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I sold half for 1.7 and 1.64
if this doesn't go down more, i don't know what I might do.
I've been holding it since ico

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lies show sell order

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it's going back to 15 cents anyway

and it will still be one of the strongest alts

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>I've been holding it since ico
No, you haven't been.

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He sold? Pump it.

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Thanks for selling, we were waiting on you specifically. Now we are going back to $3 for a short breather before new ATH.

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>selling below $2
now is the time to buy, not sell. in before it's going to 20 cents hurr durr.

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i participated in a biz ico pool. i lost almost 300k (unrealized gains) in the last week and woke up and panicked sold.

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lol, not selling it at $4 if u hold this shit since its ico

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wtf anon, ur such a panic seller, never selling.

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>Doesn't show position size
take your lunch money and go home, really obvious LARP

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I sold my emergency stack(400 LINK) at $2. Complete panic sell tho. Regardless I have 15k in cold storage kek

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Sold half of my stack around $2.
Put up some stop losses, so you don't get completely rekt if BTC goes into Bard mode again.
Else, sit back and wait. We might test $1 soon or later

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second one

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juat go to the casino if you're too retarded for this

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>I've been holding it since ico
So you're up 19x, be happy

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top fucking kek, this can't be real

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Not a good time to hold worthless speculative web scraper ERC20 tokens

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oh no no no no look at this dude

when the smugposting gets unbearable from fudders is when you know to buy

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no smugposting. I never ever took profits.
I live in a quarantined place. USA will get there sooner or later, and futures were way down last night. It's time to be somewhat paranoid.

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Anon....what the fuck did you actually do....That was your ticket....

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thanks for selling
i bought it

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How do you hold for 3 years through people ridiculing you daily and then sell the fucking bottom of a manufactured crisis. Absolute retard.

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these are the real horror stories

>I've been holding it since ico
if this is true then I don't know what to say OP

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don't make me feel so bad

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>much better time to hold backed by good vibes fiat which just had another couple trillion printed
thanks for the distribution op. picked up 1k stinks this morning

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remarkable how people can possess the willpower to sell the absolute bottom but can't bring themselves to do so at the absolute top.

i hold 56k link but like jesus man you had 320k link and you didn't sell at 4$?

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Bruh, just dump it all already, it's ogre.

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why at $4 and not at 6,7,8,9, 20?

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Thank you. I added 500 Link more to my 170k stack today.
If this continues like this I will take a loan as promised to reach 200k if it goes down to 0.40$.

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$1.28 million
lol, and he didnt sell
waiting for what $12 millions ?

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I already said why.
I live in a quarantined place. USA will get there sooner or later, and futures were way down last night. It's time to be somewhat paranoid and expect everything to keep going down a bit more

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yes, why not? I bought eth low and NEVER TOOK PROFITS. EVER.
and i didn't had 320k btw. A bit less, the first batch I sold wasn't 80k.
And i still have more than most people.

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yeah except everyone is thinking this now, so you have to be dumb to follow the herd

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well on your first trade ever you just lost 30k usd + exchange fees so props to you if it goes lower but you still look like a greedy retard for saying this shit now and not at say, 3$.

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Like your grave with dirt loser
>Did read;Not selling

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then why not selling at $4 or going back to ETH ?

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This is why I haven't sold or gone out and bought precious metals. Something big and good will happen to LINK soon, I can feel that shit in my bones.

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what a faggot lmao.

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Good for you OP, take that money and put it into Tezos (a real coin) right now and start making those stake gains

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Dont worry op, we are going down more this week.

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stop shilling tezos in ETH/link thread

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Everyday I talk to more and more people selling Link and ETH for Tezos tired of waiting for staking that will never come. I suggest you do the same.

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On cuckbase? The fees are fucking brutal, and they initially lied about hording 25% earnings at any point of anyone claiming staking xtz

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tezos fucking crashed thru the floor retard

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so did we anon so did we

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i just realized op lives in the usa and if everything hes saying is true he just posted proof for uncle sam to rape his ass in a year. the federal cap gains tax in the us is 23.5%.

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ohh myy

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>and futures were way down last night

well why didn't you sell last night at $2.10 dumbass NIGGA????????

it was obvious what was going to happen today

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Yeah but your coin is going to 0, that is the difference

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Thank you for your sacrifice, the bullrun may now commence

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unironically, i took my dog out and forgot

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Checked and my thoughts exactly

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Anon we are in for months of turmoil. Turmoil where Chainlink can't even hold seminars or meetups. Just wait. We are going lower and I say this as a fellow ICO linkie who had the rug pulled out from under him this week.

