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This is the most obvious shakeout in history. It’s all fake news designed to make you sell your link. DO NOT fall for it. First it was SIBOS toilet, then JSON parser meme, then sybil resistance meme, then fakeout Google pnd, then the crash to $0. All that failed so they invented this so called “pandemic” (that’s killed like 20 people). If you sell now you deserve to be poor.

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True. I wish I sold the top and quadrupled my stack, but I'm hodling all the way to $1000.

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It's pretty fucking dire shithead if you paid attention to your project you know the one associated with the bags your shilling?

Nulink developed a better and more advanced version in 2 weeks and they said the chainlink code was garbage.

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This post is pandemic.
To think that somebody would release a GLOBAL pandemic to get shitty erc-20 tokens from unknown japanese frog research forum.

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mentally ill cultist this isnt about scamstink at all. stop posting retarded mentally ill schitzo posts

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Unironically, yes.

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You belong in an oven.

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If you want my LINKIES you will have to pay 2 thousand united states dollars... At which point, again, I'm NOT SELLING.

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Zzzzz lame, drop link, buy OGN and it's gonna be good for you

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Imagine how butthurt they are going to be when I don't sell my birthright for pottage lmao.

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>Nulink developed a better and more advanced version in 2 weeks and they said the chainlink code was garbage.
And pigs fly

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