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Nah. This applies to the Dow more than bitcoin. Bitcoin is in disbelief stage now.

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You're unironically in "return to normal"

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We are at Return to normal

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I agree. SDOW or SQQQ, which should I buy? Not trading options atm

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I remember you faggots last year saying it would dump to 1k by now. Eat shit.

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Zoom [sic] in

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people who still think BTC has any value are <105IQ 30 years old boomers. Prove me wrong.

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Well since capital is limited why not all in on the typically better performing of the two

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Thanks doc

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>people who still think BTC has any value are <105IQ 30 years old boomers.
>Prove me wrong.
how can one prove wrong that which is true?

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>economy is on fire
>unprecedented 50% dump in one day
>Arthur Hayes had to deliberately stop the long liquidations in order to prevent BTC from crashing to $0
>all coins, even the shitty low volume ones, pumping in unison with almost the same percentage during BTC's bounce from $3.8k (totally organic, bro)
>upcoming Mt. Gox creditors meeting
>no one's buying BTC except for zoomers

Nothing bullish at all.

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> still think
it's value prosition has no not changed, and never will anon

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yeah X * 0 = 0
change X to anything you want

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You forgot the huge totally organic tether printing during a real world fiat liquidity crisis. Totally backed bro.

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30 year old boomers?

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you have to go back

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No seriously, I'm 38, am I a boomer too? Tell me

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alright well played you had me going for a minute

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Whoops pic in >>18065214 was for you, what do you think X is

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Wtf is that Mike? He was my Orthodontist years ago lmao I never thought I'd see him here, how the fuck do you know him are you a bong?

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in the ancient culture of the Mayan civilization, 0 and infinity were one in the same, or very closely related.

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in modern scientific culture they're opposites, go follow your ooga boogas if you want

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there's simply not enough supply to meet demand at the $400 price level. in fact circulating supply is going to be dramatically reduced in about 2 months

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BTC miners have been borrowing heavily against previously mined coins to keep the lights on
When they get margin called, and they will, their stockpiles get liquidated, market sold
That will push the price to low triple digits in a single day...
Where it will bounce around for the duration of the recession, eventually recovering to $1k

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>implying 100% of miner operations are leveraged
proof plz

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Top kek wait and see fren

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It is all fairy tale stories without a source

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BTC doesn't have intrinsic value other that you can buy weed online with it which no one even do anymore since people get caught because btc isn't anonymous and out of governement reach for shit.
The only thing that gave it value is the story we told eachother about, and that story is fucking dead and fundamentally false, a story to which only 30years old boomers, people young enough to know about bitcoin but too old to have the brain plasticity needed to change one's opinion about the story of bitcoin even though all the evidence points to it being a fucking dead tether fueled ponzi with 0 actual utility. You guys have a month and a half.

not a bong. Mike is an internet superstar. He's one of the most based man I know. though his father did most of the big work, Mike brought it to a new level.

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>When they get margin called
lmao retard

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He became popular on /fit/ as well as actual fitness communities because of some videos he put out on jawlines. They're taken out of context half the time but he seems like a genuinely good doctor.

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you don't understand. there are people out there who've made it their mission in life to help humanity through bitcoin. you doubt a man's potential to change the course of human history positively and permanently. a story is just a story, but its fundamentals are rooted in tried and true value.

also who the fuck gets caught using bitcoin lmao

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nice plebbit spacing
are we unironically importing dumb money from plebbit now?

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>peaks and throughs

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So should I short DOW right now? Is that the best option?

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Thanks for clearing that up lads, that's amazing. I looked him up and it's incredible how far he's come. I can confirm he is a genuinely great doctor, he's pretty based too. He was literally the *only* doctor capable of reversing my unique case of asymetrical extractions, while also expanding my maxilla and correcting my lower jaw PERFECTLY, after 10 years since the extractions. He literally used braces to re-open my teeth so he could implant my lost ones. He had his own unique appliances too. It seems his Orthopedic exercise he'd teach his clients is now known as "Mewing". This is really blowing my mind right now. Maybe I should do a check up with him again.

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So no source. If you give another hint I'll screencap it anon. If you're right I'll make a daily thread in your honor

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see below you ignorant tard

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That article leads the reader to believe that the miners who were going to get liquidated, already did.

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yeah just the ones who couldn't make their margin calls anon
no one wants to get liq, obviously all the miners are bullish or they wouldn't be miners
but it won't help them, another sharp down shock and there will be another around of these cascading liquidations
further to that, many miners are preparing to shut their doors for good at the halvening so they are looking to unwind their positions which will also result in market sales of both coins and mining hardware
you can watch this unfold on both the price chart and the hash rate chart in realtime https://www.blockchain.com/en/charts/hash-rate
the halvening was never bullish, due to the leverage miners use

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i will keep buying

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That's all reliant on another sharp downturn though. The article stated the smarter miners open slightly leverage shorts to cover expenses if the market drops. This will obviously hurt their bottom line but offers security that the more bullish miners didnt have when they got liq'd. I wouldn't say miners are bullish by default, some are in it for the profit alone and protect themselves with financial instruments like shorts.

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there will be another sharp downturn lol look at the top of the chart

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i got a chart for ya, in my pants!

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alright i'll blow you but i'm going to enjoy it

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The hashrate chart? Either way, do you agree this may happen closer to the halvening, or prior?

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it'll happen between now and then, probably sooner rather than later

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Bitcoin already had its second crash.
You think you'd learn after the first one...

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This is how crypto goes all the time:

Fucking glad I cashed out with 200K just before that crash....

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Whatever the case, why wouldn't you just take your BTC losses, liquidate and move to the DJIA at this point? Pick a random blue-chip and dump it all in there and watch it double over the next six months to three years. There's a hell of a lot more certainty in that than what BTC is going to do.

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>bitcoin is worthless because it's finite and can't be BRRRRRRR'd
Go ahead and off yourself my man!

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>also who the fuck gets caught using bitcoin lmao
those who do crimes
damn that's based
you were lucky to have him. i'm lucky to have him too. without him, my current orthodontist would have ruined my profile. They wanted to use bands to push my maxilla back to fix class2d2. fucking kikes looking for a quick fix and a quick buck. I'm simply mewing instead and did amazing progress and my docs don't understand and 'never saw this before', simply impressed by how my malocclusion turned out. Seriously fuck em. How can I know better than fucking doctorates and shit. I wish they had the same expertise as mike.

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Tfw you realize bitcoin is a degenerator

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Exactly that stupid type of boomer. It's getting BRRR the same way as usd.
Someone tell him about tether!

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This is new paradigm

BTC will be - 69$ end of the week

Ps bears are fags

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