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We are going to look back on all this as the most ridiculous overreaction to the world has ever seen.

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Do you understand what a self fulfilling prophecy is?

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Retards like you are incapable to understand what is going on

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>We are going to look back on all this as the most ridiculous overreaction to the world has ever seen.

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read about behavioral economics

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>said the visibly increasingly nervous man

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>NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT'S JUST A NOTHINGBURGER YOU /pol/INCELERINO IT'S JUST A FUCKING SNIFFLES FLU STOP SPREADING PANIC FUCK OFF GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why are you afraid of death?

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I've been analyzing, infection, death and ICU rates constantly for three weeks and I've come to the conclusion that it's a nothingburger.

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>deaths are greatly mitigated due to preventative action
see? it wasn't a big deal, people were just over-reacting
>the virus infects 80% of the planet, millions die and millions more gets permanent lung damage
omg, the governments didn't do anything! there were a ton of warning signs but nobody took it seriously! fucking drumf!

people like you are stupid.

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you, sir, are a retard

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level of copes are hitting dangerous numbers

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5% ICU rate for people on the Diamond Princess almost all of which were over 60, the highest risk group.
ICU rate for people under 60 likely to be below 1%.

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china has 3k deaths from corona and have stabilized now....their population is 1.5B. 3k death out of 1.5B! the entire world is shutting down right now, but the death toll is actually pretty low when you look at the numbers. I mean, I get social distancing and trying to prevent the spread, but some of you fags wanna go full apocolypse and pretend like we're gonna be full mad max in a weeks. get a grip.

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just like your mother

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>3k death out of 1.5B!
lmao not all of those were infected

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they welded their civilians into their apartments and third world shacks. How convenient of you to use them as an example that everything is fine while ignoring Italy.

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yeah no shit retard. you didn't think everyone was gonna get infected, did you?

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in 2-3 weeks, Italy will be fine too.

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if China didn't lock down Wuhan yes the virus would have spread to other regions

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the virus has spread all over the god damn world, what do you mean? it spread in other areas of china too. what do you want from this? what do you actually think is gonna happen?

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you don't understand your stat isn't meaningful, the death rate is number of casualties/number of infected, not number of casualties/entire population.

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>We are going to look back on all this
What do you mean by "we", Peasant?

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to the virus?
to the fact that the global economy comes to halt to weeks to months?
haha, no.

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no way they are honest with their numbers. they are sacrificing their own population to get factories running again and they will just disappear anyone that say they are sick. you're crazy if you actually think it's starting to get better in china.

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it's meaningful to step back and look at the big picture. i understand what the death rate is for those infected. I'm talking about what the actual damage has been thus far to humanity though. people are freaking the fuck out like we're all going to die or have to kill our neighbors for TP in the coming day. jesus, get a grip. put it into perspective. more people have died from drowning than they have from corona during the same time period.

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might be you're the one whose crazy anon.

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based on what?

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I agree. In exactly 3 years, after everything is done, there will be a paper published showing that more people died from economic effects, supply issues, etc, than would've died if people did absolutely nothing and continued on like nothing was happening.

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the point is that if we dont take drastic measures and condemn this pandemic then millions will die and not only the old and weak but also other normal people since the hospitals will be overloaded with cases and will have no capacity left. Of course it's not that bad yet, but it will be if nothing is done about it.

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I think we should do what we can to prevent the spread. I work from home already, so no big lifestyle change is required on my end. I also just think that the panic around the grocery stores right now is stupid. like holy shit, American are going into full stock the bunkers mode. I'm less worried about corona than I am about the panicked population.

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Hindsight post rationalisations

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Fake pic

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If you think the economy is crashing because of the virus, you're delusional. We were in a clear bubble, this was going to happen eventually. The coronavirus just made it happen sooner than it would otherwise.

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Ok Bill

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Well desu the death rates in Italy aren't higher

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wuhan has been hit with the second wave is what im hearing.

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Even Drumpf's head of infectious diseased said it. In a pandemic situation overreaction is much, much better than underreaction because you are always behind where you think you are in terms of infected people. Especially when Trump fucked up testing so hard.

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implying WW1 didn't start because Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot

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Stick to muh stonks, retard

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50% of France right now in ICUs are under the age of 50 you massive retard

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Yep. TP memes will surpass 9/11 jokes.

