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Yesterday's scam flash pump didn't hold what a shame stinkies! Dont worry you have yet another conference today and if history is any indicator you will go to $10 and shortly after to $1000! I am so excited for you linkies

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what the fuck are you on about? we are above 50k sats, if you gonna trololo at least do it properly, retard.

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Imagine obsessively following an investment you don't even hold lmao. Like imagine if you didn't invest in rare earth metals but you spent all day every day on rare earth metal forums, following every single piece of news and constantly watching the price and telling people to sell.
What kind of cucked life is that lmao

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Miserable faggots lmao

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There are people who went massively into LINK and are losing their shit right now. OP is just a prank, bro. Friendly bantz.

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>spam the board with dozens of threads everytime link goes up 10 cents
>spam twitter with reposted /biz/ memes constantly
>hooodl the linee muhreeens
>one Nico post angers you this much

Ohhhh linkies linkies linkies gosh I am so excited for tonight when your suffering after 3 years finally ends

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Nico posters got fat stacks, they're just taking the piss out of people who get to delusional. Relax, enjoy the ride fren

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Oh yeha, this too.

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The twitter frogniggers are the fucking worst. >>17662597 this, I hold LINK but still find joy in seeing these faggots try to cope.

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thank you niko please step on my face

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Dear Nico poster,

When link hits $50 I will sell one thousand of my stack to hire a high end prostitute to cosplay as Nico.

I will then pop a viagra and absolutely destroy her poor vagina and asshole.

I will tape it, and demand she say things like ‘ohhhhh linkyyyyy’ and ‘this pump won’t hold!’

I will upload the video so you may see it.



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nico posters are LINK holders. this is their way to cope

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eagerly awaiting this

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cuuuuute :3

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Checked and based

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>this is the deluded mindset of 3rd world gypsies on Link

Good for your Im sure your violent and psycopathic tendencies resulting from low iq bad genes and undeveloped frontal lobe will bring you happiness once you have money silly stinkie

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this, nico is a stinky link

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Fucking kek

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>spam the Chainlink board with Chainlink posts
Gee no shit lmao COPE

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i'd fuck nico's brains out

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>3.60 and dropping on the super conference day that will take link to $10 this time for real

Who's coping now

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Please stick around for the next two hours. I want to gloat.

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You are lmao

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nico is cute as fuck she can make fun of me all she wants.

hey nico my portfolio is down about 20k cus i never sold

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This. And this is why nobody should believe any of the FUD about Link because it is obvious that these people are just bored Link investors that want to stir the pot while we wait for the inevitable boom upwards.

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nico bully gf

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fucking redpilled

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Delusional. No amount of technical talks by who's will pump the price.

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>portfolio is down about 20k cus i never sold

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My time here has really changed how I view Nico now as someone who watched that garbage when it was airing. Still wanna punch her in the stomach though so that didn't change.

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Then you still haven't learned a thing stupid mean stinkie

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I must protect nico

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>nico 3d

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that's a man

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someone understands.

Goodbye for now stinkies enjoy delicious burgers

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Well, satoshis are less than worthless.

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Love Live board?

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