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Anyone else not feel a thing ? I just lost half my life savings instantly and don’t give 2 fucks. My hands have been forged in the fire of that 2018 bear market that I lost all feeling to these insane drops

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it was always all or nothing

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Will be back in six months.

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This is my first rodeo has been nerve racking but I refuse to sell at a loss I’d rather hit 0 than regret not waiting for it to recover

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How can you lose half your life savings unless you bought above 2$

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It was 4.80 last week

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Also calm the fuck down boys if you're new. I lost half my savings buying LINK at June last year but I kept buying. If we dip low enough maybe I can finally get a 10k stack. The dream is not over.

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because it lost 50% in value.. don't be a retard.

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i'm still up 10x

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I’m just pisses that it was this fake Masonic psyop - bill gates funded virus to make crypto drop. Of all fucking things. I’m not selling my 149 BSV. Could have like 159, I fucking had 5600 USDT last night, decided to buy in 192, the whale even pumped me to $200 and I didn’t sell I went to sleep thinking I’d see 210+. Fuck the Jews. This entire virus panic has been done by them. They are a doomed race. They will not survive this decade.

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Did you buy at 4.80 though? Losing half your savings means you are in the negatives from initial.

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I'm really wondering why I'm so numb. Not even pink, just pissed that a black swan had to happen at such a good time for LINK. LINKies finally start to get a break and a literal virus starts killing the world. Its like God himself is fucking with us.

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i don't invest in crypto but you're better off holding.

either this is the covid apocalypse and everything is going to zero or it will rebound. if it's the former, you're just as well off going into debt than selling your portfolio for cash because cash will soon be worthless. if it's the latter, then it will all be back in months.

there's no opportunity benefit to selling.

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Another day another dolla

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Lmao can you believe it? We start going parabolic and the Chinks eating fucking BATS fuck us all.

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don't fucking hold it bro. start looking around and read about the fucking huge bear that is about to smash the stock market and fucking destroy the crypto market. january 2018 was a crypto bear market in a fucking stock bull market. march 2020 is a fucking crypto bear market in A FUCKING STOCK BEAR MARKET.

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Oh, I see that you do not count unrealized profit as net worth.

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PTSD here, can confirm

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honestly you don't know that, we could be on the brink of a crypto bull market in the midst of a stock bear market. If that happens all bets are off

people will mass sell stocks today...and oh wow bitcoin is at a very affordable price, might buy one or two just in case

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Yeah I don't want to be one of these fear mongers but I think people underestimate how bad things are about to get

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Exactly. It’s so low right now that it could shoot to 4 dollars in a single candle and I wouldn’t be surprised

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Yes i'm just laughing and i'm down 70% in 2 days

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Ride. Or. Die.

What don’t you understand ?

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I just borrowed money from girlfriend to buy moar. Bog cannot trick me.

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Well thats how I see it at least.

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My gf is not calling me back

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I bought more link just now after waking up. I was never gonna sell until $1000, and then only a little, so what difference is there between $4 and $2?

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$1000 EOY

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Well I live in a major city with supposed infections and I still don't know a single person who even has a regular flu. Either way, I think capitalism will be the cure. There's a lot of money to be made by creating a """vaccine"""

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so if you bought 1000 eth at 4$, you would have 4000$ worth of Eth?

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I have titanium hands, no dip can shake me, bought before 1st sibos on ether delta. The only thing is that I fucked up by buying req instead of 10000 more stinks. Maybe we Will drop to sub 1 dollar so I can finally up my stack to 10000. Measly 6000 now.

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OP is talking about his life savings anyways why tf are your panties so twisted. How is this a hard concept to grasp?

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I had all my buy orders filled at $2.
If I had them at $0.0002 instead, I would have over 7 million dollars in LINK. lol.

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i'm a bit mad at myself because i thought about selling at 4$ yesterday to buy some more when the price drops, but didn't because cba...

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because it is retarded to deny that you have lost money if the value of your investment has dropped 50% in a couple of weeks.

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You didnt lose your life savings though if you're still in the green lmao.

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doubt the volume was that big

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>They are a doomed race. They will not survive this decade.
Checking these Holy Sevens.

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You failed to sell the top idiot.
LINK peak hype was the last 2 months, this wont come back. I'm so happy to have sold at 4 bucks, have fat stack of DAI and currently packing up on low caps.

