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we are going for the 3rd. No stonks trading today

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why do I get the feeling we're about to see a massive pump?

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its over

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Because you're on /biz/ where literally the opposite of what YOU feel always comes true.

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because you are delusional

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we are about to witness the most brutal crash of all time

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Live stream anyone?

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because you're a fucking retard. the world economy has crashed and this fucking dumbass "Im feeling like things go up today"

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same, anyone have a good chair

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>no two realities on biz are the same

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i wonder if all the boomers started getting machine gunned if theyd snap out of it the panicking fucking cucks. thats what they deserve tbgh senpai

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won't happen as much as I wish it would. This is the end. Dow will be @ 500 EOW. Yes 500.

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Post moar disgusted boomers kek

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i am gonna use this one

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Just buy the dip.

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Oh, I thought this was the Obama economy. Guess when things go bad we blame Trump even though Trump has never taken full responsibility for the Dow

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you fucking RETARD.....he has taken credit for it every fucking time it goes up. what the fuck is wrong with you? is everyone this fucking stupid in here?

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They're not, because we all live in our own completely unique timeline, none run parallel to our own and only transect others at finite moments.

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So should I try to sell my PUT orders at -19% before the market is shut down for a day?

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Name me one time and cite a credible source. I'd love to see you show m how Trump is responsible for the virus

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low iq inbred

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I thought futures were stopped at -4.87%

How can we be down further?

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the guy talking is annoying

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>Dow will be @ 500 EOW. Yes 500.
Lol. It would literally have to drop 20% each day this week. Ok Boomer!

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>she's a good girl, loves her mama

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>been president for the last 3 years
>never stop boasting about the stock market from day 1
>goes to shit
>it was the guy from 4 years ago's fault

I don't even mind trump for the most part but c'mon lad. let's keep things a little real

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ETFs are not limited by the stop limit

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>How can we be down further?
They're showing the ETF which has been trading all night. The futures are frozen since Sunday afternoon.

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He was literally sending out signed pictures of the Dow on Friday. Do you not pay attention to anything?

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>I don't even mind trump
Agree. And to make it worse, as a candidate, he called them fake markets but when he took office all of a sudden they became real xD

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Who buying apple shit to hodl?

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>he has taken credit for it every fucking time it goes up
And he's largely responsible for it going up.

What he's not responsible for is this pandemic panic.
Cry harder and more.

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best one

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OMFG that meme is hilarious!

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But isn't the majority always wrong?

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>ignores virus outbreak until markets crash and country is forced to start shutting down
>not responsible for the resulting economic chaos
The mental gymnastics of /ptg/ are unreal

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trump took credit for it every step of the way, he owns it now lol

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>>ignores virus outbreak until markets crash
Are you retarded?
He called a medical emergency weeks ago, and a NATIONAL emergency on Friday, after like 20 US deaths.
Obama waited until 1,200 US deaths to declare a national emergency, yet nobody whined then.

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probably because everyone thinks the opposite and the the opposite of what people think happens sometimes. But not every time. It just seems that way because it's a binary system of up or down. Sometimes everyone thinks btc/the economy will tank because it will and it does. We'll see soon

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use your brain, the economy is shutting down. BTC is now tied to the markets

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huge faggots, the streamer larping "traders" to the faggot viewers with their shit culture.

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down 10%

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Thank you, good luck today!

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>Trump owns the corona pandemic
You're delusional.

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>promoting your personal twitch
literally kys zoomer

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How could you just stop trading?
Why is this legal?

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Holy fuck

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Thank you kind sir, have an upvote

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Triggered libtards name orange man for a virus

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in seconds

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>not the president of the United States job to protect the country from disease and disaster
YOU are delusional. You realize CHINA reacted to this with full quarantine mode the equivalent of what was 3 weeks ago for the US. We are absolutely fucked because that mongoloid wanted to go on TV and tell everyone everything is fine instead of doing his job. And you voted him in to office, so now you have blood on your hands. Get fucking rekt trumpfag.

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>Creating brighter futures
They couldn´t have chosen a better name.

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You're delusional, anon. Get your head out of Trump's ass.

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This image is accurate. Indeed God does have two left hands. #WhiteSamsonOption

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so much for a free market LOL

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delusional Hilldawgs lmao

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yup looking for a new one

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Trump is not responsible for corona, obviously. He is responsible for handling the crisis, which he has so far completely failed in. You are on /biz/, look at the stock market. Traders have no confidence in him.

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Absolutely the funniest image I've seen all fucking month. The honking doesnt stop.

Why would they even haul their asses out there for that terrifying moment lolol

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im using this one

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Gutted the CDC, spent the first 7 weeks of the pandemic boasting that we weren't China, and more worried about the optics than the reality. Any impartial observer would say Trump/his handlers are totally responsible for what went down on the US side.

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>He is responsible for handling the crisis, which he has so far completely failed in
He called a national emergency after like 20 US deaths.
Obama waited until 1,200 US deaths to do the same during the swine flu pandemic.

>> No.17846101

>meanwhile, ordering the CDC to suppress testing and shitposting on Twitter about ITS JUST A FLU BRO as Italty locks down
Ah yes, you can't have a pandemic if you don't test anyone
nobody cares

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See >>17846098

Consume less MSM.

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You are too far gone anon.

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b-but obama!

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Nobody cares

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The CDC was gutted because they are an incompetent centralized bureaucracy. When it started, they shut down corona testing and send out faulty test kits when they did start doing tests.

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much better thank you sirs

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Have sex

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Brainlet alert kek

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Can you faggots take this miga shit to pol

>> No.17846472

>brainlet thinks the cdc could have done anything with the budget they had pre-cut when their policy is still fucked
Bureaucrat detected

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Why do those magical jew numbers even matter

>> No.17846581

You are NOT praising China right now.
China had a 10k COMMUNAL DINNER in defiance of reports that a disease was emerging. They fucked themselves over and then scrambled to quarantine

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does anyone know how the Chinese stock exchange is doing compared to the west?

