that something like that defense production act is a slippery snowball to nationalizing industries, are you?

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Worse. He actually dictates most of his tweets so he probably yelled this at scavino, made scavino read it back to him and then said "Yep, this is good"

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no big deal his family and kike friends are safe with their daily dose of baby blood

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as a foreigner, I cannot thank you enough for your service

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>he means you
I would simply choose not to contract the coronavirus, therefore, it isn't me.

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"How many exclamation marks, sir?"

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the man can't form a sentence and has early onset dementia. of course he can't run a fucking country

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You here that Ohio? New Yorkers and Californians need ventilators NOW. Return to your wage cages and start producing.

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once again, i thought it was a fake tweet. went and checked, its real. pretty sure its safe to say usa is fucked at this point.

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why would anybody think that the entitiy that is solely allowed and tasked with the issuing of DEBT/CREDIT/CURRENCY is the one place that ever piece of ownership-right magically flows to when all the borrowers are unable to serve their debts anymore?
who would've thought of that??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

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When did liberals start lying more than Trump?

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>instead of @GM
top kek

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How hard can it be to produce some air in, air out thingies.

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seems like a ploy to bring manufacturing back to the USA

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Just hire some people who got laid off to do jumping jacks on the patients' lungs.

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It's just a flu Donny

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>Globalism made this whole global pandemic possible, and is also resulting in critical manufacturing shortages in Western nations, and yet people haven't wizened up to the notion that this is an indictment of globalism itself yet

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Very hard for dinausaur industries that have never done anything but shitty cars.
Watch Tesla or any other Elon Musk ran company to be literally the first to come up with a mass production solution (probably something involved 3d printing)

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Yeah, just like how globalism, a modern phenomenon, created every major pandemic in history, right? Literally only started in the last 40 years.

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Ngl, whatchu think they gonna do with the brand new shipped in ventilators? Why secure em to your billionaire fossil frens ala russia

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Damn. The crisis is getting worse...

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He already did a week ago

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he could also just pay them, the government has infinite money

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He is such an unbelievable retard

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I have BABA and SPY puts, so I hold until end of day??? How do you think it’ll close

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why is Donny still working on this deal via Twitter when it should have been concluded 1+ month ago ?

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Most pandemics were regionally limited in the past. And globalism didn't "start" 40 years ago, it got ramped up to hyperspeed 40 years ago. Which is why this virus spread so quickly.

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Musk announced it that Tesla will start producing "as soon as humanly possible" that last I've read about it. So it's probably not far off.
Dunno actually if it has started already...

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>stupidly abandoned
It got sold to an electric truck startup.

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why not just use the war procurements act or whatever it was called. He said he was holding it over the heads of companies for leverage - why not just mandate them to get to work?

This is why our infection and death rate numbers are going to be much worse than Italy (I would say China too but I don't trust China's numbers).

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in the 90's

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This further proves my theory that everyone who has "cat" in their username is a tranny

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Musk is a fraud, batteries are a meme and Tesla is overpriced garbage

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I love how he says one thing in a tweet, and another thing in a different tweet going against the first. It enrages those who have trump living rent free in their head.

It goes like this:

>Trump says something inflammatory
>Leftists who hang onto his every word get enraged
>Trump then says something which contradicts the first thing he said, which, because it's the opposite of what he first said, Liberals MUST now agree with him to stay non hypocritical
>Liberals heads explode as they hate that they must now agree with Trump despite them hating him with all of their being

I love watching it. Absolutely a master troll

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checked but anon is a faggot

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Most pandemics are still regionally limited right now. You had things like the black plague or small pox though. You've got things like this now. If you're presently worried about addressing root causes of pandemics in the modern era then climate change must have you terrified, no? Because compared to the diseases likely to be unleashed by the forces of climate change this is a warm up.

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>I don't understand Trump

>> No.18128141


I'll take my chances you cunt.

