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>he doesnt know

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Have you fuck tards never seen a chart before. There’s always a double top. It’ll bounce around 7k and crash back down.

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Because you touch yourself at night.

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probably headed back to 8k. fuckin thing is a moon machine right now.

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London up = Bitcoin up

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This won’t age well

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not happening, [email protected] at 10k in 6 weeks

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cope harder bearfag

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I’m not even going to keep replying because I know you’re about to have a rough day

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He's just memeing

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I had sex with a woman for the first time yesterday. I came in her bagina. It was squishy. She died. I shid my pants.

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don't forget to buy OGN with the bitcoin gains

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You realise it pumped 20% not two days and dumped all of those gains then dumped all of those. This is a double top and not even a particularly impressive one

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European market just opened. It's institutional money buying into crypto again.

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>biggest inflation on history incoming
>BTC was designed with the goal to curb inflated money

Y-yea, pure speculation

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I'm actually scared for the US. Trump is so delusional that he has tried to downplay this virus constantly and has also convinced many others to think the same way. The US will be one of the worst affected, if not THE worst and they have no idea what is coming. This shit will dump hard again and anybody who thinks otherwise has their head firmly buried in the sand.

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Rejected resistance magnificently. No steam left in the engine.

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Filing the gap >>17944244

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Just saw a lady walking her dog fall over from the corona. Three school childs walked up to her and fell over too.

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>entire world rushing toward either the liquidity of cash or low-maturity bonds or now since the fed has kind of stabilised the bond market to the safety of longer term treasuries
>thinks this will be the time when institutional investors who are by and large facing redemptions and margin calls will rush to some of the most speculative assets being traded which have seen their value half in a couple weeks and could very well continue dumping harder than the bond or stock market as this crisis continues

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>Thinking that this entire board wouldn't worship 5 kids with 10k as investors

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They know it will pump. Inb4 huge green dildo.

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>silence for a week
>one green moment
You dumb niggers will always be broke

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dat cope

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Btc was also not intended to follow the market swings x3 you retard, yet it did.

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>They know it will pump
Excellent analysis, you got me beat there shizo anon

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Have you guys never seen a bear flag before? Zoom out of your 1 minute charts for once you newfags

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That's just short-term.
THAT is due to speculation.
Long term, BTC has already recovered so much that it's outperformed DJI in this crash. Open your eyes.

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>1D candles

where do you see a bearflag there? literal V shaped recovery

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The communists faggots are pumping it under the hope of making people sell and keep them enslaved in Fiat.

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>actual delusion
If it recovered so much (And in a single day to boot), why isn't it anywhere near ATH?

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>where do you see a bear flag
Right in front of you you absolute newfag

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DJI is at 64% of its value before the crash
BTC is at 74% of its value before the crash

Call facts delusion all you like.

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This, fucking newfags

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>it may be down 80% but it's up 5% today so it's great!

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>literally wrong
Comments like this is how you should know it's the bottom

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>dump 50% in couple of weeks
>pump 20% then dumps it all
>pump 15% again
>we’re mooning! This definitely isn’t a double top happening during a massive downtrend

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thats not a bear flag nigger.

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>'double top'

Ok, let's see what happens fren.

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The board being reinfected with you crypto retards due a single day of green shows me you have nothing but the market to ride on. Where was that brazen confidence and conviction the past two weeks? Surely you would be arguing for btc and crypto even during rainy days.
Yet you niggers were quiet, and the board decent for once.

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we have been green for 3-4 days fag.

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I decided to buy back in the minute it surpassed DJI, around the time when it bounced back below 6k.
Obviously I'm not going to point things out when I'm still buying in. You retards can buy now. Or even later, more likely.

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Well that literally does look like a textbook bearf lag

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These newfags can’t even read a chart

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Looks like classic bear pennant to me. Then again, fucking TA ain't working on crypto.

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>literally textbook bearflag
>that’s not a bearflag
Kek I’m not even one of those fags that places too much currency on TA but you can’t even read a chart

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are you all absolutely retarded? this is a suckers rally, we're not even close to the bottom - EU economies are falling off a cliff - expect same for WHOLE WORLD

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Exactly. Just shows how many newfags with bags from 10k there are.

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Hey man I don’t believe in crypto. I just saw it was really low then all of a sudden BRRRRRRRRRRERRRRR

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Crypto newfags are immune to the truth. They genuinely think they'll be rich in a few weeks. They're gambling addicts, insisting that this time, they'll win it all back and then some

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We were buying more, and not letting people know about it.
Notice LINK threads have gone missing.

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Based be-nice-to-the-newfag poster

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LMAO, you dumb fucks actually think you're some kinda secret club where everyone is cooperating, working in tandem. Actual delusions. Ever considered the fact that "we" is in fact just you?

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>price dumping
>buying more
>price suddenly pumps
>Oh yeah this is totally organic, it was all us silly
Kek why are newfags just that, such absolute fags

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>stonks pidors coping with their trash doing -50% by shitmouthing btc
lmaoe everyone told you your shit gonna crash

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We've seen charts before. We also know how to read them instead of just pulling shit from our dog's ass like you did.

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Last pump

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is this trash still below 10k !!! ?

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>w-we’ve seen charts before!
The absolute state kek

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welp i guess its time to go all in, right?
since it is mooning and all

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look a couple of threads above, someone printed close to a billion dollars in tether

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Sell BTC before the 28th.

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except it wasn't the real bottom

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Look at BITMEX funding, it shows the most bearish sentiment I have ever seen in the BTC market. Almost assures price goes up.

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Damn just woke up, the bongs are fucking bobo in the ass

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Today we'll have a micro new moon and on 04/08 there will be a super full moon, it seems like a good period to buy

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