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Why are you on this board?

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The fed kikes will certainly pump more money out of nowhere so we get more inflation and more enslaved than ever. I love clown world.

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Shut it down

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Down 3%.

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haha ok boomer

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lmao the stock market isnt a shitcoin retard

>> No.17846893

tell this to his fake news department

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there's still a ways to go anon

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I'm waiting until nothing can be bought at all. That way I can't lose.

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You better pray we did. I don't want to descend into Bobo's rape dungeon.

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all of this because some chink ate bat soup

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Smug faggot and his boyfriend who talks in the background are fucking losers

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one doesn't simply cross the 200ma and go up

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All this is because of fucking feelsies before realsies

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How low, can you go
How low, can you go

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Remember to call it wuhan-flu

>> No.17847492

not him but that goes to prove his point. when everybody figured out how bad it was china, who had previously fucked up for the world to see, did more and is still doing more to stop corona virus than trump has.

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Sorry m8 I only see economy moving.

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winnie the flu is hungry for stocks

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the market is being obliterated like never before and some retarded cunts in here are busy deflecting blame from Trump instead.

I give it 2 days before they start calling it "the Wuhan Recession"

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"Do more" as in enact dictatorial and authoritarian actions that wouldn't fly here. People are going to stand for being forced to stay inside and beaten if they don't comply.

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That's racist.

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When do investors start committing sudoku?

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If a Democrat was president, none of this would have happened.

>> No.17847834

He LITERALLY sent a picture of the 10% gain SIGNED by HIMSELF to his supporters last Friday
What fucking more can he do to claim credit for this economy

>> No.17847847

If I'm shorting CFDs right now, am I the bad guy?

>> No.17847884

The economy is largely to his credit.
The corona scare is not.

>> No.17847943

Was going to happen anyway

>> No.17847958


>a Democrat would have contained a Chinese-borne virus better

Democratic governors in Washington and California are the reason this is spreading throughout the union now and they were unwilling to stop sucking Chinese cock. If any party is in bed with China it is Dems.

>> No.17848003

my fav

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>leader gets to take credit for good things but not bad things

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The perfect time to start buying is one and a half weeks from now. As soon as we get some confirmed news of vaccines being distributed and quarantines start to show effects of slowing infection rates, there'll be some positivism brought in. Current market reaction is slightly over the top for the scenario where we contain the virus within 3 months or so. This whole ordeal is correcting the age distribution of the whole population, which itself is slight positive for the general market.

>> No.17848138

Since you're down there, does the taint hair match the toupee?

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>It all returns to nothing
>It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down

>> No.17848163

>As soon as we get some confirmed news of vaccines being distributed

>> No.17848180


>vaccine being distributed in 1-2 weeks

How blindly optimistic

>> No.17848181

>implying vaccines will be available sooner than next year
>implying the infection rates won't hit exponential growth in the next week
>implying mass layoffs won't occur in the coming weeks
Lmao stay retarded

>> No.17848203

>As soon as we get some confirmed news of vaccines being distributed
All hurray for 2022!

>> No.17848209


I've said it several times but I say at least a month, probably two. Earnings season is going to be brutal no matter what happens, this economic freeze is tangibly happening.

>> No.17848233

Vaccine won't be ready before next year.

>> No.17848263

I dont understand why SPCE is going down though, it should not be effected by viruses. I need it to get back to 40 dollars this week bc I need my money back asap. It should be going back up very soon.

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>no vaccine for SARS since 2002
>implying we're getting one next week

>> No.17848269

>t, typical /biz/poster

>> No.17848284

There won't be a vaccine.

>> No.17848351

Well yes, because the policies that improved the economy are his, but the virus is not.

>> No.17848410

I feel like going to a store and spending money, convince me I shouldn’t.

>> No.17848422

if it wasn't this, it would have been something else. The warning signs have been out there for almost a year

>> No.17848425

>Good thing happens
>Leader's doing
>Bad thing happens
>I-it's not his fault! it's the previous leader's fault!

>> No.17848447

Of course there will be. There's a lot of money to be had by the company that makes it.

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>MAGAtards still think the virus is the root of the market drop, not just the catalyst

>> No.17848465

>corona is Trump's fault!

yikes anon

>> No.17848469


Not a fair appraisal. This thing is literally halting the whole economy, it isn't some meme like trade friction. When the whole economy stops stocks can do nothing but crash. All I hope is that this finally severs our dependence on Chinkville

>> No.17848477

Imagine being the person who started this explosive chain reaction. Too bad it was a chink. They have no emotions or self-introspection. Fucker who ate the bat probably doesn't even think about what's going on.

>> No.17848504

Buy booze and cigs. They have trade value.

>> No.17848517

>the policies he instituted to help the economy
You mean just inflating the bubble which we're now witnessing pop? Cool beans, a "growing" economy that is in actuality the stock market LARPing over a zombie economy that's drowning up to the tits in debt.
The policies he instituted for "handling" the virus are also his and which are in no small measure responsible for the severity of the crash

>> No.17848518

>th-the market would've dropped this much anyway!

Peak delusion.
Half the Western world is in lockdown, you dips.

>> No.17848564

anyone remember that the worlds largest hedge fund had a 500b short on the NYSE for 2020?
looks like theyve made at least 2 trillion off it.

>> No.17848570


>> No.17848607

I seriously do not know how to handle this type of schizoid delusion.

Half the western world is in quarantine anon; even at the bottom of a severe bear market this would've still caused a huge drop.
This is not an organic correction from some bubble.

Record employment. Deal with it.

