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I dove into the mind of this genius and I finally understand not just why BTC will fail, but why BSV will succeed. Craig has already checkmated the entire industry and is patiently awaiting the phase of the plan where he brutally rapes CZ, Roger, Greg, et al.

Recap of why BTC will fail:
>Block sizes must increase as mining rewards decrease after halvings in order for miners to remain profitable via increased fees
>When Blockstream hijacked BTC it imposed a 1 MB cap on block size
>Not only did they centralize BTC by changing the protocol, they mortally wounded the miners who will slowly bleed out if they don’t abandon BTC for BSV this May
>Further, Blockstream ended the true peer-to-peer nature of BTC and is essentially operating a mixer
>Mixers will soon be declared illegal by executive fiat (Treasury Dept or SEC) or in the Cryptocurrency Act of 2020 (currently being revised in the HOR)

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BSV’s value will be determined by the same thing that will determine Chainlink’s value. Craig’s main pitch to businesses and institutions, in addition to increased efficiency, security and transparency, is an ability to virtually annihilate the cost of moving money. Larger and larger block sizes allow these costs to approach zero as the blockchain scales. Great, so:
>“muh world currency”
>“muh fiat will go to zero”
No. Craig clearly stated that he doesn’t want to burn down the system. Just the opposite: he wants to fireproof it. BSV will succeed because outside of the bitcoin hash wars, this isn’t a zero-sum game.

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BSV will act as an anchor for fiat currency transactions on the blockchain in the same way that the fiat value of smart contracts will be reflected in Chainlink tokens on the back end. This part of the plan is also almost ready to be put into effect as the Federal Reserve is finalizing a US Crypto Dollar that can be used on the BSV blockchain:
Just like Chainlink, the value and volatility of the token will be irrelevant because the value of all contracts and transactions on the blockchain will be denominated in fiat currencies and the users won’t even know or care about the underlying asset.

I’ll go back to fudding BSV and LINK tomorrow, but I wouldn’t be positioned to make it if others hadn’t generously laid out these kinds of details in the past, and I would feel guilty making it without doing the same from time to time.

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No one will use bsv, just face it
t.bsv holder

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Literally who?

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you're a moron

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>efficiency, security and transparency, is an ability to virtually annihilate the cost of moving money.

Dogcooin can do that.
Nano can do that.
What’s so special about sanjay vishnu?

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Exactly what you wrote in here clicked with me few months ago. We're gonna make it.

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>What’s so special about sanjay vishnu?
You can use BSV as a UTILITY in addition to a backup currency, meaning that fiat systems don't get replaced or exchanged for a crypto. They get empowered.

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a back up currency that is volatile? Cmon man

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the thing about this is anyone with a brain knows how theory says fiat works and how it actually does are completely different.
the supply of the usd has no affect on its value because its supply is not defined by anything.
the usd has value because nations are extorted into only being able to buy oil with usd by the usd military. Demand for usd is forced.
putting the usd on bsv doesn't won't make it valuable, it just reveals what bullshit it is. Unless the us has stockpilled a whole lot of bitcoin and they're going to peg it

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I've been trying to get this across to this board for 9 months

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Read the page from the book above. Moving $1000 that is worth .1 BSV or .001 BSV is still moving $1000. Or just dig into the archives about LINK. Same economics apply.

BSV doesn't fix the problem of printing fiat. It fixes the problem of fiat being slow and expensive to move, and easy to embezzle

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yeah but I'm saying the issuers of fiat do not want to be put on bsv.
they will support dogshit like xrp and chainlink so they can continue their crimes

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Can't tell if you're relating it to LINK to help get past the target audience's resistance, or you're still a LINK bagholder. If you got this far you should realize any store of value can replace LINK, token not necessary.

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>Moving $1000 that is worth .1 BSV or .001 BSV is still moving $1000.

Now it’s 1000, tomorrow it’s 1400, the day after it’s 800.
Also DOGE can do that.

