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I hold 37k links. Held it all the way down and have been very depressed for days. I feel like it’s over this time.

Is there a chance we will recover? I can’t help but think this economic turmoil is going to kill all this decentralized shit.

Does anyone have any hopium they can share? I’m getting really close to wanting to kms. I don’t have anything else to give me hope in life.

t. 33 year old anon, lost all my money through divorce and subsequent drug abuse, literally have 37k links and about $2000 to my name.

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Doesn’t look good

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This is the final shakeout before world-wide corporate adoption of crypto and smart-contracts. The billionaires know that alot of middle-class and poors own Chainlink and Ethereum and they want us to sell and literally buy toilet paper. This fake crisis will be over in a few months and the stock market will recover and Chainlink will resume it's course to $1000.

I have a similar size stack and it hurts that I didn't sell and double or tripple my stack, but that's life and you need to be content with what you have and learn from your mistakes. It will be a bumpy ride to $1000, so consider this experience in not selling. With your stack, you are garanteed $37,000,000 as long as you don't sell.

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You’re really worried about what was obvious manipulation? Look at the volumes before and after the dump anon

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>he unironically stocked up on a meme and thought he would make it

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Do you have any real hopium? Not just bull shit you pulled out of your ass?

Like real evidence of valuable projects being developed for use cases? Because that hopium you just posted is stupid and if you think this is a planned shakeout, you have bigger mental issues than I do,

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I do crypto and never looked at any of those before lmao. Dunno what they eve mean

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Only if you're not the anon who's been spamming cope every link thread, saying you bought at .20 cents

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>Does anyone have any hopium they can share?
some anon shared that something will happen with Oracle and CL on the 28th (he was at the UK meetup) not sure if larp or not but he said it would be big, but I do agree this latest drop has been hard

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Wow extremely rude and unbased. SAD!


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You have 37K,that’s good. I only had 1.5K and sold about 500 because the only way I can get more is via drop

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The volume looks normal to me. How can you call this corona dump manipulation? You really think the virus was released to create a media panic to dump ChainLink?

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reminder that Chainlink was always a scam and if you hold it you have low IQ
>3 years
>$4billion marketcap
>0 users
>0 decentralized oracles
>Linkers: This is bullish!

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No worries fren, this months is going to be shitty, the price will not grow much. But next month all the corona meme will go away and market will blow up. We are all gonna make it.

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Do you actually believe this Coronavirus shit is real?

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This. They want us to buy toilet paper so its clean when they fuck us.

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I’m not, I haven’t posted in days. My average buy price is probably between 40 and 50c

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You sound pathetic man. Figure your own shit out instead of asking strangers to validate decisions you’ve already made.

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Top wallets are still accumulating so I'll just do the same.

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Yea...but everything is changed now. I’m afraid companies aren’t going to want to install some weird browsers and figure out how to use some wallets and all kinds of new tech while they’re in the middle of trying to have their companies survive.

No need to reply with “THIS IS GONNA SAVE THEIR COMPANIES!” Because that’s not how this works :/

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Firstly, Corona is literally a nothingburger. Secondly, CZ literally flash crashed link and sold to himself then cancelled withdrawals day of the dump. Are you really that blind?

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Yes. I don’t believe it is as dire as it is being made out to be...but I believe the virus is real

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Think long term, obviously right now everything is in meltdown mode because of the covid-19 scare.

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You are done and pretty dumb for hOdLiNg

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>Let’s be straight
where do you think you are?

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I am pathetic. Work on channeling that resentment toward something positive champ.

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better of selling now anon

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Only small and medium businesses are at risk of failure. This is the controlled demolition of the economy. The billionaires do it every 7-10 years in order to eliminate competition so they can stay in control. Once enough competition has been bankrupted and enough weak hands sold their birthrights, the jacob-esau ritual is complete and they pump the markets again.

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So you’re implying he is accumulating because he understands the value?

How does having an entity capable of doing this that hold so many tokens not affect the health of the network?