>> No.17848608

There will be no vaccine because no one will care about this virus in 3 months. China is already rebounding and we're one month behind them.

>> No.17848654

wow 5 million more uber eats delivery driver jobs thanks Trump

>> No.17848684

>Record employment.
wont be such a record anymore with the massive layoffs coming in the next few weeks

>> No.17848690

>jobs bad
>unemployment good

>> No.17848722

China forcably went around shoving people indoors and punishing dissidents who went against quarantine orders
They've only just opened back up in certain areas and even then they're still in a downturn (albeit small)
We haven't even begun to see the destruction coronavirus is going to have on America, this is just the start

>> No.17848725

Damn Trump and the corona virus he caused!

>> No.17848730

Is this why it's the democrat-held states that are getting hit the hardest?

>> No.17848745

Dead cat sure as shit ain't over but I'm hoping for a bounce upward tomorrow. Is this likely or is trump going to have to suck more ceo dick first? If so who can we get? Maybe some tech giants next hopefully

>> No.17848770

China is rebounding because they took drastic measures, so drastic that they'll never happen in the west.

They essentially shut their entire country and economy down to contain the virus, people were locked in their apartments, they spent billions manufacturing medical supplies and building temporary hospitals, the worked their doctors to the point of exhaustion and still thousands died. None of that will happen in the west, do you think the US will declare martial law? No. Do you think Americans will willingly stay inside and quarantine themselves? No.

Half the country doesn't even believe it's a problem.

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Right. It's a one month shock. People are freezing all over the place while we figure and feel this virus out. Once it's realized we will loosen the reins again week to week and it will be business as usual by May.

But until then, stocks are going to suffer terribly. This will be the greatest buying opportunity in your lives you fuckers, better start ubering and sucking cock on the weekends so you can dump as much money as possible into the market.

I have waited 4 years, ever since I got into stocks, for this moment. This is our launchpad into early retirement.

>> No.17848794

>Half the western world is in quarantine anon;
Just because other countries made the same mistake Trump did doesnt mean that it's any less of a mistake.
>hurr durr the virus literally doesnt exist
>ok so the virus does exist but it's just a flu bro
>ok so the virus does exist and it is a big deal but I'm going to direct the CDC to not test anyone and hope it just goes away on it's own
>ok so the virus does exist and it is a big deal and it's not going away on it's own so SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING
Gayest pandemic response in history

>muh employment
Employed debt slaves are still debt slaves, and a nation of debt slaves employed by companies in debt slavery is not healthy.

>> No.17848805

>incoming EU lockdown
Ruh roh.

>> No.17848817

>t. 80 iq commie that thinks he has a brain

>> No.17848826


It's only a problem for economically useless 70+ year olds. Sure that's a moral question but it isn't a blight on how the economy functions. I would have preferred making the elders self quarantine moreso than shutting everything down but here we are.

>> No.17848836

>delete a bunch of high paying jobs and make everyone go work part time at minimum wagie positions
>"wow the economy is doing so well!"

>> No.17848848
File: 247 KB, 784x551, cases.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's only beginning.

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>> No.17848873
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>all the leftypol subhumans in this thread
>If a Democrat was president, none of this would have happened.
You retards would have turned the country into commie mexico already.

>> No.17848909

But anon the percentage next to the bad word has gone down which means everything is okay
Just like when California turned carjackings into a misdemeanor
Bad number went down which means everything is okay!

>> No.17848918

It’s Trump’s fault. He pumped the markets beyond any reason using emergency tools. The clever thing would be letting the markets deflate back in 2018.

>> No.17848933

He didn't cause the virus, but he caused the huge market over-extension. Instead of investing money in the working class, he gave it in tax cuts to huge corporations. Which in turn fucked us.

>> No.17848935


>the only log scale line is China for some fucking reason

Adjust that for population. the US will be fine, we have 8x the healthcare infrastructure as Italy.

>> No.17848969

The bubble was his credit, the fact that it was so inflated and ready to burst is also to his credit

>> No.17848981

>for some fucking reason
I wonder.

The media and WHO sucking off China's obvious bullshit has been very tiring.

>> No.17848984


Not entirely. After 6 years of QE and 0% interest under Obama there wasn't much wherewithal for the Fed. They were steady increasing rates but couldn't move too quick or scare the economy back into recession. This happened too early.

Trump was dumb for taking credit for the stock market though, now his name is attached to its performance. It's a fickle thing that can crumble in moments like this where he may be doing an ok job in comparison.

>> No.17849004

Problem is, nobody's testing in the States. South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan have managed to get a grip on it because they know where the infection is. Meanwhile we're scrabbling in the dark.

>> No.17849011

Anon no one is getting tested, there are probably millions of undetected cases already, this is not going to end well no matter how many hospital beds you can shove people into

>> No.17849017

why are these comapnies so illiquid that they couldn't even afford to shut down for a month without mass layoffs?

>> No.17849018

>Just like when California turned carjackings into a misdemeanor
They really did?

>> No.17849037

>corona is due to drumpf!
>d-don't look at all the european countries that are handling the crisis much worse

Imagine being this retarded and deranged.

>> No.17849053




He inherited an economy that was on literal stilts. Sugar-charged with hardly any growth to show for the past decade. He's an idiot for beating his chest so much about it but the truth is his policies have been way better for the working class than globohomo Obama, who was ready to pass a bigger, Asian NAFTA before leaving office.

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dubs of unfortunate truth

>> No.17849076

but that 2 trillion is only going to have the purchasing power of 500b in yesterdays money

>> No.17849114


The fact is that, despite constant travel and commerce with China, our hospitals are still doing fine. Severe cases are still not overwhelming us. Testing aside, people who are seriously sick would be already burdening our infrastructure if we couldn't handle it because we're certainly not lagging Italy in contact with China.

