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So now that based coronavirus has prevented 20 million Mexican laborers from coming to the US to do manual fruitpicking, how many proud white poltards are heading to Cali to reclaim the poorly paid physical labor that you have been so mad at the Mexicans for stealing from you?

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If they dont pay living wages, their fruit can rot on the fields, sinple as

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Nonono they pay free market wages and the evil lazy hard working Mexicans stole that from proud white people, so it's time for the proud white people to head over and make the $6 an hour that is their birthright.
I mean white Americans want these jobs, right? That's why they always talked about Mexicans "stealing our jobs", right?

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We don't eat fruit bitch, we eat burgers.

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Got some good reading comprehension there, bro.

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My brother do this every day of the year for min wage, he's white and never complained. Actually he worked with a lot of niggers and various shades of spics and he told me they never stay more than few months because they are lazy faggots who can't handle hard work on a daily basis, especially during winter.
Subhumans liquid shit, all of them

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go back faggot

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Mexicans are seething that Trump Bucks requires a social security number.


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Maybe we bomb you next and check for burgers.

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>they dont pay living wages, their fruit can rot on the fields
>government subsidizes them
>you the taxpayer are paying for their fruit to rot in the fields
>price of fruit goes higher than steak and lobster
>you can't afford the fruit you paid farmers to let rot
>Mexicans start exporting slightly cheaper fruit
>Mexicans get rich
>you sneak across the border to get some of that sweet sweet living wages picking Mexican fruit

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this is really quite simple, it wont work for the short term so you going to need to kick them all out first, once that is settled than the l,abour market will balanced it out. Mexicans are like brrr printer atm this need to correct.

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Pay me $30 an hour and I'll do it.

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Just yesterday I called someone who needs help picking fields.
Never done that before.
I am willing to do that on the weekends. I have a 8-5 job on the regular days.
Got a problem with that?

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So you're heading down, then? Happy picking anon I'm so glad you finally get what you want.

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>the l,abour market will balanced it out

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John McCain said that illegal immigrants take no one's jobs because American workers wouldn't pick lettuce for $50 an hour.

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Awesome. Very much appreciated man.

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no i only eat meat

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plenty of airline and hospitality staff needing work . . .

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Forgot to mention that I am in the EU.

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>$50 an hour
I'm going to get that green.

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Youre looking at it from short term OP. For example. If food is cheap, then that allows (((businesses))) to pay less. Jobs are underpaid. Standard of living goes down. Allows for consoomerism. And the whole thing cascades into a bubble. Most countries with high standards of living dont have dirt cheap food(amongst other things.) If you cant see why underpaid labor hurts a nation then youre a brainlet

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So glad that slimy cocksucker is dead, I hope it hurt.

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The guest worker program is considered essential. They're still showing up, but their using visa applicants from last year so the consulates can be shut.

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>i can't pick fruit because i eat meat
that's a pretty trenchant point you have there anon.

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Checked. I don't work, I just collect unemployment and eat rice / beans while stacking ARPA and keeping it on binance to stake. Am I gonna make eet?

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i would happily go herd cows into the bolt gun room

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Shut up you dumb onions libcuck, stop shitting up the board with this nonsense
Sage and reported for flooding

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>so new he doesn't even know the wordfilters here.
Oh hey welcome from /pol/! You'll hate it here lmao

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#The FNX dynamic inflation pool is capped at 75,000,000

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Why does it have to be white people? Why can't black people do the work?

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You're from /pol/ though, I don't care about word filters. Stop shitting up the board and go back

Thread is pol bait garbage kys

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>Americans that make over 32k a year (which puts them in the global 1%) for pouring coffee or bagging groceries, whine that their jobs are underpaid

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>some "fellow african americans" already want segregation
I could totally see them getting tricked into picking crops again.

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>he told me they never stay more than few months because they are lazy faggots who can't handle hard work on a daily basis, especially during winter.
>Subhumans liquid shit, all of them
It's called seasonal farm work, you fucking retard. Have you ever been outside of a city?

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White people are the ones who complain about immigrants taking their jobs. The flow of immigrants has been suddenly restricted and now the jobs are available, so I'm just wondering how many of those whiners are going to head down and do the work they've been so keen to do all this time.

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Making 32k USD a year in US is not the same as making 32k USD in Mexico

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>White people are the ones who complain about immigrants taking their jobs.
Never been to the south, I take it.

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>b-b-but muh privileges!!!

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imagine being you
>living costs are the same everywhere

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Shhhhh, don't bully white proud 'muricans with silly questions anon, silly questions are for the joos and nigs only, remember

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People would work the fields if they got paid what they deserve for it.
>But but muh cheap food. I cant afford it.
Keep wages low to buy food at low prices that are subsidized. It’s a circle that keep the (((companies))) making big money.

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>I should be making 100x times what mexicans make, paying me only 10x more than the mexicans is literally violating my human rights
>companies owe me my 32k a year how dare those evil companies pay a mexican 10 times less for the same job that the mexican even does better than me!

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>People would work the fields if they got paid what they deserve for it.
Sounds like Bernie socialism to me, talking about workers getting paid what they deserve.