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And funny part is it'll make people react poorly to whatever the next big virus is and that one may have an actually scary mortality rate.

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>get a grip

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the chinese government lies, this shouldn't be news. you can't believe the quarantine of wuhan somehow also prevented the spread of the virus outside of the big cities. the outbreak occurred during the chinese new year when half the country traveled home to their little villages, passing through other villages. chinese people rarely wash their hands with soap. there's no way, no how the situation have stabilized.

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Tell that to Italy you big gay faggot.

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Social media is 100% to blame. Look what the retards in this country did over a god damn chicken sandwich. This shit must be shut down

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Italy has 1/3 reported deaths of china and far less reported cases.

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wait 2/3, my bad

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0.7% death rate in South Korea.
0.1% in Germany.
Common flu ranges from 0.1% to 0.9% depending on the year and country.


I'm more scared of the economic chaos leading to lootings and social breakdown than of corona. This is a mass hysteria.

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coronavirus isnt the reason why the market took a dive, it was the excuse
>coronavirus isnt the reason why the market took a dive, it was the excuse
coronavirus isnt the reason why the market took a dive, it was the excuse
>coronavirus isnt the reason why the market took a dive, it was the excuse
coronavirus isnt the reason why the market took a dive, it was the excuse
>coronavirus isnt the reason why the market took a dive, it was the excuse

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there's no backside of that suit, the cat is exposed

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don't be an idiot

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Not an argument dumbshit.

Corona spread on a cruise ship comprised entirely of boomers (the high risk group) and it only killed 1% of them. 3/5 of infected showed NO SYMPTOMS at all. Extend this to the wider population and it gives you a death rate of much less than 1%.

The median age of Japanese victims?
81 years old.

The median age on the rest of the world?
80% are over 65

It's a nothingburger amplified by retarded journalists that don't understand statistics and virologists being overly cautious (because they don't understand economics and think "saving lives is more important than money" - Nevermind the people a depression would kill).

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>6% mortality rate in ireland
>3% mortality rate average across the board

see look i can pull up numbers too bro

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lets cut the shit and be honest though. the number of infected people is way higher than what's been reported. the US has barely done any testing but it's been spread around for weeks now. the death rate is skewed. do you personally know anyone who has died from corona virus? does any anon on this board know someone who has died?!

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Those countries are only testing the serious cases that arrive in hospitals.
Most infected are asymptomatic and don't even realize they have it. They don't bother going to a hospital.

South Korea is the ONLY country that conducted extensive testing among the general population. The real death rate is 0.7% or less.

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you're a fucking idiot comparing things that aren't comparable. you don't even understand why they are incomparable. moron. hope you get corona and infect your parents and everyone you care about.

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This. Obviously.

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Look back from your tent... retard. This shit is happening faggot

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To be fair there was no corona virus on Starship Enterprise. Space communism appears to an effective prevention

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And this.
I would go even further, and say the virus was orchestrated in order to be a scapegoat for the economic crisis. The crisis would have happened anyway in 2020. Now people will not blame Capitalism, or even financial institution( which are a result of Capitalism), but (((COVID-19))).

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There were still episodes with outbreaks on the starship enterprise you retard

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Still no argument.

I hope you get murdered by panicked looters due to this overhyped nothingburger. Or maybe not murdered. Just severely crippled so you can survive to read that the virus was not serious at all in the end.

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Not even capitalism's fault, just shitty ass monetary policy and having a private centralized bank (1 of 10 planks in the communist manifesto). Retards like you right now haven't noticed that all countries on earth are being impacted by this, communist and socialist ones too.

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It's a bait thread retard

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Interesting fact: the virus had a net positive on the number of lives spared in China. Because they shut down all traffic, the usual 100+ killed in road accidents every day didn't happen. More lives were saved as result of corona virus and the subsequent actions taken.

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kek. based boomer consoomer virus

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>retards still think the crash is just because of a virus

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cool Ive been ignoring this shit for three months and came to the same conclusion
imagien wasting hours of research to just go full circle to "meh its nothing"

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maybe not
Germanistanis seem to think it's a nothingburger
inb4 more than two thirds of this overfattened nation really does get infected and more than 10% of them dies out

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More like the virus is the result of the crash
>the economy is collapsing because it's all fake and made up
>cant let the public know that it's all fake and its crashing because their leaders have failed
>let's blame the flu and make a huge spectacle so people dont see that we fucked up.

