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Daily reminder that you are in the middle of an international Jacob vs Esau ritual. They are shutting down the economy to trick as many poor and middle-class people as possible into selling their birthrights (LINK, ETH, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc) in exchange for a pot of lentils (toilet paper and canned beans). Do not fall for it! After a few months the ritual will be over and normal business will resume.

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i am currently risking 2% of my stack in a swing

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i dont particularly like lentils

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Weird allegory but ok.

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Good luck fren. 2% is good risk management because we already had a 50% drop. Accumulate as much as you can.

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I'm buying the dip, literally cancelled all upcoming events and meals, gonna eat rice and beans and invest every penny I make into this current dip

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Describe this ritual please discord magic tranny

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please explain further. i know people have wanted to always take my links but to halt the world? ugh! those patty whackers!

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Certain people have been using that allegory to shape their worldview and actions for thousands of years.

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Only the faithful believe. they will be rewarded after the darkness

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They are stopping the world to shake us out of LINK because LINK is the basis for the new world of smart-contracts. They don't want you to be rich in the new world. They want you to he poor. Normies are going to HATE smart contracts because they are decisive and you can't weasel out of them.

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May you walk with the Lord forever.

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And also with you.

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may the Lord Jesus Christ keep you safe always fren. thanks for the heads up.

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Christ is the savior. King of kings and Lord of lords.

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Don't you it funny that the jews decided to name their country after a guy that swindled his brother out of his birthright and tricked his father in law out of his flocks?

I hate them so much

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thank you anon

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