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Total MCap still 25% up compared to 1 year ago. I don't quite understand all the commotion. Everything is fine.

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I have 1/3 of my savings on crypto. Literally don't give a fuck. If it goes to zero so be it, I'm not a 65 yo boomer about to retire anyway, I'll just save more.

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It feels bad but like you I am numb to the pain,at least once this is all over there will be room for a big recovery.

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Yeah, you're right. Still would be around $400k, which would be life changing money for me.

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Same op
I lost so much fucking money in 2018 on bitcoin margin trading that I'm actually calm right now knowing I still have my link stack.

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i'd obviously prefer it being back at 4.95. But even if it was back at that, i wouldn't cash out. Does somone seriously believe it's a better idea to hold fiat? idk why niggers even sell

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If he sold yesterday, his life savings would be worth +40% more than it is today.. so yea, good for OP making money and still being in the green.

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i would rather die than sell

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Money to be made...
Sometimes I think that these viruses, if created, are made by these companies to make money. Viruses are the investment and the vaccines sold make profit. Most likely wrong but who knows.

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so you really think boomers will sell stocks and be like "well, what do I get... well, BTC lost 30% in one day, maybe I should buy it"?

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His life savings is still his initial, retardo.

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>3 years
>$4billion marketcap
>0 users
>0 decentralized oracles
>Linkers: This is bullish!

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While I don't think the virus is man made or anything, I do believe a pharma CEO would happily doomp his employees retirements to line his own pockets.

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it really isn't, any asset is valued at the price it is traded at, not the price you paid for it.
By your logic, if Chainlink went to 0 and he didn't sell, he would still have his life savings.

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I lost half my net worth and the way I see it LINKs price is just speculation til staking. Therefore I’m not selling before that so it won’t matter what the price does before staking. And even after staking, I’m not fucking selling.

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This. Fuck selling I’m holding forever

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>because it lost 50% in value..

it literally lost 99.99% of value.

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If his portfolio value dipped below his initial then its just to say he did lose half his life savings.

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so unrealized profits when it is bellow his initial investment is part of his life savings, but unrealized profits above his initial investment is not part of his life savings.

keep on the good work anon, surely such a shroud mind like yours is gonna accomplish great things in life.

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sell all ERC-20 tokens. if you insist on holding crypto, then only hold BTC, it will fall the least. the bloodbath is coming in 2 hours when the stock market opens with a -10%

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I am desensitized too. I passed from 280k euros to 6k in 2018/19. It cannot go anywhere worse than that.

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Heh did you faggots think I’d really sell?

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If I buy 1 link and give it to you for nothing does that make all link worth nothing?
No someone goofed their order.

>> No.17731119

buy back in now orrrrr....?

>> No.17731125

BTC's gonna take a dive too. Holding USDT or another stablecoin is the best thing one can do imo

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>so unrealized profits when it is bellow his initial investment is part of his life savings, but unrealized profits above his initial investment is not part of his life savings.

Shit that makes sense. Apologies for being a retard.

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Yeah man, 22k out in one week. 50% of what I've got, and I dont fucking care. I uploaded a few rare pink wojaks with catchy songs for the lulz but I'm so sure it's going to be on ath by June that I couldn't care more about another juden plan to get my shekels. Never selling, my link and btc are out of the fucking circulation. Iron hands and balls of steel, that's my strategy

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This is a true investor. You'll never owe anyone money, it can't go lower than 0. Just fucking ride

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Just sell to cash and buy when it reaches the bottom.

>> No.17731369

Was it a smart idea to go all in on link right now or has it not hit bottom yet?

>> No.17731409

0.2 soon

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just keep on stacking LINK, ALGO and put your entire savings into BTC when it dips below 6k - this is your best chance to buy in, as everyone is panic selling

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I only care about how much I can accumulate while its on sale.

>> No.17731530

> i don't invest in crypto
What are you doing here?

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Maybe it's your primal side. It knows that money means nothing once modern Life is over. Maybe it knows that covid will be that end and we all can return to our natural lives

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I've tried short term swinglinking for the past week or so and all I did was lose a sixth of my stack. Im only down $200 and don't know shit about trading but I have a feeling Link is gonna crater when markets open. Might my losses here. Good luck everyone.

