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My cat died today /biz/
I spent all morning making sure he was comfy, giving him endless love and pets until his vet appointment
He was an old boy, pushing 16. I knew this was coming eventually. It doesn't make it any easier.
>I have a shit job and only just started investing anything in my life by putting $400 into link
>Had to cash out to pay vet
>I don't even care what losses I had
>I just want my cat back

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RIP your cat

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Fuck it?

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Feel ya bro. Had to put mine down a couple weeks ago. I held her until her heart stopped. That’s all you can do. The cute techs all loved her because she would let you poke and prod her and just sat there and purred.

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It's ok anon. The gains will come eventually

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I think I ran over a cat the other day...Sorry for your loss. Losing a pet sucks.

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My boy was so calm, I held him in my arms while they injected the pentobarbital. He finally was able to relax, and he purred until he lost consciousness. I'm still crying

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I'll have to wait for another paycheck to buy back in. There are no more gains for me

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post timestamped vet bill and i’ll send 100 link

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Bless this post with gains

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Damn man, I feel you. I have had to put down EIGHT of my dogs, I loved every one of them like a sister, and my last dog is getting very old, only a matter of time now.

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I'm on my cell and my I'd changed
One sec, I'll confirm

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link address?

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For you, he was only part of your life, but to him, you were his whole life. You sound like a good pet owner fren. I know it’s hard. Take care.

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So sorry to hear that fren. Nothing worse than losing a longtime furry companion. I believe he will always be with you in some way though. Now you can carry him in your heart wherever you go

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>Patient Name: Big Boy


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I use coinbase, does that have a link address? I am a newfag at this

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just buy back in bro

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Treasure the time and memories you had with him. They are worth more than any linky. Happy thoughts coming to you from australia mate :)

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i dont use coinbase but google says this

>Open the trading view at pro.coinbase.com/trade
>On the left-hand column under Wallet Balance, select the Deposit button
>In the Currency Type field, select the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit. Warning: only send supported currencies to Coinbase
>Copy the account address shown. This address will be permanently associated with your account

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Anon if you're on a cell open coinbase > portfolio > chainlink > link wallet > and then tap the 4 squares thing at the top right

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I had to verify my account, getting the address now hopefully

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>open Coinbase
>select portfolio
>select chainlink
>select trade
>see pic attached for wallet address

I want to send some, too. I had a beautiful bengal cat get poisoned by a neighbor because they were scared of the way he looked. He was the sweetest cat. It fucking sucked and my parents had to pay $1800 trying to save him. His name was Big Boy.

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It sounds like your cat had a full and well loved life. I hope you remember the joys you had together in the days ahead. Best wishes to you friend

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5 lb cat? Nigga didnt eat?

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He was loved until the very end, I made sure of it
I dug up every photo of him and made an album to remember him, it helped a lot

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He was a really small cat, born a feral cat, he was 7 lbs at his heaviest
His liver started failing and he lost 2 lbs in 4 months

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Cute cat. Sorry bud.

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So funny enough, the name stuck because my mom got another kitten and we hadn't really named big boy yet. At the time, he was an adult and Mickey was a kitten, so when Mickey grew to be like twice BB's weight, the name got ironic, like a fat guy named tiny and it stuck ever since

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Also I hope that neighbor got beaten into a fucking pulp
I'd go absolutely ape if that was my cat

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Sent. I know it’s not a lot but I hope you feel better and may your gains live on fren.

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Just got it, thank you so much
I wish you great gains as well fren
Your cat looks adorable too, I'm sorry for your loss as well. He looks like such a good boy

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imagine paying a vet $900 to kill your fucking cat

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lol my parents let me adopt another cat soon after and he was much smaller so his name is Little Big Boy and he’s a dick

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why the fuck it says this after i confirm transaction on my ledger?

