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How low are we going?

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the ponzi is collapsing. he is already in thailand fucking hookers, getting pozzed. zero.

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Why would Chainlink hold any value during a crisis like this? It's literally less worth and practical than toilet paper

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Linkies went from being the most patient and humble guys to the most delusional and cocky of them all.

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It's fucking over, isn't it?

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How does negative infinite sound to you?

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Hope you're ready to buy.

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Lower. 1.42

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Chainlink is an erc20 token, its literally worthless.

ETH is going to 50 dollars, expect a 10 cent chainlink

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Okay m8. I hope your buy orders get filled.

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Imagine thinking we don't have open connections to higher being that tell us that this whole market crash is manufactured to shake the linkies down.

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With great regret, $0.10

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15 cents

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Buy order @0.4$

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could go down to a dollar again due to btc completely shitting the bed. Will be funny if staking just allows us to return to last ATH lol

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buying all your bags at $0.11 heh nothing personal

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>coping this hard

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Hope ready to buy? shit will continue dumping literallu

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