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what's the word on australian stock, thinking of going for Qantas or Ardent Leisure, they're bound to bounce back. Think of all the tourism campaigns that will explode after this shit ends.

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Imma gonna get some bear certificates with 8 times leverage after the market opens. On Tesla I'll add.

Am I retarded? Tesla is a bubble right?

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non-weeb thread here
this one will probably be recycled or you fags will switch to this one, I can't price that in.

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I have faith!

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>priced in!
>too cocky!
>just a flu bro!
>oh no no no no!
>clown world
>its over

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entire firms have gone bankrupt shorting tesla anon just no
elons business model margin calling shorts

stop linking your soulless threads in mine or me will spam your threads into bump limit -_-;

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That's a man

>> No.18091912

is that priced in?

>> No.18091921

that isn't my thread but please, show mercy weeb i repent

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fuckin based. night lads, see ya tm, i'm hoping the bear shows his claws if you know what i mean.

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SPY won't be 260 until 2021. Screencap this post or you'll get priced in during your sleep tonight.

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u should have payed your taxes....
now u will get audit

>> No.18091940

I think I'm gonna do it sempai.

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Not even worth screencapping.

>> No.18091994

Red ID to confirm it will be bright red tomorrow and the market will recover in 2023.

>> No.18092002

SPY to 277 next week

>> No.18092017

SPY will hit 160 before it hits 250, screencap this

>> No.18092056

Sorry anon

>> No.18092061

You might escape the pricing in.

>> No.18092072

I don't respect women, bros

>> No.18092085

Ah shit I have been priced in! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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me should have :( but only because would have gotten me free money

ifc they can cum for me what they gonna do look at me staggering medical bill and massive insurance and be like "you owe me money"

am warning ya anon have been doing this way longer than anyone have big guns

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you forgot based

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I'm thinking of selling everything on Friday and then all in on KO and TSLA Monday.

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I wonder what it was like back then in 1776... 1776... 1776...

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fuck tesla

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1, 3 and 4

>> No.18092254

imagine having such conventional and pedestrian taste

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pedestrian kek, i'm stealing that anon

>> No.18092272

Looking forward to cheapies tomorrow.

Are there any companies we know for sure probably won't make it? Wondering what should be avoided.

>> No.18092275

how much is your medical bill....

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I'm melting /smg/, please help.

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Sorry but that's already Priced in

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what did futures show on the days of the biggest losses?

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How will the bounce up from the 2 trillion stimulus react against the official news of >2.5 million unemployment claims?

>> No.18092340

How do you guys think WTI will be doing?

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please it's getting worse

>> No.18092363

They almost always hit limit downs of -5%

>> No.18092379

They're releasing february's unemployment numbers, so it won't be 2.5 mill.

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3 for sure
Looks like my wife's ass
Bury my face in that deliciousness

>> No.18092391

>At least enough to keep generating passive income ontop of my savings and job.
Enough to be a poor neet if you didnt include the job or savings? If so very nice. I wish to be a neet. Currently am but that just because I've been unemployed for a while.

>> No.18092405

No, it's the weekly unemployment figures.
The monthly are released the first Friday of the month.

>> No.18092452

I think usa r0 is under 1 avg countrywide now

>> No.18092482

futures are dropping lower

>> No.18092484

They could be anything honestly, and they can flip on a dime. The fact that its not moved means people are holding their breathe. Job numbers tomorrow, and its going to be apocalyptic.

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Just a protip, use https://www.investing.com/indices/indices-futures
It has shitty ads, but its got live futures, including other indices and countries.

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Why the FUCK did bodhisattva pump today.

>> No.18092925

>need to have 25k in your account at all time to day trade


>> No.18092933

Ok so anon from the other thread, The fellow oldie who was just curious about indicators.
Looking through video. But also puzzling over why the futures and international markets have been so indifferent.
When I wake up in the morning I'll follow the line of dead threads to the current one. That way I avoid the /pol/ autismo.

