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You guys weren’t kidding were you?
This is going to be one of the most monetarily valuable assets in the world in 5-10 years.
You’re buying digital real estate that you’ll essentially rent out to large corporations to handle the massive amounts of data coming in all the time.
This might be the first trillion dollar market cap crypto

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explain chain link to me like im a 5th grader

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Yep and when you combine it with what RLC is doing with Cloud Computing you realize the future belongs to both of them.

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number go up, don't sell

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Spend a summer in Guatemala picking beans and it'll all make sense.

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You can buy more candy if you can get your parents to buy link

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a shitcoin you should buy because the hype is real

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connects everything to everything
cheaper and more efficient

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Copy this folio if you want to make it. Only correction to literally the perfect folio would be 50k more link which is what you need to make it.

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Based Guatemala bean picker anon

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It's literally a scam and all partnerships have been debunked. Stay away from this shit like poison.

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>You’re buying digital real estate

Fuck i knew it was Second Life

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Brigadier general and all in LINK !
Why do you have that boomer coin in your portfolio ?

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>tamper proof inputs
No such thing.

Take rainfall in a location, for example various factors can cause the results to be unreliable.
>strong wind affects the amount of water that makes it in to the gauge
>bird is sleeping on top of the gauge
>someone that wants to tamper with the results takes a sponge to the gauge to draw out water

Nobody that does serious business would leave their data to third party instances of "maybe".

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Would be a shame if institutions used a different token they made themselves on a copycat network

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It's beautiful. I have a nice LINK stack and I'm currently accumulating BTC.

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Forced meme

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>bird is sleeping on top of the gauge

You absolute fucking retard. How on earth can someone be this stupid?

Have you ever considered extrapolating a error percentage to a certain population of measuring devices to get reliable results?

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You are either a retard or a shitty fudder. Either way, get fucked faggot.

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Imagine you do a pee pee then you do a poo poo

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pee pee poo poo in the butt

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Reminder that chainlink value is already overvalued even if you account for all the possible use case in the world, Chainlink always was a legit project but the scoop never was huge like some faggots here claim, Really show about the nature of the crypto market desu.

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>5-10 years

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sure let them do it. let's see if it'll ever be decentralized enough or even have the same amount of network-effects. the bigger link's marketcap gets the less likely competition will eat away at it.

cope cope cope

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You had over 2 years

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Kys weeb fagot

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It's an elaborate crypto scam you simp

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what about when number go down?

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>price dropping hard so all the bagholders spamming their little cuck infographics


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russian scam

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This. People think here that 1k is fud lmao
Yeah bro chainlink will be worth 10 trillion dollars
You don't understand now the financial sector operates, anything that gets too big or too threatening is controlled or attacked/reduced to submisison
Example: bitcoin
Bitcoin was compromised (blockstream) before it even came close to 100 billion

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i am gonna be so rich i'll be able to have a korean harem

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i am gonna laugh when chainlink is 10 dollars a year from now

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But those girls complain when you stick it in all the way. She probably doesn't do anal either and gives shitty half arsed blowies too. I'd rather get a girl who can take it deep

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No, anon, it's an ERC-20 token and will bleed like all the rest soon. Buy Nervos.

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>But those girls complain when you stick it in all the way
Won't be a problem for me

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number go up, don't sell

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>Nobody that does serious business would leave their data to third party instances of "maybe"

How is this different from what we are currently running.

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Dream goals.
I'm currently
100 link
400 Rlc
10000 pnk

Big announcement in a couple months I'm running at of time bros I need a make it size stack

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Checked. Try to get a suicide stack at least dude

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[REDACTED] will be valuable. but you can't buy any.

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How much you thinking is suicide stack size?

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blockchain: ledger of data, untamperable
smart contract: automatic processes executed on chain, with no check or supervision, because untamperable
decentralized: no central authority that can stop, delay, modify part of the chain. once it's running no one can stop it.
oracle problem: on chain process (smart contract) are useless without connection to real world data. Once you create an entry point for the date, you've "centralized" the chain around this entry poit. Anyone who controls the data, controls the chain, which is no longer decentralized, thus no longer, untamperable, thus useless.

chainlink aims to solve this problem and promise of value lies in Chinlink becoming the standard for data input on every chain ever.

