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Is this fucker dead now? we can barely hold $2 and we're losing ranks daily, can't believe I held to almost $5 twice and didnt sell a single one, I truly have been brainwashed by the never selling mentality, LLLLLMMMMMMAAAAAAOOO

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>not day trading

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>he thinks link is dead
>yet still doesn’t sell link
What kind of a retard are you?

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I dont want to pay taxes
did you not read that I've been brainwashed?

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>look at me! I’m a brainwashed retard!

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Just hold. We still on target. $1000k EOY

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ye well I am gonna hold because I can't sell

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thanks just bought 100k

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>$1000k EOY
when the USD will be worth about as much as the Zimbabwe dollar

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