>> No.18092955

how's that been working for iran so far? they should've given the fucker a shovel to dig the fucking graves.

>> No.18092956

Something about poor people being bad with money and daytraders generally losing money.

>> No.18092964

You would probably lose your ass more if you hold when you shouldn't though?

>> No.18092992

anon it's hard for me to express how frustrating it is having to explain to people this is just the beginning. the governments know this, they are trying to keep people docile for as long as it takes to research this shit and create a contingency plan. once they have a solution that actually works, life might slowly return to normalcy, such a solution is nowhere to be seen so far.

>> No.18093004

wouldve been funnier if he opened up his vest that would be lined with dynamite

>> No.18093010

If nobody were holding what would happen to the price anon?

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>> No.18093080

No... at least not according to traditional Boglehead style investing. Buying and holding and buying and holding and buying and holding and gradually shifting from 60/40 stocks/bonds to be heavier in bonds as you near retirement has been pretty consistently solid. We all THINK we’re good at market timing and stock picking until we fuck it up, most people DO fuck it up a bit or even a lot. I guarantee you many people sold everything after that last crash and before this 15% rally... and might get back in now before it possibly crashes some more or... it’s just this shit is hard to do with any consistency. Be in stocks when you’re younger to take risks. Then when you’re older be mostly in bonds to keep your money much safer.

You don’t think we lucked out by getting it when we did, because the summer should give us something of a respite to construct additional pylons— ventilators and beds and whatever other preparations we need to make, maybe pump out some drugs or antivirals that actually do show promise, and now that we’re used to social distancing, there will probably be less rioting that second time around?

>> No.18093087

Can't you just do Robinhood, Cash App, etc?
I know they only only three times a week to do it, but honestly why would you do it more than that?
Day trading is dumb tbqh.

>> No.18093095

*only allow

>> No.18093124

>US deaths surge to over 1000
>We've hit the bottom

>> No.18093136

>Day trading is dumb tbqh.
just nice to know the option is there

>> No.18093150

Now that the dust has settled, has corona-chan been the best black swan of our generation?

>> No.18093155

Oh I know its not over, Im just tired of worrying about the market every day.

>> No.18093161

Well just use those apps then if you are short 25k and want to day trade.
Yeah options are nice I'll give you that.

>> No.18093171

we're not even in the first half yet

>> No.18093182

Please help me /biz/
Is it too late to buy MFA? Shell? Any great buys in these tumultuous times?

>> No.18093192

futures keep going down, also biden getting #metoo'd and shitlib cat ladies running damage control like they got blasey ford amnesia

>> No.18093195

YES! Bad news = bullish and we will pum to 23k easily.

>> No.18093196

Friday nigger.

>> No.18093217

I really hope Trump invites her to the debate but one up himself from the 2016 debates and let's her, the one chick that actually claimed Biden raped and not just perv touching. debate Biden.

>> No.18093218

I was sweating bullets yesterday, and now I'm just pissed I didn't buy some more n

>> No.18093219

Git boeing or git cucked

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>> No.18093319

Must have bottom stocks?
Gush? Maybe OILU?

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>> No.18093429

Fuck Ford

Fuckers get their credit rating dropped to "Junk" status and car orders fall 80%. But these fucks rally today?

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The day of the centipede draws near

>> No.18093469

>US deaths surge to over 1000

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Google images says you are full of shit

>> No.18093533

Gonna be tough constructing those pylons since Russia and Saudi Arabia are crashing the vespene gas market

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How many bulltards bought into the trap?

>> No.18093646

could this protect me from the coronavirus instead?

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how many bears got cold feet and sold yesterday?

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not me

>> No.18093787

I'm down too much to get shaken out.

Ride or die at this point.

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Not me.

>> No.18093804

>Dow down 1.3%
>vix is over 50
Fuck you guys I thought I was gonna make some money.

