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Anyone else still comfy?

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who else bubbly

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I couldnt care less about the collapse I'm prepped

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This is why I'm bearish, we are still in complacency

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I have $20k tether and a $1k short on the Dow and 25k LINK so I'm not comfy but I'm not rekt yet.

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Bought more stinkies today. Fuck it

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I mean, is superflu going to end the world?
Because if it is who cares, and if it isnt then it changes nothing.

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Can only be comfy with my OGN bag

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Yes because I took advantage of this crash and bought more :)
>This is why I'm bearish, we are still in complacency
Then sell you retard

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sold a little so i have a years rent in cash in case anything happens on the work front
but still holding 50k stinks and 5 LP


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I just found my plushie so yea pretty comfy. thinking of some ideas.

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I remember buying at 17c when everything was red, swimming in FUD
This is fucking nothing

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we really are deluded huh?

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Seriously what's the big deal. It's either nothing and I NEET at home like I was going to anyway until it all blows over. Or it destroys society, which sucked anyway, and I neck myself ahead of schedule. I don't really see what there is to be so worked up about.

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I've prepped back in 2015 for the shemitah, been sitting on all this stuff ready to go, and now its finally time. got extra stuff too back in january since I knew right away where this was going. no work for at least a few months, and animal crossing comes out friday. sooooo comfy. now I just need to get it through my wife's head that she needs to stop going to her shitty job. she has fucking asthma and insists on working still because the jew boss doesn't want to lose any shekels. the kike is even defying orders to keep his business open.

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Bought link my first 1500 links mostly between .12 and .86 cents.
I did however buy a couple hundred dollars worth at over 4.00 - But who cares.
I bought the last dip also at 1.90 but who cares, not that big a deal.

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No, not comfy.
I'm apathetic, if anything.
I'm holding, not selling. 1k eoy or nothing.
It's beginning to feel like "nothing" migth be the more likely outcome.

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shill post

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Blessed post as linkies are indeed blessed

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Look I had 18k link two weeks ago now I have 24k. It is what it is.

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Well it's certainly better than the 30c purgatory

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pic for newfags. this has all happened before, except it didn't actually happen. we were ready though!

now im balls deep in the fucking markets and not ready at ALL

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Frens I realize this is a dark time for us but remember that we're all in this together.

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You bought more?

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He's a swinger

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Swingies will get the rope. Repent.

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It's only dark if you haven't seen the future.

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Holding link is eternal complacency my friend.

Forgive him sir gay for he knows not what he's missed out on

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