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>Be single, horny, perverted professional in my 20's.
>Have stunning, 9.7/10 qtpi flatmate with a great ass and a tendency to work out a lot.
>Flatmate going to stay with her boomer parents whilst Coronachan starts to take over.
>"I'll be away for at least 2 weeks, if you need anything or anything happens just call me. You've got the house to yourself, I trust you anon"
>mfw I realise she left a laundry basket full of deliciously smelly panties and sports wear.
>mfw I no longer have to imagine the smell.

It's nice bro's. It's nice...

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post pic of said dirty panties or it's a larp

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>flat mate
Get a real job or move out of the shithole metro you are in

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>business and finance

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I could never have a female room-mate. My dick would find a way in and ruin the friendship. AGAIN. :(

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My job pays well enough, just not quite enough for my own place. Also, in light of these developments, I honestly don't mind sharing the space...

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I see you're a man of exquisite taste hbXqrg4

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At work rn or I would

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