At this rate we’ll have an explosive green when somehow the data is a little better than expected. Someone’s gonna cook the books when trump has been pushing SO HARD to get them not to give bad numbers.

>> No.18093813


>> No.18093821

exactly what i think, i am pulling out and getting back into cash.

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>Nikkei futures red

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There's no stopping it now

>> No.18093927

Land of the Rising Bull.

>> No.18093951

>-5% in futures after a day that trended -4.5%

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Market will crab tomorrow with a pump near the end because the jobs report isn’t the official monthly report everyone looks at. Bears are delusional as always.

>> No.18093956

What 5g related companies are you guys investing in?
Thinking Qualcomm, Cisco, and Eriksson to get a range

>> No.18094003

I'm making a compilation of markets related sayings. The ones I got right now are:

- Markets Take The Stairs Up And The Elevator Down

- The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent

Any ones you would like to add?

>> No.18094030

So do I need to have a bunch of money in the bank to trade with options? Is there an app that lets me do it without some rediculous bullshit? I just want to make some money, albeit peanuts compared to most

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Just all of the Warren Buffett goldies

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how do you call this pattern?

>> No.18094178

-Bears win, bulls win, pigs get slaughtered

-when people get fearful, it’s time to get greedy

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I have SDOW and JDST to initiate for market open. Am
I going to get rich tomorrow

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Holding 393 shares of SQQQ.

I know futures don't mean shit, but even CNN is giving me hope at this point.

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Yes anon, very much so

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>That headline
Wtf I'm bullish now
If they are really spelling out all of your thoughts, you need new ones

>> No.18094258

is it over? should i have bought my indexes last week?

>> No.18094288

it's never over, you fool.

>> No.18094295

anon just shut the fuck up. nobody cares you didn't buy, comments like yours contribute less to the general discussion than brap posters. nobody gives a fuck.

>> No.18094304
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>trade the opposite of CNN

Interesting strategy

>> No.18094338

These futures aren't a good sign right?

>> No.18094370

inverse RH can be good too. They really like "discount" shit that is trending downward. Kek I haven't looked at it in awhile but there must be so many dude weed bagholders. I wish RH still showed the average user price paid.

>> No.18094372
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They were battling at -0.5% for a long time, but now are firmly -2%. Nikkei struggled at -5.0% all day and their futures are also slamming into -5.0%.

>> No.18094387
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Seems like the mainstream is really cognizant of the jobless claims release today, I wouldn’t underestimate it...

>> No.18094403

Euro markets down 2-3% on open

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SPY 5/1 210p

>> No.18094426

I'd like a better look at #1 pls

>> No.18094427

go down go down so i can buy the dip and hold for a year

>> No.18094432
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the only employment status that matters is my own
I don't care how many food servers lost their jobs; IMO they didn't have real jobs in the first place, so nothing changed.

>> No.18094458

>almost gave in to temptation and joined filthy traders just now
Never. I'll never join you. I am an investor, like my father before me. VTSAX is my ally, and a powerful one at that.

>> No.18094462
File: 383 KB, 1125x1749, 62A9D11A-24D8-403D-BD4E-0263A1F18520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone tell me why the FUCK so many companies that seem perfectly good dumped hard today?

Regeneron and Costco, two of my CoronaKings getting hit?

Campbell’s down 5%
Kroger down 7%
Teledoc down 12%
Target down 10%
Waste Management, which used to be a classic recession stock, hitting 52-week lows

Is this a backlash against social distancing and corona-stockpiling? Is it just because Trump is telling people it’s time to get back to work?

Kek nice

OH and what the fuck is this pattern called? Waveform expansion?

>> No.18094471

I bought yesterday.

>> No.18094503

Fauci buying into the seasonality


“Other viral respiratory diseases are seasonal, including influenza and therefore in many viral respiratory diseases we do see a decrease in disease in spring and summer,” Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said on a Feb. 25 conference call. “And so we can certainly be optimistic that this disease will follow suit.”