And if this delay/lag in infections is due to the early travel restrictions against China that Trump put into place, that's CERTAINLY not a knock against him.

>> No.17849132

I thought working class also got tax cuts? They just can't send their money to the virgin islands or some such. And apparently they can also outsource all their workers there.

>> No.17849138

we are already back fag. FED actually did something right for once.

>> No.17849161

up 15% by end of t he day. BUY THE DIP YOU FUCKING MORONS

>> No.17849191


>> No.17849230

Anything that doesn't involve a death, rape, or serious injury is now essentially a 30 day sentence at most. Stealing less than 2500 dollars is not even an arrestable offense, neither is missing a court date. It's also completely legal to intentionally give people aids.

>> No.17849245

The US govt's response to it is.

>> No.17849287

>Severe cases are still not overwhelming us.
Not as of speaking. Wait another week. In any case, don't buy yet.

>> No.17849292
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>> No.17849296


People have the audacity to pretend Democratic-control is enviable when we have New York and California as stark testing grounds for their policies. Every middle class person there is trying to get out.

>> No.17849334

>. Stealing less than 2500 dollars is not even an arrestable offense
Source me on this one

>> No.17849346
File: 74 KB, 286x409, 1359000589931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ok, so it sounds like our preliminary travel restrictions were a good idea then and bought us time, huh?

Also nigga I ain't buying til April at the earliest. Trust me this is a bona fide bear market, the virus is a nothingburger but the economic freeze is not.

>> No.17849372
File: 40 KB, 398x376, 944A59EE-0BCC-401E-942E-D7FF01A74031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>business as usual by May
jesus fuck teddit fag, thanks for the show of complete dumbfuckery and scientific illiteracy. come first week of may in the us the entire hospital system is 100% occupief with a mere 2 million wihan coronavirus casrs in the is. 4 days later there are twice as many cases and the case fatality rate jumps to the rate at which ICUs are meeded by infected infividuals. that is a 12% case fatality rate in the US minimum... starting first week of may. 4days later, 8 million cases. by the end of ghe month 100 million active infected with a minimum of 12% slated to die, of all ages and no correlation to underlying preexisting conditions. 12% is the italian rate, it will be higher in the us because like smoking, obesity is an equally grave confition and obese amerifats make up 40% of the population. expect case fatality rates of high teens amidst a COMPLETELY collapsed health care system THIS MAY... fucking kek. 100 million + infected, 10-20 million to die IN MAY-June.. and shit is just getting started.
>business as usual by May
keep telling yourself that. if you don't have a stockpile of food by then you are dead

>> No.17849437

Obama's govt response to H1N1: after 1,200 US deaths

Trump's govt response to corona: after a couple dozen US deaths

>> No.17849451

Honestly I think the ~1-2 week discrepancy between the US and European infection rates may be solely attributable to the Italians going out of their way to hug chinese tourists as a show of solidarity and then travel all over the continent, whereas in the US people didn't do that.

>> No.17849453

>Severe cases are still not overwhelming us.
Just wait, I'm friends with a Truma nurse who has been conducting pre-screens in Alabama, one of the lowest number states, and she says they're seeing 10-15 serious presumptive positives a day. That's 10-15 new people needing weeks on a respirator every day and this hasn't even begun.

>> No.17849483

>Trump made the economy run TOO good!!!

Seek psychological help.

>> No.17849522


>> No.17849549

>No one will die from coronavirus if no one gets tested for it!

>> No.17849570

Trump called a national fucking emergency after a paltry couple dozen US deaths.
His response was more than on point.

>> No.17849576

You are mentally ill. There's no helping you.

>> No.17849581
File: 74 KB, 750x1000, C7D74ED9-84D5-4E38-A361-F753E8DE1CA9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lrwegians had a week of holiday and the younger crowd went on a week long ski holiday there, and they brought it home. norway reacted as ineptly as trump, now norway is completely fucked. the us just isn't testing. don't worry, the virus will be sending them to ICUs very very soon

>> No.17849605

Yeah 10 weeks later than he should have, retard. Fuck off

>> No.17849608

If you unironically think only a few people are going to die from this you need to seek help

>> No.17849611


You're a fucking retard. This virus isn't half as bad as being hyped up, the economic response will be sharpest at the beginning of this. As it spreads and most gain herd immunity, we will relax controls.

Italy got overwhelmed AT THE VERY START. We did not and will not, governors are taking proactive measures across the union. Our infrastructure is way better than Italy's despite the memes from socialists.

>> No.17849617

He's a dirty smelly lying retard, except for the last one, that's probably true.

>> No.17849639

You don't call a national emergency after 0 deaths, anon.

>If you unironically think only a few people are going to die from this

>> No.17849646
File: 11 KB, 256x256, 1351492304999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


He restricted travel with the source of the disease on January 31st. While the rest of the world was calling him reactionary for doing so. You guys are warming up now huh?

>> No.17849647

>bubble in stock market = economy doing well

>> No.17849652


>reeeeee stop selling we'll stop it so you can think it over

>> No.17849675

free-falling market

>> No.17849676


>> No.17849681

Also, you must really hate Obama then, he waited until after 1,200 US deaths.

>stock at ATH
>employment at ATH
>liquidity all around

>> No.17849698

>see other countries getting infected with plague
Get mental help

>> No.17849700

> is everyone on biz this fucking stupid


>> No.17849719

>everyone tested positive needs to be in ICU
legit retard here

>> No.17849725

So west is dead and chink stocks are going to the moon next week?

>> No.17849738

But Trump did close down travel.
He was one of the first non-Asian state leaders to do so.

>> No.17849741

Found the guy who believes his government is perfect and incapable of wrongdoing/mistakes

>> No.17849768

>restricted travel with the source of the disease 2 months after the disease had started spreading and 1 month after the government demonstrated how bad it was by locking the whole country down
Am I supposed to be impressed?

