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I'm here
I will be honest, if I wasn't still comfortably up, and hadn't had two years of research to comfort me in these times, I'd probably have sold
The mental toll of being a new linker must be exhausting

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Gonna buy some more soon

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>3 chances to sell close to $5
>hoooodll the line muhreens

This is my favorite/ biz/ meme its like xrp bagholders who didn't sell at $3 and have to tell each other how smart they are for not cashing out at the top

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Kek, Link's ATH was literally this month and Cripple's price has been flatlining for two years

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MU.. MUUUUUUUHHH LINKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Waiting for 15K sats here

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And it got heavily rejected close to the same price point it did before. Imagine looking at the charts of every ither coin seeing a double top rejection at the previous rejection price and still falling for the reddit HODL meme

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Yeah it totally wasn't because bitcoin dumped 50% in the span of 12 hours

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>But Link is decoupled from BTC my 4IR my 1kEOY

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dont blame other tokens scamstink is shit. muh 2.5yrs to do nothing be nothing and accomplish nothing.

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I doubt any coin in the top 25 failed to dump with bitcoin. So either the whole space is a scam or link just followed huge selling pressure of btc. This fud is all so tiresome

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so just hide the threads and ignore it instead of coming in with your scamstink opinions about it being "fud". its done nothing its accomplished nothing its gone nowhere that's not fud that's fact so far. now hide the thread and stop replying since you're so confident in scamstink being something

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Why nows a great time to buy! If you haven't got a stack I definitely recommend dollar cost averaging a position. Why would so many anons create so many high quality memes for a dead project. Archives have plenty of discussion on why link will prevail to any anon who does a bit of digging

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You mean the "Link is decoupled' meme stinkies have been posting for years?

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imagine a coin busting through a major barrier like $5 the first few tries

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>3 years
>first few tries

Oh no no no no my heavy heavy bags

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so many pedophiles in this thread baka

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What coin from 2017 has a better ratio of current price/ ATH price? Name 3

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>muh coins
You know shitty biopharm penny stocks outdid Link in a few weeks right. Seethe more stinky just hold for 10 more years

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Kek. random shitcoins popping off recently too what's your point? They'll be a random pump and dump for a lot of things.

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>companies working with vaccines and have actual real verifiable products in their pipeline and actually working through the fda process
>random pump and dumps
>Link breadcrumbs and partnerships and powerpoint presentation and usage checking the price of eth are real after 3 years though

The absolute state of linkies

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Kek name some of these penny stock companies that have blown up recently. Then compare ROI to link

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>having a folder full of nicos for threads like these
R e n t f r e e

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