“What we’re starting to see in the Southern Hemisphere of Southern Africa and the Southern Hemisphere countries, is that we’re having cases that are appearing as they go into their winter season,” he said. “If they have a substantial outbreak, it will be inevitable that we need to be prepared that we’ll get a cycle a second time.”

Earlier in the outbreak, U.S. health officials said there was a hypothesis among mathematical modelers that the outbreak “could potentially be seasonal” and relent in warmer conditions

Reminder Trump is getting these models to his desk and knows April is the target for much lower R0 in most of America.

Join the seasonality team

>> No.18094517

Glad I doubled down on my SDOW today.

>> No.18094529

This is a hypothesis but I think it is very seasonal before these data points. So it is not the driver of my reasoning.

I think Trump is getting speculative preliminary data, ex Hydrochloroquine results and bringing that to the public whereas the experts or other officials are worried about false positive reports.

Hence his April planning, based on optimism of seasonality, or touting treatments.

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I'm glad I got grip of steel.

>> No.18094547

Why the fuck do you think Trump is planning anything? He was calling the virus a hoax like 2 weeks ago. Guy has no idea what the fuck he's doing.

>> No.18094562

Still holding my puts, but we’re not out of the woods yet

I’m fearful of Jerome waking up and having a day

>> No.18094587
File: 1.21 MB, 970x1366, 1584590847785.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18094592

He never technically referred to coronavirus to be a hoax. You can read the transcript. The actual quote of him saying Hoax had no clear target for the word in fact so basically up to any interpretation.

If we are being totally accurate. This doesn't mean the CDC handled testing properly, everyone knows the test was flawed.

>> No.18094598
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>> No.18094604

Back to tanking tomorrow. My FOMO buys from yesterday starting to look real shit.

>> No.18094607

he's speaking tomorrow morning. What does he have up his sleeve?

>> No.18094613

All I’ve got going for me are SPY puts and SDOW

Let’s make it together

>> No.18094624

>Why the fuck do you think Trump is planning anything?
>One day it's like a miracle, it will disappear
>We're going substantially down, not up
>It's going to be fine
And in two days the US will have more cases than Italy and China.

>> No.18094628

I forgot. Jerome LOVES to punk the markets and is expected to speak in the morning. Before the open?.

Wasn’t someone just saying they were planning on more stimulus after this bill and they hope the fed steps up with something big?

Mate he’s not planning he’s just trying to keep people calm and start nudging them back to work. He doesn’t care if it turns out to be snake oil, he just needs SOMETHING to sell.

No idea what that second paragraph is about. But trump Gets away with a lot of shit because it’s just word salad but you know what he means.

I’ve been getting my family to prep kek I’ll look like a total retard if nothing happens and this isn’t the start of something of a happening.

Though I hope it isn’t. I really don’t want a greater depression.

>> No.18094633
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>> No.18094636
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Something is in the air...

>> No.18094641

When we hit #1 he will downplay it lmao

>> No.18094642

2 days in the last two weeks the futures hit limit down and ended up being massively green

>> No.18094648


>> No.18094652
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>> No.18094653
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>Killer virus that is just getting started in the US
>Dw stimulus will save us
Did bulls genuinely think we were back? Are they that retarded?

>> No.18094665

Just gonna bounce on my boy's green candle for a few hours then hop off and wait for the real dip.

>> No.18094677

Yes, yes they are.

>> No.18094696


>> No.18094706

>Did bulls genuinely think we were back? Are they that retarded?
Theyre desperate. They need their 401ks back to aths.

>> No.18094714


>> No.18094731

Our national news is doomposting about a recession right now.

>> No.18094732

I’m real concerned Jerome is going to cockstomp me for going short. Fighting the Fed sucks. I should just stick with buying KO dips... very comfy and also based.

>> No.18094744

Yes lol

>> No.18094757
File: 60 KB, 1000x964, 1453762990234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's going to finish level today in Europe..not worried about Japan, this week looked way over pumped.