>> No.17849787

A lot of americans will die but if you believe that testing positive means that you need an ICU then you're a legit retard.

>> No.17849811

>stock at ATH
A bubble
>Employment at all time high
Wheeee we replaced all the 2008 jobs that went bye bye with more mcwagie gig rackets, numbers went up!!
>liquidity all around
Clearly not given that the Fed has been pumping the repo market since September


>> No.17849829


Yes. Because the US has a low case load, even in hospitals, despite being the largest state in the entire West with a high dependence on Chinese trade. Give me a fucking break.

>> No.17849845

>Trump closes down travel ahead of nearly the entire Western world
>Trump calls a national emergency at a couple dozen US deaths (while Obama waited until 1,200)

>> No.17849854

>But Trump did close down travel.
Too late
And then after he closed down travel he refused to promote testing within US borders, thus allowing community spread to foster instead of nipping it in the bud when it was a few isolated cassa

>> No.17849875

>economy booming
>employment booming

>> No.17849876
File: 46 KB, 740x382, uh oh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17849888

Called it

>> No.17849920
File: 78 KB, 686x526, DBF84C9F-0294-4259-A0EF-9CEF1F72B10A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People are going to stand for being forced to stay inside and beaten if they don't comply.
this is exactly why the US is doomed.
because everyone is too selfish and opposed to authority, they would never willingly follow a quarantine. it will be people saying “fuck trump, I’m not gonna do what he tells me to do” or “yeah I’m not doing what those govt kikes say I should they’re trying to get me POZZED”
plus everyone hates everyone else so no one cares about trying to help protect their neighbors and countrymen.
it will just go “haha glad those faggot libturds on the coast will all die” and “haha glad those nazi rethuglicans in flyover states will all die”
and they’ll both get their wishes

>> No.17849927

>Because the US has a low case load, even in hospitals, despite being the largest state in the entire West
Because literally nobody is being tested unless you're in Washington.
The official CDC policy for testing for Coronavirus is that they just won't test you unless you can prove that you either traveled to China/Iran/Italy or were in personal contact with someone who did, despite already knowing about internal spread within the US

>> No.17849928

This market today really doesn't seem like this is the big one or some repeat of '29 or or'87. It's well off the lows and doesn't seem to be re-testing them and the 10yr is gradually climbing. I understand it's early yet and yes, we did hit the breakers like 1 second after opening, but since then things seem oddly calm.

Am I missing something?

>> No.17849930



Working fantastically for the entirely locked down and overwhelmed states in Europe right. We are in the process of creating a proportionate response, actually at this point I think we're going overboard. Closing schools, entertainment venues, etc. is a good way to slow the spread but restaurants are a bridge too far.

>> No.17849937

>Trump is weeks ahead of the mainstream with his corona travel ban

Get a sphincter exam, you probably have TDS.

>> No.17849945

fucking this
meme flu was priced in after the first week or so
then oil got shorted into the dirt
now fed is trying their damndest to cause fucking bank runs because ????

>> No.17849957

happening canceled

>> No.17849961

>Trump closes down travel ahead of nearly the entire Western world
Europe being retarded does not mean Trump is any less retarded. This test is not graded on a curve.
Obsessed and irrelevant

>> No.17849963

please tell me what else you predict

>> No.17849969

Nah, everything's fine dude. Everything is real peachy.

>> No.17849982


Testing doesn't FUCKING MATTER. IF YOU HAVE SEVERE SYMPTOMS YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN THE HOSPITAL If we were as progressively infected as you fags are claiming this would be happening... RIGHT NOW. NOT TOMORROW.

At the very fucking least we are absolutely, without a doubt lagging the rest of the world in proportional cases and that was due to SOMETHING we did weeks ago.

>> No.17849998


>> No.17849999

>thinking that our employment numbers indicate a strong economy

Yes including everyone in the "gig" economy in addition to not factoring in people who have been jobless for 3+ months implies a prosperity.

>> No.17850014

>Working fantastically for the entirely locked down and overwhelmed states in Europe right.
European nations were also highly reluctant to test people, anon, Italy is the outlier.

>> No.17850031

stop responding to this retard

>> No.17850032
File: 11 KB, 224x224, 1583690868543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Trump is miles ahead of Europe and Obama in terms of pandemic response

>Trump presides over a booming economy and peak employment

>> No.17850047

>wageslave jobs = booming economy
top kek

>> No.17850052

mate are you clinically retarded?
banks were making billions from the housing market in 2006 and 2007, and it turned out to be a major bubble that crashed the world economy when it popped
the fact that the FED has been upping their repo operations and going to go back to QE means that the liquidity in the financial markets is drying up hard, and they are trying so desperately to save it, this is an even worse bubble then 2008

you're fucking stupid if you think that because the market has been going up on a completely speculative basis(there's no equivalent growth in real terms, production or labor) then that means there's no bubble then you should go ahead and kill yourself, do us all a favour

>> No.17850073

>Nah, everything's fine dude. Everything is real peachy.
That's not what I'm asking. Last night when the limit was hit, there were a lot of posts here about how this was "it" and how we were going to see 18k and all sorts of prophecies of doom.

Despite all the frothing, this honestly doesn't look as dire as people were saying.

>> No.17850085

You test because if someone who has the virus asymptomatically or mildly enough to be mistaken for a cold/flu doesnt realize they have it, they will go about their business and infect others who will go to the hospital. Informing of this so they can self quarantine is a necessary step in containing the rate of spread.
This is the most basic of all basic shit, anon.

