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You sold, right? We're going sub $1

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Listen here baby girl, I will never ever sell my linkies.

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we pumpin!

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1 penny!

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Read my lips faggot.

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I will have more linkies than I ever thought possible. Been holding since 2017 and I’m. Never. Fucking. Selling.
Fuck discord trannies
Fuck niggers
Fuck jannies
And fuck NoLinkers especially

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I bought at 1.30 a few days ago. It's no loss to me

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only the most shrewd hold linky

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Realistically even if it is a scam, we haven’t hit the exit portion yet. I’m loading up with money I can spare and I’ll just sell it at the next high after this whole period is over

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yup I did. this time is different

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Listen man, you're wasting your time at this point.

The weekly cup and handle that's formed on the LINK/USDT charts is so obvious and boner-inspiring...no one is selling.

The retrace of greater than 50% was a gift...if it goes any lower, everyone on this board is going to sell their hand sanitizer/tp for more LINK.

Basically, fuck off.

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nigga I'm buying more

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you bros bring me hope.
i'm new to chainlink, just a few months. i started buying at $2 and all the way up to $4. i listened to "pump up the jam" on repeat, with every link thread opened in tabs, jamming out in the $5 waiting room, laffing my ass off at the memes.
i have been hodling the whole way down, and i haven't sold one single Link. i am putting any spare money i have into Link with some BTC and ETH as well.
my hands are being forged in the fires of the Great Globohomo Depression.

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>my hands are being forged in the fires of the Great Globohomo Depression.

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Is 12k still enough to make it? I had to sell some.

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How does $12 sounds?

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>my hands are being forged in the fires of the Great Globohomo Depression.
Never sell fren. I Bought at 1.19, than all the way to the bottom of 0.25. Never sold and got to see $5.
We will see $10 soon, $100 later, then $1000.
We are all in this together.

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>my hands are being forged in the fires of the Great Globohomo Depression.
I bought all the way up to 4. I'm never selling a single link. I got buy orders set and I've got more funds coming. If this goes to 1 I'm still buying.

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i'm stealing this pic and adding it to my prep stash. these are hard times, with dark days ahead.
from the caveman-banging-rocks-together levels of research i have done, i believe we will see $1000 link (and probably even higher) in the next decade or so. i wouldn't even sell all of them at that price, probably not even half.

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I've always laughed at you linkies and finally i was right. Bought some to follow it and be interested into it. Sold in February as anyone with a brain would have done. And I'm buying back right now hahahahhaha.

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>these are hard times, with dark days ahead.

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the only problem we're gonna have is that we didn't buy more.

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