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I work in a hospital and have access to data that is non public from two of the largest metropolitan areas with high chinese immigrant populations
You are correct

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I'm with you OP. The over-reaction if anything is causing more problems than the disease itself.

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Not for Boomers though. Boomers run the world. This is proof. Fuck what you want, their pensions and stocks matter more than your pathetic life.

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I'm getting y2k vibes

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Correct. How many people die because of unemployment or underemployment?

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Yeah, there was that gaint person sized virus macrophage on Voyager where the CGI was very clearly not at a level where it should be on TV.

Or the aphasia virus on DS9.

But gay space communism cured these all quickly.

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>Being this much of a CCP shill

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This thread is full of glowniggers..

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>common cold, flu, etc.
>no scale
>no source
You are a retarded NPC.

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S curves

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I'm not worried about the death rate, i'm more worried about the permanent organ damage and crippled immune system.


9 of 12 studied patients had permanent organ damage.

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>not expecting the absolute certainty of overreaction and panic

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underrated comment.

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14.5% reinfection rate and it could mutate.

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I'm not worried about death rate, i'm more worried about the damage it could do to my BTC price.

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I'm of your opinion anon, glad you exist. Most events mainly from the past 5 years or so have been gross overreactions. It's because people don't pay for newspapers anymore. The media becoming big on social media has ruined society more than anything else today.

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Where did you get that implication from? Of course I expected that, its obvious, so obvious I hardly felt the need to mention it. Clearly I was mistaken

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Oh my God communism manifesto. I'm impressed you read the whole 30 pages of it you must be very smart. Or maybe you just read a summary on the internet i don't know.
Serious people read Das Kapital. Das Kapital, Vol. 1, Chapter XXXI. Two pages criticizing public debt, the Bank of England (private central bank), Since you are way too weak to read it yourself, way, way too weak, i'll make a copy past from the master here, directly for you and the others, on 4chan.

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At their birth the great banks, decorated with national titles, were only associations of private
speculators, who placed themselves by the side of governments, and, thanks to the privileges they
received, were in a position to advance money to the State. Hence the accumulation of the
national debt has no more infallible measure than the successive rise in the stock of these banks,
whose full development dates from the founding of the Bank of England in 1694. The Bank of
England began with lending its money to the Government at 8%; at the same time it was
empowered by Parliament to coin money out of the same capital, by lending it again to the public
in the form of banknotes. It was allowed to use these notes for discounting bills, making advances
on commodities, and for buying the precious metals. It was not long ere this credit-money, made
by the bank itself, became the coin in which the Bank of England made its loans to the State, and
paid, on account of the State, the interest on the public debt. It was not enough that the bank gave
with one hand and took back more with the other; it remained, even whilst receiving, the eternal
creditor of the nation down to the last shilling advanced. Gradually it became inevitably the
receptacle of the metallic hoard of the country, and the centre of gravity of all commercial credit.
What effect was produced on their contemporaries by the sudden uprising of this brood of
bankocrats, financiers, rentiers, brokers, stock-jobbers, &c., is proved by the writings of that time,
e.g., by Bolingbroke’s.

>> No.17851693

With the national debt arose an international credit system, which often conceals one of the
sources of primitive accumulation in this or that people. Thus the villainies of the Venetian
thieving system formed one of the secret bases of the capital-wealth of Holland to whom Venice
in her decadence lent large sums of money. So also was it with Holland and England. By the
beginning of the 18th century the Dutch manufactures were far outstripped. Holland had ceased
to be the nation preponderant in commerce and industry. One of its main lines of business,
therefore, from 1701-1776, is the lending out of enormous amounts of capital, especially to its
great rival England. The same thing is going on today between England and the United States. A
great deal of capital, which appears today in the United States without any certificate of birth, was
yesterday, in England, the capitalised blood of children.

