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I have 100 mill in liquid cash

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Liquidate some to me faggot

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pics or it didnt happen

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I have 100ML in liquid ass.

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Why? Its the truth. Im not even larping kek. Im the 1%. I literally live life in easy mode and fuck 10/10 hookers in Oslo norway while doing top cocaine on the regular.

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do you happen to want a dirtbag neet friend by chance

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Yes. I really want someone based

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give me my freedom dividend!!!!

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Can you lend me 100k and I'll pay you back 400k in 5 years? Thanks

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Whats ur email? U want to come to Oslo?

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If you can guarantee it, yes

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I have a 20 mill apartment in the middle of Oslo. I get Girls if i just say my address while on Town. Ofc were talking bout 10/10s:) i pay 3k for a table each week in Town, its small change for the 1%

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Did I buy btc at 4$? Yes. I did. And ive been a neet since 2013

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That's a risk you will just have to take

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we're you born rich or did you get lucky trades?

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incredibly based

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I invested in btc at 4 dollars, a retarded amount. Im one of the few
Thank you bro, Whats ur email?

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I was poor before yes. 1mill in bank

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Yeah you enjoy that bud.
>*muffled brrrrr in the distance*

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I do. I live life like a retarded king in norway right now. It feels like i stole money man. Thats why i made this thread. Im a billionaire not because I deserved it, but because i invested early its a joke desu

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I'll shove five sharpies in my ass for 10,000 LINK

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oh i'm too swarthy for those nordic countries and too autistic for roasties

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No srsly, ill hit you up. Whats your email. You want to party a week? I need someone based and redpilled

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[email protected] my dude

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I'll come kick it in Oslo I'm a dirtbag neet

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Good, finally a thread where I can share my premium memes

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Ill pm you tomorrow bro, screenshotted
Whats ur email?

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photo of your hand with a spoon inside the flat or i take it didn't happen for 100€ Igor

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pretty based if true
enjoy it anon you win

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Boomertime at protonmail com

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Whats ur email ill send u one with timestamp.
It is. I literally was early thats all. This is my first redpilled post

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for 1 bitcoin i will make you a racist mid quality australian tier ms paint meme everyday for 2 months.

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Screenshotted. Ill pm u later today aswell aka tomorrow baed biz bro

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I have over 500 btc. Keyword: over. So yeah no thanks. But I need redpilled biz frens irl so Whats ur email?

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i'll bring the beer
[email protected]

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Screenshotted. Sending u a pm tomorrow fren

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>top cocaine
pick one thx

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I get high quality from B gjengen in Oslo which is a top tier gang here. I have contracts in Town. So I get get quality.

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i dunno, what kind of based and red pilled are you?
Im from a tiny rainforest town in north Australia and city people find me boorish and too politically incorrect on the plus side iv got a steve irwin accent unironically.

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a quick acetone wash gives mad gains in effect.

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Ill pay you 100k for a week and your travel expenses being redpilled like on /biz/ for a week here. Australias are cool

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what the fuck kind of larping ass bullshit is this jesus christ

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Im drunk atm, but im serious

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Is there a NEET colony being started in Norway?
I would join if I didn't have family and frens here in the US.
You and the NEET gang are welcome at my uncle's cottage in Lappland if I'm around

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Based Oslo bro

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You cant buy friends larpfag

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challanging social norms :)

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I can. I just did? Whats ur email ill buy you too. Im literally the 1% like in the movies. >>17954218
Lappland as in Finland? 2e can do a weekend maybe.
U know it bro. Ill pm u bro

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No thanks faggot

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Yes, I'm dual citizen with US and Germany, but have been there. Lappland is comfy even if most of the people there are depressed and poor.
Lakes, trees, reindeer, hunting clubs

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Ok jævla nigger homo

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Im intrigued bro. Whats ur mail ill pm you. Ill gladly join sauna fun and party in Finland. Its beside Helsinki or what?

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Or wait. Lappland is North right? Im up bro. Whats ur mail, lets talk tomorrow

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No, it's closer to Rovaniemi, and a 3 hour drive to Oulo
[email protected]

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keep in mind, I live in the US which is going to go into madmax mode in a month, so the chance of me catching a plane to Europe is 0.001%

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Blessed Oslo bro. I’m financially ruined and I’ve never asked for help in my life. I’ll come to Oslo and be your free. Please do the needful sir

Btc: 1B4dmYQL3vhQPMzzDRy2guugBk2U1eqtKK

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Oh shit, you in gimle too? Lets grab a bite at Feinschmecker sometime.

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How long till BTC fags finally pull the plug? You must know this

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*fren not free

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Its np man. Pm you details. Ill pay the visit and expenses if you got the cabin. >>17954701

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I literally bought over 500 btc at 4. So if its 5k or 10k its stilla lot ;)

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always wanted to go to norway. fuck niggers. [email protected]

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Thats redpilled and I like that. Screenshotted ill pm u too

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Based fren pls send me 1 bitcoin


thats my email good sir

[email protected]

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congrats on not even answering the question faggot

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At 3k but its never gonna happen

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>I have over 500 bitcoin, would you like to meet up?
Cringe larp faggot

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You know what's more impressive than a rich guy doing cocaine and sleeping with hookers?

A rich guy who is pure, honest, and faithful, and does good things in the world

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Stay jelly.

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Top shelf

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Im pure and honest. Whats the matter? You cant handle rich people on biz?

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write me a check for $10000 or fake and fag

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Whats ur email ill pm u :)

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[email protected]

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Scredned. Pming you

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Can you please say some nice things to me?

>> No.17955189

send me 1BTC or stop LARPing

>> No.17955193

Send 1 BTC to prove it


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You are based and redpilled. Nice haircut bro. >>17955189

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[email protected]

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I know why consciousness exists. Yes, really. Over 100 Billion people have walked the Earth and not known the real reason why they are conscious. Take my poor but enlightened ass to the moon with you RichBizBro. I need money and I know big stuff.

[email protected]

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Sir prove it or youare an indian scammer

[email protected]

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yo, me too. Whats your take on it? Look up open individualism

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Hmu, im in paris rn but when the corona hype is over we should go to 1OAK [email protected]

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Well, if RichBizBro takes us to Norway, we can meet up and share information. My info comes from Neuroscience and will eventually be accepted by everyone as the correct reason for human consciousness. Only recently uncovered. Compatible with evolutionary theory. Different from open individualism. No myth or mysticism.


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Fuck jannies

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Allow me to feel

[email protected]

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All in CKB and tezzies, fren. Good the meek shall inherit the earth, then bang japanese hooker harems while sending them 10 Nervos per night.

>> No.17955540

I'll prove to you that myth is not necessary. A based convo with frog frens would be epic..

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Yep. I just checked the airfare to Norway and rates are still too high for me :(

>> No.17955708

all these people begging for money. it's fucking disgusting.

>> No.17955716

For 2 btc I'll bbc the love of your life and take you through the toughest hoods in Chicago/Detroit unscathed. Choose wisely

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We're supposed to eat them not fuck them.

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i couldn't prostitute myself out like that ay, if you wanna try be mates based off common interests i can slip you an email addy but in my god honest opinion you wont meet any real mccoy people if you are footing the bill just a mob of actors pretenting to be mates for the gibs.

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Thank you fren! Here’s my email as well. Let’s start a fraternity and take on the world. [email protected]

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