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>And he's a dick
Shit that was the first thing to make me genuinely laugh all night
I'm going to probably end up keeping the "___ boy" naming scheme too in honor of his legacy
Im gonna probably wait a bit before I think of adopting a new cat though

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damn bro you gonna make me tear up reading that, my cat passed away a couple years ago and me and my gf adopted a 7 year old cat. I still miss him

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I just came to laugh at the bear market, why do you gotta hit me with these feels OP
So have you invested in a new cat yet? Guaranteed 10k meows eoy, literally can't go tits up

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He lived a long, comfy life, as much as it hurts, it was his time.
I kept some of his fur, I'm planning on encasing it in acryllic or something, not so I can just remember him, but in case there's ever a pet cloning fad in the future... Im totally prepared.
I fucking love this place

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sorry op im having technical difficulties >>17699664

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>My cat is 14
>"He was an old boy, pushing 16"
:( RIP
Post cat pics. Pic related, my cat.
She's the best.

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My dog died a year ago this month. It's really hard and I know you're going through a rough time. Losing a pet isn't easy just let yourself go here and cry it out if you have to. Shit really sucks.

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I hope my cat will die soon. She's outdoor so maybe she'll try to fight a raccoon.

She's nice but she makes me wheeze. My mom doesn't want her cause she has other animals that won't get along with her

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RIP Big Boy

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>he sold his LINK to kill his cat

can a man be more cucked?

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>dog is 5 years old
>starting to get a little white around his eyes
>realize he’s pushing the halfway point of his life
>feel like I just got him last week as a little puppy
I sometimes wish I hadn’t gotten a dog. The thought of him dying in a few years is the saddest thing I can imagine

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ya but he mightve ended up euthanized or with some shit owner if you didnt adopt him

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wait, why the fuck did you pay the vet to kill your cat?

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Rip Big Boy, sorry bud.

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Rip Big Boy, sorry bud.

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You did good anon. RIP

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>RIP cat
rate mu cats

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That’s the only way I can cope is knowing I will be with him all the way and that no matter what he was gonna be born so it’s good that I got him and can take care of him. He’s based as fuck, massive golden retriever

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I just got a 5 year old dog from a shelter a few months ago. She's doing great and is the sweetest animal I've ever met. Don't worry man, your dog still has thousands of days left to hang out with you

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No worries my man, I can't begin to put into words how much this means to me, I'm tearing up with happiness rn
Give her a hug for me :,)
I've basically been just letting myself cry and get emotional whenever the waves hit me. Been blasting some music and just letting everything flow out. It's helped a lot
I sold my link to end his pain and for him to be at peace
You saved him and gave him a life worth living. It's hard but when it's his time, that fact really does help you move on

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My friend had one live to 15. I know another friend who had one that was 16. Maybe 5 is 1/3 and not 1/2 :)

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Sorry for your loss fren, my dads funeral was yesterday, biz and the prayers sent here helped me a lot through this past month. I love all you autismos like an extended family <3

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Sorry about your cat.

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I'm so sorry for your loss, i can't imagine how it feels to lose a father :(

>> No.17700053

Sorry anon. I've had by far the most fun on biz out of all boards visited. We are family here

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>Big Boy
Look at that face. I'm tearing up a little thinking about my own cat. Sorry for your loss OP.

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Don't listen to >>17699894
You did the right thing. Also gave her a hug.

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I'm in Japan right now while my girl is back home. Miss her lots. Sorry for your loss OP, I'd be devastated...

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Sorry to hear about your loss. Go into pnk and have your next cat pass inside a mansion.

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Baruch atah Adonai, Elohainu melech haOlam.
Everyone will die, but spirit will survive.
Build what you can before the end.

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He was the best companion I could ever ask for
I actually laughed at the bait desu
Awwww, give her a long hug when you get home :)

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Also there is something about dogs and cats that affect us a lot more than normies. We’re not used to being liked or even wanted around. The women of our era hate us beyond anything the men of older generations ever saw. Our culture falls further and further into degeneracy and there’s nothing we can do to stop it because everyone is brainwashed or ignorant. Ours is a life of incredible loneliness, isolation, and indifference.
In such times to have something love you the way my dog loves me seems like the very last good and pure thing left on this earth.

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The cost of technology is our society.

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holy fuck im sorry mate, dont know what else to say but take comfort in knowing you gave your good ol boy the best he could get

>> No.17700244

True. Natural love is a rare commodity these days.

