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Should I buy now or wait until the weekend?

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Wait till sub $1...

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it was literally 0.0001 how much lower do you want it before you buy?

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Usually when an asset drops by 30% in a day in response to global panic, the asset will continue to dip over weeks or months.

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I want them to pay me to take it off their hands

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>wait until the weekend?

how retardedly shortsighted do you have to be to think this way

yeah you got it OP this is just a minor temporary correction we'll be back to $4 next week

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>being this emotionally invested

You made a stupid bet, you lost. Capitulate before another whale tries to GTFO while selling another 400k LINK idiots

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>this is just a minor temporary correction we'll be back to $4 next week
You don't actually believe this, right? Holy shit

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Did you get liquidated or something you reddit spacing fuck? Chill out
its already recovering in China and korea. Mass media has done more damage than the actual virus itself lol
>Wait till sub $1...
Don’t be retarded

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Are you actually retarded?

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I’m trying to figure out if I should sell here or not even though it already dropped.... I I’m thinking about selling 1/3 my stack

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After corona in the real dip not here on the way there!

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do it its over

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>Says the person who wants to buy the chart that looks exactly like Bitconnect before crashing to 0 forever

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Hello newfaggot, I bet you think weve already reached the bottom as well lmao

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That’s a weird way of admitting you are indeed retarded

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Yeah i bet you've been saying it's no big deal since january lmao

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Kek this anon is on some clinical cope right now

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You’re right about the media, but we’re just at the beginning and perception matters. I’m not saying it’s gonna be a 2 year bear market but link will undoubtedly see $2.25 in the next days/weeks

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Hello nulinker, I bought my entire stack between 16 and 20 cents, yes I'd say 0.0001 was the bottom, thanks for your concern regarding my investment tho, you really are pure soul wanting to save people money, keep on keeping on

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wondering the same thing, waiting for my deposit to clear tomorrow, hoping link goes to 2$ again but that feels more & more unrealistic. is 2.50 a good price? may be

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It wasn’t and still isn’t. Go choke on some toilet paper while your boomer faggot parents die from this flu
Did you seethe so hard that your had to make a thread about it you little rat fuck?


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You shouldn't buy LINK.
You should be getting into NCOV. This is the next moon

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I unironically would like to help fellow anons not completely lose their ass. I've been here before

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I get it, your emotions completely fucked up your common sense.

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Prices on Chinese scam sites don't count.

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Damn, those Pepe Link Pump memes get better by the week.


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Dude how the fuck is that remotely the same? People are selling because they’re afraid of coronascam, in a few weeks when everyone is done shitting themselves and buying out copious amounts of toilet paper to wipe their asses, they’ll be back to buying into crypto because it’s cheap, or if they dont right away, they’ll fomo buy watching it go back up.

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I bought 500 linkies today, now my stack is 3500

if it dumps even further I'm gonna buy even more lol

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People don't go from buying basic supplies
& food to crypto, don't be stupid. This is a real world economic meltdown, cryptos are just high risk bets worth taking only during bullmarkets, nothing more.

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No one will get to the point of having to buy of that shit though. Agreed crypto is just an investment for people to make more fiat, people who did probably sold to cover the potential cost of those supplies you mention, but what I’m thinking is, after the panic, people will have no choice but resume their lives. The USA is poorly organized and therefore right now there’s lots of panic shopping, people trying to cover their asses knowing that the government isn’t going to do shit like the Chinese.

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