>> No.17850122

Bubbled and wageslaved

>> No.17850140

>this is an even worse bubble then 2008
its like the bastard red headed stepchild of the tech bubble and the GFC all rolled into one

>> No.17850149


I get why you test. But your logic is backwards. Testing aside, if we were already at the point other nations are at our hospitals would be full of serious cases. They are not. The jury is out on how far the disease has progressed but the TRUTH. RIGHT NOW. Is that we DID lag the rest of the world for some reason, some countermeasure. We aren't any further from China than Italy is. If anything, Cali and Washington would be Italy-tier right now.

>> No.17850174
File: 73 KB, 600x400, 1380490483454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So you're still confirming what I initially said in that we're behind other countries in infection rate for a reason. Why do I have to keep repeating myself.

>> No.17850180

oh yea
and throw in a bunch of weak handed panicky normalfags that shouldnt be in the market for flavor

hence VIX at 6 million

>> No.17850182

And not to mention auto loan defaults are at an all time high, and consumer credit as well.

>> No.17850220

Speed is relative, anon.
If Trump is miles ahead of the rest of the Western world AND ahead of his own predecessors, then he was simply "fast".

So what bubble burst, specifically?
1) the entire world economy tanked in response to the virus
2) the worst hit are things like airlines
3) stock related to vaccines etc. are often booming

The entire situation revolves around the virus, and nothing collapsed due to structural failure outside of that.

>> No.17850224
File: 99 KB, 743x800, 1483456637393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17850233


>> No.17850235

plus muh nation under lockdown causing consumer spending to drop to basically nil

so many fucking problems all at once, but everyone seems to think this is all cuz muh meme flu

>> No.17850240

We aren't behind other countries in infection rates. We're behind in absolute numbers, and that's purely because we don't share an open land border with a retard infection hotspot like Italy was.

>> No.17850247

If the world economy can be killed by a virus, it's not a strong economy.

>> No.17850293

Faggot kike did the last one

>> No.17850302


>> No.17850310

t. the dumbest guy in a thread full of idiots

>> No.17850325

>So what bubble burst, specifically?
All the banks engaging in leveraged speculative trading on corporate debt in every sector of the economy, debt which can't be paid back in the event of literally any unexpected market shakeup that could cause them to start going under en masse.
Aka the everything bubble.

>> No.17850359


We're behind in absolute numbers, despite being 5x as big as these other nations, sometimes more. That's a testament to reaction, not an indictment. Indict once we're actually more overwhelmed than others.

This "any day now" shit is tiresome. My state is already under virtual lockdown.

>> No.17850390

>The entire situation revolves around the virus, and nothing collapsed due to structural failure outside of that.
energy sector got hit by oil war news first not the virus
and secondly, the markets were on shaky ground since late 2019, that's when the fed repo operations started, look at their official website and look at the charts, this virus shit is only the needle that's pricking hte bubble

>> No.17850404

our economy imports everything from china on a just-in-time schedule
suddenly china stops working
oil demand gets crushed
then saudis and ruskies decide to get into a pissing match
while fed was in the middle of trying to unwind a decade of retarded ass stock buybacks

since the only thing our economy really does is spend, and create debt **which our currency is backed off of** the moment that lets off, you see the whole thing trying to find its real value
which is well below what we were at at ATHs

not to sound like a ZH writer or schiffposter, but its unironically the everything bubble
we were in a delicate place, it just seemed fine cuz everything was running
now its dont

>> No.17850419

>We're behind in absolute numbers, despite being 5x as big as these other nations, sometimes more.

However, we're not testing all suspected cases, so god knows what the actual number of infected is in the US.

>> No.17850435

Being bigger is a plus, it means that people aren't jam packed in like sardines like they are in Korea and China. Space = slower rates of transmission.
Unless you're places like Los Angeles or San Fransisco, both of which declared states of emergency independently of the government for a reason.
>this "any day now" shit is getting tiresome
That's what people in France said last week.

>> No.17850482

Nothing to do with the pandemic that's causing half the western world to go into lockdown.

>> No.17850499

>the point
>your head

>> No.17850512

>So what bubble burst, specifically?
The US stocks for one. The stocks rose way ahead of real economy for several years non-stop.

The oil popped because 2 out of 3 biggest producers stopped their cartel thing.

Meanwhile if you look at chink indexes they mostly stayed the same after the trade war started and popped their bubble.

>> No.17850518

Did the Fed intervene too early?

>> No.17850535


Well, this too. It's not like this whole country hasn't been reacting since last week, we are. And since the majority of the infected are coming from the West coast it means the virus has to travel the equivalent of 3 Euro states to get to the East.

This country is uniquely suited TO combating an intranational virus, not against it.

>> No.17850549

>The entire situation revolves around the virus

The virus triggered the sell-off but it's not the root cause. Real signs of trouble started last fall with the repo markets getting weird.

We never fully de-leveraged debt after 2008 - the bailout let the big banks keep on going. Then we had a decade of zero interest rates and QE which massively inflated asset values. Didn't help that the Trump administration/Fed designed their policies to be whatever would help the market pump.

Corona may have started things, but the sell-off we're seeing now is driven by deep systemic problems in our financial system.

>> No.17850554

Your point was the oil price dump.
The Arabs dumped the oil price because demand for oil was plummeting because more and more areas were going into lockdown.

Stocks dumped because of the virus.

>> No.17850565

likely much higher
a high school near me just got POZZED by some teacher.
kids all sent home
theres not even enough tests to test all of NYC alone, in the entire country rn
even if we wanted to (they dont) they couldnt test everyone

>the straw that broke the camels back
youre missing the point nigger
im saying that the economy was in a precarious position
the whole last week, and today, have been because of oil and a fed crisis, which are both infinitely more important issues
issues that we couldve/shouldve been addressing since the GFC.
but we didnt cuz muh numbers go up an shieet

>> No.17850577
File: 39 KB, 900x473, B3050CD6-063B-4883-9FAB-EEC758AD1823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17850595

The ones who need an ICU need an ICU, yes. That's why I said "serious" cases.