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It was almost a miracle there was no other animals at the vet. His last moments were the most peaceful possible.
The only way it could have been better would be an in house visit. I'm just so happy about how it all played out. I'd be in shambles if I had to see him scared in his last moments

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Based anon. Very based.

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Lol anonigger cat died!

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I don't think I can take how sad and wholesome this thread is. In this dark degenerated world, anon still has you back. I'm fighting back tears at work. If I wasn't a poorfag in a 3rd world country, I would send you some like myself OP. I'm sorry you lost your cuddly lil buddy. It hurts now but in time the pain will subside and leave only the good memories. If he wasn't such a great companion, you wouldn't miss him so. God bless you all, I love you guys.

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Agreed, love you too anon

I also kekked at this. Anon is a schizophrenic big-hearted piece of shit.

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Thanks brother, it’s not easy at all but I saw his body yesterday before the funeral and t b h, he looked at true peace for the first time I’ve seen in my life. he had all sorts of medical issues so he’s finally free from all that.
Thanks there is something truly special about the autism this board breeds
Absolutely based animals are too fucking pure

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Thank you so much fren, I truly appreciate all of the kind words and condolences
I can't begin to express how grateful I am for even the thought of wanting to send me something
All of you guys are awesome

>> No.17700531

I miss Terry

>> No.17700546

Not who you replied to bit I sympathize with you and cherish my dad and do my best to stay in a positive mindset when he does anything negative because I know I'll regret it if I be an asshole to him and he does the next day or something. Take care.

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my new cat has the same little black beard. god dammit I need to step away for a second

>> No.17700562

He's living it up chasing mice and shit across the river from my dog at rainbow bridge.

>> No.17700595

Deadass, Big Boy's beard was the catalyst that led to me losing my virginity.
This cat was a legend.
Knowing him, he's chilling out by the neverending pile of dry food and loving every moment of it

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You need to use a desktop wallet.
For instance, MyCrypto.


Newer windows versions think that the ledger is a security key.

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You magnificent bastards, words don't describe how much this means to me :')

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np. thanks for treating animals right like a man of pureness
bless u too anon
thanks. cant believe its been 7 months and they havent fixed it

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I wasn't able to screencap the third notification for 5.8 link
Whoever you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart
One day I'll be in a position to do what you did for me, and I'll make sure I pay it forward.

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File: 1.86 MB, 1439x2561, Screenshot_20200311-140206_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Also OP, I have a theory that the souls of pets follow their masters over the years through different vessels. I've had pets that all share odd characteristics that I don't see in other pets who aren't mine. Whether it's a dog, cat, horse whatever your boy will come back to you.

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this has been incredibly baste. I'm really sorry for your loss OP. I know Big Boy is in kitty heaven enjoying his cat tree mansion. I wish you the best

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brb bout to go euthanize a bunch of stray cats so i can make begging threads

>> No.17700816

That's a beautiful theory.
I'm going to be thinking of that when I decide to adopt. Thank you fren

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I think I'm gonna watch some TPB before I go to bed
Thanks so much for the kind words, it really means a lot

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My best friends are Internet nazis with hearts of solid gold and I don't think I could be happier.

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Do everyone a favour and euthanise blacks. Fewer niggers and gullible lefties will pay you money.

>> No.17700979

Please do, he might be an asshole at times but he’s your asshole.

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Who needs friends when you got frens

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True fren. I'm sorry about your loss. I was in every thread in your saga. I know it sucks but the good God above has a plan and maybe it was to make you a better man or make your dad suffer less. I know not the reason. I didn't quite know how to feel when my dad died but you'll get used to the impermanent nature of life. Soon enough it will be you and I going to the grave. Make the most of every second.

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Anon you seem like a genuinely good person. I’m a huge animal lover as well. Just know your cat lived its best life because of you. I know you are going through a tough time but stay strong.