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Similar situation. Missing an easy opportunity like this to double my stack hurts me the most. In hindsight the dump was obvious and could’ve been easily predicted. However I’m a marine since ICO and held through it all, so I definitely believe in link and I’m confident it will rebound. Also don’t kill yourself, OP

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honestly dude you sound dumb as fuck and i hope you lose it all. you literally dont even know what chainlink does.

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Of course it's "real." All comnon cold viruses are in the "Coronavirus" category. But is it a real threat worthy of changing ones behavior? Absolutely not.

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Link is not far from ath in sats. Its boomer shitcoin that shat the bed.

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U think country's are going into quarantine for nothing?

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the very core of smart contracts involve AUTOMATING jobs that exist now. there is always demand from elites to slaughter sheep regardless of a new strain of the flu

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exactly. they destroy the economy, force businesses into bankruptcy and closure.
then they buy up aanything with value in the fire sales and they take on all the asset value and none of the debt burden
exactly what happened in the great depression stock market crash
you can bet all the big fish will buying key value assets

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>Look at the volumes before and after the dump anon
could you explain this please?

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As I explained, it's not for nothing. The billionaires are making a fucking killing right now. They make money by shorting the market, and they make money by tricking people into selling low. And they make money by bankrupting competitors.

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I hold Chainlink and beat women.

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>Let’s be straight
>own link
pick one

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You're just saying things that you assume to be true with no actual evidence to back it up.

Also, What about chainlink?

SmartCon is now cancelled. How many other companies have stopped devoting resources to this nonsense in order to focus on the disaster that is transpiring now? Assuming this lasts for the next 3 months, will chainlink be able to survive?

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A bunch of my clients are in a sudden rush to install infrastructure so they can stream meetings and RDP access to office staff. There's no way companies with tens of millions or more in payroll costs don't see corona as a reason to invest in automation.

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>companies are not going to be looking at replacing employee's with automated smart contracts when they cant afford to keep those employee's anymore
just sell op, youre not going to make it

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>You're just saying things that you assume to be true with no actual evidence to back it up.
You need to study economic history and learn how things work during times of economic crisis. If you are in Texas, and really want to sell, I will literally buy your entire stack with cash.

>SmartCon is now cancelled.
Who the fuck cares.
>How many other companies have stopped devoting resources to this nonsense in order to focus on the disaster that is transpiring now?
Zero. Companies will never stop investing in new technology because that is how they gain competitive advantage over their rivals.

>Assuming this lasts for the next 3 months, will chainlink be able to survive?
Will you be able to survive? Do you have alternative sources of income? Sergey registered smartcontract.com before the Bitcoin white paper came out. He's rich as fuck and he'll be fine. All of the corporations involved in the Baseline Protocol and Ethereum Enterprise Alliance are rich as fuck and they'll be fine too. Will you be able to survive 3 months? Are you going to sell your birthrights for a pot of lentils?

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thansk again for the faggots that held link while fudding it in reddit. If it was not for you I could have sold at $10+ and made it. You know who are you are.

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If link has true value...it shouldn't matter. The price of Apple shares doesn't go down if gold goes down

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I live close to Texas. I will sell you my entire stack for $76k cash.

How can we make this happen realistically?

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Except link is still like apple in early inception. There are people who have invested far more into this project than you have...

Big corps, swift, isda.

If you want to sell your LINK do so, just don’t regret it if it does become widely adopted.

You know retail investors aren’t the one we want right? Who cares.

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How much link you have?

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I'm not rich. I'm not sure what you're trying to say? I can survive indefinitely if things remain how they are today...but I don't know what the future holds.

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kek underrated post

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So how can we take advantage of this? Invest in the S&P? I'm assuming the big players you are referring to are the S&P companies?

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I hold 1K at an average buy in price of 3.8 USD. Considering selling now to buy back in later, but it's hard to make the decision to take loss now. I believe in the project and believe we can reach new ATH within a few years but this just seems like an easy opportunity to pick up a few extra linkies.

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We can meet at the Starbucks inside a Barnes and Noble. I'm in central Texas and I'm willing to drive a few hours to meet you halfway. Email thisisnotatest123 at mailinator dot com (it's a temporary mailbox and all messages are deleted after 15 minutes).

