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hope u got ur cenno m8
i resigned in december (retraining)
applied for austudy
get backpay + coronabux (although austudy not eligible for jobseeker double payment)
+ access to super up to 10k tax free

yall know where that 10k is goin....straight to cb

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>Shanghai up 1.5 %

Gee, who could be behind this...

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yeah man i've been on youth allowence for about 3 months. there's fuck all jobs going, i called the ceno job network i have to go see to reschedule my appointment and the dude was just like yeah i'll mark you down as having been here don't worry no questions asked.

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Can you even afford to send so many As over your dial up internet now?

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Housing market will implode once full city lockdowns are enforced. Australia will soon be like Japan... 30+ years gone with no recovery in sight

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legit gonna waste the stimulus payment on an rtx 2070 super ngl boys

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You liar it'a 57.

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dayummm lucky zoomer
that means you get the $750 + 1100 fortnight
do the right thing and buy LINK
>Housing market will implode
im counting on this. got my eye on a nice bit of land up in the grampians
>legit gonna waste the stimulus payment on an rtx 2070 super ngl boys
chekt. but dont be retarded. you need to be insulating yourself for what is to come

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Look at the date. I’m from the future.

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True, i'll have to use some self restraint and hodl it for a little while

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there is no excuse for not buying at least 1k LINK

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how fucked are we though man, there's already lines outside centrelink going around blocks in some places and it really hasn't even started yet

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fuck me, portfolio is in the shitter, work a shit retail job making the same as newstart now, and ill probably get corona from my job.

gotta buy more stocks

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tbpqh - theres really not excuse for not putting all of that into crypto - if you're receiving youth allowance then you're likely living with your parents still.
Do not keep it in a bank - buy btc/eth/link and gold/silver - have ~5k in cash

you will be getting these double payments for a while now - sit down with a spreadsheet and plan each payment and you will come out the otherside of this better than half of biz and your parents.

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Once the non essential shutdown starts and mass unemployment begins it's going to fall to like 40 cents. Literally every domestic bullion vendor is 90% cleared out. This is the problem with a risk on currency.

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you already got yours who gives a fuck
regarding everything else, not sure - im not panicking but im also not dragging my feet.
insulate yourself while you have the time
have a plan if there is a societal breakdown once the GFC 3.0 electric boogaloo hits and there will be actual riots in the streets.

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i'm afraid of the future

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how's that China-dependence feel cunts?

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(((they))) want you afraid
don't let them win

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Pretty depressing seeing PC hardware take a 7-15% hike on Thursday

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She'll be right, mate.

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wanted to short asx last night night
i have no idea how, bank is my broker but i've only ever traded stocks before


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/biz/ edition

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buy bboz bois

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I was talking to the normies at the bottle shop no one seems to have any idea this is going on kek. I told them entire supers are gone people have been wiped out and mass unemployment is coming this was last week then I explained how everything is propped up with debt and the system requires new debt to function.

Yeah they really didn't seem to care.

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don't waste your energy with npc's
you'll have more luck warning a stone what is to come
>pic related: these are the people you are talking to

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I was talking to my mates about this shit in the middle of January there's really not much excuse for not seeing it coming

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>-28% in a year
I don't know what you're seething about, this is completely normal, pretty much every economy collapsed this much.

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Hope you fellas bought lots of bboz

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time to pack everything into the ute and head home mate

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Australia has the highest household debt in the world being entirely banked on a massive property bubble. The banks are completely rekt here and will need to be bailed out.

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>cenno is now worth what takes me 24 hours of work to earn
>a full fucking day of my life wasted when I could get that money for free
What's the point of working again?

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too bad they took away your guns eh mate

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I'm wealthy enough to do whatever I want, but
the complacency in this country is going to wreck an unbelievable amount of people.

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I don't wanna be in this timeline anymore frens

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China will come to the rescue, don't worry aussanon

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boss is gonna pay me under the table so i can get the full cenno payment. and soon ill be able to put my super into crypto. thank you corona-chan

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Centrelink queues already looking like a depression.

It's over lads.

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Just buy inverse EFT products. I'm a noob and I'm too stupid to get into calls and puts. I chucked $1000 in bboz last week and I'm already up like 20 percent. Also check out bbus and bear.