>> No.17851731

As the national debt finds its support in the public revenue, which must cover the yearly
payments for interest, &c., the modern system of taxation was the necessary complement of the
system of national loans. The loans enable the government to meet extraordinary expenses,
without the tax-payers feeling it immediately, but they necessitate, as a consequence, increased
taxes. On the other hand, the raising of taxation caused by the accumulation of debts contracted
one after another, compels the government always to have recourse to new loans for new
extraordinary expenses. Modern fiscality, whose pivot is formed by taxes on the most necessary
means of subsistence (thereby increasing their price), thus contains within itself the germ of
automatic progression. Overtaxation is not an incident, but rather a principle. In Holland,
therefore, where this system was first inaugurated, the great patriot, DeWitt, has in his “Maxims”
extolled it as the best system for making the wage labourer submissive, frugal, industrious, and
overburdened with labour. The destructive influence that it exercises on the condition of the wage
labourer concerns us less however, here, than the forcible expropriation, resulting from it, of
peasants, artisans, and in a word, all elements of the lower middle class. On this there are not two
opinions, even among the bourgeois economists. Its expropriating efficacy is still further
heightened by the system of protection, which forms one of its integral parts.

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>muh chinese flu that /pol/ told me all about

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Can I get a tldr? Don't think I don't appreciate the copypasting though.

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You and the other enlightened Redditors agree that we aren't panicking enough.

>> No.17852038

Are you joking? Learn to read.
Tldr: Private central banks are bad.

>> No.17852078

>thinks anybody cares about what a 150yr old philosophy book has to say about the modern economy

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>tl;dr The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where feed and seed both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Fuck and Suck".

>> No.17852149

In fact the lion predicted everything that is happening in late stage Captalism in Das Kapital Vol. 3. Whatever. I'm out. Enjoy your free time during the crisis.

>> No.17852165

And you needed to read Das Kapital to figure that out? This is why Marx bros are typically retarded or they’re academic with a narrow view because they never spent any time outside of academia. The very few econ profs at my old uni that would ever cite Marx were all ones who’d only ever been in academia, never been consultants to a gov agency or private company, never worked before going the masters to phd route, just stayed with their books all their lives

>> No.17852197

>Enjoy your free time during the crisis.
Enjoy your bread lines and naive utopian fantasies

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No we won't. Because this is a kike game to crash the economy. The kikes will just write how great they are and saved the world again, then remind us of 6 gorrllion and plunder the world for another 10-20 year again.

>> No.17852312

>babby-tier /pol/ arguments

>> No.17852401

The Chinese numbers are just those who died in hospital, it doesn't count people who anywhere else. Also the measures they took to stop it spreading meant a complete shut down of a place the size of Texas with twice the population of California.

>> No.17852413

>virologists being overly cautious
philistine hands wrote this post.

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It's not the Coronavirus that's the issue at this point. The economy was end-cycle, and needed something to push it over into crisis. This time, it was the shutdown of global commerce thanks to Corona.

>> No.17852760

It’s not even that you idiot

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This would be a nothingburger if not for the fact that our entire economic system has been optimized for one variable, profit, with no thought given to things like 'redundancy' or 'public health'. We're gonna get hit with a vicious cycle of logistical and financial problems.

>> No.17852937

Bad timing.

>> No.17852994

It literally didn't. Hotzendorf being a massive faggot and pushing an already mostly accepted ultimatum was the cause of ww1

>> No.17853038

I like how everyone is ignoring Russian and OPEC being absolute faggots.

>> No.17853101

>capitalism is always only ever good times
>bad timing
Nah not really just more in tune with the natural fluctuations of life rather than a sad attempt at controlling the economy and people’s lives that has literally never worked out well, though socialists will tell you real socialism has never been applied

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>> No.17853271

Shh. Let's tell them about it after we retire.

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>be the Pope
>83 years old
>only have one lung
>potentially one of the individuals at risk
>Italy in lockdown
>he goes out
>no mask
>no gloves

>> No.17853340

If you can read the first chapter of the Communist Manifesto and not see how it describes the modern economy you're an imbecile

>> No.17853341

It’s because faggots on this board think this is all purely
About corona and once it subsided everything will be back to normal. There’s a perfect storm

>> No.17853466

My friend's dad just died mysteriously. He's a doctor. I asked why and she said "we don't know yet". I'm in the USA

>> No.17853518

I have actually and if you think it adequately describes the modern economy then you are the imbecile taking a simplistic view of things.
>imb4 read das kapital
Literally a waste of time, you have more to learn about the modern economy by just keeping yourself very well informed and actually learning the modern theories of the field. Thankfully I did a degree in econ so had the latter already done and even though I’m very sceptical of most modern econ frameworks as a result, I’m not retarded enough to think a few of them don’t act as good approximations for how things usually work. You can stick to your 150yr old little philosophy book in the meantime

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>> No.17853841

Its getting better in China, faggot. I work in manufacturing in the US and some of our materials are sourced from China (Shenzen). Theyve been back to work for 2 weeks now. Employees all had to be tested before returning to work. Its a fucking nothing burger you doomer faggot.