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I prefer to buy and hold, im so afraid of swinging at the wrong time. That being said any money I put into LINK I consider it fun money.

I think link overall is a safe risky investment, we know who involved and we know we’ll get there eventually.

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Binance like any other company is literally just following the money.

In 2017 they followed the ICO hype and made more money than the NASDAQ that year, despite only being around for 6 months.

In 2018 they followed IEOs

In 2019-2020 they moved onto leverage trading

Soon they will make most of their money through Staking link. There will be so much money in acting legitimately that there will be no need to be malicious.

That being said, Binance is still a scam and they 100% manipulated the market to buy 1m link for $100- why? because they can.

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my sides...are being gripped by Klaus Schwab as he pounds my anus.

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>37k links
>didnt sell any at the multiple chances he had to sell close to $5 before a huge drop


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Staking is going to be so fucking juicy, that i suspect the real supply of link circulating will be close to BTC or ETH cap. I suggest everyone to go check how much LINK is left in Binances wallet. I’d get your coins out of there asap if you’re a long term investor.

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>CZ literally flash crashed link and sold to himself then cancelled withdrawals day of the dump
Is there any actual evidence of this?

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>Is there any actual evidence of this?
He's Chinese.

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...besides that I mean.

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i'm gonna use this opportunity to keep buying more, things looked bleak after 2017 bull run when most cryptos died too, i was still adding to my stack then, ill still add to my stack now.

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We have 2 drug abusers here boys.
1/2 Snorting Denialithium
1/2 Shooting up on Hopium


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what does that mean

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Only actual hopium of the whole thread. We can disucuss all we want but it won't change this. Do what you want with this fact

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I'm significantly worried about the impacts of companies doing this wrong and in a hurry.

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Yes, it's all bullshit, and these damn kikes really want your linkies.

>> No.17820544

Companies are incompetent with introducing tech all the time... they’ll work through it.

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Exactly, I never invested more than I was willing to lose, so even if it would crash even further I would still be at peace with that. That said, I just cant help but think it will go down further to about 1 USD. if I sell now I can easily double my stack.

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Binance has set deviations in price where you can set a limit. The limit that went off at $0.0001 was placed there 8 seconds after the Link/USDT pair was launched and had been sitting there since 2019. Most likely person to place that there is the exchange itself

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I bought 500 links @ ~$4. I was feeling smart when we were pushing $5.

I have 3 choices now:

>Invest more (sunk cost fallacy)
>Get out immediately to have the cash sit in my savings account (panic selling)
>Wait (no additional cost)

I choose 3.

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That does sound very shady...what do you reckon the chances are that person just go really lucky with timing? Also does any anon happen to know which wallet that link buy order went to?

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Well you know that the crash wasn’t a fundamental thing, it all external factors. What you should be doing is DACing as much as you can to bring down your average.

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Do you believe the flash crash was done by CZ?

>> No.17820696

I trade on coinbase, i don’t trust that fucker. But yea i think the flash crash was caused by BINANCE. No user beside someone with admin rights can set it so.

>> No.17820757

>No user beside someone with admin rights can set it so
How is this flash crash not any bigger newswise? From what I have seen, CZ has recieved little to no criticism

>> No.17820759

Although that is possible, the odds weigh heavily in favour of it being Binance.

& to my understanding all trades within Binance happen within the liquidity of the exchange wallet itself, so there’s no real way of knowing who it went to

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We’re in an echo chamber, there porbably only 450k people max that know about chain link even less to those who did a deep-dive research.

>> No.17820856

The best time to light fires is when the world is burning, as nobody will blink an eye as to why the thing you set alight is ablaze

>> No.17820866

You don't trust CZ yet you prefer to trade on a platform that almost always goes down when trading volume massively increases?

>> No.17820878

Good point...it just happened to flash crash during an economic meltdown caused by a global pandemic.

>> No.17820881

use airswap lmao

>> No.17820909

They will be accumulating more at $1

>> No.17820912

nodes had to pay high gas fees on the day of the flash crash to get their price feeds on chain

>> No.17820960

...is this good or bad?

