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We're fucked. Trump is fiddling economic knobs but ....

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There are more cases in NYC alone than the entire country lmfao

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half the country dying is already priced in

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I live here it’s pretty comfy as long as you just stay home. if you get sick rn you’re as good as dead but other than that it’s chill.

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Maybe it's the purge you guys have needed tbf. Should be some more space, clean air, and available housing soon.

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what happens to stocks when owner dies?

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'Money printer go brrr' is priced in at this moment. $3800 was getting toward pricing in what is to come.

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On the owner's death the stocks become "priced in"

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It’s New York though. There’s never been a less important place jammed with more subhumans in history.

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Yeah but that's just dead old people, companies are still healthy and people will be going back to work when this is all over. The market has already priced in at least 300,000 dead Americans

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get back to work goy

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Lets roll back the clock on the dow all the way to 2009, Idgaf.

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I can't take this wish seriously. She seems like a neurotic retard who used "like" in her first sentence and is probably psyched to be owning DRUMPF in the "newspaper of record"

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False. France is that place

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This r*ddit talking point is finished. Time to move on to the next nothingburger. You missed the bottom btw.

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Hope you don't live in an apartment. Those HVAC units are just recirculating the air among all the tenants

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>missed the bottom btw.
we're about to go back into freefall zoomer
you watch lmao

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That's only for the 3000/mo+ apartments, pre-war brownstones don't have central air for the most part.

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Stock market doesn't care about your feelings. People aren't working. That's all that matters. When people go back to work, it will go up regardless of how many deaths we have.

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The more you know

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It's not even an article, it's some jewess walking around with a selfie stick? Fake news; pass.

5 captchas btw. Are we being 1984'd here?

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>NY Times
Literal bed time story tier fake news.

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I would agree with you under the premise of basic logic, but obviously these markets are not following basic logic. The fed pump is real and they are making sure things keep going up, even if the upward trend is fake and gay

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Denial of what? You want me to go into a catatonic "fuck drumph" state and lock myself in the toilet paper fort with CNN on the hand crank radio with you?

The world keeps spinning whether you're to big of pussy to return to work or not.

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>if you get sick rn you’re as good as dead
Wait what!?

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>obviously these markets are not following basic logic
That's what's pissing me off.

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someone post the red circle map

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>Denial of what?
muh china shut down its entire economy for just a flu bro
that denial

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Ok, awesome. What do you propose we do? Scream at the sky?
Life goes on. Get to work.

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>What do you propose we do
stay at home until it passes

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Don't be a fag. A generation of fucking sissies. Imagine if there were blitz bombings every night; you'd be trying to get enough bars on your iPhone to order uber eats chipotle, while real people kept fucking moving.

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>blitz bombings
yeah people slept in bomb shelters during that time they weren't out and about

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>The daily increase number is vertical and hospitals are already beyond stretched thin and it’s gonna go on for 2-4 more months like Chyna

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yep but according to bizlets it's just a flu bro and money printer go brrr will fix everything, including broken supply chains for medical equipment

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Yeah, women and children. Which are you?
Slap on your butplug, holster up your hand sanitizer and pink polkadot mask, and go be of service to your community.

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you are retarded beyond believe

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>holster up your hand sanitizer and pink polkadot mask,
what masks? we're under quarantine by order of the state and there's no medical supplies much less personal protective equipment
you're in total denial about how incredibly bad this situation is, and out of everyone here you're unironically the most likely to die

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Useless men, like you, should just chop their dicks off. I finally get it. Congratulations! You've helped me move passed transphobia.

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hello mr shapiro

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>Useless men, like you
you're a superspreader roastie aren't you

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>most likely to die
What are you, scared of dying? We're not immortal. When your number's up, your number's up. Go live.

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go jump off a bridge then

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Haha. Ok, you made me lol. All is forgiven. You were of some use today. <3

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We'll break 500k cases world wide today.