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Love bottoming out girls like this desu
Buy PNK if you want a life like me

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>oh oops i forgot to send the check so i could shore up my position
>hey are you sure the terms of the contract were met? my lawyer says that they weren't and he'll sue if you disagree
>haha i didn't sign that agreement. see that's my name but it's not MY signature
>what do you mean my cousin improperly handled the escrow that's an outrageous thing to say haha

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Thanks anon. I'll buy more of what your post is pointing towards.

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Buy more before number go up more.

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I can't believe some people are mad that chainlink can't reach absolute truth. Nothing can. They're not building some machine god to implement an actual god protocol. It's just some infrastructure that works with other existing infrastructure.

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explain chain link to me like im a James Clerk Maxwell

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Steinmetz simplified his equations. No one has solved some of them even to this day.
One thing is for sure he'd be loading up on link because he was intelligent.

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I'd say 1k tbqh my guy. Although some will say 10k. But most people haven't got 40 grand lying around.

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Try to get 5K it at all possible

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>It's literally a scam and all partnerships have been debunked. Stay away from this shit like poison.

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LINK was made for financial sector fucking brainlet

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fuck off pajeet

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Shilling link at 4 dollars
Imagine buying this for 4 dollars.
Buy at 1 dollar, not higher

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tell me more about why BSV coin is good sir

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shilling normies and newfags your 2018 bags can only get you so far lmao

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Explain chainlink to me like one of your french girls

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I have a similar one. 50k LINK, 9 BTC but I have 50 ETH also.

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Why won't there be more than one oracle service? Why would capitalism suddenly break down completely and disallow or disincentivice competitor systems?

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why is sergey keeping the price of link above $4? there's literally no one else with any kind of vested interest in the token that would do this.

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Very good coin sir. Many moons

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Just use a few water sensors in the same area, and aggregate.

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So basically what ethereum can already do on its own

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you deluded dumbass, no corporation will buy chainstink off of you even if it wasn't a scam. Sergey has 350 mil stink to give to any corporations that are interested.

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they will buy it from sirgay directly. Read the whitepaper

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A system in which a gun is held to the heads of the parties involved in a business transaction. Just like now, but more reliably and consistently than the government. The parties involved that do not deliver are shot immediately via smart contracts. There'll never be a scammy scammer in the corporate world ever again inflating false promises. These people are drug out into the street and shot.

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>when you realize all the arrows on the right represent oracles

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No they won't. Thats because nobody will use your shitstink.

>> No.17685382

I was actually worried about this
Do they have a way to reserve the rights to their tech?

>> No.17685384

iExec, powered by Chainlink (formerly Doracles)

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It's undervalued due to suppression and manipulation

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The fake partnerships coin

>> No.17685548

We’ve already made it, what timeline is this.

>> No.17685617

nibba we lucky if this goes back to 2.30

t. nolinker

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Back to my 1k stack

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Think of a smart contract like an if/then statement. Currently all the "thens" are triggered by "ifs" within the block chain. E.g. if the price of link is poopoo then peepee into wallet. Chain link allows ifs in the real world to trigger thens on the blockchain

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>a currency can’t be worth a whole $1 trillion!!!!
Read OP. Stop thinking about LINK as a company. It is a currency for data exchange. Currently all of the money in the world is data, and if all the money in the world was data flowing through the chainlink ecosystem chainlink would have an equal value to all of the money in the world. A single chainlink use case getting adoption would rocket it to the hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars in currency value by sheer necessity.

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Because you're gay?