- Brady Sluder

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Someone doesn't understand what world reserve currency means. If the US loses king dollar the US will see many more deaths than what the Wu Flu will cause. She doesn't understand we are all in this together.

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That's a man

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This is truly amazing. What a clown world we live in. Kek

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Oh my god this is a real tweet.
And theres a fury storm of tweets following it.

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He's afraid of corporations.

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Spoken like a true kike

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Why does this retard hate the free market so much ?

>> No.18128199

This is America's swan song.
We're going into that good night.

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Disease will be less pronounced in the first world actually from climate change. Atleast contagious ones. Why do you think spread of the flu goes down in the summer when its warm?

>> No.18128212

>early onset
He's in his late 70s. I dont know what you think the human lifespan is but late 70s is pretty fucking late in the game.

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You smack of so much Dunning-Kruger that you don't even know that your inferences from various factoids are laughable.

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Eh America has been rapidly declining since the 60's anyway, all the progressive nonsense, extreme outsourcing, loss of meaning & purpose and loss of social cohesion just isn't sustainable at all. People forgot what the country was founded on, got rid of all those things over time, and just thought that foundation would be strong enough to withstand all the shoddy construction built ontop of it. Meanwhile the foundation has been crumbling and is about to give way.

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Why do we need full blown ventilator production if everything is under control and we’ll all be back to work in a week

>> No.18128319

It kinda did though
>black plague- caused by Venetian merchants travelling back from the sill road
>smallpox native american genocide-caused by Spaniards colonizing the new world
>19th century cholera outbreams-caused by filthy and cramped conditions created by industrialization
>Spanish flu-caused by soldiers fighting in a war between colonial powers who drew on their entire global population

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imagine thinking corona will peak anytime soon

>> No.18128335

They're not MY inferences buddy. If you disagree, by all means, that's your choice, but you're in the minority of thought.

>> No.18128338

I have a feeling we're about to find out he or someone close to him has corona.

>> No.18128342

>gretatard has shit-tier opinions and defends literally the biggest and most direct cause of global warming-globalism

>> No.18128362

why the fuck is this communist jew interfering with free market's operations?
this authoritarian commie piece of shit should stop pressuring private businesses.

>> No.18128372

literally sounds like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum

>> No.18128415

textbook snowflake/spoiled golden brat kid
yet trailerpark droomphers think the opposite
negative IQ must be possible after all

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Life would be a lot funner if he really looked like this.

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my man

>> No.18128462

>free market

>> No.18128468

based sluder

>> No.18128476

It is but that and Trump are not actually mutually exclusive, despite what both the left and right would tell you. If Trump actually had some balls he would be going full Nazbol and have shut down things back when North Korea did.

>> No.18128479


Disease has ravaged civilization since the agricultural revolution. The more isolated a population is the lower the risk of any given infection but the greater the impact of it. Isolationism is borrowing from Peter to pay Paul in terms of disease.


Not remotely. Those are the inferences prominent in the echo chamber that you have subsumed yourself within. Credible scientists have been screaming about climate change driven pandemics for quite some time.

>> No.18128503

It's responsible for the rapid spread, yes.
Plauges in the past took months to spread and sometimes didn't make it into certain regions. With the frequency of modern jet travel, corona spread several times around the world in less than a month.

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Holy shit he's lost it kek

>> No.18128539

>Credible scientists have been screaming about climate change driven pandemics for quite some time.
Correct. So.... why are we still allowing Free travel of movement everywhere? Why are we allowing China, the place where the majority of the worst plagues in history come from, to keep industrializing. WHY ARE WE ALLOWING INDIA TO INDUSTRIALIZE.


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>left vs right


>> No.18128587

I thought Ford was not part of GM?

>> No.18128607

>ITT: right-wing brainlets try to redirect the conversation back to nationalism and isolationism as their cheeto-colored emperor fumbles around impotently in public


>> No.18128611

They aren't?
But Ford is in some serious financial trouble (again), so they really could use the business.