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I imagine if ran a business and you hired an employee you would be willing to pay him twice as much as another just because he lives in a more expensive area...

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why do aussies think they can comment on a real countries problems?

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Never had any handouts nor did my family ask for them. Nor did the complain about “privileges” white people had when they legally immigrated to US from Mexico. You niggas act like immigrants are the only ones capable of farming.
>Oh jeez how in the world did Europe farm with no Mexicans?
Fuck you. You brainlet niggers are even more racist than vast majority of white people. If you dont see how then you have no hope

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>People would work the fields if they got paid what they deserve for it.
Market prices are by definition what people deserve.

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simple as is a britbong thing

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>how many proud white poltards are heading to Cali
Head to pol and ask them faggot

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The EU spends half of its entire budget on farming subsidies you ignorant lardass, their farming businesses would all be broke without the CAP

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it's a lot more fun stirring up the ones that are here

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>If I don't have any problems, then they must be fake! lol


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Top kek

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In that case lets import borderline slave labor and market prices will stay low. Wages for farmers/field workers WOULD be higher if slave labor wasnt the norm due to (((them)))

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you are a fuckin idiot, do you want everyone to live like this?
where 10 people live per room and 20-30 people share the bills of one house? and they send the rest home to some shit hold for their families to live the equivalent live of someone on a 180k income in the US
meanwhile mr american has to pay for everything and support his family on a 1-2 person income

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Amazing to think that just 12 years ago, the far-left side of the Dems were actually pro-worker

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Kind of interesting, I'd been reading about the Crisis of the Third Century. Roman citizens voluntarily walked out of the cities and surrendered themselves to local landowners in exchange for food and security. They even competed with one another for it. Diocletian's tax "reforms" tied them and their children to the land and to their professions and it was all systems go there for citizens to devolve into serfs.

I mean this is bait as shit but this always fascinated me. Everyone is a "proud citizen" until they get hunger pangs.

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Yet Brexit will see benefit from not putting up with EU bullshit. Farming in EU is big business but the farmers arent living in a shack with 14 people to a 2 person house with shitty living conditions. You niggers dont understand standard of living and general well being of a country and culture. Absolutely retarded.

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Mexicans didn't steal any job, there's just being victim of jewish exploiters. Now white cowards are too afraid to name the jew, it's easier to point the low wage brown worker.

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This. (((They))) profit off immigrants. They love immigrants because they make a killing off of it. Then immigrants look at the jew politicians as saviors.

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Your father's job must be pretty shitty to name anonymous people on a taiwanesse imageboard, come on, keep sucking Orange man's dick, and someday you'll be another white burger, but not today.

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You fell for the bait. You say a one word name call, I do same, then you talk shit to me for doing exactly what you did. You just played yourself. So you support low wage labor, then throw an attempted insult at low wages kek. Get rekt shill

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oh nonono there is no free market in usa you stupid faggot now go kill yourself.

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I was saying it unironically really.

Must be shitty to know that the only thing that a person needs to be white is money, and treating people like slaves is ok bc they are poor immigrans.

Burgerland is fucked to the core and you are just trying to look away, cocksucker.

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Several levels of strawman in this. Immigration suppresses wages by increasing the labor pool, doubly so third world immigration.

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Go back to plebbit, faggot. A reduction in the labor supply will lead to an increase in wages.
> b-b-but muh berry prices will increase by 10%
That's a price I'm willing to pay for millions less foreigners and higher wages for Americans.

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none. we keep importing mexicans in a controlled manner and stop letting their 35 cousins and abuelas and tios/tias in and ship them the fuck back when we dont need them anymore. we also deny their children citizenship if theyre born here.

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>liberals now care more about illegal immigrants than they do about poor Americans
>can't even conceive of the fact that some Americans are legitimately desperate and constantly worry over how they'll pay the rent each month

Not here but there are plenty of people who work shitty jobs for garbage pay who don't care about how demeaning or dangerous those jobs are. Democrats have absorbed so many college grads for so long that they're now a party of out of touch yuppies.

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BASED, I always hated how the mutts treated the mexicans.

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>Acting like not supporting slave labor for the jews profit is looking the other way.
Kek. Youre arguments have no substances. Youre just mad at white people for no other reason than being a fucking brainwashed brainlet. Either that or you’re just a shill. Ill go with the latter. If indeed it’s the former, it’s even more amusing. Now go check your oven. Turn it broil, and make it 6gorillion and 1

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That's pretty racist of you. Immigrants don't just take low level jobs, just look at all the Indian doctors and programmers. Besides, without immigration driving wages down, farmers will have to pay a decent wage for once if the want to attract workers.

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Lol. British farmers are dead. They Will be bought into huge plantations liké in the US, drown in pesticides all the while more pakis are imported for cheap labour.
EU is overall based with its farming policy, quality over rentability. You even get more EU bucks if you go bio now.

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go back to pol you subhuman

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If the Mexicans are barred from entry then the price of labor goes up, making seasoning fruit picking a viable endeavor for young Americans trying to get capital.

It's a low risk job that increase your physical fitness drastically.

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You can't have socialism with open borders.

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Fake larp

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