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Fucking lol. Only a retard would have to read books to figure that out. What an absolute joke you are.

>> No.17855145

>China engages in the largest and strictest quarantine in history
>"lol its nothing"
Nigger, the reason why China is recovering right now is because they did decide to treat it as a major problem, they wouldn't have bothered to put a metropolis bigger than NY on lockdown if it was nothing.

>> No.17855906

this image makes my pp grow big

>> No.17856035

If I saw a person dressed like that in public I would follow them and wait until they were alone and then bash their skull in from surprise from back, just on general principle.

>> No.17856733

Imagine being this unhinged

>> No.17857107

> called to my grandma to see how she is
> was worried, asked if she was fined and stressed out
> she laughed at me, telling me story about how she was hiding during the WW in the bunker for weeks without nothing to eat in horrible conditions / no sanitation at all
> said to me this is her X time living through nothingburger like this
> whatever happens happens
> told me I'm young and have nothing to worry about
seriously happeningfags should get in touch with real world time to time. only thing you should be worried about is not to transmit the disease to the elderly people, but instead you're hiding in your mums basement posting about "fucking boomers that deserve to die, because they they invented shit you use every day to shitpost on 4chins"

> inb4 boomer detected

>> No.17857148

This is bullshit, they only treated it like a major problem way after they spread it and covered it up. That was literally them realizing oh fuck we dropped the ball and then went full quarantine mode to fix it. Very stupid people

>> No.17857166

Ok edgelord.

>> No.17857230

>we dropped the ball and then went full quarantine mode to fix it
That's exactly my point, they had to mobilize and move fast in order to stop the spread.
Despite the fact that the Wuhan CCP fucked up, the central government decided to go to the nth degree to stop it. Even now there are still many restrictions on movement even if they have been relaxed in some cases as infections have leveled off.

>> No.17857478

The Pope is there to serve God's Plan.
He is supposed to accept death when it comes. It would be terrible PR for him to wear some faggy mask.

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germaphobia is a mental illness and preppers need to be quarantined.
it's the flu.

>> No.17857623

The flu is not an endemic disease with a natural R0 of 4

>> No.17857675

seems like an underestimate.

During, say, the Spanish Flu there weren't ventilators, kidney support machines, drugs to prevent secondary infection, or even basic stuff like supplemental oxygen and IV fluids.

There wasn't a big difference in being treated at home vs the hospital for Spanish Flu. It was catastrophic with a 2% death rate.

Now you're saying that under ideal hospital ICU settings 1% of people die? And a large number are asymptomatic carriers?

This would suggest that this virus is many times worse than Spanish Flu. If governments cannot keep the rate of active cases below the number of ICU beds and O2 supplement beds, the death rate would likely be closer to 5% if not more.

>> No.17857768

very true based and calm,cool,collected

>> No.17858588
File: 26 KB, 343x450, colliersDec1942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thread feels like bait but biology will sort this out in the end. People will die while others will develop resistances

>> No.17858629


obituaries before and after the virus

>> No.17859190

what do it såy?

>> No.17859522 [DELETED] 
File: 56 KB, 1008x435, 1584349820972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's a nothingburger

>> No.17859659
File: 56 KB, 1008x435, 1584349820972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's a nothingburger
>it's the flu.

>> No.17859774

>"its just an influenza" they said
>thank you
Based Italiaño shitting on the nothing burger faggots.

>> No.17859852

>the government is always right

What part of "more people will die from the economic depression than they would have from the flu" aren't you getting?

>> No.17859870

in the civilized world, people dont die from economic downturns

>> No.17859974

acully this

>> No.17860007

Literally 80% of people dead inItaly are over 80.

>> No.17860008

actually not this

>> No.17860118
File: 469 KB, 1006x1167, 1583798837093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We were going to get a bear market after 11 years of bull you mong.

>> No.17860211
File: 48 KB, 1366x768, 1584361436471.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is not a run of the mill "economic downturn". This is a government-mandated economic collapse. If it persists for too long things will begin to break down.

