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Where are all the link marines? Am I the only one hodling?

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I sold a bit before everything tanked. Thinking of buying a comfy amount back

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stealth, shhh

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No, you might be the only one not buying more

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I bought more at 2.00

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Lurking and observing
50k link here

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A true marine knows how to check the ranks of his brethren

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How do I do that?

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waiting for dat dere 1,75$ to buy back

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come on man

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Reporting as ordered. Carrying out the plan of the day sir.

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Moved to where da profits are at > ZANO

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why do you retards keep spamming this proven scam?
Chainlink won some competition 3 years ago, literally not a single news since -> PROVEN FAKE
1 blog post 10 months ago, never used on mainnet, nothing else since -> PROVEN FAKE
10 months ago, gravelcoin, fernando demoted -> PROVEN FAKE
recent news, will be proven fake soon
recent news, will be proven fake soon

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Tranny alert

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Do any absolute brainlets actually fall for this kind of fud?

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If you don't have a top 200 wallet you are not a true Link marine !

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Really waiting on new news. I want something to talk about. Been hodling for 3 years

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Someone call the suicide hotline, not only did he not buy links, he’s got a base 54% chance to neck himself. CHANCE OF NECKING—400%.

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Were all still here
Getting little rich off the corona panic
To hold us over
Until we get big rich from link

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im still holding, never sell, not at 0.01, not at 10000000

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I told a buddy about link and he bought for 5grand, is he going to hate me for it?

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Waiting to buy mar. Just waiting atm

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sold half my stack and am waiting for a few weeks to buy back. never done this before never ever imagined it would come to this, I hate swinging, and it's giving PTSD to live with half the stack I normally have. but wtf - it's clear the world is heading for a big recession and these kinds of chances don't come this telegraphed often if at all. its worth the risk to increase my stack by abit

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fuck me it's aging me though I'm not cut out for trading

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Same boat anon, and i encourage every anon here to do the same if you read this, this is a dead cat bounce, we are going down... be smart anons.

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If only you knew what is coming stinkies. Just never forget we do it out of love

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Keep those OGN and ZANOs going, and buy some BTC and Link to really start making it. We all rich soon. BTFD frens, don't let the chink scam fuck with your head.

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how much of your stack did you sell? how low do you think it'll go? if things really start to crash in April - may, I could realistically see it just bleeding & bleeding to 1$ or less with everything else, just like start of 2018. the 2$ will seem like alot. this is what I hate though, I'm no good at this kind of thing

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Don’t miss the boat anon...remember when hundred of swingies got blown out on our original pump? Don’t become another Timo because you got greedy, if you have 40k or more best to just sit on your hands imo

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I know this is in the front of my mind constantly. I'm scared of waiting too long to buy back, but looking at the way recessions & crashes work, I feel relatively confident in saying that there's at least 3-4 if not 7-8 weeks of falls ahead. it won't happen over night. more & more people will start to loose their jobs as firms become insolvent. I can't see there being real pressure to push the price up until the real economy settled down. & besides, I said to myself to wait until you see pictures of them disinfecting NYC

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Going to buy a shiton of LP shares and stake my stinkers as soon as it will be possible

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Yeah this is getting ridiculous at this point considering how legit link actually is
I’m holding until moon or zero fuck you trannies

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10k, never sold. zillionaire or broke, no in between. We have your back

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Private Alice reporting in

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I remember the anon who told me to wait until at least 2025 due to banks being slow to change.
I am starting to think he was right..
I wonder how he feels with more than a million in virtual loses with his 500k stack.

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First lieutenant reporting in! We are all just waiting in stealth mode. The board has been over run by newfags, theres not much more to discuss. We have to wait till smartcon to see whats up

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Chainlink is a JiDF pushed scam it reeks of kikery

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Death to Israel

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I don't know what that even means but if you like news, you like OGN and ZANO

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Link is still too expensive at $2

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this. when is going to dip reeeeee

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You had two years, and link was less than 2 dollars a week ago.

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So no more dips?

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>its ok for the price to bleed down because 3 years ago it was cheaper

You had 3 chances to sell above $4.50 stupid stinkie

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post shorts
post trades

please honestly just fuck off when it was at 4.5 you mostly some of the most pathetic attention seeking behavior ever. go get help honestly

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Actually I will have plenty of chances to sell above 4 if I’m going to sell at all. Link below 2 or 1 dollars is no more

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When will it dump again I want to accumulate more Coinbase pro took a fucking week to get my funds

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Why didn’t you buy link when it was 1.50? It was even at 0 ffs

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I did buy at 1.50. I just want more. When was it 0??

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>link below $2 is no more

Oh no no no stinkie please screencap your post make it a wallpaper and reflect on it daily on the coming weeks

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fellow 55k link holder. thinking about selling 25% of my stack at $2.30 to rebuy lower but since everybody expects a dump I'm inclined to think it won't dump enough to justify a swing. What's your opinion?

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We shill when it is high, we fud when it is low.

It is organized, we have discords, we have pajeets whom we pay 100 USD per month.

Currently there is no reason for us to shill or FUD or even discuss LINK.

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