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ii use chainlink to fund my alternate persona who is a guy that sits in front of a computer and shitposts on a basket weaving forum

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>5-10 years
chainlink in a nutshell

first is "when the announcements come out"
then it's "EOY"
then it's "EOY means next year!"
then it's "when the testnet releases"
then it's "when the mainnet releases"
then it's "when staking becomes available"
now it's a completely unspecified and arbitrary "5-10 years"

LINK is for deluded people who can't cope with the fact that they missed the early days of btc/eth

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>>5-10 years
>chainlink in a nutshell
>first is "when the announcements come out"
>then it's "EOY"
>then it's "EOY means next year!"
>then it's "when the testnet releases"
>then it's "when the mainnet releases"
>then it's "when staking becomes available"
>now it's a completely unspecified and arbitrary "5-10 years"
>LINK is for deluded people who can't cope with the fact that they missed the early days of btc/eth

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Is link the true digital gold? Is it the true store of value? If smart contracts all use link for reputation then link is equal to the ecosystems worth. Therefore link will be the gold standard of crypto? Schizo?

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Save the riddles for your diary, Rebecca.

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>daily reminder
tick tock

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>LINK is for deluded people who can't cope with the fact that they missed the early days of btc/eth

>> No.17686597

>buying a shit coin that will literally never be currency
>basically just investing in a GoFundMe

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Jesus fucking Christ what a shameless shill thread.

>> No.17686648

Where do I find this chart

>> No.17686667

It’s not meant to be a currency brainlet

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>5-10 years
>chainlink in a nutshell
>first is "when the announcements come out"
>then it's "EOY"
>then it's "EOY means next year!"
>then it's "when the testnet releases"
>then it's "when the mainnet releases"
>then it's "when staking becomes available"
>now it's a completely unspecified and arbitrary "5-10 years"
>LINK is for deluded people who can't cope with the fact that they missed the early days of btc/eth

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>>LINK is for deluded people who can't cope with the fact that they missed the early days of btc/eth

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What did this mean?

>> No.17686825

pee pee poo poo
1k eoy

>> No.17687102

People who bought LINK thru exchange hav their Linkies on their wallets and are holding. Less stinkies owned by exchanges=lower suply=numbers go up

>> No.17687132

>If you want to make it.
That depends on what making it is to you.

>> No.17687240

God you fucking shills are retarded and just never quit. Is there a single case of any one of those examples actually happening? I mean I guess the constant shill threads are what you have to do to not kill yourself, but at this point, I think I'd rather you just stop and kill yourselves.

>> No.17687340

Just say nigger you faggot, holy shit.

>> No.17687350

For all of this explanation, no one has even tried to explain how link does this, or offer any reasons as to why it hasn't gotten more popular or been used a single time in three years. They just keep posting one fat Russian autist in a plaid shirt.

>> No.17687356

Good summary, your spelling and grammar are fucking awful though and have you ever heard of the shift key? It capitalizes things for you. Normally I don’t give a fuck but an otherwise good post became cancer to read.

>> No.17687385

>Are told they can't cope
>Do not, in fact, cope, but post reeing memes of themselves instead
That's pottery, 10/10 post sir. The suicides are gonna be hilarious when Link finally shits the bed in a slow, forgotten death.

>> No.17687495

>Best performing asset in the world for the past week
>LINK shitting the bed
Choose 1 asshole

>> No.17687496

i am poor, trying to break into software mid life. simce i can't really invest i am learning about smart contracts and how to implement them. i expect to command a good salary when this skill is in high demand that cs fags and poojeets lack.

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>>Are told they can't cope
>>Do not, in fact, cope, but post reeing memes of themselves instead
>That's pottery, 10/10 post sir. The suicides are gonna be hilarious when Link finally shits the bed in a slow, forgotten death.

>> No.17688214

fucking scam

>> No.17688504

M-metaphorically s-speaking

>> No.17688543

even if they did buy it directly from sergey at a discount how would that benefit chainstink hodlers? oh that's right it just benefits sergey.

>> No.17688616


Retarded dentist with the mouth guys again. Fuck off with your open mouth male fetish. Your art is just pathetic and gay.