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I'm buying more Link now actually.

>> No.17731719

same, the fact that there's a market-wide down turn to blame it all on and crypto isn't crashing randomly out of the blue, I'm not sweating it

It will recover along with the whole market, or maybe even sooner

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Been a long time lurker and finally bought some fucking link @4.25 to hodl with my Bitcoin. Not even a week later i wake up thinking my stack is cozy while wall street gets rekt, I about fell over when I saw the price. Jesus literally no asset is safe, ive lost over 10k cause of this crash and its not over. ONE.....n-n-nothing wrong with me..........

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Ahh I feel better now. I just bought more.

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I fomoed in at 4.18 and 4.60 lmao dropped 5gs on it. If i sell its a huge loss so fuck it, im just gonna let it ride llike you. I was gonna waste the 5k anyway, might as well be an interesting and possibly productive waste

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it is a store of value if you bought btc under $200 numbnuts

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Nothing is safe anymore.

>> No.17732441

Yup, got 20k link. I've held at least 2k of that since 2017. I've been through all the dips, the memes, the fud....every damn bit of it. I'm basically betting on the end of the world not happening. So either I'm gonna be fucking filthy rich or I get to die in the apocalypse.


>> No.17732492

Well what's the difference between having $5k sitting in the bank and $5k in a temporary crashed asset anyway? It's not enough to buy anything really and you'll still have to wagie. I'm just going to stick it out.

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You could've doubled up

>> No.17732562

Never had it In the first place.

>> No.17732584

what are you buying?

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>Nothing is safe anymore.
mfw I woke up this morning and looked at the prices while having a coffee and a smoke

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Yea, wish I had any money to buy this dip. I don't feel like selling my PMs to get any. Maybe if it keeps going down I'll load up.

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Same here. I feel really passive about it.
I think the definition of trading is buying/selling under 3 years.
When you are holding for more than 3 years it's an investment and you don't care about the current price that much.
You only care about the project and the goals it will reach ni the next years.

If Link price drops under 1$ I might take a big loan to finally increase my stack size to 200k.
The main problem I see is that I would have probably made it next year without the Cornavirus.
Because of this market crash the recovery will probably take years and may greatly slow down the development of crypto currency related technologies..

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Based as fuck

>> No.17733321


I decided to try a major swing for once and now I've almost doubled my stack. Strangely enough I'm not even phased, maybe because the fiat number went down?

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Unironically comfy even though I'm getting absolutely JUSTed and lost half my portfolio value the past week of like $200,000. It's really weird because I'm even slightly happy seeing everyone shitting themselves. I guess I already experienced 3 massive LINK crashes so a 4th one is a nothingburger.

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Same, I've felt the high of going from $1k to $12k, and thendown to where I started, I seriously feel absolutely nothing at all. In fact I'm fucking happy because I'm preparing to put in more soon.

>> No.17734255

This will be the last shakeout before LINK shoots to 50USD and beyond. This is the last call. Are you going to cry or are you going to buy?

In exactly 1 years time there will be faggots saying ”I can’t believe LINK was 1/20 of todays price just one year ago”. Just like one month ago. The choice is yours. Know this though, if you read this and don’t buy it will haunt you forever.

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>Yea, wish I had any money to buy this dip
me and my waifu will be dropping some money down tomorrow to buy more

>> No.17734419

I really dont understand retards gloating about not selling. Faggots have nothing so I guess theyre just stupid to take profits

>> No.17734868

that's because they're uncorrelated. you can't draw too many conclusions about the stock market's affect on crypto. except in mass panic when everything goes down

>> No.17734901

i think we have more to go. Hard to time it though

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we have some cash sitting on the sides waiting to see how this plays out
more importantly, there's other things coming in the pipeline
you marines will be proud of what 42 is going to be doing

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why is there 20 cent arb between binance and coinbase

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based HODLers of last resort

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there is a now a 9 cent spread on cbp

>> No.17735360
File: 1.21 MB, 1188x1486, 1561169400644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

30 cent arb

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File: 1.41 MB, 1536x2048, 1540255495773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17735562

I've been all cash since 2019

>> No.17735628

where do you lunatics come from?

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45 cent arb, is CZ inhibiting deposits?

>> No.17735715

Jesus christ almost a 50c spread. The Binance bots are fucking borked.