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Ok but playing devils advocate wouldn't a fake and gay pump have to dump since it's not sustainable? Give it another few days of fearmongering pieces in the msm and it'll crash again. All it takes is one WSJ stinkpiece on why the market will keep crashing and we dump 30 percent

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the testing numbers are fake
the new ventilators are fake
the new ppe is fake
cases are under reported
deaths are under reported
expose over weekend
you've been warned

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I'd also be a bit dubious about any 'cure' shilled by Trump, while you're counting

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>Denial of what? You want me to go into a catatonic "fuck drumph" state and lock myself in the toilet paper fort with CNN on the hand crank radio with you?

>The world keeps spinning whether you're to big of pussy to return to work or not.

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kek they d/c it to suction intubated pts sometimes. what is weird to me isthat it's a normal RR and pattern on it despite the circuit being off.

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priced in

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>priced in
not even close to priced in

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Woah... you are late.

Your leftypol bros already gave me a double dose of the business, and a few self deprecating laughs. What are you looking for? Social approval?

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NYC hospitals are overflowing. completely out of beds and ventilators. if you get sick enough where you need one you’re toast. they are building makeshift morgues outside the hospitals to store all the bodies.

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Wow its a hospital, and people are sick. That's crazy

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>Woah... you are late.

>Your leftypol bros already gave me a double dose of the business, and a few self deprecating laughs. What are you looking for? Social approval?

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how are you the only anon in this thread that can sit down and actually watch and comprehend the content of the news story
i'm increasingly of the opinion we all deserve this fate

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i was just like you a few weeks ago. it’s easy to say it’s no big deal when it’s not directly affecting you. today is the first day where I realized how completely fucked I am. if I get sick or injured there’s nothing I can do about it other than choke to death in my apartment. and we’re still 2-3 weeks from peak in NY. you’re chillin now but this is on its way to your flyover state real soon.

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Memento mori

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nervous as fuck. im starting to wish I had purposely got infected a few weeks ago while there were still hospital beds available. if I get sick enough to need a ventilator in the next couple weeks I am beyond justed.

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This is because Cuomo has done more testing than the rest of the country combined.

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>beyond justed
yeh because you'll be dead
don't get sick

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Only if the fake and gay pumps stop fren

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Dated July 2019 before the virus existed. Fake news faggotry.

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To add to this, once the true value of companies has gone back up to where they have pumped the markets to, it will no longer crash down. They're probably supporting it until this is the case, so I dont know they will ever go back down naturally until we come out of this crisis.

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the feds are trying to hold the markets over until people can work again and the economy starts back up. will it work? who knows

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>global pandemic
>people are dying, THIS IS TRUMP'S FAULT
People were always going to die, even if we were perfectly prepared. Without any doubt all of these ideologically driven assholes are just hamming it up in order to make some political statement rather than address any real issues. That video is ridiculous she literally says they have enough ventilators now but they might not later unless people die, THIS IS SO AWFUL AND THE FAULT OF THE GOVERNMENT. It's the definition of fake news. The only real question here is it political or does she just want attention or maybe even a paycheck from the NYT?

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Yes - they're focusing on the economy now because that's the biggest worry. Then when we come out of this they will focus on reducing hyper inflation (if they're competent and based enough to crash the economy) by increasing interest rates on the dollar. Then it's a game of see-saw until things flatten back out

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My dude, it's just rabbis and transsexuals in this thread. They're working themselves into an absolute hysteria, and 100% asspained that the rest of us are like, "ok cool".

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>1 hospital is now all of the NYC hospitals
>the same video says they have enough ventilators for the moment
>says they keep getting more as they need more
So that just leaves your makeshift morgue comment. Are you surprised they don't have enough space in the morgue for a crisis? It makes sense that abnormal circumstances exceed the normal capacity. It's not like they haven't found a solution of what to do with the bodies. Everything here is an overreaction.

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You're probably right but I just can't imagine what compels these people to act this way.

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>jew york times peddling fear and panic
wow i am shocked

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unless people start falling dead openly in public ITS OVER

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i’m not even talking about OP video faggot. watch the news it’s common knowledge NYC hospitals are out of everything and new cases will continue exponentially rising until mid april at least: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/26/new-york-coronavirus-cases-soar-to-37258-as-state-scrambles-for-ventilators.html

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>>people are dying, THIS IS TRUMP'S FAULT
I mean, in the US, yes.

Dude was saying back when it was only 15 confirme cases that the numbers would be down to zero in a couple of weeks, and then that by April it'll miraculously go away.

