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I have only 3000 LINK
I could sell my camera to buy another 400 LINK
I would even make a profit on the sale.
But it was my first camera I ever bought and I took her with me everywhere. Not that I am a big time photograph, but I am somewhat emotional attached to it.
What should I do frens?
It somewhat feel wrong to sell it. But buying LINK is always good.
I can't decide

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link is a scam

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Just be yourself

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>am somewhat emotional attached to it.
tfw all the Chainlink shills left are ESLers

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Please blog here in 6 months when link goes down to 0.50

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Keep the camera. It’s a working product and you have obvious strong ties to it.

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when you've made it, you'll miss that camera. the things we love in life are so precious anon, don't give it up for a temporary greed. when you're old and nearing the end, do you truly think the 400 linkies, even if it turns into $400,000, will be worth more than the love you have for this thing?

it /is/ just a thing, don't get me wrong. it's just a fucking camera, but the only thing that makes us human is our ability to love, anon. don't give that up.

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I don’t think you fagglts even understand how fucking much 3k link will be.

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Youre obviously not that attached if youre considering selling it for Russian scamware

ffs chainlink is located in the cayman islands and pays low level shit coin teams to let them feed prices in the link network

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looks like schizos have showed up
baby's first occult starter pack KEK


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Yes I sold my beloved mountainbike 2018 to get more link

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Don’t sell the camera. Your going to be so wealthy with 3,000 link you’ll be able to have a harem of women all different races sucking your cock daily

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Read the last paragraph from the 2nd image

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Why? All the partnerships have already been proven fake.
Chainlink won some competition 3 years ago, literally not a single news since -> PROVEN FAKE
1 blog post 10 months ago, never used on mainnet, nothing else since -> PROVEN FAKE
10 months ago, gravelcoin, fernando demoted -> PROVEN FAKE
recent news, will be proven fake soon
recent news, will be proven fake soon

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OP if you honestly cant tell its a bunch schizos shilling link at this point, then youre too far from saving. Go ahead and sell your camera for this cult. im out

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Thanks frens. I´ll keep it then.
I put it on ebay just for interest after I made this post and people would even give me more than what I asked for (which was already more than I paid for anyway)
Never selling my camera
Never selling my Linkies

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this, I didnt sold my first car, it was given to me by my mother as a gift and even though its got so many problems, the memories I had with it cannot be traded with anything.

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Yes I sold my car, got a loan and moved back in with my mum despite having 3 properties
What are you prepared to sacrifice to make it brother
85k Link here

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Sell. Emotional attachment is stupid. You can create more great memories with the money you get

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>when you've made it
>made it

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