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cbp LINKUSD volume 46 million USD

>> No.17735970

Just keep buying this is literally a nothingburger

>> No.17736024

i wish i had been awake for that LINKUSDT move LOOOOOOOOL WHAT A FUCKING RUSH

>> No.17736082

I almost pee peed while I poo pood, it was intense

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File: 1.90 MB, 480x270, 1581472025900.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

calling it now, today will be the first 1 billion USD volume day for chainlink LINK token in history

>> No.17736168

What the actual fuck.

>> No.17736224

holyfuck how do you guys not sell?
and i mean sell when its fucking topped.
nvm you guys are buying tops....

>> No.17736274

What the fuck is happening? Quick rundown please this shit is chaotic

>> No.17736323

This. Makes it easy to detach from emotional trading.

>> No.17736366

set my sell orders at 3.30 before bed. woke up and bought most of it back and kept 14k cash. not bad, but this one kinda hurt.

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i have no idea, but cbp has the highest liquidity in the market and volume is real and it is pricing LINK many tens of cents higher than literally every other market (except bithumb), i dont fucking know breh, call me delusional, call it cope, call me a retard, but i can't help but feel bullish

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>I hate Jews but love Craig

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Honestly, this is the first crash where I truly feel nothing. I've finally tipped over to a point of delusion that there is no recovery from. All or nothing.

>> No.17736473

because the top for link is still $95 away. until then it's just peaks and valleys with many marine casualties along the way

>> No.17736522

Yes little jimmy, meme yourself down to nothing, ride the wave lets have fun imirite?

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I am certain that CMC subtracted at least 3 million USD in volume from coinbase LINKUSD, don't have screencap tho

>> No.17736565

you guys realize the bitcoin halving is gonna happen right around the time it warms up and coronavirus will mostly be contained?
this unequivocally is the dump before the next golden bull run.

>> No.17736566

My nigga

>> No.17736567

same after 3 years of holding link i'm totally numb, down 300k+ & feel nothing.

>> No.17736646
File: 35 KB, 369x387, 1542780051341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so it may be, im staying long

>> No.17736697

Been in it from 0.17 to 1.50 to 0.10 back tot 4.50 to 1.80 to now. Couldn’t care less. It’s all or nothing anyways. Warmer weather is around the corner which is always good for a virus. My only concern is not enough boomers getting infected and dying.

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are you 150k? did you buy presale? i wish i wasn't a video game addicted alcoholic retard during 2017

>> No.17736864

UVXY last month and you'd have made 600%

>> No.17736900


It’s a scam you fuckin ding dongs

>> No.17736915

It's gonna get worse

>> No.17736928


>> No.17736929

Meant to be

>> No.17736961

i want to make it so i can be a video game addicted alcoholic whoremongering retard lol. seems like you already made it.

>> No.17737008

See you later buying the top of the bubble

>> No.17737051


Yep, same. I’m amazed at how little I feel. My hands are made of pure iron now.

>> No.17737075

Thats always a possibility...

>> No.17737084


>> No.17737176

what if it crashes to below 1 dollar and never goes back?
how bad would that hit you?

>> No.17737180

I’m all in but fuck man we were so close to $5 and that was when I was planning on taking my first profits lol... been holding since $0.27

>> No.17737201

The only thing I feel is regret at not having more money to buy this dip

>> No.17737242

Yea but crypto market is still around where it was at a year ago

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>> No.17737327

This. China is already recovering. I think this crash burned off some jubilation too.

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Yea bro just panic sell when there's a massive red dildo that went all the way to less than a penny! Nothing suspicious going on here, just do what everyone else is doing lmao it's easy why are you buying the dip? It'll keep going down forever!

>1 month later

>> No.17737362

How much will you be buying? Share som bag filling motivation

>> No.17737382

Kind of wish I would just fucking find the guts to swing but I guess I can buy at these prices.

>> No.17737392

That's exactly how I feel. I don't even have any more 401k loans left to throw in. Feelsbadman

>> No.17737406

baste and hodl pilled

>> No.17737440

This. Just ride it out. It sucks to see the drop day after day, but even though I have lost 25% or so on paper, I take comfort in the fact that the shitheads panic selling for no reason will lose far more than I ever will. Good job asshats.