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>You’re buying digital real estate that you’ll essentially rent out to large corporations to handle the massive amounts of data coming in all the time.
>This might be the first trillion dollar market cap crypto
>Implying you're going to be the soul proprietor to large multi million conglomerates by having a token that fictitiously monopolizes "real world data" through the medium of a decentralized platform
>Implying these same companies won't create their own methodologies of solving "the oracle problem"
>Implying there isn't already competition from other assets offering the same solutions
>Implying implications

>> No.17688768

Except it's not, because your "digital realestate" is not limited, nothing is stopping Google from making their own block chain and just ignore chain link

>> No.17688896

>you're going to be the soul proprietor to large multi million conglomerates by having a token that monopolizes "real world data" through the medium of a decentralized platform
That's exactly what's happening and you refuse to believe it even though the evidence is right in front of your face

>he thinks there even is legitimate competition that comes close

>> No.17688943


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>Retarded dentist with the mouth guys again. Fuck off with your open mouth male fetish. Your art is just pathetic and gay.

>> No.17689333

Discord trannies out in force? Yep I'm thinking we've made it

>> No.17689557

So should I buy some chainlink or is it a scam?

>> No.17689670

I'd like to tell you anon, but I can't officially do that

>> No.17689769

>Brown id
>No digits to speak of
>Smug anime girl
>Ignorantly spouting nonsense

Yeah, I'm thinking this poster is based

>> No.17689830

Can you explain PNK to me almost seems like a scam. The "smart contract" is supposed do be decided by random people correct?

>> No.17689868

I hate linkies so much that it is difficult to put it in words.

>> No.17689876

All I have is $300 to invest. Should i buy 75 linkies? Is it worth it? Will the price dip again or all up from here? Pls reply

>> No.17689905

I am unsure desu put 250$ down yesterday and just hoping for the best. I have much to learn.

>> No.17689921


Buy it, its the only sure coin out there, next to eth and btc. The project is amazing, its not a scam. But if they will deliver and if it will result in a massive price increase of the chainlink token remains to be seen.

>> No.17689979

People here are just trying to sell their bags to you,all Crypto is useless

>> No.17690041

It's a pump and dump shitcoin retard. Stay away.

>should I buy $75000 for $300 bros?

>> No.17690063

The price is going to dip massively upwards so be very careful

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>Is there a single case of any one of those examples actually happening?
If it was actually happening link would be $1000 you brainlet shithead

>> No.17690092

Microsoft and Google confirmed? why fake partnership. explains me please.

>> No.17690106

Shit coin. If smart contracts find some use the token won’t and that’s all the speculators (scammers) care about

>> No.17690174

What makes you all keep saying itll be $1000 EOY? I just dont believe it.

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File: 211 KB, 640x2505, 99F31E1F-E9E4-4088-AA9B-996C6027423D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17690223

We will hit 1,000 at some point. Why? Look at all the money icos that did absolutely nothing raised. Chainlink brings real utility to the space and opens up brand new markets. It will happen. End of year is a meme.

>> No.17690299

Should i get in now at $4 or wait for another dip?

>> No.17690328

stop asking stupid questions and do what u think is best

>> No.17690329

Sub $4 is cheap link, but it'll probably drop to 3.80 at some point before we go up again

>> No.17690481

It really doesn’t matter if you buy link under $10.

>> No.17690690

>should I buy ETH at $4 or $3.90???
who cares man

>> No.17690730

Banks, lawyers, and insurance companies are about to get their life support plug pulled by Sergey.

>> No.17690780

Because I'd rather buy it at $2.00

>> No.17690831

You’ll end up buying at 8.00

>> No.17690869

I'm now the proud owner of 75 linkies. Hope you fags dont make me regret this.

>> No.17690882

How about you do some reading brainlet retard

>> No.17690892
File: 1.03 MB, 1200x1349, smartspanking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chainlink is the hand that spanks truthful information into smart contract platforms like Ethereum. Without the spanking these platforms are pretty useless. They need truthful information but these bitches can't get a clue. This is why you need Sergey's strong pimp hand to make these hoes ride.