>> No.17850596

>virus locks down half the western world in an unprecedented pandemic panic
>"th-this was just a trigger"

>> No.17850597


Shut the fuck up retard. When the entire global economy halts the stock market suffers big time. That is literally it, you're pulling shit out of your ass.

>> No.17850598

but they were forced to because of all the repo shit they were in the process of doing
it was retarded, sure, but there wasnt much else they could do, especially with so little ammo in their belt

>> No.17850661


>> No.17850668

it was
the fundamental problems with our economy have been since the GFC, and the import/eport imbalance since NAFTA
this has been a long time coming m8

then throw in the fact that most of the market has been borrowing money from large banks to pump their own stocks for over 10 years
and what do you get?
a liquidity crisis

bank runs SOON™

>> No.17850669

they had no leeway in the first place, interest rates were already low for a long time, banks and coprorations were levereged to the tits, they had no more room to wiggle out
they backed themselves into a corner and now they are going to insane measures just to keep it floating

>> No.17850678
File: 1.57 MB, 3000x2532, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17850711
File: 16 KB, 462x434, 1575542842837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>atomic bomb obliterates Hiroshima
>"yeah but some of the buildings weren't up to code so this was bound to happen anyway (also fuck Trump)"

>> No.17850713

Are you fucking retarded retard?

>> No.17850723

>likely much higher
>a high school near me just got POZZED by some teacher.
>kids all sent home
>theres not even enough tests to test all of NYC alone, in the entire country rn
>even if we wanted to (they dont) they couldnt test everyone

I have a friend in Contra Costa (California) who traveled to Seattle, then started showing classic symptoms -- 101 fever, cough. He went to his doctor and the doctor said he probably had it and he should go get tested. The county refused to test him because they don't have enough test kits and they're saving the ones they do have for people over 65 or at high risk.

I suspect this is happening all over the nation right now.

>> No.17850750

If the cause was directly virus then people would dump the virus related stocks like trasport, oil and crap, while buying the other ones.
Instead what happened is people dumping everything they had because we were at the peak bubble.

>> No.17850770

>some of the buildings weren't up to code
the entire market and all the surviving large banks just tried to push the GFC under the rug
it wasnt SOME
it was ALL

>> No.17850782

Anon, this is a global panic.
No assets are safe.

>then people would dump the virus related stocks like trasport, oil and crap
Those are the hardest hit, yes.

>> No.17850814
File: 131 KB, 1080x1020, 1580207162233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17850839

it will ripple out to everything because the market has been pumped on borrowed money for a decade
and this will invariably lead to banks running into liquidity issues (which imo is why the real panic is happening as of right now)

>> No.17850897

Unironically, if Trump got impeached this wouldn't have happened. Think about that.

>> No.17850952

i get the feeling you werent economically lucid during the last crash
this is going to do the same thing
even if the virus were to clear up IMMEDIATELY, the damage has been done

all those stock buybacks are underwater HEAVY now.
and banks need that shit back ASAP or theyll run into liquidity issues very soon.
so its either the corporations, or the banks that will be needing to take the hit and/or get fucking bailed out.

same shit, different decade
and this is because its literally the same fundamental problem that hasnt been addressed

>> No.17851011

I am going to laugh when none of this happens

>> No.17851126
File: 12 KB, 480x480, spoodermun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>is everyone this fucking stupid in here?
you must be new here.

>> No.17851138

Yes. We never actually recovered from 2008.

>> No.17851166

>it will ripple out to everything because the market has been pumped on borrowed money for a decade
No, it will ripple out to everything because everything has been grinding to a halt.

>this is going to do the same thing
The last crash was caused by a financial system collapsing.

This crash was caused by the virus, and you're hoping that it WILL HAVE BEEN CAUSED by a financial system collapsing after the fact.

>> No.17851171

>and this is because its literally the same fundamental problem that hasnt been addressed
How many more times in a row does the economy need to be destroyed by banks lending/trading on margin before doing so is banned?

>> No.17851183

In other news, all WA state restaurants and bars are ordered to close at midnight on Tuesday. No indication when they'll be allowed to re-open, but this is going to be a major hardship for the people who work there.

>> No.17851235

While margin shit is degenerate gambling, this crash was not caused by that at all.

>> No.17851290

>all those stock buybacks are underwater HEAVY now.
>and banks need that shit back ASAP or theyll run into liquidity issues very soon.

Can you say more about this? It's an angle I hadn't considered. Can't the banks hold until the stock price comes back, or are you saying they'll have to book a loss if it doesn't?

>> No.17851365

Anon, the banks have secretly been in a liquidity crisis for 6 months now. Take the 2008 market crash and replace "subprime mortgages" with "corporate debt" and you have the situation today. They've been leveraging the fuck out of this debt which is why they've been having problems even before Corona-chan came along (because these shitty businesses are actually shitty and can't pay that debt back, they only look attractive at a 30,000 ft level because we're in a bubble)

>> No.17851503

That's what happens when you bail them out.

>> No.17851566
File: 156 KB, 1000x1000, LOL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17851575

That's not the point. This crash has been a long time coming. Coronavirus may have accelerated the timetable, but it was inevitable.

>> No.17851673

I'm so happy we can have the exact same crash happen and the big men at the top can be bailed out while taking zero losses, and I, or my parents, won't be able get another job for a year probably.
God, I'm so happy we're going to accept this happening all over again.

>> No.17851702

>meteor crushes building
>"see I told you the building wasn't up to code!"

>> No.17851756

Thats exactly the point. These banks are being intentionally overleveraged and careless because they know they will be bailed out again.They can make billions and they can dump all their risk in the taxpayer. Moral hazard is real

>> No.17851772

how is "meteor crushes building" a good analogy for an economy which has been slowly declining for many decades, repeatedly being propped up by economic intervention of central banks, until the cracks in the dam finally are too big to hold back the flood?