Level in USA today also. Not a bad day for us based bull. I'd say bears are seething as per normal

>> No.18094760

Infinite money is hard to argue against

>> No.18094775

>USA more cases than China in two days
>This is somehow bullish
Bulls are insane

>> No.18094782


>> No.18094788

i run a small online business inside the EU
orders are down 80% compared to january
retarded delivery companies can't get something delivered to an address 800km away for two weeks
i am not bearish
i am at the point where I am sitting on my cash, counting every cent

>> No.18094790

What exactly can Jerome do? Infinite QE and crediting is already in affect.

>> No.18094815
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you were warned bulltards

>> No.18094817

I hope delivery services don't get cancelled. I need muh weed seeds.

>> No.18094827

Hes technically not wrong, he is regurgitating what his advisors told him about herd immunity.

Herd immunity is retarded but it works eventually.

>> No.18094847

Ultra Instinct QE

>> No.18094854

>sell off day
>broker has some (((technical issues)))
really makes you think

>> No.18094877

There isnt really a viable way to stop pandemics anyway. If its actually as bad as black plague and spanish flu and such there isnt anything anyone can do to stop it. Might as well have everyone die and the strong survive and carry on.

>> No.18094881

jesus my broker is so fucking slow today too and it is the biggest one in my country, dear god

>> No.18094897
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god you're still in denial aren't you?

>> No.18094926

Maybe, politicians unusally arent rewarded for doing nothing though, its how our government became the bloated monstrosity it is today.

>> No.18094951

Yeah they cant just say that or let nothing happen. Its the world we live in these days so whatever. Maybe it ends up being nothing or we all collapse into mad max.

>> No.18094953

Based. Spx bulls always have the last laugh.

>> No.18094955

Who is your broker? Have you wikied them yet?

>> No.18094962

is the market going to get worse or better?

>> No.18094969


>> No.18094973

Or... you know... keep testing treatments and vaccines. I’ve read some stories about plagues. If everything goes right and i survive, still sounds like something I’d rather do what I can to avoid.

And you never know what evolution will select for. Could get an unpleasant spandrel that fucks us up.

First one, then the other.

>> No.18094976

This but unironically

>> No.18094980

Buy high sell high

>> No.18094997

Don’t catch a falling knife

>> No.18095011

>buy the dip
>priced in

>> No.18095021

Oh how you'll regret this

>> No.18095041

You bears are fucking stupid. This dip today has been PRICED IN.

>> No.18095045

How does that even apply here

>> No.18095087

bullish and priced in

>> No.18095098


>> No.18095100

What time are we getting unemployment numbers? And also what happens if the house doesn't pass this bill?

>> No.18095108

Is there a Japanese equivalent of the DOW 30? The Nikkei225 has been retarded for almost 30 years, everyone knows the super majority of Japanese companies are consistently unstable at best.

>> No.18095123

It means don't try to time the bottom

>> No.18095138

Already made 50%+ profit since I bought my shorts yesterday. Please let the jobless report be a massive disaster...

>> No.18095139
File: 23 KB, 416x416, billy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>g-guys don't time the bottom
>b-buy the dip

>> No.18095152

House is going to pass it; they are doing it by “voice vote” so the loudest side wins with nobody calling for a roll call vote. It’s a way for people to get away with saying “I voted no but they passed it anyways”.

The fact it was 96-0 in the Senate means it would survive a roll call vote anyways since they just need a majority. Pelosi already on record in supporting a vote on it and she has the gavel.

>> No.18095171

priced in that it passes, nobody cares about the shitty stimulus package anymore

>> No.18095174

Greed is good

>> No.18095202
File: 35 KB, 309x275, 1584512510815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is today our day bears?

>> No.18095229

I will admit to the fact that /biz/ is extremely redpilled on women.
They call them out as thots and end the discussion there.
EXTREMELY redpilled in my opinion.