All of it sponsored by Smartcontract.com™

>> No.17690894

Cant be bothered with that.

>> No.17690915

I'm explaining it to a 5th grader not a literal retard. Go read

>> No.17690921

Cope moneylet

>> No.17690980

Did the same thing and bought 50 linkers. Fuck reading and informed decisions. I get all my information from larping russians on my hentai site.

>> No.17691153
File: 601 KB, 720x960, 234543234565323456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you could, for the amount you spent in those meager 75 Link, you would have been able to buy ten times more (and you would have kept buying even more), and be on your way to retirement in a few years. I bet you're both neets, your behavior is exactly like that of niggers and why you're so poor.

>> No.17691180

Tbh I am willing to read but I honestly dont know where to start. I'm new to crypto and the whole thing seems pretty esoteric to me. I dont know how to into learning or interpreting what I'm reading. Where can I learn about Link to get the confidence to double down?

>> No.17691209

The archives.

>> No.17691217

lmao I literally bought that for 30 dollars.

>> No.17691251

Imagine not buying that for $15

>> No.17691252

Whitepaper nigga

>> No.17691302

The cheapest I ever bought was $0.23. Not complaining.

>> No.17691313

Its literally Latin to me. I have no idea what the fuck they're talking about. I work on broadcast transmitters for a living. I use wrenches and meters. I'm not a fucking computer programmer.

>> No.17691330

complete retards itt

>> No.17691371

You guys do know in two years people are gonna be baffled about people paying Anything below $10 for link. Much like how people payed for BtC and ETH.

>> No.17691376

1. Blockchains are closed environments, no outside data can get in - you need something called oracles to make it happen
2. Chainlink is #1 leader in oracles
3. Big business (Oracle, Google, MSFT) need these oracles because they want to start using blockchain

That's about as easy as anyone can make it, don't buy it if you're skeptical

>> No.17691428

Thank you! That makes sense. What kind of outside data are they talking about?

>> No.17691432
File: 2.72 MB, 601x1177, 1537428613020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blockchains are a highly reliable tamper proof means of payment and contract settlement because of their immutability and decentralization
>firms want to put contracts on blockchains to reduce reconciliation and other costs
>contracts need data from outside of blockchain, privacy, high throuhput
>chainlink and partners provide all of these
>theoretically we are all made of cheese

>> No.17691465

Everything. Anything in the physicial world can become data. It just needs to be represented as a variable.

>> No.17691497

>What kind of outside data are they talking about?
juiciest (and closest to fruition) use cases are derivatives and insurance, a derivatives contract needs real world price data (option expires worthless if price of underlying is below strike for example), insurance contracts need IoT sensor data to establish fault, estimate damages, or create dynamically priced premiums (you were speeding 5mp over the limit, your premium increases $4 for this month)

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File: 458 KB, 2560x1440, 1296886-spheres-and-orbits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17691765

Look for the Chainlink info pdf. It’s floating around. Also check out the long form medium articles community members have written. For the whole story go to warosu>biz>”Chainlink”>view posts by ascending

>> No.17691782

So has Chainlink done this yet? I just wonder why it's been around for 3 years but hasn't mooned yet

>> No.17691857

key functions are still under development (staking and threshold signatures, among some other bells and whistles), but progress is being made which you can follow on the pivotal tracker and github, there is frequent integration news and community interaction bot on and offline, these things take time, but the corner is near

>> No.17691911

chainlink provides price data to synthetix (an ethereum based derivatives exchange) and other decentralized finance protocols, and recently integrated with nexus mutual, a primitive smart contract insurance company, their initial offering is called a smart contract cover, you pay into a coverage pool and if you lose funds in a smart contract hack then your funds are covered by the pool, more recently chainlink integrated with DMM and RealT, companies that put tokenized car loans and tokenized real estate on the blockchain respectively via chainlink, this is much much more fren

>> No.17692189

All these deluded shills writing essays about Chain Link ...

