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What went wrong?

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I want to know to. Sergey promised me an Asian gf but instead I've become poor.

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the batflu

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It's a long term play, give it a year or so

1k eoy is fud

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Not a single one of you DYOR

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token not needed?

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its not a crypto currency like bitcoin
its just some fucking russian techno bable sugarcoated with memes

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>give it a year
it's been 3 years nigger! how much longer do they need???

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it's chained dump. c'mon! even an ape like me can figure out in seconds.

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i sell at 2.30
because it will go down again. i don't want to risk it
i am gonna get pissed if it doesn't reach 2.30

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Just sell it around high 2.20s, like right now, buy when it drops back to 2

enjoy the new normal and swing on it

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it's the corona virus. it affecting the crypto market as a whole, not just link

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Who is this delicious hapa?

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asuka saito

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A year, did you even read the post?

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TY anon, now I have new spank material.

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It was a scam all along.Nothing went wrong

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march 11 is when it began to tank
there is a correlation

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people aren't working so they don't have money to buy crypto. this is why it's not been doing well

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Sergey Nazarov has died from Italian virus.

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Ppl just realised that OGN is way better than this shit, that's all.

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