>> No.17820966

>bull shit you picked out of your ass
pick two

>> No.17820986

You literally deserve all this misery you've brought upon yourself you stupid faggot. Shoulda sold at $5 but you got greedy/delusional like your average link nigger.

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>The price of Apple shares doesn't go down in Yuan if the American dollar goes down in Yuan
t. you
BTC is the reserve currency of crypto.

>> No.17821144

Chainlink seemed to be resilient against the first few mini-sharts that the crypto market took. Everything would dip 5%, LINK included, but then almost immediately it would post a green dildo and recover its losses while everything else stayed red.

It lulled me into a false sense of security that LINK might actualy have so much positive feedback action going for it (by bucking the trend again and again during the 2 year crypto bear) that it actually really might be recessionproof. In reality I suppose it was in its own little mini-bubble and a big enough wave from world events managed to rupture that bubble.

Still long term bullish but it definitely is going to fuck about at sub-$3 for a long ass time now. i don't know if we'll see $1.50 again or not, this well could be the nadir of the corona panic, so I'm not selling. Just back to acccumulation mode for the time being.

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extremely low IQ and uninformed about your own investment. You should sell, and never re-buy.

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Ok fren... idk if this thread is bait or not.. so I'm not going to waste a bunch of time hand holding you. But I'll go ahead and tell you what I believe. The old systems will be burnt down. A new national/world gold backed crypto currency will take its place. Chainlinks decentralized Oracle network will underpin all of the new blockchain/smart contract based systems that all of the world will conform to and use going forward. This will be a difficult transition, and is being aided by coronavirus pandemic and the shutting down of day to day life and travel. Hold your link thru this and we will make it out the other side rich men. We were never meant to know.

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It’ll probably drop even more so you can try to swing. Chainlink is still the most promising project in the space and nothing has changed on that side. When this whole thing blows over its definitely going to reach new highs but it’s probably gonna be some tough months.

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Why didn't you cash out you fucking idiot?

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bad because they had to pay a lot of money and people don't like paying premiums for things, good because they were willing to pay a premium to secure vital price feeds that chainlink customers use (synthetix, loopring, aave, etc) thereby demonstrating their steadfast commitment to making the chainlink network function, also good because it reemphasized how incredibly powerful prepaid aggregator and threshold signatures are going to be, this crash is a load of black swan aids probably engineered by some government or coalition of governments but im not fucking selling, companies will use DLT smart contracts or die, DLTs need decentralized oracles, chainlink is leading the pack by a large margin, simple as that

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You are a retard, nothing had changed. Literally nothing at all

>> No.17821487

Chainlink oracles could be used to report every time a quantity of gold enters or leaves a vault.

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>Staking is going to be so fucking juicy, that i suspect the real supply of link circulating will be close to BTC or ETH cap.
Brainlet here. How exactly does staking affect the supply? For example on CMC, would you see an actual decline in chainlink supply, from 350mil to let’s say, 200mil?

>> No.17821652

friend who's looking at graphs all day told me yesterday that link might drop another 35-40%

idk tho i tethered up

>> No.17821691

Staking needed to keep the network intact, in total there is 1 billion tokens. 90% of which will effectively be removed from the market. As more and more people use the network to connect their DlT to the real world data the value of each link will rise through it use of tokenomics. So once if adapted into the mainstream the public will be fighting for only 10% - 20% of the the remaining supply.

Remember that banks waste billions of dollars to aggregate, other industries will use chainlink tech as well.

It wouldn’t suprise me in the next year 3-5 that each token would be able to get you $100 back. Lots of people here have decent size stacks and will never sell due to that.