>> No.18095251


>> No.18095261


>> No.18095263

/biz/ is currently overrun with /pol/tards.
It really isn't like this usually.

>> No.18095271
File: 1.30 MB, 1164x1490, 1585107926219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This whole year is ours Bobro.

>> No.18095273

You should see those threads from back earlier.
Some N posted naked women on a blue board and everyone was replying that that was a man.
I have never seen such iron will on 4chan

>> No.18095274

/biz/ was always economical /pol/

>> No.18095283

It is though, women are assets like land or vehicles.

>> No.18095284


>> No.18095287


>> No.18095292


>> No.18095302

I've been here for two years and I'm not going anywhere
Stupid n word

>> No.18095304

Just fyi the Netherlands is not keeping numbers on the people that recovered and don't have to be registered.

>> No.18095305

you haven't been here too long have you?

>> No.18095316

For what, Jerome or Job numbers?

>> No.18095321
File: 326 KB, 1905x873, N.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18095332


>> No.18095342
File: 9 KB, 206x245, Bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like I broke your economy again, heh. Sorry mumu.

>> No.18095357

Noob here... Just wanted some thoughts on these ETFs. They are all dirt cheap right now but is there a chance they will return to their former glory in a few months or years?


>> No.18095377

Wait until April, nobody knows what's going to happen before then in regards to oil.

>> No.18095385

It's cheap enough. Can't hurt right?

>> No.18095386


>> No.18095401

its going to keep pumping and my puts and going to be worth zero arent they

>> No.18095412

strike price and expiration?

>> No.18095413

bros is this priced in??

>> No.18095414

When do they expire?

>> No.18095429
File: 3.29 MB, 720x460, 5A586A8F-1D18-458B-B11C-D8A6A5F707AD.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is futures dumping 5% in the middle of the night priced in bullfags

>> No.18095439

240, 27th april

>> No.18095444

Not being priced in is priced in. It's over crabbullbears.

>> No.18095445

You're safe, fucking pussy kys

>> No.18095447

You're fine, buy some call to hedge at the next crab cycle.

>> No.18095453

Fed doesn't need to brrrrrr
it just adds some numbers in excel

>> No.18095457
File: 295 KB, 1242x1342, 586ACDE8-C7D5-4ED7-96BF-21E5CEF00A37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the devil

>> No.18095459

you literally still have a month left, if you feel unsure, if you are such a huge pussy then just roll it. also >>18095447

>> No.18095470
File: 31 KB, 304x400, munch_edvard_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But the pricing in of it not being priced in is likely already priced in.

>> No.18095471

Unemployment numbers at 8:30am est bois

>> No.18095493

are the expectations bearish or bullish?

>> No.18095497

My soul is ready but my body is weak. I'M COOOOOOMING!

>> No.18095501



>> No.18095508

expectations are soup kitchen ish

>> No.18095510
File: 127 KB, 392x481, 1574649974681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bulltrap was priced in

>> No.18095530
File: 97 KB, 960x768, 51287955187541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone ELI5 why the VIX has risen the last 3 days? Sorry, I'm fucking stupid and can't understand.

>> No.18095537

put on brent at 15 bucks, ideas ?

>> No.18095541

/biz/ is a spin off from /pol/

>> No.18095542

Bullish, can't wait for Americas big moment
USA #1

>> No.18095544

any europoors using Degiro?
does the platform allow writing covered puts?

>> No.18095556

It means traders are still seeing volatlity despite the bit of rally. Means expectations of huge swings in either direction but mainly downwards. A calm bull market has vix at sub $20.

>> No.18095561

Look up the formula for volatility.

>> No.18095585

IIRC no, Saxobank does for eufags. Min 10k dep. doe.