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>and is essentially operating a mixer

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Most of the F500 aren't committing crimes. Craig said he can save Walmart $500 million a year. I've explained why

There are only two projects out of the thousands in this space that have a fixed supply of tokens and an actual use case.

Unless that $400 swing happens in the fraction of a second it takes to move assets on the BSV blockchain that shouldn't be a problem

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buy 1000$ worth of bsv, send in a few seconds and convert to 1000$. volatility doesnt matter

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Dude... isn’t it kinda obvious that if the government uses crypto it will be a stable coin? They don’t need competition.

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absolutely the free market will use bsv but we were talking about fiat issuers. Craig saying fiat will adopt bsv is a strategic way of making them destroy themselves or admit they are liars

The collapse of the current usd petro dollar monetary agreement is ww3 tier happening

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exactly this, very based

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>Craig saying fiat will adopt bsv is a strategic way of making them destroy themselves or admit they are liars
It's not Craig that will make them, it's Trump. Look at what he's been doing to the Fed. Fixing fiat is a separate issue that I believe he has to fix because it's at the end of its life, and at the same time he's going to ensure that for the first time ever the government isn't going to lag 20 years behind the private sector. We already know the Department of Agriculture is using LINK from a leak. Makes perfect sense.

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trump is status quo establishment. Imagine tweeting pic related as if advocating negative interest rates is opposed to the position of the federal reserve.
Imagine hanging a picture of andrew jackson in the oval office and telling a private central bank they're not interacting with the economy enough
>using link

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>trump is status quo establishment

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LINK is a fuckin SCAM

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Very based, BSV is the future. It's pretty insane what were about to see play out over the next couple years

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Imagine hanging a picture of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office and having the balls to tell the private central bank what to do. Again, ending the Fed/creating sound money is a totally different issue, but there's a reason why there's so much irrational fear and hatred of him in the corporate media.

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Also, I have no clue how Blockstream intends to be regulation/legally compliant in any way

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Blockstream = bilderberg = rotschilds.
These guys ARE the regulatory and legality personified.

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he's telling them to do what they would already do. So brave.
Qanon is a load of shit, what is the plan after 4 years? no one knows.
What has trump done

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>textbook shill response

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Shut up faggot Jesus Christ

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>crypto in 2020

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>what has trump done?
Cut taxes.
>America energy independent
>Building the Wall
>Out of the Paris Accord
>Out of TPP
>Out of TTIP
>Out of JCPOA (Iran Accord)
>Massive deregulation, spurring economic growth
>Best employment numbers in 50+ years, across all demographics, with lower earners making gains at a faster rate than higher earners - a modern first
>Taking on China, and winning - tariffs are savaging China, zero detriment to American consumers
>Actually talking with NK, avoiding nuclear war
>Not starting new wars in the ME
>Starting to get our boys home, which simultaneously exposes the war-lusting rinos and dems
>Stands up for Christianity and religious rights
>Calls out dems and rinos for what they are - anti-American pieces of shit
>Rebuilt our military
>Actually got Mexico to put their own troops on their own borders to push back against the Soros-funded economic migrants
>signed Right to Try into law, enabling sick people to try experimental methods
>massive improvements to VA

I’m so sick of you low IQ faggots. I swear to God if I ever gain power I will put an IQ Existence law unto place. If you don’t pass the IQ requirement you will be a executed. And any communist : leftist activity on social media will be counted as low IQ

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>pyramid scheme #312

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And one little chink flu to destroy it all. Looks like xi wins this battle

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CSW complains about crypto's "high priests."
That's a funny.

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So centralized institutions today are the best thing and not corrupt at all... Jesus anon.
If I gave you an option to stay in a burning house you know or try a new house that might be better you have confirmed you would stay with the burning house...

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Satoshi Nakamoto

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not bad

>I’m so sick of you low IQ faggots. I swear to God if I ever gain power I will put an IQ Existence law unto place. If you don’t pass the IQ requirement you will be a executed.
this is unironically IQ socialism you hypocrite

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that book looks extremely fake because craig and everybody working on BSV in an official capacity have moved on from using that logo

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