>> No.17737536
File: 350 KB, 1302x1434, 1583982126231 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How much will you be buying?
not much, probably another $2,000 worth then we'll see where it goes
my waifu and I just got married so we do have savings but we also don't want to spend it all
however the prices are really cheap so it's tempting

>> No.17737537

reality is a slow burn, the unpleasant feelings will reveal themselves soon enough.

>> No.17737596
File: 85 KB, 1242x810, 4L_Du2eETRU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time to buy. China has 1.6 billion ppl. How many deaths from this cold? 30k? Take your vitamin c and exercise faggots

>> No.17737648

Based af

>> No.17737668

I bought all the way up. Watched it fall down almost to my original buy in. Don't care. I'm all in and wish I had funds to buy this dip.

>> No.17737868

Have you managed to redpill your wife on Link? I haven’t mentioned Link to my gf since it was already hard enough to convince my stubborn brother to buy a subpar suicide stack

>> No.17738065

Don't talk to gfs about investments, anon. You'll thank me later. Wives are already entitled to half your shit if they exit scam, so just make sure you have a loyal one before you talk about it with a wife

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File: 2.48 MB, 1437x1798, 1583514169105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have you managed to redpill your wife on Link?
no doubt

>I haven’t mentioned Link to my gf
depends on the dynamic between you and your gf
before we got married I told my waifu everything about me and she knew all my dirty laundry with previous women and my ex-fiance
I gave her plenty of opportunities to run from me
she stuck around and weathered the storm

it's good to completely expose who you are to your spouse (including your interests and investments like chainlink)
don't fake or conceal things or the relationship won't last nor should it

>> No.17738112

You can unironically get rich by following this simple principle. All the retards are selling now, it's time to buy.

>> No.17738278

Smart money is selling high
Retards hold the way down and never recover. Bitcoin at 20k just hodl bro

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>Don't talk to gfs about investments, anon
you're not wrong
>Wives are already entitled to half your shit if they exit scam, so just make sure you have a loyal one before you talk about it with a wife
now is the perfect time to test to see if she is marriageable
tell her your holding and see how she reacts
that should tell you everything you need to know

>> No.17738556
File: 9 KB, 232x250, 1581646411378s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My man.

>> No.17738565

My wife already knows BECAUSE I already knew she was a keeper. Don't use money as the test

>> No.17738644
File: 215 KB, 715x960, 1583985314984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Don't use money as the test
there is no one "test" anyway
I'm more of the school that needing to lie or hide things from your wife comes from a place of weakness
it's always better in the long term to be absolutely honest and open even if it causes temporary discomfort

>> No.17738698

nu linkers have to suffer too,

they cant just come in and enjoy the ride to 1000

>> No.17738720
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1583796512070s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty much the same, woke up this morning looked at the phone and was -50K USD. Very meeeh moment for me. I know it will rebound and im not in a hurry also been here numerous times before.

Also normie-fag-insider-anon who name dropped Ian Keane a couple of days ago confirmed what everyone already knows about Chainlink and gave a price target of min 100 USD, so I'm comfy as fk watching things burn right now.

Stay comfy linkies

>> No.17738753

For wives I agree. For gfs, trust has to build first. Engagement is for when you've determined that trust

>> No.17738782


>crypto bear market

Hahahaha imagine actually believing this. This is a PANIC, we're still on for the halving pump in november.

>> No.17738806

I was looking for a way to buy LINK cheap.
Now if only I could keep my job long enough to max out my 15,000 credit limit on buying stinkies.

>> No.17738851



What happened was some BTC margin traders got blown the fuck out around 5 AM Central US time. Look at the chart. Markets are very thin. We got ETFs like SPY that have more assets than all of crypto combined. VERY thin, inefficient market. Buy the weakness. The long term story is still there. This isn't about memes about prices but it is about the long term disruption that crypto and blockchain technology will do. Fed is gonna print money like crazy, and that's GOOD for crypto long run. Embrace the suck, buy the dip, and ride out the storm.

>> No.17738893

high risk low reward never change /BIZ/

>> No.17738895

got a link to this?

>> No.17738981


Yes, you put in 4000 dollars as your initial investment so you're up ~3125% even at these prices. If it halves again, you haven't lost half your money but you did lose your unrealized gains. Unrealized gains are worthless unless you sell or are getting taxed because taxniggers tax fantasy numbers.