>> No.18095589

im using it only to buy, not to trade options

>> No.18095599

not true, i started trading with 1k usd , they lowered it, to be fair anything less that 1k makes no sense anyway

>> No.18095610

didnt u see how americans are DYING in the streets?
- USA soon #1 coronkoko
- yet most deaths are still to come
- meanwhile cheeto god shows remarkable displays or incompetence
- uncertainty if chinese numbers are real or botched
- underwhleming stimulus packages
- vaccines months away

>> No.18095622

I agree with everything until here
>underwhleming stimulus packages

>> No.18095623


looks like it is a really a nothingburger, when even ZH is on the nothingburger wave

>> No.18095625

I had no idea, how long have you been using it?

>> No.18095645

for months, its not the best platform compared to what the americans get to play with, but it is sufficient for me now, i wish it had option charts for profitability and strategies as well

>> No.18095663

Not sure if I should load up my ETF's sooner or later. Lowest was what? 13th March? S&P below 2,300 should be strong buy right? NDX below 7,000 strong buy right? FT100 below 4,000 strong buy right? It hasn't been below 4,000 since 2003.

>> No.18095671

The highest math I took was calculus and I don't even know what any of these symbols are in the formula.


>> No.18095687
File: 124 KB, 653x523, 1579830963115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I trade technically I don't give a shit who is dying in the streets.

>> No.18095704

can you buy spy puts on degiro? what's their cut if it's possible.

>> No.18095721

dont think so, i havent seen them having any options trading capability, thats why i opened saxobank account, as a eurofag i have limited options, interactive brokers is also a good one

>> No.18095734

10k minimum is too much for me though rip

>> No.18095736

Last time I checked on IB you need some retarded annual income (for an eurofag) to trade options.

I use swissquote, expensive af though but can do literally everything, even flip crypto on it.

>> No.18095737

Is there a reason you are buying options and not turbos/boosters?

>> No.18095739

>the only employment status that matters is my own
yes, the market is only looking at one impotent weebs employment status and moves according to you.

>> No.18095746

They lowered it to 600$, I gave u out of date info, sry.

>> No.18095750

>- vaccines months away
lol, no vaccines are coming. Especially not this year.

>> No.18095751

>chartist voodoo
Woof, if chartism worked all the robots would be king yet siri and alexa are still googling shit for people like the chumps they are

>> No.18095760

its not 10k bro its 1k
i also saw that when i tried to register with them, dont know why they do that, saxobank has account protection policy so you never go minus

>> No.18095762

whats $500B gonna do for companies about to go bust hmm?
for comparision apples's revenue is like 260
the $1200 neetbux will take months to get to the people
it wont keep people from defaulting on their mortagages and it will take the institutions holding those securitized debt with them

>> No.18095772

A vaccine for 1 of the 150 strains! Bear fags utterly btfo

>> No.18095779

it works (great) for me. pyschology drives charts and people experience the same fear/greed today as they did during tulip mania.

>> No.18095787
File: 112 KB, 1748x831, ggg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah u can

>> No.18095806

I'll have to first finish reading the books on options I got. Don't want to jump into it like wsb retard. I'm interested in politics and current developments, shit affects the stock market, I'm also semi decent with detecting trend changes using the only TA imo that works: Fibs, EMAs. Might save some money and give it a shot.

>> No.18095809
File: 38 KB, 513x365, 1584466914538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18095811

turbos are shit, banks always win with spreads and knockouts are idiotic. if you want leverage then just buy options on leveraged ETFs.

>> No.18095812

>passport expired
>driver license expired
>bank wont accept my other govt ids for trading account
is there any way around this? i want to trade but cant get an account at the moment.

>> No.18095815

How much does degiro charge for an option transaction? Do they allow iron condors, box spreads and other fun stuff?

>> No.18095817

alright i didnt know, are the spreads better than saxobank ?

>> No.18095825

Shit that's nice. I don't see spy though, is XSP same as spy?

>> No.18095835

This, just don't forget to hedge if u do that.

>> No.18095845

i just noticed they dont have CFD options for american stocks, which sucks big time

>> No.18095862

They do have CFD's but you've got to have a separate account for them due to European legislation. Something about most people losing money on them and having to keep them separate from asset trading accounts to prevent cross liabilities.