The fact remains that this is a hype coin. There is literally NOTHING to evidence otherwise. It's 100% theory. 3 years on and it's still pie in the sky. It just gets pumped when a big company mentions Chain Link in a blog post or a tweet. Anyone who's serious about investing do not be lured into thinking this will make you rich. It's just being traded by short term traders who know this is hype coin garbage. They'll move on soon and guess who's going to be holding the bag.

Anyone who wants to ignore me, see you back here in a couple years when you come crying and posting your frogs.

>> No.17692293

>hype coin
ChainLink is THE example of a project that doesn't focus on hype and marketing.
>3 years pie in the sky
More like 3 years beat the entire crypto market through bear season and is about to breach top 10 on its way to top 5
>gets pumped by big company mentions
Oh, like Google? Imagine if any other shitcoin could say the same, they would never shut up. However, most of the partnerships are fledgling companies with exciting use cases, since the value Link is focusing on unlocking is largely untapped. If you genuinely don't at least understand the data silo problem, and that Link will be the rails for cars to carry this data around, then you need to get your noose ready.
>investors lured in
Opposite. Investors have to be smart enough to do their own research and ignore your tranny FUD.

>> No.17692331

Holy fucking based.


>> No.17692368

at worst, you'll lose 300 bucks
it's not that much money
at best you make tens of thousands

>> No.17692624

Chainlink is the final solution to the real world data problem.

>> No.17692639

That does sound like something I could get behind, honestly.

For now I bought a £100 worth of linkies, I'll throw some more money their way as my paychecks come in. You faggets better be right, or I'll be mildly irritated.

>> No.17692760

People buy it because they think the price will go up because it has been going up recently.

>> No.17692860

The major accumulators of Link are buying it so they can stake it. Most of the money coming into crypto right now is from investment entities, not retail.

The link network is being prepared for staking, Link has first mover advantage on integrating enterprises into their network - staking launch is going to blow our fucking socks off. Then retail fomo can buy in, you have to realize the average retail investor may think it is too risky now but surely once it reaches $20 it is a safe bet.

>> No.17692892

Not having an ICO would have kept them even more lowkey.

>> No.17692933

this guy is right I slept with a Korean chick once and accidentally made her bleed

>> No.17692934
File: 2.27 MB, 1280x720, Aristarchus.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17692935

I didn't start buying eth until it was like in the $30's. Imagine if Ethereum launched already having an ecosystem of dApps funded by legacy enterprise - *before* retail FOMO became involved? There will be new anons FOMO'ing into link in double digits, zero doubt. The thing is, their FOMO will not be what initially drives the parabolic run up - network effects from from a fully fleshed out network of nodes with skin in the game will take care of that.

>> No.17692937

>The major accumulators of Link are buying it so they can stake it
Are the staking mechanics good and well thought out? I went through the whitepaper and it felt like reading another language, I'm too brainlet.

>> No.17692939

They were required by the SEC to have an ICO

>> No.17693016 [DELETED] 


Check the latest updates from the Team:

"The ecosystem is going to experience a massive upside in the comming months".

We have Oracle, Baseline, MSFT coming into production before end of Q2.

Stacking will likely be realeased this year, so my optimistic guess is 20USD by EOY.

>> No.17693028

Idk, do you think Google, IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, DocuSign, and a litany of others would associate their names with the project if it wasn't well thought out and useful? The tokenomics of link are solid beyond the shadow of a doubt and divisible by 18 decimal places, inter-operable with any blockchain and any data source that has an adapter built out.

The vast majority of value in blockchain and smart contracts is based in data. Link Network is literally going to unlock something like 80% of the potential value in this space, you haven't seen anything yet DESU. Anons who bought in these past two years are going to be shitting themselves and having heart attacks when we see this rocket leave the atmosphere.

>> No.17693133

One thing I'm worried about is this...I'm betting most retail investors will use staking pools to stake since most are too brainlet to maintain a node and guarantee 24/7 uptime...but if the majority of retail investors use something like linkpool to stake, wouldn't that kind of centralize the network?