All the while letting shit like webm be a common occurrence for weeks and months. China and Korea and other countries immediately shut themselves down once a few people started coughing. Yall not even like a week into your own quanrtine in America and already President Grandpa is on twitter yelling that everyone needs to kill themselves for the economy and go back to work and infect even more people.

>> No.18103956

if you don’t trust NYT here is CNBC: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/26/new-york-coronavirus-cases-soar-to-37258-as-state-scrambles-for-ventilators.html

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>>i’m not even talking about OP video faggot.
Then why didn't you specify otherwise in a thread about the OP video?

There's CNBC, the NYT, they're the same thing, and it isn't real news.

Got any proof of that? I don't follow everything Trump says because I'm not a schizo tranny, but even if what you say is true so what? He's not in charge of anything that meaningfully affects state responses to the virus. That should be obvious since it's only NY that you're hearing about, 49 other states also are part of Trump's America you know?

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>Got any proof of that?

>Feb. 7: “Nothing is easy, but [Chinese President Xi Jinping] … will be successful, especially as the weather starts to warm & the virus hopefully becomes weaker, and then gone.”

>Feb. 19: “I think it’s going to work out fine. I think when we get into April, in the warmer weather, that has a very negative effect on that and that type of a virus. So let’s see what happens, but I think it’s going to work out fine.”

>Feb. 26: “Because of all we’ve done, the risk to the American people remains very low. … When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero. That’s a pretty good job we’ve done."

>Feb. 28: “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”

>Feb. 29: “We’re the number-one travel destination anywhere in the world, yet we have far fewer cases of the disease than even countries with much less travel or a much smaller population.”


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>He's not in charge of anything that meaningfully affects state responses to the virus. That should be obvious since it's only NY that you're hearing about, 49 other states also are part of Trump's America you know?
He's the president, and there are cases all over the country. NYC is hit the hardest because it's the most international city in the world and also densely packed.

It was his responsibility as US President to put forward a message of responsibility and listening to science instead of talking about his perfect phone call. All this stuff about social distancing he should've brought up weeks and months ago. Same with the quarantine. He's not a fuckin nobody with no power and no influence. he could've been like "let's wash our hands to trigger the libtards!" back in Februrary and the virus would have been eradicated in the US overnight.

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>this is on its way to your flyover state real soon
>on its way
>to a flyover state

doesn't work like that you city nigger. Enjoy being packed into a death-trap little apartment like a sardine though.

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>Libshits still crying about drumph

Bet you were one of the fags calling him racist when he closed the borders to chinks.

>> No.18105164

Pure glowies on damage control all over this place, and when I say glowniggers, I'm reffering to the MAGAtards. Only one person with enough power could pull money out if his ass and pay thousands of shitposters to shill his bullshit talk points in this moment.

There's really no point in reasoning with someone that's paid to lie on the internet.

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>unless people start falling dead openly in public ITS OVER
give it a week

>> No.18105306

>coastal cities with liberal leaders blown the fuck out

this is poetic, dirty fucking cities with incompetent leftist policies are getting what they rightfully deserve. go allow more illegal aliens into your cities to spread coronachan

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not that person, but look at the red dot map. wyoming and montana both have like 5 to 10 separate outbreaks in small towns.

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>Pro Trump

lol is that you Comey?

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yeah but it's much easier to contain in isolated places

we still have the total lockdown in fly-over states, so when 100 people have it, they're mostly in the hospital or staying at home. Less spread than when 5,000 people have it. Numbers are lower but the protocol is still there so it's really killing the spread.

That's why NYC has more cases/deaths than the rest of the country combined. Chicago and LA will follow NYC though I don't doubt, but fly-overs are the safest places to be

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>he could've been like "let's wash our hands to trigger the libtards!" back in Februrary and the virus would have been eradicated in the US overnight
Throw in a bunch of Chinese Flu namedrops and this absolutely correct

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>breaatthh mumu, breaaatthhhh
>dr. powell, inject $1 trillion more

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>mr. president, i actually don't have a docterate

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Why? Cause you wanna coom when the country goes to shit? Fucking doomerfags I swear.

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