>> No.18095874

I bought 1000 of $SQQQ at $21.07 yesterday

>> No.18095883
File: 189 KB, 755x687, OOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy FUCK I just bought 14x leverage short ETF on DOW.


>> No.18095887

digging into /biz/, financial activities and market movements invariably leads you to research bank operations, then central banks operation and eventually currency creation and the fed.

Then, checking the names and family ties of the people on those "institutions" will make you go /pol/ in less than 24h. Not the retarded /pol/ of 4chan, but you get my drift.

>> No.18095889

So the EU is edging on going for "Corona bonds" isn't that the same as pandemic bonds? I thought free healthcare was good?

>> No.18095905

there is no "free" healthcare. We get taxed off to hell and back for those. oh a refugee care, of course.

Regarding the corona bonds, euro bonds, etc. it's all about the massive take over that's going on. We're going to be indebted to the IMF, ECB and WB in a much higher degree than before.

>> No.18095913

Good job, I feel like the market is about to take a shit today

>> No.18095914

Futures are going up

>> No.18095925

I agree with job numbers in 2 hours, but this $2T bill makes me nervous - passed the Senate

>> No.18095938

US based excchanges charge 50 cents/contract, however there are additional costs for holding them which arent really clearly stated
eu based stuff is cheaper however

>> No.18095944


>> No.18095953
File: 17 KB, 400x400, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18095965

It was priced in over that last two days, there isn’t anything keeping the market afloat other than Boeing stock buybacks. I’m thinking you beat the game.

>> No.18095974
File: 75 KB, 600x800, 261681861321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sounds like your account will be the thing breaking

>> No.18095983

what's it called?

>> No.18095988


Are you ready?

>> No.18095990

Not available to burgers IIRC. INTSDOW28886

>> No.18095993

Jobless claims will be the deciding factor. Stimulus might end up doing little anyway. sttimulus didnt help in 08. It dumped further after that.

>> No.18095999

SPY is already higher than yesterday’s open and will probably open green at this rate

RIP my puts

>> No.18096001

Boeing is propping up DOW. Once that dumps, it’s all ogre. If I had any money I’d buy a put.

>> No.18096038
File: 2 KB, 125x90, cryingbobo2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This shit is like watching crypto being manipulated, I escaped from crypto to stonks to avoid that and the fucking around with price followed me here. I legit am unhappy now.

>> No.18096040

When do we get job numbers?

>> No.18096044

Less than 2h to Job report, shouldnt the futures tank.

>> No.18096049
File: 26 KB, 319x360, question.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>take huge risks
>lose it all
>privatize profits and socialize losses
when will it stop?

>> No.18096050

I might just dump another 5K on this in short term options to scalp a quick 100% gain like I did yesterday. There's no reason anyone should want this company but daddy trump said we're gonna save it so BUYBUYBUY

>> No.18096052

99 minutes

>> No.18096055

>Lose money
>Now I am going to lose even more by breaking things
Grug and cave pilled

>> No.18096056
File: 27 KB, 680x350, 1569952595796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you mean, no job numbers

>> No.18096059

8:30 ET

>> No.18096065

why tf so sad?

>> No.18096078

He probably bought SQQQ at 25

>> No.18096083

new thread


>> No.18096091
File: 3.51 MB, 1242x2208, E7199EEC-47F2-46EC-9D8C-8C3A19084177.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boeing losing its gain

>> No.18096170

Sell in May and you are gay

>> No.18096525

IIRC, there were several 'emergency' bills that road the panic wave.
I highly suspect this would be the only measure if we're going to actually remain out of work as a country for a few more weeks.
I can certainly seeing today playing to the low jobs and discarding the legislature, already with eyes for the next inexcusable waste of money.

>> No.18097069
File: 80 KB, 900x900, dark wojak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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