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LBC is cheap now.
Go get some.
Also, LBRY thread.
>Are you earning from memeposting?

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more like FGTRY

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How do you withdraw them?

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By withdrawing them?
I think site/app is pretty easy to use, just click on the balance and there is option to send/receive along with transaction history.

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so what's the catcho?

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low adoption, see market cap

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They got working product tho, so I'm in for the long term

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I dont think this will get widespread adoption, but who knows
seems good anyways

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Mega big diack ultra whale here;

Lbry is g** so stay away

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no, that's a bad shitcoin

buy my good shitcoin

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I thought that being gay is cool nowdays?

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Can you actually make money from shitposting?

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It depends.
LBC's can be locked to boost your views, and tips you get do the same. more support you get or put on your videos, more they will be shown.
If you wish, you can take them back anytime and withdraw.

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You could put gays on a blockchain and still not be revolutionary.

Gay is ok, but not for LBRY

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I think they are planning to do update that allows one to rent storage space for these videos/files, while getting paid for it. I suggest you guys buy now.

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