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Kek at all these coping perma hodlers. He’s a retard for not selling at $4+ at least half that stack and you are too

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ohohohooooo holding all the way through sibos 2017 to the ico bubble and through 2018 bear just to sell at the manipulated BTC dump, KEK. But nevermind its your decision... good luck

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psy-op tranny thread, bottom is in for last week.

kikes have no bullets left

you gonna have to make that LINK triple digit and beg me to sell some


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I feel bad about the dump and now I feel bad about my 10k suicide stack, I just can't win can I

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My time scale goes to 2025-2028 and I follow the original plan I had at the time I bought the biggest part of my stack.
Link still has no competition and the banking crisis may be a good catalyst to increase its adoption in a world of cost reduction.

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He sold?

>> No.17852290

>you're a retard for not selling at $4
>at $10
>at $20
>at $50
>at $75
>at $100
the opportunity to double or lose half your stack will never end.

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>owning link
>not selling at $4.5
>selling at $1.7 literally one week later
what's the thought process that leads to this?

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do you really not see that chainlink is actually the solution to a lot of issues for businesses in the coming months of isolation?

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one good news and you will lose your whole stack one good news about vaccine or cure and you will be wiped.

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I know some of you faggots are incredibly greedy, because you got into link at $2 after reddit told you about it, but some of us have decent stacks and the only thing that stands between wealth is time. There's no need for me to swing and worry about getting ass fucked and losing my ticket to freedom. Go look at early eth price swings and tell people how they're retarded for holding from $5 to $2.

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Thanks op. We all know how this works. The moment you buy/sell it'll dump/pump. Thanks for your sacrifice, you will be remembered.

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Maybe he didn't sell at $4 because of the HOURLY shill threads of
>$5 by EOD
>1k by EOW
>Our time has finally come marines, any minute now the moon mission begins!

>> No.17852529

Yes absolutely trust this retarded
>I can feel it
poster, very sound financial advice.

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Damn, never gonna make it.

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I have been wondering about this...if Chainlink was operational and smart contracts were widely used as a result, would the response to Covid-19 be much better as a result?

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oh no no no

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wow youre a retard

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42 whats going on here

>> No.17853972

It is THE catalyst anon.

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It's a depiction of a LINK marine fighting off a discord tranny.

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it doesn't take a high iq to have forseen this particular dip though

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someone just bought almost 600,000 link tokens over the last 5 hours
he got a very good deal on them

my real question is when is the first assassination contract coming out for CZ for what him and the CCP did recently where they stole 10 million links for $100 and then tried to cover it up

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They're never going to pay the consequences because they work for pic related.

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>my real question is when is the first assassination contract coming out for CZ
hol' up, let's check in with our resident expert, Ari Juels, on assassination smart contracts

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ok seriously op you better have a stop loss target in mind

it's ok to take losses there will always be another top for you to swing again

don't get caught up with the loss it would only be temporary given enough patience

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Not selling. I'd rather risking a hold to zero, I think Chainlink has more longevity than USD at this point desu.

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> someone
It's some faggy ass rich faggot group of people. They might be getting a ton of cheap linkies, but with how many people are involved, I'd be surprised if they can get enough for them to have 10k LINK a piece. They are only accelerating everything.

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that's okay
just put the good word out that CZ is stealing people's money

here's the money shot quote from this CCP grifter and spy (he studied at McGill as a CCP agent)

>In fact, this particular order was put in 8 seconds after the live trading on that pair. When we first list a new pair, the price band restrictions don't work because there is no price in our system for that pair. The price band is only enabled after the price stabilizes.

notice how he doesn't mention who put the order in 8 seconds after the live trading and who would know that the price band restrictions aren't established in binance's system for that pair?
really gives me a big think...

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It was so obvious. Near $5 almost every thread on biz was about link. Linkies were at peak euphoria. Thats when you sell. Not when it dumps 60% lmao.
But at least you got some of your money back, since this shit goes to 0.

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Based hindsight poster.

>> No.17854193

I want to rebuy no question but the usa is still very much open in a lot of places.
a few more days of this paranoia and everything will close down and more crashing is upon us.

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>It's some faggy ass rich faggot group of people
cheap stinkies for a discount why not pull the trigger and buy in bulk
others are saying below $1.00 but I doubt it
mfw I've had this face ever since I realized that corona was going to absolutely destroy the crypto market
but we shall rise from the ashes brothers

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This is bullish right? If CZ is trying everything he can to accumulate linkies, he must know that in the future the ROI for chainlink tokens must be on the level of ETH if not BTC.

>> No.17854225


Don't worry, it will. $0.10 incoming.

>> No.17854239

OP, I'm gonna do you a solid and accumulate more for my stack. I've gotten absolutely reamed maybe 3 out of 5 times I've bought, so you've got better than even odds that you'll get re-entry.

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Hopefully we've gone low enough. I don't imagine LINK going very much further down. There's only so many people who can panick sell again. I'd rather we pull some blackswan and pump like crazy while eveything else fails. This shit better be ready, this is the kind of market scenario LINK was conceived for, we have waited long enough, I want to see something crazy already.