>> No.17851810

>slowly declining for decades

Wasn't it a bubble?
You Trump haters should make up your mind.

>> No.17851817

More like a meteor destroys a building that was already coincidentally in the middle of a collapse, at which point the reaction is "well since the building was literally in the process of collapsing as the meteor struck, I guess its structural problems were not rooted in the meteor impact but instead existed for a long time prior to these events."

>> No.17851828

this. blood needs to get spilled this time

>> No.17851831
File: 261 KB, 1228x1300, clocks have no hands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hopefully, once the dust settles this will be the last time we need to be reminded
but after watching how 08 was handles, im not holding my breath

the banks arent holding the stock anon
the corporations THEMSELVES are holding their own stock
thats what stock buybacks are. the execs buy it back from their own shareholders, and it pumps the stock. no one complains on the way up obviously, so its gone unchecked for a decade.
the banks are just holding the debt lent to the corporations.

the problem is that with everything else crashing, the banks need those loans back to provide liquidity for themselves and their other clients. but since the corps are ALSO way underwater (on borrowed money no less) then they cant sell out either. especially not because this would crash em even further in the middle of a panic.

hence why the fed has been doing unprecedented overnight repos to try and help unwind them (and this was going on well before the virus even existed)

so the options are very similar to the GFC, except it now has two branches (cuz even the banks themselves have been doing buybacks)
either the corporations get bailed out, or the banks do. but since the corporations cant exist without the large banks, im betting a SHITTON of the corps are going to the bottom of the ocean.
and this will cause most of the US pops to lose their jobs, pensions, houses, everything
thats why im calling it "too big to fail 2: electric boogaloo"
its literally the same problem as last time. it was simply unadressed

>> No.17851854

>in the middle of a collapse

Wasn't it in the middle of a bubble?
You Trump haters should make up your mind.

>> No.17851879

>Wasn't it in the middle of a bubble?
We were witnessing the bubble pop independently of corona for the entirety of autumn/winter 2019, the press just didn't make a big deal out of it to avoid panic.

>> No.17851897

>the banks arent holding the stock anon

Thank you, Anon, I appreciate your time and clear explanation.

>> No.17851902

>all those stock buybacks are underwater HEAVY now.
I think I'm finally getting it, companies were buying their own stock WITH LEVERAGE?
And of course they were deemed good borrowers because of the value of their own stock?
It's a nice circle lmao

>> No.17851947
File: 25 KB, 569x473, us economy autumn winter 2019.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We were witnessing the bubble pop independently of corona for the entirety of autumn/winter 2019
lmao, are you sure?

>> No.17851969

For example Boeing has spent 43 billion on stock buybacks since 2013. Their stock is now down over 50% in the last 3 months, they have no cash and they're drawing on all lines of credit.

>> No.17852005

Huh, another $500b. I hope it goes better than last time.

>> No.17852026

>muh inflated stocks

>> No.17852062

People like you have been crying "inflated stocks" ever since Trump got into office three years ago.
Hell, for decades.

>> No.17852141

>People like you have been crying "inflated stocks" ever since Trump got into office three years ago.
That's because the stocks have been inflated for the last 12 years, retard. Most of the economic recovery since 2008 is illusory, existing only on wall street spreadsheets and executive bonuses.

>> No.17852171

Whatever you say, oh wise one.

>> No.17852191

my dude if you wanna point a finger at a fucking politician, then youre going to have to go back several terms. and even then, this is more because of the fact that the fed bailed out the banks, then dropped rates to almost zero to bribe everyone back into the market on what was essentially free money. it was never any more than a temporary fix.
but then it went on for 10+ years, and unsurprisingly, the banks, and the corporations borrowing from them, got addicted to the free money.

the only thing that the don really did for wall st directly was corporate tax cuts right after he got in. and the market obviously loved it
this shit thats happening right now as we speak has about as much to do with donny boy as it does shillary. that is to say, almost nothing

i will admit that i wish he had been more proactive about shutting the gates, but its all water under the bridge now.

np man
people should already know this stuff imo, but then i remember that im prolly a bit older than some of you guys, and ive already seen this episode before, while some of you guys havent.
i was just out of high school when the last one happened. i watched school tuition basically triple in like 2 years and then realized it wasnt schools getting more expensive, it was our dollar getting more worthless.

thankfully, i could just pirate most school textbooks, so i took it upon myself to try and suss it all out somewhat, as no one back then could give me a straight answer either.
the reality is even more complex, but its above my paygrade unfortunately.

>> No.17852236

and with fed funds at all time lows, and recently regulated by dodd frank memes, they were starved for interest rates
so they got em.
by plunging an entire generation into impossible student debt, and by making a nice little infinite credit cycle with the corporations

>> No.17852289

I'll take your concession.

>> No.17852358

>people should already know this stuff imo, but then i remember that im prolly a bit older than some of you guys, and ive already seen this episode before, while some of you guys havent.

Yeah, I was finishing college in '87 when that shitshow went down. 2001 was fun, 2008 was a little scary, but this one feels like all three of those rolled into one.

>> No.17852362

So according to you we've been in a bubble for 12 fucking years, and only now did it pop, coincidentally at a time when the world is getting locked down due to an unprecedented pandemic.
Sure thing, lil buddy.

>> No.17852410
File: 2.44 MB, 320x320, 2f4ca16994935220067f162ceb0838f8a4a2c85937e910fb1a79d026226f78a6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but this one feels like all three of those rolled into one
doesnt it tho?
fuck man, were really in for it now

>> No.17852461

anyone watching the market once powpow got the chair and started raising rates couldve seen it.
the market was going through withdrawals from the free money being taken away from them.

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