I have a huge number of minds.com tokens. The market cap for those is super high. So my "unrealized gains" would be a few hundred thousand. However since the volume is pathetic I'll never be able to sell it for that much. Hell I'd probably get 1/10th of the current market price because there just aren't more buyers.

>> No.17739107



>> No.17739356


>> No.17739783

like a true low IQ linker. It'll never be above $2 again
>3 years
>$4billion marketcap
>0 users
>0 decentralized oracles
>Linkers: This is bullish!

>> No.17739918

>january 2018 was a crypto bear market in a fucking stock bull market.

This is what made me think that crypto is a hedge against stocks. When stocks do good crypto does bad when stocks do bad crypto does well. Seems like crypto does bad when stocks do good and it does even worse when stocks do bad. There is no winning for us goyim in this Jew manipulated world

>> No.17739965
File: 19 KB, 400x400, 1562295991752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so should I buy link now to increase my stack or will it dump lower

>> No.17740359
File: 213 KB, 800x800, 61E28C4C-9B68-45A8-A063-EB76487C0549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked and BIBLICAL

>> No.17740437

That guy was a shit larp lmfao

>> No.17740457

if ETH can go back into $120 im buying heavy

>> No.17740498

same im comfy
>didnt sell @7.9k
>tiem to sell now @ 5.9k low Kappa
inb4 dump to 3.2k


>> No.17740648


If it doesn't dip below $2 I'll eat my dick.

t. 30k Link Never Selling

>> No.17740709

>Don't talk to gfs about investments, anon.

>> No.17741452
File: 298 KB, 491x491, 1512547204087.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17742093

God answered my prayers for a chance at 1.70 linkies again. I won't fuck it up this time. the ends always justify the means.

>> No.17742166

I hope this wakes normies up to the truth: the holocaust never happened, but it should have.

>> No.17742522
File: 43 KB, 800x450, pepelaughz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be everyone
>invest all of their money in overpriced stocks waiting to crash
>invest in worthless chuck e tokens (aka crypto)
>market crashes as people liquidate their assets
>lose 70% of life savings

>be me
>knew already in november 2019 that a recession may be imminent
>knew not to invest large sums of money because the 10 year bull might crash at any moment because the stock market had become a bubble waiting to pop
>only invested 25-30% of my money just to be sure
>market crashes as people liquidate their assets
>lose just a few thousand dollars
>still have 70% of my money waiting for me to do something with them
>bought the dip
>lost 2k (no biggie)
>still have 60-65% of my money
>bought oil at 35$ for 9k dollars after the OPEC+ thing
>still have something over half of my money left

>> No.17742624

i meant chuck e cheese. fuck me

>> No.17742980

be me
>cashed out initial invest of 40K
>still have 500K worth of euro while holding link
you little homosexual minded imbecile

>> No.17743777

Nor should you or anyone

>> No.17744225

Put 200 quid into linkies over three days, my first foray into the world of crypto. Dipping my toes, so to speak, seeing how I'm gonna react emotionally. And bam, first thing that happens after my portfolio went to 200? It went all the way down to 140. I wasn't even mad.

I'll just hold it for now, maybe buy some more if it goes below £1. Historically markets always rebound after panic sell offs like this, I doubt this one will be different. In fact, I strongly suspect the circus around this corona cold bullshit is just that- a circus, a dog and pony show designed to further consolidate wealth away from the dumb retarded masses. That's what every other stock crash in history resulted in so far, why would this one be any different? It's a shame I don't have the savings right now to really get into it in a couple weeks or months.

>> No.17744254

I'm on vacation, looked at prices first time in 10 days, just smiled and went to biz to see how you're all doing. I don't give a fuck about this dip, I know for sure I'll win in the long run.

>> No.17744401
File: 279 KB, 1920x1080, CLINKZZZZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After selling all my link at around 80 cents (bought in at around 50 cents) I no longer feel anything.

>> No.17744710
File: 144 KB, 260x364, portuguese king alberto barbosa argentina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2018 bear market
Clearly you're so shook you can't tell 2 years from 12 years.

But I know what you mean. This is nothing compared to the cauldrons of 2008. But half? Your asset allocation is weak. I'm down maybe 20%?

>> No.17745403

The next month or two at least is going to be a massive accumulation opportunity.

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