>> No.17693183

I'm gonna try to make this a pasta.

>> No.17693225

You had two years to accumulate...

>> No.17693235

3 years actually, and my question is serious.

>> No.17693276 [DELETED] 

Basic economics, if one company has succes creating pools, others will pop up with lower fees etc.

>> No.17693281

think of linkpool as an app store for nodes. its one place you can stake for different nodes, but they do not operate any of the nodes. they only act as a market for different nodes to choose from.

>> No.17693300

>they only act as a market for different nodes to choose from.
But all these nodes fall under the linkpool umbrella right? Or is my reasoning flawed?

>> No.17693329 [DELETED] 

Read this, nulinker

>> No.17693494

if the app store were to shut down. that does not mean the apps you downloaded would stop working. same with linkpool. they will not keep your linkies on the site directly. the main difference is the link holders are not limited to one specific linkpool. as the network grows, linkpool will have competition.

>> No.17693858

LINK looks like the new IOTA.

>> No.17693908

shut up and do your homework

>> No.17693923

how does 300,000 dollars sound?

>> No.17694050
File: 153 KB, 413x400, 400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>HURR you had two years
Yes and you have two years to sell before this shit dumps back to 50c when companies realize the token is worthless

Screencap this

>> No.17694278

Bros, I spent 200 on linkers. It's been 4 houra and nothing has happened.ive been duped

>> No.17694596
File: 76 KB, 900x900, 1577642127518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why would anyone use some russian scam token instead of making their own?

>> No.17694645

Most retail investors will never stake, they are not technical and shares linkpool are too expensive at this point for the average new blood investor besides being too abstract.

It would be like saying "But WiLl rETaaiLers StaKe??" for any project. No, the average investor is not going to be staking or running a node on any project they buy. We were early, it STILL is early.

>> No.17694876


>> No.17695042
File: 110 KB, 740x925, 740full-holly-luyah (14).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think that's true. I think that the exchanges will (or already are) going to offer it...using LP or similar design (click a checkmark and they send your link into your staking SC, for a % instead of you manually taking 20 seconds doing it yourself of course). The whole idea behind the chainlink ecosystem is that it's going to be simple from both sides to do. Sirgay isn't reinventing oracles and apis (the additions and security are huge breakthroughs), but the approach is to AOL the fuck out of blockchain.

Plus while not node staking, CB offers that mil+ liquidity "stake"...which even baby stacks will be at shortly. Don't know what rates they offer.

Everything else you said itt is pretty on though. In order for this shit to not fail, node staking will have to convey a higher than traditional return...else everyone will cash-out and crash the network. And 8-12% with no risk and perma growth for the first decade+ looks juicy as fuck; even for boomers that can't into computer.

>> No.17695070
File: 103 KB, 900x506, 1581368597170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Connects real world data to a septic tank of worthless garbage called Blockchain, which no one asked for.

>> No.17695455

So, it turns out chainlink is a meme scam. Thanks a lot guys. I'm out $4.00 I could have used on toilet paper.

>> No.17696037

Nulink is probably more your speed

>> No.17696070

BTC/(small amt of)ETH/LINK to make it

>> No.17696111

Haha that is what I did yesterday with chainlink fukkit ill join ya! Whats losing 250$ anyway?

>> No.17696232

I’m a farmer/pilot.
Sick of working my dick off for very little gains. Would be nice to have some linkies that had potential to actually do something.
Bought my first 250$ today as well.
I want to learn more, too.

>> No.17696272

say something nice about my favourite e-girl

>> No.17696899

We have already hit under 4$ bottom several times, I don't imagine it will stay this low for too much longer unless the kikes throw more fits and dump the entire market again.

>> No.17696934


>> No.17697791

This. Lucky I cashed out at the peak, good luck bagholding simps.

>> No.17697821

>Reminder that chainlink value is already overvalued even if you account for all the possible use case in the world
what a dumb post.

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