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Will it hurt the day you open this same chart and see price at $1000 knowing you had 3 years to buy?

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Ahhh... ain't nothing like the good ole Inverse McDonald's!

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they got jew'ed hard by (((Sergey Nazarov))).

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yes it does, but imagine having held something that didnt appreciate in value and then get hit with this crash.

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can you name something that doesnt hurt holding right now

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yes, yes it does

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Yes... that "brilliant" CEO can't tell the difference between market and limit orders, so he just went there and market sold his millions of tokens.
Not that he cares about it, he printed everything for free anyway.

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After we pull out of this nose dive I will resolve to assuage the pain of others that are carrying heavy bags. Except for XRP, fuck those guys.

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>tfw the deep state release a global pandemic virus in an attempt to get your linkies

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You retards are holding a useless ERC20 "somehow" attached to a web scraper. You get what you deserve.

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no, because selling link, even 1 link, was never an option. my mind literally cannot conceptualize the idea of selling link below $1000. it is impossible. so there is nothing to regret :^)

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This desu

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It hurts every single day. I wish my stack was bigger.

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Cope. You had 3 weeks

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tripling my stack because of fat fingers it really hurts

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Linkies, by now you must have realized that the game was rigged from the start.
>100 DOLLARS EOY!!!!
Come on now stinkies, I know you're better than this. Do you really think the long-nosed fellas was gonna let you make it?

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cope. you had 3 weeks to sell. rip your shit-20 token.

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This is so fucking kino

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We are the light in the darkness, and paths to higher sensation. Guardians of ultimate experience
Explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others

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>Come on now stinkies, I know you're better than this. Do you really think the long-nosed fellas was gonna let you make it?
they're in hiding and running for their lives

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1 big mac please

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Is that the big mac?

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the entire point of corona was to crash links price so they can accumulate more

the angelic kek repeating digits dont lie also 2020 is a double dub which means the prophecy will be this year

at least 300$ EOY

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Sergey sells all the time though. Are you a chastity cage cuckold?

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CZ playing dirty Chink tricks with his casino, no big deal.

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LINK will be fine, if you like high caps. But you might wan to gamble on some micro caps that will change your life. ZANO will pump.

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Looks like it might have tested 3.5 to 3 dollar range for continuation higher if the entire crypto market didn't get accelerated downward by extreme fear...

Makes me think it might have tested 1.60 or so anyway, just the corona fears pushed that into happening within 2 days instead of taking a month or more..

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