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>I can't into options
Watch the first 5 videos(15mins), at least.


im not sure holding inverse ETF's for the long term is a cogent investment strategy due to decay and cotango. They more suitable for daily buy and sells

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Thanks based anon

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>ASX -8.4%
>PLUS +8.91%
heh. Just fucking bet on the heebs already, save yourself a lot of un-necessary stress

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You're like a little baby, Ibovespa is down by almost 50%.


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Help me pass this quizz so I can trade options bros I need to make it

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>Bizarro /SMG/

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Aud implodes, housing market stays inflated because the aud is now shit

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except that 30% unemployment crashes the housing market anyway. this is the big one, Australia is fucked

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#FinNexus officially starts, including pre-planning, finding core members of the FinNexus team,negotiating with fund partners

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You did good anon.
There are fuck all options going in Aus, if you write a contract your losses can be exponential, and you need some retard to be dumb enough to enter a bull position in a bear market, if you buy a contract you'll still need a retarded bull in a bear market.
My only advice is be prepared to take some profit. These truly are unprecedented times, and who knows whether markets will remain open if countries are operating with only essential services.

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RIP Canada as well then

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oh man thats a bargain, is now a good time to visit?

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>my tax is literally going to retards like this
Australia is well and truly fucked

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i have a bunch of money in the bank how do i profit off this?

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Anglo economies crashing with the force of 1000 golems

What a time to be alive lmao

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dollar just dipped on out

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that is because Australia shut down and banned all restaurants, bars, gyms, to next 6 months, i.e. half year, that means lots of bankruptcyes of these small business

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Nah housing will hurt but not as much as everyone hopes. We're still importing a tonne of mussies who will keep demand up.

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thats literally the point of the stimulus though. so retards will waste it on shite and pump the economy

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>shut down entire economy to protect old people and asians from getting a sniffle

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Who is she?

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>so retards will waste it on shite and pump the economy
>implying they will buy from australian businesses.
Oh wait. Everything has been shut-down or will be shut-down. Looks like they will only be able to buy shit from chinese sellers on ebay.

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As a mortgage who's already $60k in the red compared to current real world sales, this really is the only way forward to prosperity for future generations. If it sends almost half the current households like mine to the wall then so be it I say. It's short term pain for the country's long term gain.
However, the government and central banks won't allow this because they know the majority of the commercial bank's wealth in this country is overspeculated property values. I'm sure the government cares about defaulting households on a large scale, but I'm sure their priorities is corporate banking prosperity.
We as a nation, along with loose lending standards for the last 20 years, only have ourselves to blame for this faux "wealth" bubble.

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How low can it get bros? 50% of ATH?

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Hoping unemployment with hit 10%+, as this could cause house prices to drop by as much as 20%, then I can buy my first house

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Don't like your losses? STIFF! Take it to KLEROS COURT, ha hoppy dingleberries!

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cant wait to pick up a foreclosure for cheap because there's a body shaped stain in the shed where the greedy boomer owner killed himself

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doom paul posts were 8 years too soon

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So houses will be 800,000 instead of 1 million?

Try 80% drops muchacho.

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Leveraged inverse ETFs are up 100% since February.

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bailed in cobber, they will be bailed in. The legislation was passed years ago. not that is matters either way cos we're still getting fucked no matter what.

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idk about you guys but when I get my helicopter money I am going to buy what physical silver I can get my hands on.

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>tfw gunna get $20,000 tax free out of my super and $20,000 tax free for owning a business that employs one person and ill put it all into bitcoins and shitcoins

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Put it all into RTX 2070s

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my grandkids will hear the stories of how i came up through the mines

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I only just this year got an abn. Does that mean I can get my super?

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No super is different
It's for people who have had to close their business because of corona or people who have been made unemployed or had their hours cut by more than 20%
those who have seen a massive downturn as sole traders can also apply


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Should have bought a week ago mate

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The silver shills are getting relentless and I see they're fooling the most mentally challenged among us, dole bludgers

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Hahaha is this the quiz on nabtrade? If you can't answer these you're far too retarded to be buying options. Buy BBOZ or BBUS instead

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Unemployment is going to get way worse than 10 percent

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wagies feel

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this is still pretty optimistic anon. i also hope you realise unemployment statistics across the world are entirely fraudulent and dont represent true unemployment, which i can assure you is much lower than the stats show at any given time.

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wtf is going on in this pic

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>he isn't getting scomobux
Gonna buy some new PC parts so i can play half life alyx bros
God bless

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