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>infinite water comes out of my tap
How do I profit from this /biz/ ?

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Position ur ass right underneath the stream, it will hit ur prostate

>> No.17993764

Bottle it and sell it as Dasani

>> No.17994013

>bottle the tap water
>think of some nice story about mineral origin and colour the bottle in vaporwave style
>sell a bottle for a dollar
Dunno why people buy bottled water but they do

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>Bottle the tap water with old plastic you find in trash cans.
>Create a hydro damn in the sink to harvest the energy from the faucet.
>Mine bitcoin with energy.
>Trade bitcoin for chainlink.

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Buy a waterblock for your CPU, connect the tab to one side of it and drain the water from the other side out your window. Cheap watercooling!

>> No.17994229

Use multiple sinks to power turbines and sell money back to the electric companies.

>> No.17994289

Sell as 2D e-girl bathwater.

>> No.17994771

Waterboard yourself for free

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You don't pay a water bill?

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Location, location, location.

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build a damn

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Wait for the value of water to increase and then sell it back to the tap

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just accumulate until the moon mission

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