What’s your link address? I’ll send you 100 USD worth Tomorrow

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I’m sending 100 as well, anon. I threw squirrelbro anon a bit back in the day as well if any of the OG link holders remember him. I consider biz my extended family so sending a bit to help out an anon on here that’s in need means more than sending to some random charity. I know it won’t help getting over your loss but hopefully it can help you start stacking Linkies again. rip to Big Boy

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You’re absolutely right God has a plan for us all, were given two things in life we can’t control, birth and death, can somewhat control what happens in between, but when it’s your time to go there’s no stopping it. I’ve realized that over the past week, I must have had at least 100+ different anons praying for my dad in that first thread before we got the awful news he wouldn’t make it out. If that many prayers couldn’t stop it, it was his time to go, I just hope god said to him “you must be anons dad, i got many prayers for you. But I’m sorry it was time”
>Soon enough it will be you and I going to the grave. Make the most of every second.
Very wise words fren, I will do and I hope you do as well, god bless you

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This is my dog she died back in October she wasn’t even supposed to be mine she was my moms dog but she liked me and I was always there taking for walks because I didn’t spend much time outside of work outside the house.
I love dogs but the pain I felt putting her down was so intense I don’t know if I could get another dog just because I know I would have to go through that all again.

>> No.17701342

He was cute
He had a good life by your side
Never forget him

>> No.17701425

Oh jannie!!!

Clean this faggotry off my board.

This is no place for empathetic coddling. This is /biz/.

>> No.17701480

You're all saints

>> No.17701487

My dog died 20 years ago and I'm still fucked up about it. I feel like I have some sort of grief disorder or something, wtf brain, get over it, it's been decades..

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Forgot pic

>> No.17701517

I'm afraid to get another dog because when it dies too, will I have twice the grief then? I'm not sure if I could handle double these feels that won't go away :(

>> No.17701529

Bro it’s okay we’re all gonna make it. Your cat made it by being adopted by you

>> No.17701535

I don't know how long before I'll adopt another cat either
You gave her a good life though, that's the most important part

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Np, fren. We got your back

>> No.17701562

>$165 for cremating a 5lb cat

do americans really??

anyways sorry for your loss OP. I had my bird die on me when I was young, broke me for life couldn't get another pet ever since. Shit does suck.

>> No.17701588

It's a boring dystopia here, yes.
I'm sorry about your birb, was he smol?

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File: 48 KB, 746x512, BD61CED5-9C5B-4D41-A1DA-B8AB6586A371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Np, fren. We got your back

>> No.17701648

God bless you anon

>> No.17701686

I put down my dog last week, she was my best friend. My heart goes out to you OP. Love you brother. Best of luck to you. May Big Boy Rest In Peace.

>> No.17701702

Don't worry I heard a chinese lady will help you see it again real soon.

>> No.17701724

Best thread on the entirety of 4chan right now

>> No.17701726

RIP Big Boy

>> No.17701730

Audible kek
I'm sorry for you loss fren, may your doggo rest in peace

>> No.17701748

I live right near Wayne, sorry to hear about your loss bro

>> No.17701763

>even in a sad thread theres a pajeet shilling garbage

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Best thread for the best boy

>> No.17701817

Sorry to hear that anon. Get into CKB and use DAO money to clone him later when you make it.

>> No.17701830

this, OP is a savvy sociopath milking you retards into giving away the one thing you claim you will never let go of

>> No.17701841

wait... /biz/ is real people? i thought u were all ai disinfo shills.

>> No.17701860

The only real people talk about Chainlink , Bitcoin, Ethereum, Peepee poopoo and blogpost. Everyone else is a shill.

>> No.17701921

I legit am planning to preserve some of his fur in acryllic in case the future does bring us a pet cloning industry

>> No.17701938

There are many other cats in shelters right now who could use your love.

He had a good life. Let him rest.

>> No.17701975

..you're right
I can't deny that

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File: 985 KB, 1920x1080, BigBoy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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but what about the kitterinos? the cutsie wutsie meowzers? the fluffy wuffy fewines?

this thread is proof that you fags will never make it.

>> No.17702100

Im speechless oh my god
Thank you for this, thank you so much

>> No.17702109

Incorrect. It unmistakably reminds us we already have.


>> No.17702173

I really hope everyone doing what they can for their catbro or dogbro makes it.

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>> No.17702266


>> No.17702342

2/10, would not pet.

Fuck you, OP.