Ask yourself when your home is getting looted a year from now if it was worth it for a disease that has a 0.7% mortality rate and mostly kills boomers with one foot on the grave already.

>> No.17860262

We are already in a bear market you mong.

>> No.17860299

>A recession is the same as full blown collapse

>> No.17860313
File: 2.55 MB, 771x1631, 1584023011076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when your home is getting looted a year from now
bit of an overreaction there don'tcha think?

>> No.17860392

It's not an overreaction, financialized global supply chains of 2020 are a bubble on top of a bubble, perhaps stop another (real estate) bubble. Correction is necessary before re-structuring...

>> No.17860408

>they welded their civilians into their apartments and third world shacks
No they didn't you stupid fat fuck americunt

>> No.17860453

Imagine thinking fear mongering worse than the Coronafags gives you validity.

Is this your first economic collapse you child? I've been investing since the late 60s and been through multiple scares of the market where people thought this was the end of civilization. Fucking relax.

>> No.17861862

No you haven't.

>> No.17861936

The market was already crashed. People losing jobs. So much for a nothing burger. Fucking mutts lmao.

>> No.17862087

>just your 900 million quarantine nothing burger bro

>> No.17862195

they massively shut down the rest of the country for a few weeks too. Wuhan was locked down for months and is still under relaxed quarantine. Car exports for example dropped 80% for the period.

>> No.17862283

>I've been investing since the late 60s
You're 80+ years old?

>> No.17862342

Or 70 I guess, if you're a trust fund kid who played around with daddy's money.

>> No.17862376

But the virus is a nothing burger, it's people's overreaction to it that is causing the problem. Seriously even if the death totals jumped to 200 by the end of the month, that means that since this kicked off only 200 people have died, and even if 1000 die by may, for fucks sake that's nothing worth crippling the ecomony.

>> No.17863026

You fucking idiot. The jenga tower was already set to fall. The wuflu was just the catalyst, seeding enough uncertainty that everyone fucking panicked because we all knew the entirety of civilization is incredibly overpriced.

>> No.17864117

you have no fucking clue what's happening to the economy do you

the fucking machine is grinding to a halt you idiot

>> No.17864159

imagine completley ignoring oil

Trump got completely played by Putin. The US economy is fucked, somewhat by corona, but mostly because of oil.

>> No.17864705


No one actually knows how many people died from the Spanish Flu, and a lot of the numbers thrown around for it contradict each other. Total infections for Covid 19 are less than the flu and the death rate is entirely concentrated in older people and not the general population.

>> No.17864852


Russia is far more dependent on oil than the US big brain. It was Saudi Arabia's decision to increase production that lowered the prices, and they did that to harm Russia. Low oil prices are a mixed bag for the US, they help some parts of the economy and hurt others.

>> No.17865061

The saudis are probably looking to fuck Putin and try to wipe out US shale production. Look for massive unlimited subsidies to keep them limping. The US will take it because we're a bunch of cucks, but Russia will probably start covertly hitting saudi production infrastructure.

>> No.17866472

It's already caused the biggest shock to the economy, in the shortest space of time, ever. With thousands of companies facing bankrupcy and millions of people probably losing their jobs. Top jej.

>> No.17866487


>> No.17866541



>> No.17866724

For you it's pointless reading it, you've already been brainwashed and you've become too narrow minded to get it. For everyone else who wants to know why things are the way they are, it's still useful.

>> No.17866797
File: 108 KB, 1207x1532, cor 16 03 2020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Well, I'd like to see ol Coronny Virus wriggle her way out of THIS jam!
>*Coronavirus wriggles her way out of the jam easily*
>Ah! Well. Nethertheless,

>> No.17867178

>People still saying it's a nothing burger


>> No.17867673

Based anon improving the gene pool and society as a whole.

>> No.17868097

>believes what Chang says
know how I know you have yellow skin?

>> No.17868336

the Jew Marx doesn't conclude that central banks are bad. rather he sees their utility in using paper to dissposess families of their private wealth through currency debasement and accordingly demands a state-controlled central bank with a monopoly in his Communist Manifesto

>> No.17868389

nobody is saying it's worse than the spanish flu, but u are calling it a nothing burger

>> No.17868483

Marx was a literal kike.

>> No.17868497


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