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>around october/november
>finally start taking charge of my miserable, depressed, fucked up life.
>finally start getting some money in my pocket after 30 years of having nothing
>finally start leaving my room and actually starting to love life
>things finally looking brighter and better
>corona virus puts me right back in my room
i told you guys before, dont hold what i hold. i am LITERALLY not meant to make it. i fucking hate this. i worked so hard to completely turn my life around and then this happens. is this the final test?

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Yes. Have faith, ask God for strength. You got this OP.

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Dude if this is all because of you then fuck you

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>30 years old
>just now starting shit he should have been doing 12 years ago
i have no sympathy for you. sorry.

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Just wait for everyone to be infected, then there won't be a reason to stay quarantined

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there is no god....fuck the guy above who said that.
hard times will only make you stronger. people who have it easy are a bunch of pussies. keep powering through. life is mostly suffering....just take it for what it is.

meditate and read Stoicism

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Now you know what’s it’s like to feel alive. Hold onto that, take care of your health, sleep a lot, eat well, so that you can survive and return to the land of the living when this is over.
Also everything will be dirt cheap, land, stocks, crypto, those that make it through and don’t waste their money on coomsumerism will have a very easy time becoming rich

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>is this the final test?
This. Praying for you.

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Always rember

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beta male

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not everyone has a perfect set of cards in their hand.
i will.
hah, itll be like getting the vaccine
my body is ready, the world is not!
you guys have been my only friends for the past couple of years.

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wow I'm really impressed you managed to work so hard for 5 months

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it was much longer then 5 months fren.

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This, and consider it a break from bettering yourself until this thing is over
Take a breather and refocus
That's what I'm doing and I'm in a similar situation to you

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lets stay strong fren. im hear to listen if you wanna say anything.

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Completely agree anon. This has gone beyond memes. This feels like it's gonna ruin our lives

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im trying to look at this as cup half filled. stocks will be cheap, maybe land and houses will be cheaper in our lifetime, link is cheaper, etc...the cliche quote is hear through the noise. think of how stronger and smarter you will be the next time this happens, we will be the first ones at the toilet paper aisle to make that 10x profit kek

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5/13 is good Friday.
Hodl until then.
We're all gonna make it.

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>new job , pays way more for less work
>lost 70lbs
>new car, no debt on it

If this was two years ago I would be so happy for then end of civilization, but now i'm just kind of what ever about it. At lest I had it kind of good for a bit at the end there.

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Oh boo hoo you lost money speculating in crypto. Serves you right, dude

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Hmm I don't pity you that much OP. If you worked as hard as you said you did, you probably wouldn't be complaining about the new set of challenges introduced by coronachan, economic collapse, etc. You must rise to the task spiritually. Tune out all the negative distractions, go inward to find the strength.

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>corona virus puts me right back in my room
I feel you bro. I fucking hate having to atay at home.

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do you even know what broad this is

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Don't worry anon, we're all in this together.

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Similar boat here. Spent a ton of money moving out of the service industry into software development, finally started getting interviews... Now this shit.

My advice is to mitigate your debt however you can, cut your living expenses as low as you can. And then do everything and anything you can to lay your hands on capital.

But yeah, I have $7k of credit card debt on top of being underemployed and am getting ready to move to a much less competitive part of the country. Just stay flexible, avoid vices, avoid debt, and take the right risks at the right time.

Other posters are 110% right about the opportunities that are going to come from this. Cheap housing, land, stocks, etc... All coming to a market near you.

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Make that another in a similar situation. Last year I found a new job that while has better pay and easier work, it's entirely soul crushing. Started getting into my finances hard around Sept/Oct last year to help push myself further. Curbed a lot of things out of my budget that was overall a degenerate waste of time/money and was starting to feel like I got a handle on my overall trajectory. This happens. But I'm still laser focused, just accumulating cheaper stocks/crypto as it marches to the bottom. I already own a home/land, and once the bottom has been hit I'm looking to buy even more land at an insanely low price. All it did was delay my plans some and may even be a blessing in disguise. We're all going to make it!

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Also SPY 100P 3/20. You'll make it out of this richer than you have ever imagined.

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>finding strength inwardly
Yeah sorry, I'd rather put my lot in Jesus Christ thank you very much

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Hang in there mate. This was bound to happen and at least you are prepared.
I'd recommend that you keep on stacking, go all in on this speculative holiday. If you dont have much to lose, go all out. I'm leveraged in;
1) gold
2) ethereum
4) 3 Mining stocks
5) Physical bullion

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