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Anon, so sorry for your loss. This is my old boy, he's a feral, we got him in 2006, he's getting deaf now, he has had a heart murmur and an overactive thyroid for years bless him. He's probably about 18 vets think, I love him to bits and I don't know what I'll do when he goes.

Ay least they can be at peace though, and I hope, maybe there is some afterlife and I can see all the cats I've know again. But either way, you give them the best life you can and that is what matters.

>> No.17702460
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For reference here's an 07 pic when he was just moving in

>> No.17702468

Bro the same happened to my cat as well with 16 years. I’m still very sad but he was suffering. It was the right thing to do..

>> No.17702495

I love my cat. Sorry for your loss anon.

>> No.17702587

Sorry for your loss fren. Animals are the best bros you can have. Cherish your memories.

>> No.17702601

Sorry that happened to you OP. Somebody should mint an animal longevity token and sell it to the street shitters

>> No.17702617

Fuck man. FUCK
I’m sorry dude. I can’t even.
My cat is 14 going on 15. It’s been with me through crazy Shit. Never left my side.

I don’t understand how I will be able to put it down?

I’ve never put a pet down before. I was hoping that when he thinks he’s gonna die that they don’t come back to the house?

That seems cruel though.


>> No.17702634

Sorry bro

>> No.17702658
File: 103 KB, 435x318, 1581207255863.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RIP op's cat.

>> No.17703166
File: 3.22 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20200306_134824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17703231

S to spit on cat grave. buy BOLT cunts, the bottom is in

>> No.17703238


>> No.17703299
File: 3.46 MB, 4032x3024, 20190610_154608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry OP. Check out this cat I found at work. It's like 2 different cat bodies stuck together. She is a bad bitch too

>> No.17703360

That's why I don't get a pet. You know it will break your heart sooner or later, and more likely sooner.
The pain of a loved one dying never goes away unfortunately, it's something I had to learn the hard way.

>> No.17703406

Noooo Don't make me cry at work. F for the based kitty.

>> No.17703411

My little dude, I really feel for you man, I've lost a few cats in my life and it's really devastating, the year before last I had to put my cat down, and because me and my gf were really hurting and hating being in the house without the sound of his paws adopted another cat a few weeks later. The cats protection agency was more than diplomatic with the truth regarding this new cats health , within a month he passed away due to a urine infection! So fucking sad x

>> No.17703436

not pet related but this thread made me think of my grandpaw and Im bawling like a little girl right now.
he died 10 years ago and I still cant get over it. he was the kindest and most based man on the planet. the only one in my shit family who showed me love and didnt treat me like a piece of shit. I miss him so much RIP grandpaw I hope I get to see you in heaven one day

>> No.17703452


Thanks for the reminder, I still got my cats fur from 2012. Hopefully CKB provides enough gains to make it happen. Will the personality be the same?

>> No.17703455

What a waste of money

>> No.17703462

Your grandpa was a faggot and so are you! Black people ruined this great nation.

>> No.17703476

he's in kitty heaven now.

>> No.17703482


>> No.17703508

America has a lot of trinkets and easy credit but it is very dystopian like. And you gotta love it or else youre a commie.

>> No.17703513

Sorry for your loss fren. You did the right thing.

>> No.17703593
File: 45 KB, 521x661, 1583259606755-biz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread, man. Some strangers over the internet sent op nearly 25k worth of link, but I'm not even jealous. I'm just so happy that a community saw a man take out all his money he invested for his cat he loved, and the anons here helped him out in his darkest hour.

I ask myself sometimes why I come to this place, but I think its because of the humanity I see in a lot of you. Completely anonymous strangers helping each other with literally no gain but the satisfaction you helped another human being.

Not all heroes wear capes, frens

>> No.17703597
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I can't believe you retards fell for this

>> No.17703650

>scans for eth
>everyone sent him link

What exactly am I not getting here

>> No.17703658

F to your cat my fren:(

>> No.17703908

Are you Ricky Gervais? His 16 year old cat died too

>> No.17703932


>> No.17703985
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Sorry about your cat. Mine died in 2011. I got a new cat a year ago, but I still have the scar from the old one. I know eventually I will have to put this one down, so I make sure a day doesn't go by without petting and playing with her.

>> No.17704689

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