>> No.17854289

Damn anon, I hope for your sake this crashes even further

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Nice sacrifice. Hope this is just a chunk of your whale stack..

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Cmon you fucking kikes!!!! Make me rich already you disgusting peasants!!!

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LINK proved itself to be a reliable oracle while others failed
if anything, this stress test proves the use-case for LINK
I'm in this to the end
I do not see alternatives to chainlink so I'm ride or die with this project

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I'm pretty fucking tired of this shit. Why can't we just fucking be rich already???

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>Why can't we just fucking be rich already???
because the pedophile paper printers have a vested interest in preventing others from threatening their stacks
hence why they purposefully dumb down populations and why they make pacts with satan and bribe women with printed money and golden baubles (pic related)
they want to live forever and they actually believe immortality is achievable
they fail to understand that by being in a body, you are effectively in a trap
they love the flesh and they love the world
therefore the love of the Father is not in them

regardless, as I've always said, I'm coming for them and they have nowhere to hide

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lmao I've been on this rollercoaster one too many times now. I just want it to stop already.

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>because the pedophile paper printers have a vested interest in preventing others from threatening their stacks
pic related

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acap here. don't worry anon, you will be able to buy under $1, actually under $0.50

>> No.17854995

It's all so tiresome...but our suffering will be rewarded. Always wish I sold but I could never sell a linkie under $20

>> No.17855030

>ITZ S0ld ID

>> No.17855052

acap, lately you missed a fairly bit with your predictions. I don't even know if i want it to get that low because i still have a huge chunk of link.

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In your dreams you fucking nigger lover.

>> No.17855138

Keep buying moar. You have no idea how much more pain you can take.

>> No.17855147

Just relax man. You should always have at least 10k LINK. What happens to the price doesn't matter. Okay so you sold - setup some buy orders lower (or at break-even if you're really nervous), take a deep breath, and go do something else. Stop making emotional decisions when it comes to trading, but be mindful of what other people will do under stress

>> No.17855178

how much did you hold? what does half mean?

>> No.17855179

so fucking glad im out of this retard market

>> No.17855317

You had 3 weeks tripfag bum

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Volume is rising like clock work you fucking faggot. Hope you sold everything.

>> No.17855628

based, it will go to $0.5

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Dumb fuck

>> No.17857046

Excuse me, ma'am, that sort of language isn't appropriate.

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holy kakkarot you are retarded

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>that picture

Policeman Pepe here, stop posting disturbing pics. K? Thx! Bye!

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ZANO is the way

>> No.17857773

oh no
no no no

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>> No.17857832

Dumb swinglinker

>> No.17857887 [DELETED] 

can any xboxhueg stack CHADlinkers drop a few (ChainLink) to my wallet please?


>> No.17857919

Enjoy your vacation from /biz/

>> No.17858211

you had 3 weeks

>> No.17858321

Sent you 1000

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>> No.17860075

Based retard

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under 1.7 right now.
do i rebuy the first batch?


>> No.17861270

It's going to dump together with the rest of the market during the coming weeks

We are unironically going into a recession

>> No.17861318

It's going to $0.5, it's a fact

>> No.17861328
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that was my reasoning as well but everyone mocked me

>> No.17861631

I feel you. Sold at 2.6 and kicking myself over not selling at 4.80 - the corona shit was too obvious in hindsight, but the consequences are just getting started.

I still believe in LINK and will buy in again once it hits sub $1. Normies aren't going to be throwing their money in LINK or any other crypto for that matter when they're panicking about staying alive and putting foot on their tables.

>> No.17861661

Putting food* lmao

>> No.17861682

imagine not selling at $4.00+

literally the most telegraphed crash ever. you deserve to not make it.

>> No.17862018

Cope harder you disgusting hobo. Shave your scraggly disgusting facial hair you absolute subhuman

>> No.17862038

I'm still gonna buy in once it's less than 0.10. I'm gonna hold off on buying now, but I think it'll bounce back in a few months once this blows over.

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>> No.17862124


It wil go to $0.9 in due time.

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File: 640 KB, 1047x1381, 1572889712705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, holy shit, otherwise you'll probably kill yourself when we start pumping again
even retarded swinglinkers know not to sell more than 10% of their stack

>> No.17862211

For me? I'll start scaling in when it inevitably goes below $0.05.

>> No.17862239

Give me one (1) good reason for LINK pumping within the next few weeks.

>> No.17863599

>he didn't buy his linkies at $.001

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> pee
> pee
> poo
> poo

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when we pump back up to $4 during the shitstorm everyone will see it and go in link shooting us finally to 1k eoy

>> No.17864235

I sold everything too anon. It's only getting worse. Vix at highest since 2008, entire economies at a standstill and worst of the virus has not even hit yet..

>> No.17864326

This was going to bounce back once this pandemic virus bulshit blows over you messed up big-time. Or you should have sold back last week when Chain was close to $4.

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I have $1000 USD left for crypto
What do friends?

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