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Time to accumulate more.

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holding up tbqh

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but i'm out of money

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Bunch of fucking weak handed Corona bitch pussy scared normies selling. I don't know how many times I've heard this is the last shake out, but this time feels different

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literally best performing crypto and yet some fags are getting suicidal

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I bought at $1 and $0.20.
I don't see the problem

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btw not holding LINK but considering buying right

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zoom out

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sub $4 is cheap link now

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double top... looks bad

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sergey made the chart into the McDonald's logo

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We bout to have $3.50 triple bottom before the biggest green candle you have ever seen gets shoved up your asshole

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Normies don't understand how we linkies catch that fucking falling knife.
>1000 EOY
>Never selling
Anons don't understand the "did not read" part 100%

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hurry the fuck up and buy now you absolute retard holy fuck you're already missing out

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This is just from /biz/ airdrops from the last 2 weeks
>Probably priced out

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>5-10 years

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You had two years


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The "did not real" part has slowly turned into a reality for me. I've become lazy, or maybe just too comfy.

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>did not real
>has slowly turned into a reality for me

based acidposter + chk'd

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Vol looks juicy

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Oh god pls no more partnerships Sergey just dump 700k pls this is better for the price than partnership announcement

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bros even if linkies get 1 million dollars after 10 years
Was it worth it?
Was it worth it babysitting an absolute shitcoin for 10 years?
normies with high paying jobs can get that amount by maxing their 401ks in the same amount of time.

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and 4.05 now. you're trading something cheap and obnoxiously volatile.

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Never selling
Only buying

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Dumping upboats

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Everyone with a fair stake in the game, of course it's worth it. Just look at the people around you. Everyone is sick, and depressed. Human life, like weak hands being shaken out, is a reality, Coronachan reflected in the market. Most people don't know god. Chainlink Marines know where they stand. Btc deve moving over to LINK for the last 3 years. Hope anons can afford rope.

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I believe in LINK and I'm never selling

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Hold up, legit question: do any of you actually think you're going to get wealthy off of crypto?

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>waste money on house
>Jew bankers can take it away in the blink of an eye
>invest in boomer stocks
>make 100 dollars in 30 years unless you inside trade

At least with crypto we have a chance

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cup of coffee is about $2.50. still got some ways to go

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Spoken like a true crypto cuck gaslighted LINK scam investing faggot. Stay poor with your $5k in a Cayman printed from thin air shittoken.

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This Jew seething like a steamed carrot!

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