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sell half faggot, do it right now

>> No.17821765

link was always a long hold

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higher value contracts will require stake from their oracles, higher value contracts will pay more to secure their execution, therefore lots of nodes will stake (or LINK holders will use staking services) for the right to service these higher value contracts, LINK will stay staked for contracts that need continually fresh data at regular frequent intervals, this effectively reduces the supply available for sale on exchanges, in the face of rising or constant demand this will cause the price of the token to increase

>> No.17821791

i appreciate fudding to drive the price down as much as the next stinker but this guy is genuinely in a bad way

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Wtf? Chainlink will be used for literally everything

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Fellow 30yo boomer here. Got into ETH in Feb 2017 and been in LINK since the first day of trading. If you knew what you were holding you’d be using this opportunity to buy more. Nothing has changed. Virus shit will blow over in a couple months and it will be back above $4 before you know it. This board is full of low IQ priced out virgins that don’t understand even the basics of blockchain, smart contracts, or investing in general and they will try to tell you otherwise. Don’t take advice from clueless zoomers. Buy when others are fearful.

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in this timespan of the last 3 years Morale is especially low currently, and it seems kek shifted the timeline to show presence to me.
yesterday i noticed a broken headlight driving home in my car , and after popping the hood and replacing the bulb, i noticed there is the word ''DELPHI'' written on the maintenance lid on my headlight

today i do my uni college class online because of corona, and a math question was pic related. either my professor is a ICO bagholder or its all just a coincidence who knows, i can share the link if you guys want its not a inspect element

>> No.17822175

I mean the technology isn't going to just disappear. What do you mean by over?

>> No.17822176


>> No.17822191

How much longer?

>> No.17822208

Let's be honest here:
>3 years
>0 (zero) users
Do I need to say more?

>> No.17822214

Doesn't change the fact that they believe this is still a good price to accumulate

>> No.17822266

What's that bull shit say?

>> No.17822317

I been here holding link since fall 2017, it's gotten me this far and you got to have advanced brain damage to be selling it right now when the market is panicked, this shit will blow over like it always does

>> No.17822347

BTC will go down below $1k and take everything down with it. Chainlink is going to be at $0.40 again.
Thats where you buy. Until then just sit in fiat.
In the very long run, five years plus smart contracts will probably become useful and Link will play a role, but in the meantime there is no way to justify a multi billion market cap.

>> No.17822353

smartcon is for sure getting cancelled or will be held via virtual meeting. We aren't at the bottom yet. Still not selling.

>> No.17822416

(a) ''Link'' wants to buy himself a ''Deku'' Sign at the ''Kokiri'' Shop. He already collected 10 Rupees, but he will need 106 rupees total. Luckily he found 8 rupees in a jug he found. How many jugs does ''Link'' need to find, in order to purchase the sign and be accepted to enter the ''Deku'' Tree?
Possible Answers : 13 Jugs; 9 Jugs; 11 Jugs; 12 Jugs.
its a math question, and a retarded one too, my prof probably did mushrooms writing these

>> No.17822448

That was announced yesterday already brainlet

>> No.17822511

Im on the same emotional state, brother. I have exactly 30,010 Link and 1.5 btc. My account is around 67,000 us dollars. I had 160,000 literally 10 days ago i was even finally looking at foreclosure homes to buy so I can move on from renting. I feel destroyed. I bought in around 16 cents and been spamming my buddies with info for years now. I also mine PI as a little side gamble.

>> No.17822545

Just relax this is a shakeout, if you believe in LINK/Blockchain you know the value of this project. It not worth selling. Your future family will thank you for not selling.

>> No.17822827

is Link the only coin you're invested in? I'm new to crypto and bought 14 of them a few days ago.

>> No.17822909

11 jugs sir

>> No.17823128

Meine Seiten

>> No.17823174


>> No.17823199


stupid people like yourself stay poor. Maybe you hit the jackpot but overtime you just waste all the money. You are a lost cause, sorry.

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same, and beat their cheeks as well

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that's not the point of the ease of transfer between smart contracts. what the fuck is wrong with you
>in cash in person

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get robbed fuckface

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you need to say less, or nothing at all
>Did Read:Never Selling

>> No.17823775

prove it nigger

>> No.17823819


This is what I'm hoping for. My body is ready.

>> No.17824326

Imagine if you could automatically pay someone based on how much work they got done while working remote, or something along those lines.

>> No.17824456

not believing in sergey the jew

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