>> No.18128614

Where are the VCs opening up hundreds of small factories all over the country churning out ventilators? The market demands it, does it not?

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never gets old

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Yeah hes actually just pretending to be retarded, he is going to do the smart thing any day now just to piss off the libs

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>Potus doesn't want nation stopped over a meme flu virus
>that's bad

Enough marvel movie binging on netflix for you retards, get back to work.

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Are you going to engage in my questions or just pretend I am Trump supporter so you can feel smug?

>> No.18128684

holy cringe

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jewish suicides don't matter

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>well way more people will die, like 10's of times more if the market crashes than some fucking flu

It seems the only one who understands this is Trump. Kikes and their media want this country destroyed over coronavirus.

>> No.18128740


rage rage against the dying of the light

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what a maroon
what an ignoranimus

>> No.18128801

>faggy electric prius knockoffs will doom us all
I didn't think it would end this way

>> No.18128831


I don't think that the far right argues in good faith. I don't think that your questions are intended to do anything other than to elicit a position to attack as a way to advance a far-right ideology. I think you're a fool for thinking that isolationism is possible in the 21st century, and the idea that we can simultaneously be isolationist in our economic policy while forcibly clipping China and India's ability to industrialize is nonsense.

I don't think that you care that the idea that we can be isolationist cannot coexist with the idea that we can be interventionist enough to stop the two most populous countries in the world from industrializing. Even when the contradiction is pointed out to you I don't think that you really care about it.

>> No.18128893

America was founded on poisonous (((enlightenment))) values by a bunch of freemasons. This was always going to be the end result.

>> No.18128922

>some scammy EV start up will be the death of America
A fitting end

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Its called balance. You progressive fucks tilted so far to the left that you stripped America of all manufacturing and made it entirely dependent on China/India which abuse child labor. Also Obama (and GoP establishment) were completely impotent on trade deficits.

Get down from your ivory towers and repent. The pendulum isn't going to move back left until you fuckers learn some modesty and rational sense.

>> No.18129014

>I would simply choose not to contract the coronavirus
This. The most Drumpf could be accused of is being slightly inhumane, because, at the end of the day, is up to the people to chose if they get infected or not. But even that label is quite a stretch

>> No.18129065

Can't wait till the permafrost melts releasing some hundred million year old virus that wipes us all out.

It will be the eighth great extinction event. We like to believe humanity is some special snowflake species that can overcome anything but nature is going to bitchslap us all into Oblivion.

>> No.18129066

Almost every shithole country Europeans need a bunch of vaccinations to visit, are hotter or tropical.

What planet are people on when they think an increase in temperature by a few degrees will kill disease?

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>it's totally under control right magapedes

>> No.18129127


>> No.18129153

God has a sense of humor.

>> No.18129202

America was always a pump and dump scam by greedy anglo merchants you delusional fucker. Washington manipulated the office of president to make out like a bandit with public money.

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Anyone always get a Chris Chan post vibe from his tweets?

Something about how he RANDOMLY capitalized certain words in his tweets, even WHEN he's not angry, Often just a Letter here and There for no Good Reason. Sad!

>> No.18129255


No you dumbfuck. It's not a question of balance. You can't be so isolationist as to be largely quarantined from potential disease but so interventionist that you can STOP THE ENTIRE CONTINENT OF FUCKING ASIA from industrializing and exporting goods to the rest of the world.


I think you don't actually understand the effects of climate change or how that intersects with the spread of disease. I think knowing that "a few degrees change in average temperature" has given you mad Dunning-Kruger.

>> No.18129269

A 100 million year old virus probably wouldn't even have the right proteins to enter a modern cell. Evolution is a constant arms race between parasites and non-parasites

>> No.18129284

Commie until you earn money
Liberal until you need them ventilators

>> No.18129305

Cuck spotted

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>its not about balance
>if the rest of the world is bowing to china/india then so must we outsource literally everything, otherwise you're raycis

Keep losing lefties.

