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What careers will become popular in post pandemic isolationist society?

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auto/motorcycle mechanics

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thats a man

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That's a man

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damn he's hot
also >>18067545
people are going to want to get tf out of the house /city/state = lots of traffic/driving and also lots of shit will be on sale that has been sitting on shelves unable to be sold

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courier, raider, bounty hunter, merc

There'll be a lot of money in looting stores and in selling guns and ammo.

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roasties with long nails can't function effectively in the kitchen

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Delivery man

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stop im trying not to stress wank
STOP shes not really a man right tell me shes not

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>STOP shes not really a man right tell me shes not

Ignore these faggots. She is not a man.

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white men are BUILT for BBC

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he's post op

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i need a sauce to confirm

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Look at the hands

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its a man

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is a man

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These are called slide threads. They are made to bump threads about BTC off the board. BTC halving in 49 days. Buy now


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>implies bullish
>buy now

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This is a woman

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This pic is trying so hard and she still looks like generic trailer trash

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He's gonna hit the wall so hard.

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i'd impregnate him

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thats an ugly dude
these are threads to BTFO of trannies and faggots. Buy BTC, ETH and XRP in that order - but mostly BTC - because in 49 days were going to the MOON!

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Saggy ass tits with Scaryolas.

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That’s a man

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look at the top of his hands

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Holy shit you guys are the biggest faggots I've ever seen

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Missed the reply to some of you.
Faggots, all of you.

If it wasn't obvious to any of the normal people out there, the reason these degenerates cling so hard to the idea of her being a dude is because it's the only thing that can get them off anymore.
I'm not just using "faggot" as an insult, it's a legitimate description word in this case. These people fetishize trannies and probably wouldn't mind being a tranny either.

They all deserve the rope.

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Guess you've never casually watched gay porn

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they HAVE to have everything queer in life so they can justify their faggot lifestyle. its why so many queers force post queer pics on this board they HAVE to have it as the norm to think they are normal and accepted when they arent and dont have to be accepted. Its also why you can post a pic of a natural born female and queers will instantly post >her
because they need their fantasy its a passing queer tranny because they have a 5oclock shadow and look like a linebacker and if at least one passes they delusionally think they pass. sick of queers on this board its business and finance not cocks and queers. The fucking homos demand tolerance and acceptance but show absolutely none to any other lifestyle while forcing their queer lifestyle on everyone. Mods need to start purging the queers from this board and sending them back to their containment board >>>/lgbt/

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>Faggots, all of you.
no u

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closeted and schizopilled

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Gaming, duh. Buy as much Verasity as you can.

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If it was a man I would smash it soooooo hard, no homo tho

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>no homo tho
ye as long as you say nohomo after ur not gay anon

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is this game any good

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fucking based

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that's a man

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God dam i need a woman bros

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you mean a man

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like you ever had a chance

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no i mean a woman. also checked

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ok enjoy ur e-male

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She’s so sexy, wish I could see his dick better tho

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> I BTFO trannies on biz
Sure you do wanker

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Trapposting is heresy.

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This. Trans women are women.

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Raider and Bandit.

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how new are you?

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This is a woman

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>This is a woman
he's a big boi

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>retarded tattoo ruining the body
that's how you know it's not a tranny

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nice projection faggots
thats a man

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What a ho

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that is a man

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>description word

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