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File: 21 KB, 600x600, back pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone get a good look at this lunatic redditor. A true sociopath freak who has personalized and internalized a President's actions. Maybe screencap his posts. In November, 2020, we can all post the screencaps and have a good laugh at his expense!

>> No.18129400


Sounds like politics

>> No.18129403

This isn't a serious tweet. Its empty political gesturing. Replace "ventilators" with "cars as reliable as my dad's 1959 Impala" and you have the perfect paen to dumb midwestern boomers.

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You can expect the /pol/ damage control to escalate inhumanly out of control in the coming weeks. It doesn't matter how bigly their beautiful president (swell guy by the way) fucks up, they will rally behind him as if he is literally their god and has had their interests at heart at any point in his presidency.

>> No.18129443

But I thought the data showed it was just the flu, Trump cultists. What do we need mass production of ventilators for?

>> No.18129466

/pol/ damage control? /pol/ is currently having a civil war between /cvg/ (Virus is a real happening and Amerimutts are fucked) and /ptg/ (Just a flu bro! Trust the plan!)

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JUST WASH YOUR *cough cough* HANDS *wheeze* BRO

>> No.18129497

Imagine being the social media low paid wagie running GM or Ford’s Twitter accounts getting some angry tweets from the president of the United States. Why the fuck is this retard posting this on Twitter to nobody important? Why can’t he just call someone? Fucking hell.

>> No.18129511


>ignore the argument
>make up some shit
>attack a strawman
>conflate leftists with neoliberals
>accuse me of being a lefty who also likes outsourcing

Top kek. Get fucked you nazi cucks.

>> No.18129520

Many people still think /pol/ is still in 2015 when other boards are more pro-Trump than /pol/ is now

>> No.18129544

>If the US loses king dollar the US will see many more deaths than what the Wu Flu will cause. She doesn't understand we are all in this together.
Unlikely, Americans have enough fat reserves to survive decades without consoooming

>> No.18129553

This. Trump won because he has the same policy proposals as your average 60 yo blue-collar retard who spends all his time drinking bud lite in a dive bar now that the factory's left town. Thinking that GM could solve all of America's problems if only the corporate eggheads would just bring jobs back to America is 100% on brand for that.

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File: 1.02 MB, 325x203, no need.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There it is, I knew you'd reply. You can't help yourself. You're a sociopathic narcissist. See you in November, schizo.

>> No.18129596


>that magapede desperation

>> No.18129627

Since he announced he was running

>> No.18129628

>the rest of the world is bowing to china/india then so must we outsource literally everything

just how new are you, pretending that American companies shipping their manufacturing overseas is some some sort of SJW ploy when it's been going on since the 1970s at least

>> No.18129634
File: 17 KB, 480x480, 413224324354321124.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you still replying to everything? Did you söilent storage run out or something?

>> No.18129656

>I voted for a guy because he makes queers on Twitter get upset
>Haha! Take THAT liberals!

>> No.18129658


I enjoy doing a victory lap when magapedes actually realize that they've lost the argument even if they can't admit it :^)

>> No.18129659
File: 755 KB, 623x1309, 1560008354387.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when it's been going on since the 1970s at least

That's why I literally said this
>Also Obama (and GoP establishment) were completely impotent on trade deficits.

Learn to read more before you get baited again.

>> No.18129669

>other boards are more pro-Trump than /pol/
what boards

are the origami people on board with his origami policies

>> No.18129678

Lmao he replied, I wonder if hes the mexican, the nog or the fag.
overpriced ventilators are the problem not ventilators

>> No.18129694

you sir, are a team sports retard and as such you are never going to make it.

>> No.18129696

>>Also Obama
>unironically ironically thanking Obama for creating the Flu crisis

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